Tuesday, 19 February 2013

OOTD: Day 19 One Month One Dress

 Dress - New Look, T-shirt - H&M, Necklace - New Look, Shoes -Primark, Shades - Primark, Blazer - Charity Shop, Broach - Katy Rowland from Hannah Zhakari (gift from the boyshape)

Today I pretty much forgot it was February. And Scotland. I'd went for the first proper run of the year (the first one where I went a distance I would consider respectable and didn't spend half of it walking because of blisters) and was filled with a new joie de vivre. It was bright and sunny and fuck it - I was going sans tights and throwing on a light jacket. It's been known to snow in April so I don't really know who I was kidding. Today's outfit wasn't unpleasant for the outdoors (mostly because I was doing lots off brisk walking to get all round the place) but not one of those things you wear if hanging about.

By the by - managed to hit my target this morning and am now sitting at a most respectable £510.70. HOLLA. You guys are pretty much the best people going and wanted to do a big old thank you to all you crazy cats who've donated and shared. You can continue to do so by texting BEEW88 £X to 70070 (anything as little as a wee pound) or visiting www.justgiving.com/beewaits.


  1. wow...you've raised so much...you should be really proud of yourself!

    1. Thanks Jeeda, feeling super positive about it all! Still feels very surreal! x

  2. Replies
    1. thanks lady, feeling pretty upbeat about it x

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