Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's all about the base

 I've been on the search for my OTF (One True Foundation) for the longest time. I don't think I ask for much. A medium to full coverage that blends easily, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and is a stellar colour match. All seems pretty simple right?
While I've came close in the past I still haven't found a foundation that I'm pretty much ready to use for the rest of my days so when I was asked if I fancied coming to try out bareMinerals new Ready foundation I thought it was worth a shot.

bareMinerals has been on my radar for a while, though always a brand I've avoided. I've tried powder foundations in the past (with mixed results) and truth be told I'm a slave to a liquid foundation. However I've heard way to many good things about bareMinerals and my skin was in dire need of some TLC so thought it would be worth a saunter in.

When I first came to the store I noticed how big it was. Very light and airy with lots of little spaces dotted around the room encouraging people to play with the make up and experiment with different looks. I was greeted by Rebecca (who has to be the nicest person ever, I don't think I have enough good things to say about her) who was to guide me through my "Make-Under."

It all sounds very Snog, Marry, Avoid - and I guess there is an element of that with bareMinerals having a focus on natural beauty. It's all about having products that are super good for your skin and is designed for the "No Make Up Look." I'm not going to lie I was pretty skeptical at first. How was this wee powder going to cover my (admittedly) horrendous skin at the moment? By some miracle it did however. Using only the tiniest of the powder, Rebecca applied the new Ready foundation in R130 (it's one of the pale shades) to half my face. Holding up a mirror I didn't expect to see as much difference. I didn't feel like I was wearing anything, but there it was, bold as brass. My skin looked fresher, less ran and dare I say it - glowy? The foundation turns to a cream when it hits the skin, working with your natural oils. For any persistent little blemishes and redness it was easy enough to build up (doubling as a concealer) and blending evenly across the face.

The new foundation moves away from bareMinerals more traditional method of applying foundation (the now infamous swirl,tap,buff method) and has been designed for the girl on the go. It applies quickly and evenly and has the added bonus of having an SPF20 (a must for every foundation.) I scored myself a wee sample to try for a few days and it's quickly replaced my day to day foundation.

I've been told for the longest time that I'd love bareMinersals and that once I tried it I'd never go back. I'd like to try it for a while longer and see if  how my skin changes with use - but they may just have a convert yet.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hold Up Round Up

I feel like I've been doing all the things recently and got a TON of stuff to share with you - including the continued search for my one true foundation, a few interviews, a look at some fancy ass lookbooks I'm a swooning over and fave goodies from fashion show. It also means I have pretty much all the stories stored up for you - so thought it would be worth a quick catch up and give you all my scandal.
First things first - gurlfriend only gone and got herself a new job. If you follow a sister on facebook on twitter you'll probably have seen a few sneaky deaky blogposts I've done for them (although that's a teeny tiny fraction of my role at the moment.) I pretty much love it and get to work on some pretty cool projects so I'm not doing too bad. 

You're probably sick of hearing about #onemonthonedress, it's been and gone for ages but just wanted to do a super big thank you to everyone who was super amazing and supportive. I'm pretty sure I've got some kind of Stockholm Syndrome with my #onemonthonedress. For the first like - week in March all I did was wear jeans and trousers but I'm seeing that black midi on the hanger and I yearn for it. It was a good one. I griped a fair bit about it during the month but truly I don't think I could have picked a better dress. It managed to get me through job interviews (and indeed the one that scored my my new fancy ass job) as well as nights out, dates and chilling with pals. Not quite enough to get a girl to hang up her jeans for good but definitely gave me a thorough lesson in the versatility of my wardrobe.

I got a super lovely letter from the ladies at Glasgow Women's Aid. £710 raised! Thank you so much to all you utter babestations who donated, shared and generally were super lovely about the whole thing, you are the best!

The boy and I are super busy at the moment, sometimes it feels like we are ships passing in the night. I'm finding myself hitting the hay pretty early these days (half 9 is my new record) while he is total night owl. That's why it's super important for us to do date nights. They can be pretty much anything from just snuggling up and watching some movies (or currently The Wire - it's taking over my life), trying some new restaurants, hitting up some art exhibitions or going on a general adventure.

