Wednesday, 28 August 2013

OOTD: Stripes, tatts and bowler hats

Jacket - Charity Shop
Top - Cos (last worn here)
Trousers - H&M
Necklace - Primark
Bag - Primark
Hat - Urban Outfitters

I can't think of a better start to the week that a cheeky wee vino, a fashion show in the heart of Glasgow and some top ladies. somewhereto_ re:store finishes up tomorrow which is kind of surreal, but the space had yet to have a fashion show in it (pop up shops, fashion exhibitions, but a show...not a sausage) so was all kinds of hyped to have Curiouscope presenting The Girl With The Most Cake in the final few days. Accompanied by gals Betty, Honey Pop and Christina we popped down to somewhereto_ re:store for wine and to deek Curiouscope's new collection in the flesh. Red PVC, dogtooth prints and hunners of plaid it ticked all kinds of boxes for me. A nice wee intimate affair and was great to see the clothes right up close. It was great to have a big girly mid week catch up and have a good natter about everything from Honey Pop's recent engagement (accompanied by appropriate sequels OBV), terrible tattoos and Miley Cyrus's chicken bum (I STILL LOVE YOU MILEY.) All in all an excellent end to an impromptu long weekened. 

This week I'm mostly going to be prepping for this weekend. Having a big girly sleepover with some of my favorite ladies so all kinds of excited. Totally drawing a blank of what to do - pinterest can be a big overwhelming so for now it looks like I'm just going to throw wine and fairy lights at it and see what sticks. What's your sleepover essentials?

Monday, 26 August 2013

Designer Spotlight: CuriouScope

CuriouScope first creeped up on the Glasgow fashion scene last year, premiering her first collection at Nightwalk in a flurry of candy coloured leathers, scalloped collars and pastel furs. Headed by young art school graduate Jocelyn Copeland, CuriouScope's forte is creating easy to wear designs with an edge.

Unlike other designers who sometimes will work with an abstract girl in mind, Copeland instead wanted to created pieces that she wanted to wear (I've definitely heard of worse ways to design a collection) - focusing on simple elegant shapes with playful attention to detail. Her latest collection "The Girl With The Most Cake" launches at somewhereto_re:store Glasgow on the 27th of August. Natch I needed to hear all about it.

So gurl - tell me a bit about how it all began?

I graduated the Glasgow school of art in 2010 with a BA honours in embroidery. Then went onto do a HND in fashion technology where I obtained the skills to turn my fabric into garments.I felt that in the current economy you have to kind of create a job for yourself. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a fashion designer. The brand came about quite organically, I was getting asked a lot to make garments for people. I spent a summer making garment after garment which turned into a collection. It all went from there really.

Could you talk me about your design process?

Initially I will do a trend report which gathers information about certain fabrics/fastenings/colour palettes I want to use. I do some sketches (which I can send to you if you like) and head out to local fabric suppliers to find the fabrics I'm looking for. Then I start to make the pattern from the sketch I have draw, sometimes the ideas tend to change but I think that's all in the process. Once the garments have been made I will look for photographers I admire and see what they think about shoots locations etc then come up with a mood board.

Who inspires you?

Definitely people on the street of Glasgow/New York/London. I have very close connections with New York so that is a huge inspiration for me in terms of vibe/feeling/what people are wearing. Designers have a part in my process too. Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, erdem, Christopher Kane. I also think its very important to be aware of the amazing talented designers that we have right on my door step in Glasgow. They are very inspiring to me in terms of what they are up to and how well they are doing, keeps me pushing forward that success can happen!

So spill - tell me more about the new collection?

This collection is very different from my last! I wanted to make things more wearable and not just editorial! Lots of pencil and skater skirts, leather, pvc, tartans, dying, dogtooth and fur. Colour palette is black and primary colours. Felt like I was going back to my roots on this one. Dark and edgy. We came up with the name the girl with the most cake and I think that really nailed it!

