Friday, 13 September 2013

Bonnie Is A Vampire Slayer

Well someones been reading my memos. Bonnie Bling has only went and launched an entire collection inspired by Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I know. I still haven't fully come to terms with it either. Aptly titled "Bonnie Is a Vampire Slayer" could any concept be more perfect? From art deco geometric stakes, flashes of UV neon and loads of glitter - Bonnie Bling's latest collection has fully ramped up the fun factor with this collection. While Bonnie the Vampire Slayer uses crucifixes, stakes, stars and hell even blood drops as motifs throughout, it never feels like it takes itself too seriously.  It's cute and playful and everything I've come to expect from the brand and more. 

It's super wearable - the earrings are among some of my favourite pieces bu I am all about the necklaces. I've got Spike for myself (a collection of tiny geometric little yellow gold stakes) though I also love love love Giles (the perfect statement necklace) and the Cordelia (I'm a sucker for a blood drip.)  Halloween's only round the corner but I think we can all agree that this entire collection is perfect for year round forever wear right?

Any faves?

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