Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OOTD: One Month One Dress Day 13

 Dress - New Look - £12.99, Cashmere Jumper - Charity Shop - £4, Hat - River Island - £5 (sale), Necklace - Primark - £2, Lace Gloves - River Island - £2 (Sale), Shoes - Matalan - £22

Today was a bit of a write off due to a snow day. I pretty much spent the day in the house clearing out my bedroom (unearthing a Tom Waits poster from 2008 that I plan on getting framed as well as a bunch of cards from my friends.) I'm a total hoarder - there is no reason for me to have 3 broken laptops still in my room. What even.

I put this on to nip to the shop (milk and jelly babies, I am after all an adult) so the prerogative was keeping dry and warm. Cashmere and wide brimmed hats? SORTED. I've worn this hat maybe - twice since I bought it - so was nice to be able to crack it out again.

I've put my target for One Month One Dress up to £500. If you'd like to donate you can text BEEW88 to 70070 with the amount you'd like to donate or visit


  1. This hat, oh this hat! Crack it out more often! You look like a 70's jewelled rocker groupie! x

    1. I may have to. It's been languishing in my wardrobe far too long! x

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    1. Will def chec it out Andie, sounds like a wonderful cause x


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