What would you say are the main influences behind it?

Kind of 90s kitsch, androgenist edge while still remaining feminine and girly. I always like to keep some Scottish heritage in my autumn/winter collections by using tartan as well!

Do you have a favourite piece?

Yes, I love the red leather pencil skirt, the tartan shorts and the leather fringed jacket, also the dogtooth jacket! I have really tried to make sure that every piece in this collection I would love to wear so I'm finding it quite hard to pick a favourite!

Real talk - who's your favourite designers?

Alexander McQueen, erdem, holly Fulton, Louise Gray. I've actually taken a lot of inspiration from Victoria Beckhams line to get some lovely simple silhouettes.

Why do you think it's important to still produce in Scotland?

I think it's really important to show that we can still produce and export fashion in Scotland. Glasgow is one of the most inspiring cities and there are so many opportunities and support for young designers here. I love that you can be in the hussle and bussle of the city one minute and be in the middle of nowhere in the countryside the next! So much inspiration.

Right - where does the name CuriouScope come from?

Well it all came about after having a discussion with my friends. I wanted my brand to sound quite ethereal and quirky. We came up with a few names but curious scope seemed to stick. It's a complete coincidence that it sounds like curious cope which could be seen as being short for Copeland. I kind of like that though.

And finally - where can a sista hook herself up with some sweet CuriouScope?

It is available to pre order on the Tuesday (27th August) after the fashion show and then all day weds at the somewhereto_re:store Glasgow store. For people who can't get down to see it, it will be going live on asos marketplace on Friday 30th August.

 So if you're Glasgow bound and at a loss of something to do on a Tuesday night you can head down to DNA 12-16 South Fredrick Street (just off George Square) to the somewhereto_ re:store hub for her collection launch at 7pm (more info here.) Fine, fresh, fierce clothes and wine. Most definitely wine. Can't wait to get all in about it. Faux fur cape and hunners of plaid? I am ready for it!

All photos by the phenomenal Christina Riley who you can also find on facebook here.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Why don't you try and stand for something?

Top & Necklace - Primark
Skorts - Zara
Bracelet - c/o Dower & Hall
Glasses - Glasses Direct
Shoes - Dr.Martens

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get me to get a pair of Dr.Martens. For someone who's as sartorially influenced by sub-cultures (that's the wanky way of saying awkward teenage goth btw) it's taken me 24 years to get a pair of these babies. And by pair I mean two. That's right, I'm a full on Dr.Martens convert. Quite frankly I'm kind of over buying shoes that fall apart the second I get caught in the rain and I don't fancy living in my wellies the second it gets a bit wet (see:this weekend.) Also there is something really appealing about something that's built to last. Dr.Martens are all about creating shoes for life - giving you after care instructions and saying they will maintain your boots. Now that's an investment. Also - let's face it, they are a total style classic. I've been alternating between these bad boys (which I got customised with my name, don't make fun - I don't think of it so much as narcissism, more like - the grown up equivalent of your mum writing your name on the inside of your jumper) and my GORGEOUS silver made in england leather pair I was gifted (I seriously want to cry any time I look at them. They are so beautiful.) 

I popped through to Edinburgh for the launch of the new Dr.Martens store (I'd passed it a few weeks when it was covered with quotes of what people stood for ie "I stand for equality" which btw is something we can all get behind right?) and some killer tunes. Licorice and black current ice cream from Luca's and the strangest black sambuca and banana cocktails. It was all a bit off kilter but super cool and found myself fawning over their A/W stock. Hunners of plaid, the most bodacious mohair dress I have ever seen in my life and easy wear cotton t-shirts. I could have spent all my money there. It's so strange that it's taken me so long to get myself in a Dr.Marten shop because the stuff is well made, they still produce some stock in England and the entire ethos behind the brand is something I am all in about. The clothing designs aren't too trend heavy, more easy to wear pieces that don't really date - with a few collaborations. The Beano one at the moment has some killer knits in store. Shoes - all classics with a few more limited lines - silver, studs, floral prints, you name it you can prob find it on their shoes. My poison is a classic 1461 and I've already got my eye on my next pair (the Dorsey boot in the MIE sale has more than a little bit of the Bowie going on.) I basically got to spend an evening with some stellar company, listen to some fly tunes and go to a cheeky wee party and eat pizza (with 3 pairs of shoes and a dress under my arm.) Let's face it, Dr.Martens know how to throw a party.