We can't always afford to go out (and let's be honest, who can?) so when BGO Bingo wanted to hook us up with a night in were all over it. We got pizza hut and tried to teach ourselves poker (failing because who needs poker when there is cheesy bites to be had.) Easily one of the best nights in I've had in ages! We had an utter blast and easily cheaper than a night on the town (and hell even just dinner some places in Glasgow.)

I've bitten the bullet and signed up for Tough Mudder. Often cited as one of the toughest races in the world - Mudder is a 12 mile obstacle course. I've pretty much paid for the privilege of being electrocuted, dunking myself in an ice bath and running through fire. The second I clicked register I filled with an overwhelming sense of dread. GUESS I'M DOING IT NOW THOUGH.

Seriously though I am legitimately terrified (and excited.) I keep trying to encourage a few of my friends to do it but don't think they are in to the whole electricity thing. It doesn't bother me too much if I don't think about it, though there is this weird half pipe wall thing I keep seeing in videos which I am terrified of. Also anything that involves any form of upper arm strength.I'm going to try raise some top £££ for charity. I've started using the Zombies Run! app as part of my training (running to and from work.) It's a lot of fun although I may have got carried away during one of the zombie chases and nearly ran in to a car outside the SECC. I'm usually so good with my road safety when it comes to road running but add the hordes of the undead and my green cross code goes fleeing out the window.
Last but not least how delicious are these nail collaborations that DIY Nails has at the moment?  She has two collaborations coming out that have found there way on to my radar and quite frankly I can't decide which one I'm more excited about.
Colourful graphic shapes make up DIY's decals inspired by Rebecca Torres' Beyond the Patterned Book collection which we already know I am all up in. I love Rebecca's worked and followed her work for ages. I'm no where near enough bold enough to wear one of her more colourful designs (though I do have a Torres in my wadrobe which I LOVE) so having these guys available for my nails is perfect! The next collab is with the boys over at Abandon Ship and well - it's cats. It's decals covered in cats. Someone has clearly been reading my memos.  Who doesn't want lots of kitty cats at the ends of their fingers. Seriously - a match match in heavy.

And I'm pretty sure that is me caught up with my stories! What have you lovelies been up to? Cannot wait to have a big read binge of all your beauty/fash chat!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Debenhams delicious new season goodies

Dress - Marios Schwab - £100
Trousers - Preen - £50

Designers at Debenhams continue to impress me and when the press show rolls round I always find myself wondering why I don't shop there more. The /Edition designers - Marios Schwab, Jonathan Saunders, Preen and Roksanda Ilincic all tick so many boxes for me. Gorgeous prints, clean cut silhouette, leather and lace. It definitely feels like someone has been reading my memos. 

Marios Schwab return for his second collection and while I'm not mad crazy for it as a whole, the few stand out pieces are some of my favourite pieces I've seen in a while. The buttery looking leather jacket in oxblood (timeless) and the lace back dress were two of my favourites and instant wardrobe classics. Jonathan Saunders continues to make some of the most delicious prints my eyes ever did see and makes me want to embrace patterns in a big way (just when I thought I was going all clean and minimal.) Preen have the most GORGEOUS biker jacket in at the moment as well as some gorgeous printed tapered trousers that I would like to wear to the office,pub and the gym if you please. Illinic continues making beautiful dresses - and that neon green dress she has for this collection is having my heart doing all the pitter pattery things.

I creeped in to pick up a few treats from Debhenhams and was suprised to find myself locked down at Principles for Ben de Lisi. It was never a brand I've spent a lot of time near (or indeed batted an eye towards) but orange, neon yellow, gorgeous tailoring - I was ready for it. I picked up some black (surprise surprise) luxe tapered jogging trousers (it's okay my head hurt typing that too) to experiment with this whole luxe leisurewear  thing that's going around. Results so far are inconclusive but now that the frost is cleared hoping to experiment with them a little bit more. If I'm going to be honest I just wanted to be super comfy but still manage to look chic in the office. There has to be a trick to it right?

