Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Harvey Nics A/W Press Day

It may seem twisted that I'm gearing up to fill my A.W wardrobe already. While Scotland is experiencing it's mandatory 2 weeks of good weather a year I'm already full on fantasising about shearling, heavy knits and faux fur skirts. You can thank the Harvey Nichols press day for that.

Fast fashion has no doubt changed the way we shopped, but its also had a transformative effect on the way we consume luxury products. As a whole there has seemed to be a shift moving away from defining customers purely by age (it's a pretty archaic practice to assume a woman won't want to buy some printed trousers because she's not 25) but there is also a focus on products being transeason. We're buying things that we love, that last and we can wear all year round. That said it's still super exciting to hear the trend forecasts – which have definitely taken a more classic, clean cut focus.

My favourite up and coming trends shouldn't come as any big suprises and feel very organic and wearable. Androgyny
is looking to come back in a big way (flat fugly shoes, sharp collars – I am delighted), a move from all black to softer fondants (I LOVE all white looks) and a really big focus on texture (chunky knits are a winter MUST but also loads of faux furs on skirts, on jackets, on pretty much everything.) We can also look forward to jewellery becoming a big harsher – less delicate and feminine – let's think insects, bats and eyeballs. Seriously – the Harvey Nics press day was essentially like a crash course reminder of why I fell in love with fashion.

I had a few pieces I fell in love with that will be available in store come September. Kenzo continue to utterly KILL IT with their jumpers – and the embroided evil eye number is something I'm all in about. Hitting my knitwear fix and inputting some much needed frosted goodness in to my wardrobe. If you like to keep it dark and twisty for your knitwear James Long has a spectacular Divine jumper as part of his new range of sweaters which I utterly love. I am all about shopping across departments and this guy is spectacular. New menswear brand 1205 also do a gorgeous quilted charcoal grey jumper that's perfect for Scottish weather in general.

Bugs, insects and all things nasty in accessorise are something I'm super excited about with a range of gorgeous jewellery from Bernard Delettrez. Eyeballs, bats and skulls – oh my! It feels like someone has been reading my memos. However creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night aren't restrained to our jewellery – with new brand Mother of Pearl releasing a gorgeous range of street wear inspired shoes with luxe fabrics. Bees and moth prints on my shoes? Now THIS is what I am talking about.

Texture wise my favourite pieces come from two new brands to Harvey Nics – Kara and Mackage. Kara's range of textured bags is utterly gorgeous and I utterly live for the camel shearling number. Got size, good shapes and utterly gorgeous. Mackage deliver transeasonal style across all ages with really really beautiful jackets. This collarless leather number is clean, elegant and belongs in my wardrobe as of yesterday.

Fashion has always been a bit weird (lobster prints and cat shoes) and I love how distinctly unpretty A/W is set up to be. A real focus on texture and really minimal clean cuts which I'm all about as well as some curio jewellery pieces.

Not that I'm fully ready for Summer to be over (it's really just begun) but uh....is it Winter yet?

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