Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why don't you try and stand for something?

Top & Necklace - Primark
Skorts - Zara
Bracelet - c/o Dower & Hall
Glasses - Glasses Direct
Shoes - Dr.Martens

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get me to get a pair of Dr.Martens. For someone who's as sartorially influenced by sub-cultures (that's the wanky way of saying awkward teenage goth btw) it's taken me 24 years to get a pair of these babies. And by pair I mean two. That's right, I'm a full on Dr.Martens convert. Quite frankly I'm kind of over buying shoes that fall apart the second I get caught in the rain and I don't fancy living in my wellies the second it gets a bit wet (see:this weekend.) Also there is something really appealing about something that's built to last. Dr.Martens are all about creating shoes for life - giving you after care instructions and saying they will maintain your boots. Now that's an investment. Also - let's face it, they are a total style classic. I've been alternating between these bad boys (which I got customised with my name, don't make fun - I don't think of it so much as narcissism, more like - the grown up equivalent of your mum writing your name on the inside of your jumper) and my GORGEOUS silver made in england leather pair I was gifted (I seriously want to cry any time I look at them. They are so beautiful.) 

I popped through to Edinburgh for the launch of the new Dr.Martens store (I'd passed it a few weeks when it was covered with quotes of what people stood for ie "I stand for equality" which btw is something we can all get behind right?) and some killer tunes. Licorice and black current ice cream from Luca's and the strangest black sambuca and banana cocktails. It was all a bit off kilter but super cool and found myself fawning over their A/W stock. Hunners of plaid, the most bodacious mohair dress I have ever seen in my life and easy wear cotton t-shirts. I could have spent all my money there. It's so strange that it's taken me so long to get myself in a Dr.Marten shop because the stuff is well made, they still produce some stock in England and the entire ethos behind the brand is something I am all in about. The clothing designs aren't too trend heavy, more easy to wear pieces that don't really date - with a few collaborations. The Beano one at the moment has some killer knits in store. Shoes - all classics with a few more limited lines - silver, studs, floral prints, you name it you can prob find it on their shoes. My poison is a classic 1461 and I've already got my eye on my next pair (the Dorsey boot in the MIE sale has more than a little bit of the Bowie going on.) I basically got to spend an evening with some stellar company, listen to some fly tunes and go to a cheeky wee party and eat pizza (with 3 pairs of shoes and a dress under my arm.) Let's face it, Dr.Martens know how to throw a party.

So - Dr.Martens? Are you a fan? What do you make of their Stand For Something campaign? Also - black on black, too much? (The last question's a joke.)

You can Dr Martens on twitter, instagram & facebook. Also - there is some sweet Agy goodies in the sale. JUST SAYING.


  1. "Quite frankly I'm kind of over buying shoes that fall apart the second I get caught in the rain and I don't fancy living in my wellies the second it gets a bit wet" PREACH!

    Also, I can definitely get behind that lipstick colour - that is friggin beautiful on you!

    1. Thanks babe! It's a wee Bobbi Brown number. Lasts forever as well. Just makes me feel a bit more put together.

  2. girl, why do I not own a pair of these yet? I used to wear cherry reds to school, but I'm so struck by all the new styles these days - can I have them all please?

    a x

    Girl In The City Glasgow

    1. I have no idea Ann! Get in about it! Cherry reds are an utter classic x

  3. Lovely outfit! I have a pair of Doc Martens which I simply adore. :)

    1. They are way to comfy, get on it Cassie! x

  4. Love the new Doc Marten shop! I used to live in mine when I was at high school, maybe it's time to get another pair - they are a stone cold classic.

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