So - Dr.Martens? Are you a fan? What do you make of their Stand For Something campaign? Also - black on black, too much? (The last question's a joke.)

You can Dr Martens on twitter, instagram & facebook. Also - there is some sweet Agy goodies in the sale. JUST SAYING.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bee Waits Runs: On Falling Off the Horse and Getting Back On

It's one week to Tough Mudder and I couldn't be more terrified. I am as far from mentally and physically prepared as I could be. When I first signed up - and hell started training I knew it would be difficult, but I definitley envisioned myself being much stronger than I am now.
Truth be told - I've been quite ill for the past few months and as a result my training took a real hit. I am physically weaker than I've been in a long time. Strength, endurance and cardio all took a pretty heavy knock. I'm on the road to getting better but I also wanted to take time out to talk about getting back in to training after really falling out of the routine.

First of all it's hard.It's not quite like going back to square one but it's close. I could still do a 5k. But I was slower. And sometimes I'd have to walk. The first time I went out was down right frightening to see how quickly my fitness had dropped. It's very strange to go from running 50k plus a week to barely managing 15. I'm finding myself slowly being able to stay out longer and I've found changing up routes, stretching and adding more hills to my route really help. I've started logging my runs again on Running 4Women - which is a great way for me to be able to monitor my progress. It's scary to think something I used to find so easy is now much tougher for me, but I know if I keep building up my distance and continue my training I'll be back to myself in no time.

It was my strength training that scared me the most. I recently started going to a few classes to ease myself in. My kettle bell weight dropped (which I expected) but it was when I was going dead lifts and clean and presses I really noticed how weak I'd become. My weights were halved from what I was used to and I found myself really panicing. I'd been working on my upper body, core, chest etc for some time as they've always been my weakest points and it genuinely felt like all that work had been wiped out. After the class finished I found myself panicing and ended up having a wee cry in the bathroom. Not exactly the most constructive way to push through things, but it was just a general build up of everything. Frustration, disappointment and a healthy dose of terror.

The good news? I'm slowly getting back in to it. Today I went out for the longest run I have in weeks, and it was tough - but the extra distance I covered just made me feel proud - and definitley calmer. I was going to get strong again. It wasn't going to happen over night but the ground work was there. For now though I'm really going to focus on strength before Mudder comes along and I'm determined to finish. It'll definitley take me a little longer than I hoped and will be much harder that I'd have liked it to be (it was always going to be tough by the nature) but I know completing it will really be the first big milestone for me to really becoming strong again. All the better prep for my half marathon in October.

My top tips for getting back in to a routine? Start slow. Be it classes, going out for a shorter time or lifting a slightly lighter weight - anything you do will help. You should always be pushing yourself to go beyond your own limits, but it's important to listen to your body and sometimes take a step back, go a little bit easier, slower. It will come. I find keeping a log of your activity and progress to be really helpful and motivational. Any small achievement (faster speed, more reps) - log it and see how much better you're doing. I find it very helpful to write a training plan and stick to it. It's initially a bit tough to get back in to the swing of things but ultimately very rewarding and offers more structure to building yourself back up.

For whatever reason, we can all fall off our training, and getting back in to it and seeing our progress essentially go "poof" can be disheartening - but you can get it back. To anyone who's started anything that helps you feel better (it doesn't matter what - your fix is - boxing, parkour, ballet, swimming) - and fallen off, yeah it's tough to get back on but so very very worth it.