Do you think you'll be making a creep at Debenhams this season? Ever bought from any of their designer collaborations before?


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Saunt and Sinner present The Broken Doll

Haunting doesn't even begin to describe the first outing in to fashion film for Scottish design duo Saunt & Sinner. Directed by Jamie Vincent Gillespie "The Broken Doll" is an ethereal short piece shot against a woodland backdrop in the highlands. The collection, heavily influenced by local artist Heather Nevay, is an exploration in lost innocent and presents a fractured fairytale element that is prevalent in the film.  The music is brilliant - dark and discordant the music has a childlike melancholy that works perfect here.

I'm a big fan of Saunt and Sinner (previously featuring them at my Designer Spotlight series here) and continue to be impressed the consistency of high quality work they produce. They have a strong brand identity that is always present at any of their events and carries through to their designs. At the launch of their film I had the chance to see some of their pieces in a flash fashion show and I am in love. Strong silhouettes, gorgeous prints and wearable. GET YOUR LOOKBOOK OUT SO I CAN FAWN ALREADY.

You can view the film online already, but I thoroughly recommend keeping an eye on the girls twitter and facebook for any upcoming events. Always an utter delight.

S&S // The Broken Doll Collection from JAMIEV_ on Vimeo.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review

 Benefit Fake Up - £18.50* in Light, Medium and Dark

Okay. Confession time. I am the girl that carries her entire make-up bag every where. I've been trying to cut back for months (do I really need 3 types of mascara and a pressed powder in my hand bag) but the fact is I'm not in the house a lot. Gym, events, work - I'm usually hopping from one place to the other which means top ups (or fresh applications.) It's becoming impractical for me to carry my  entire face around in my hand bag. 

Which is where Benefit's new moisturising concealer "Fake-Up" comes in. It's about time I start investing in more multi-purpose products and this guy ticks all the boxes I need from a good base. It comes with a concealer core with a hydrating balm surrounding it and packaging wise takes up no more room than a lipstick in my bag. The actual product is lovely - gorgeous creamy texture, even application and super snaps - doesn't cake under the eyes. So far so good. In the past week I've been reaching for Fake Up not only as a concealer but as a foundation stick to top up my make up before events or give myself a less heavy face post gym. With Vitamin E and apple seed - it really is moisturising which is perfect for my skin as it transitions from Winter to Spring. 

If you're having a good skin day and looking for a quick freshen up this works great as a foundation alternative and perfect for under the eye circles, though I will still opt for a bit more full coverage when I have the chance. It's a handy edition to my handbag (ideal for top ops on the subway) and already find me working it in to my daily routine. Great wee product if looking for a light coverage concealer that doesn't dry out.

Benefit Fake Up will be available from the website and their counters March 29th. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

One Month One Dress Day 28

Dress - New Look, Shirt - Charity Shop, Jumper - Charity Shop, Necklace - Primark, Bag - Charity Shop, Boots - Matalan

The last 28 days has went by so quickly and my one dress has steered me well. It got me through both the opening and closing gala of the film festival as well as more than a few movie intros and q&a sessions (where I may have got photographed a little more than I liked) as well as job interviews, lazy days and heading about the town with friends. Of course there were some #onedressproblems but for now I'm looking at the past month with rose tinted glasses and I'm not going to lie- I'm going to miss knowing exactly what I'm going to wear for a month.

I'm going to take down my justgiving page when the weekend is out - I'm currently sitting at £623.70 so a big old THANK YOU to all you crazy wonderful people who have donated. I would totally love to hit £750 before the page goes down so if you have enjoyed my sartorial journey in to the depths of my wardrobe and can spare even a pound please donate by either texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 or visiting

Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments, your tweets and your donations. It's been a lot of fun and couldn't done it without you!
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