Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Silk and lace deliciousness from Scottish lingerie designer Gilda and Pearl

It is my belief that every fashion lover has their vice. For some it's handbags, other shoes - I've known ladies with an excess of 50 dresses, but for me? I am ALL up in the lingerie. There has been weeks where I've had to get real imaginative with cupboard food because I may have bought a new set that I couldn't quite afford. Responsible? No. Worth it? HELL YES. I regret nothing. So it should come as no suprise that Gilda and & Pearl have been on my radar for the longest time.

Crafted and designed in Scotland by the immensely talented Diane Houston, Gilda & Pearl's designs ooze sensuality. From floaty flirty baby dolls to full on sex kitten bralets I've been in love with her designs for a while, but alas they have always stopped short of my sizing. Most of her bras from previous collections came in S/M/L sizing and I pretty much lack the confidence to go for anything that isn't under wired and prevent me from blackening my eyes when I do anything other than a moderate walk (joking/not joking.)

However it has come to my attention that her latest dreamy creamy S/S line features Gilda & Pearl classic 'How to Marry a Millionaire' up to an F cup (she has previously done F cups with Love Letters but thrilled to see more.) HALLEYLOO. The collection as a whole is beautiful - loads of soft colour - loads of lace and silk. It's very light and ethereal without loosing any sexuality. Gilda & Pearl are handmade to order so to find out that they can make to size and change colours is an utter dream. Highlights for me from the collection have to be the peachy keen Bonbon silk kimono (£179) and the How to Marry a Millionaire (naturally) bra (£69) with bow knickers (£42.) Not a collection if you're looking for something on a budget but perfect if looking to treat yourself. Love the new S/S lingerie and really hope to see more of her lines by made bigger bust friendly (Lila and Harlow maybe? Hope hope wish wish.)

Gilda & Pearl could quite easily become one of my favourite lingerie brands fairly quickly (and could just as quickly see me very very broke.) Def one to check out for all you lingerie lovers!


  1. Wow such beautiful pieces!x

  2. lingerie is a bit of a weakness for me- show me silk and lace, and I'll struggle to resist. These beauties are like nothing else, adding te site to my favourites bar may have been excessively dangerous.

  3. Get in my closet. Gorgeous.

  4. Wow what a lovely designs... I also have a good collection of silk and lace lingerie. I feel hotter after wearing it. I agree with you that many different types of cup sizes are available in lingerie. You can select it according to your size. Sheerluxurylingerie-silk and lace lingerie definitely improves your relationship with your partner. So, buy it and enjoy your life.


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