I'm running Tough Mudder to raise money for The Scottish Association of Mental Health. If you fancy sending a fly dollah over to a sister then you can head over to my justgiving page

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Boyfriend jeans and puppy sitting

Jacket - H&M (last worn here)
T-shirt - Jonathan Saunders for Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Bracelet - c/o Dower & Hall (last worn here)
Bag - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Shoes - New Look (similar here)

I've never been much of a jeans girl - let alone a jeans and heels girl - but a slouchy pair of denims are a legit wardrobe staple and I thought they would be worth giving a shot. I was off for a leisurely lunch with my beloved Betty so thought it was about time I mastered a solid laid back look (one that was maybe a bit different from throw some black on it and see what sticks.) I also may have put myself forward for a spot of puppy sitting (it's okay you can all be in awe of my wild Saturday nights.) Quite frankly I had a fair whack of bits and bobs I wanted to catch up on and having the beautiful Princess Rora (owned by the gorgeous Lyndsay - one half of Glasgow fashion power house Obscure Couture) over for a sleepover seems like the idea way to have a chilled Saturday night storming through emails (I told you guys I lived it large.) I'm going to miss Rora when she goes home tomorrow but in the mean time it's lovely having her curled up at my feet just being the most chilled out wee angel ever.

I'm not sure if I'm sold on the boyfriend slouch as a full time deal - they are great for pulling on for a lazy day with friends - and it gave me an excuse to crack out my fave holographic heels which don't get as much of an outing as they really should. A boyfriend cut jean though guys? Are we in to it?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Smoking hot off the presses: DIY Nails Pop Up Nail Bar comes to Glasgow

SHUT UP. Seriously I cannot contain my excitement about this. DIY Nails are going to be doing a pop up nail bar in the heart of Glasgow. Those of you who follow me on twitter/facebook/instagram will have heard me chat endlessly about somewhereto_re:store (the high street heist.) somewhereto_ is a Big Lottery Funded project that finds free spaces for young people to do what they love, and this year have this really cool campaign called somewhereto_re:store. Basically across the U.K in 6 different locations there are pop up shops which young folk aged 16-25 can use for free to do what they love. I've been working on the Glasgow shop and we've had some pretty amazing stuff in already (Lewalicious cakes & Dormouse Tea Company with a pop up cafe, Hardwear Glasgow doing free screenprinting workshops and Little Book of Transfers creating a month long live art mural.) I've been wanting to get Tammy from DIY Nails (interviewed here) in to the space as soon as I found we scored the location (12-16 South Fredrick Street y'all) and thrilled to have her this weekend (just in time for the Our Founding Daughters Launch.)

So if you fancy getting  your nails did or just hooking yourself up with some falsies and decals pop on down. You can creep your eye over the DIY facebook for more info on how to get yourself an appointment or follow @somewhereto_SCT for more info on somewhereto_re:store and all the other cool stuff got coming up. Can't wait!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

To skort or not to skort? That is the question.

scottish blogger,bee waits for no one,british style blogger
british style blogger,zara skort
fashion blogger,style blogger,scottish blogger,bee waits for no one
holographic bag,green nails
Jacket - H&M (last worn here)
Top - Cos (last worn here)
Skorts - Zara
Bag - New Look (last worn here)
Bracelet - c/o Dower & Hall
Shoes - Primark (last worn here)
Necklace - Primark (last worn here)
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters (last worn here)

I was super blessed with some killer weather when I sauntered through to Edinburgh for the Fringe this weekend (read more about it here.) This gave me the perfect opportunity to work my new skorts. I was a bit reluctant at first- flashbacks to primary school and skousers for any fancy function but all wardrobe anxiety was promptly banished after sliding these babies on. The look of a skirt with the modesty of shorts. PERFECT. They did invite comment ("Hen yer skirt's tucked up at the front" "No, that's just the way they look. Also they're shorts" etc etc) but I can already see them becoming a firm favourite in my wardrobe. I will say heeled sandals were probably not my best bet for urban exploring though!

So what do you think. To skort or not to skort?

Monday, 5 August 2013

#48hrfringe A Glasgow Girl's Guide to Edinburgh

Last weekend, Premier Inn at Haymarket invited me to experience my fantasy fringe. With 48 hours to kill, a city centre hotel and my most sensible shoes (okay - the last part was a lie) I wanted to do a special Edinburgh Fringe edition of my Glasgow Girl's Guide on the places you cannot miss on a city break to Edinburgh during festival season, or hell any time you fancy a wee city break to one of Europe's prettiest cities (sorry Glasgow.)

where to shop edinburgh,godiva,red door gallery,red brick,independent designer, scottish blogger
Pic taken in Black Box


One of my fave shops ever, let alone in Edinburgh, Godiva is a great wee boutique just off the Grassmarket filled with a perfect mix of independent designers and vintage. This place stocks some of my all time fave things including illustrated scarves from Red Brick, beautiful bespoke dresses from Scottish designer Rowan Joy (who frequently crafts away in the basement) and some stellar recycled leather bars from Paperthinks in pretty much every colour imaginable.
9 West Port, Edinburgh

Black Box

If you're looking for some unusually jewellery this is the place you have to hit up.  I particularly enjoyed the chunky geometric knitted statement necklaces from Amy Lawerence but the real highlight for me? The jeweller they stock that got under my skin? Kate Gilliland folks. It's been a while since a jeweller has properly got under my skin in a big way (last one is probably Jane Gowans who you can also buy here.) Tiny bones and tiny claws - its luxe wearable taxidermy. I love the little spines cast in silver and the fact it's all from creatures she's found so the conscience  is clear too.
The Grassmarket Hotel, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

The Red Door Gallery

This used to be one of my favourite shops ever back in my Burgh days (we're talking about near enough a decade ago.) Revisiting it was a proper delight and it's pretty much the best place to sort yourself with affordable prints and art pieces from emerging artists. I love loved loved the quirky mouse portraits, the his n hers tattoo couple prints and the Owl & The Pussycat cushion
42 Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Hannah Zakari

Great shop just off the Grassmarket. Great for affordable prints, jewellery and the cutest collection of tote bags you ever did see. With exclusive collaborations from the likes of Gemma Correll and stocking some of my fave jewelers (pop culture queen Kate Rowland does THE BEST broaches - Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development - it's like a check list of things I love) and is one wee shop you definitely want to check out.
43 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh

Herman Brown

Perfectly curated vintage. Really there isn't much more I can say about it. I've passed this shop for months now when I've been working in Edinburgh but because of my shifts it's always been closed. I finally managed to pop in and it was SO WORTH IT. The first thing I saw as I came through the door was a brightly coloured Mary Quant rainncoat (available with all it's original packaging) quickly followed by some totally amazing statement pieces - including a pearl and amber beaded choker and a beaded panda evening purse.  Ideal for the vintage fan who is looking for a few more unusual pieces for their collection.
151 West Port Street Edinburgh

Jane Davidson

If you're looking for a designer fix look no further than Jane Davidson's Boutique. Dries Van Noten, Preen, Queen & Belle, Erdem, Issa - it's perfect for having a good old deek, especially since it's got a few instore exclusives that you won't find anywhere else in Scotland.
52 Thistle Street, Edinburgh
Where to drink:


A bit of a tricky one to find but well worth it once you do. Dark, atmospheric and with a killer hip hop soundtrack Bramble is the place you want to deek if you love your cocktails. This place has a huge selection of gins,rums,whiskys - so definitely going to be something you like here. The bartenders really know their stuff and I had the best whisky cocktail I've ever had here. Great if you're looking for something laid back and intimate.
16A Queen Street, Edinburgh

The Lucky Liquor Co

The sister bar of Bramble and only a quick jaunt along the road. 13 cocktails, 13 spirits, changing with the season. A brighter, fresher look to Bramble but still with the great same service and delicious cocktails.  If you find yourself daunted by large cocktail menus this stripped back bar is pour vous. Also unlike Bramble you can also hit yourself up with beer on tap. But why would you want to do that? 
39A Queen Street, Edinburgh

The Signet Library

The pop up Pommery champagne bar returns to Edinburgh for the Fringe. The Signet Library is a crazy beautiful location and I can think of few grander locations for the pop up bar. Great menu, loads of bubbly and a chance to enjoy a tour of this most unusual venue.
Parliament Square, Edinburgh

The Blue Blazer

This guy was little over a 5 minute walk from the Premier Inn and was always packed. A local favourite with a wide selection of rums, whiskys, vodkas and beers. A nice alternative to kicking about the city centre but still after a warm friendly atmosphere. Also - KILLER view of the castle when you nip outside.
2 Spittal Street, Edinburgh

where to eat edinburgh,mary's milk bar,edinburgh fringe
Mary's Milk Bar

Maison Bleue

There are loads of great places to eat in the Old Town and Maison Bleue is well worth a visit if looking for something a bit lovely. It has a wonderfully intimate old town vibe with atmospheric lighting, wood paneling and a proper old school spiral staircase. The staff were knowledgeable and attentive and the food was super tasty. I had the pigeon and the fish, Paul has haggis balls and steak. Both were super good and part of their celebratory 15 year anniversary pre-theatre deal (£15 for 2 courses, £5 supplement on the steak.) Would happily go again. 
36-38 Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Mary's Milk Bar

The newest addition to the Grassmarket, Mary's Milk Bar has been open for just over 3 weeks and is already becoming a firm favourite with locals. Armed with her flavour thesaurus, Mary blends up an imaginative mix of classics and unusual flavour combos of gelato and sorbet. Melon and chilli, star anise and chocolate and lavender were some of the flavours available when I popped in (with offerings changing daily) as well as a good old vanilla and the best looking raspberry ripple I've ever seen. Generous portions, super price and really cute kitschy retro interior. If you can only go one place for eats, go here.
19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Frisky Froyo

Frozen yogurt is one of my favourite things ever and I've heard loads about it. I happened to pass a wee Frisky stand on Rose Street and tried some with raspberry topping (just something really simple.) Super refreshing and light AND guilt free. I can't wait to pop through and get some more (there is one located handily on Lothian Road) and trying out a few more of the toppings! Watermelon, rose petals and pistachios (not all together!) - COME FOR ME.
37 Lothian Road, Edinburgh


Creative arts hub a little bit out of the city centre but well worth the visit. The restaurant -The Royal Dick - is fantastic. Filled with odd nooks and crannies and mismatched furniture, the food here is exceptional. Competitively priced and with most mains clocking in under a £10er popping in here won't break the bank but will also set you up with some frigging delicious food.
Summerhall Place,Edinburgh


There's much debate about where the best place for a brownie is in Edinburgh. For me I fly the Peppers flag pretty high. Gooey, chewy oreo cheesecake brownies freshly baked in store on the day and some super tasty freshly made sandwiches. Great place to get something to grab and go.
32 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh

edinburgh fringe,ed fringe,what to see

The Boy With Tape on His Face - More Tape:  If you only see one show at The Fringe make it this one. I took my boy to see this guy who is the harshest of critics, going in ready to hate. Less than 5 minutes in and he's doubled over with laughter. There aren't words to describe how wonderful this show is.

Dandy Darkly's Gory Hole: Self described as "the bastard lovechild of Liberace and Elvira" there is no way I won't enjoy this with a set up like that. Supernatural sleeze and homosexual horror with tales of sex and death from beyond the gory hole sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening at the Fringe.

The Dark Art of Cocktails: A cocktail masterclass with cocktail recipes by Aleister Crowley? What is not to love. One of several occult based gin events in the Hendricks Carnival of Knowledge.

Why Let Death Ruin A Good Conversation: Brought to Edinburgh by events masters The Last Tuesday Society as part of the Hendrick's Carnival of Knowledge this seance themed evening is expected to big on spectacle and bigger on gin. One that I certainly have pinned in the calender.

Fanfiction Comedy:  Charming, funny and just a little bit weird, Fanfiction Comedy is a great way to spend an afternoon. A humorous look at the slightly off beat geeky world of fanfiction.

A big thank you to the team at Premier Inn Haymarket. My stay there was fantastic. It was super central and I was able to explore a side of Edinburgh that wasn't Princess Street (which is still lovely) super easily. It was nice, quiet and easy to get around and literally 5 minutes next to the train station.

Premier Inn are offering you a chance to experience your Fringe festival. £500 to spend on whatever you want and a city centre hotel in Fringe season sounds like a pretty sweet pot prize to me. They want to know where would you eat, what would you see and what else you would do in Scotland's capital. 300 words with a deadline of tomorrow. In to it? You can find out more about how to enter here.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

OOTD A Love Affair with Edinburgh

Jumper - Cos (similar)
Trousers - H&M
Shoes - River Island (recently worn here)
Bag - New Look
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Necklace - Primark

Glasgow will always be my OTL (one true love) but recently I've found myself having quite the love affair with Edinburgh. I'm increasingly finding myself coming through for events (Edinburgh International Fashion Festival - reviews here) but also bits and bobs with work. The only real downer is that I haven't had much of a chance to really explore the city. There was a time where I could rattle off my favourite pubs, places to eat and shops that I would visit near religiously, so this weekend is really a journey of discovery for me. The plan is really to visit some old favourites, hopefully discover some new ones and essentially give you my guide to 48 hours at the Fringe and what you have to see/do/eat in Edinburgh. Of course everyone has recommendations and there is a few places I'm aware of online but haven't been in,BUT I'm also looking forward to the idea of passing somewhere that looks really cool and popping in to see what's going on.

It's all a bit manic because of The Fringe but in truth I kind of love it. The city has this really great energy (and it doesn't hurt that the weather has been all kinds of nice.)

I just really can't wait to share with you my Edinburgh tips. What are your favourite places in Edinburgh - and if you haven't been - what would you like to see/where would you go?

Friday, 2 August 2013

OOTD: Feeling Akward Yet?

 Trousers - H&M (similar here)
Short Sleeve Jumper - H&M
Shoes - Converse
Necklace - Primark
Bag - Lulu Guinness

It's been a manic few weeks for me -a suprise trip to a&e, the future fashion event at Edinburgh International Fashion Festival and the launch of somewhereto_re:store in Glasgow. That's why a leisurely lunch deeking the new Dower & Hall Autumn/Winter collection with my two babestations Thank Fifi and Betty Swollocks sounded like a perfect way to break up an otherwise pretty hectic week. Can I also add there is nothing more awkward standing off Buchanan Street posing for outfit posts. You'd think I'd have this thing down by now.

It should suprise no one that I am all about a good A/W collection - but what I really love about Dower & Hall is that while they release new collections, they are less trend focused and more about creating transeasonal pieces that you can keep forever. It's not so much about your timeless classics and playing it safe - but having fun and really using jewellery as a form of self expression. How can I not get behind an ethos like that?
Dower & Hall are conscious about always trying to source their jewels ethically and means you can get some really cool unusual pieces in store. The Dotty ring collection properly caught my eye (just look how good it looks on me y'all)  and loved the idea that the rings can be ordered bespoke to the colours that you love. The aquamarine, sapphire, diamond and tsavorite was already pretty perfect in my eyes.  I also couldn't quite get over the feather collection. Super wearable bohemian pieces they just seem effortlessly chic.

Seriously though I can think of worse ways to spend a lunch break than trying on some utterly dreamy jewellery. Got to start saving  to get a dotty ring to call my own!
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