Friday, 30 November 2012

MUA: Nail Constellation Review: Picses

MUA new nail constellation range is "inspired by the stars in the sky" - which is really a round about way of saying "we're hopping on the nail pearl trend." There is nothing inherently wrong about that. The nail pearl trend looks amazing. I love a good bit of nail art and the nail pearls seemed like a fantastic idea for those who can barely paint a straight line let along a fancy pants design on our nails and for £3, well I was all over this like a mother.

I tried Picses as it has this lovely wintry collection of colours and I was looking to recreate a frosted look on my nails.  I was super excited to get this guy home and try it out. Oh but what a mess. WHAT A MESS.Citing itself as easy to apply I have had never had so much trouble with any beauty product. I had trouble with the "easy use funnel" (the beads weren't coming out) so tried to open the bottle and it went EVERYWHERE (more my clumsiness than anything else.) I will say the application was pretty easy. A bit messy at first but easy enough to clean up. They looked pretty cool and had a nice effect. However it was ny impossible to do anything with these bad boys. Even with a clear coat of polish on top they kept getting caught in my hair or falling off. Some were on my nails for the long haul while other beads were just not for having it, and the real problem - I found wearing them painful. Like sore. I could not get them off my nails quick enough and they look an utter nick since I removed them.

It's a real shame  as I think the nail pearl trend is nice, but for me it doesn't translate in to daily life. I found it intrusive and messy. I thought for a nail novice it would be fun but I just found them disruptive and they just didn't look as nice on.  MUA have some really great products - but I'd give this one a miss and go for some of their polishes instead.

Keeping it festive up in here: Christmas Day Outfit

 1: Faux Fur Fairisle Cardigan - River Island - £55, 2: Black Tshirt - H&M - £5, 3: Casio Digital Watch - Asos - £45, 4: Cream Envy Brogues - Barratts - £20 , 5: Leopard Foil Print Jeans - Biba at House of Fraser - £53.40

I've covered what I'd wear to a Christmas party and I've let you creep at what I'd wear to the theatre - it was only a matter of time before you got my Christmas day outfit. Kel Loves is running a competition with Barratts footwear where you can win £70 to spend at Barratts. All you have to do is create an outfit for one of a whole host of Christmas occasions including a walk in a winter wonderland, a Christmas party, a long days shopping or Christmas day. 
I fancied a shot at creating a wee Christmas day outfit. I'm all about being all fancy but this is the day where I wake up and eat half my weight in Celebrations so still got to have some comfort going on. Also I want to hide my turkey tum so something slouchy on the top is perfect. I teamed it with some foil leggings to gussy it up and a nice chunky fairisle cardi to keep it all festive. I know the boyface has got my the gold casio watch so I will be wearing that on Christmas day without a doubt. I chose the cream brogue creepers from Barratts to pull the whole look together because they feel like a nice dressed up shoe without having to go for a heel and the thick sole means I'll be able to tackle nearly any weather Greenock throws at me. 
The competition is open till December 10th so if you fancy a wee challenge I'd thoroughly recommend having a go.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Beyond the Patterned Book: A Spot of Glasgow Style

Tonight I went to a preview of Rebecca Torres' collection "Beyond the Patterned Book" as well as the launch of her sample sale. Naturally I want everything. Also - pretty sure that Glasgow has some of the most diverse and stylish folk kicking about. Here are a few of my fave looks from the night:

 Helen: Dress - Rebecca Torres, Shoes - Hobbs
  Jackie: Dress - Topshop, Tights - Bebaroque, Shoes - Topshop
 Alison: Shirt - All Saints, Trousers - Made self, Shoes - Vans, Watch - Casio
 Tara: Jeans - Levi, Jumper - Next, Jacket - Topshop, Shoes - Topshop
 Sheri:  Shirt - Primark, Dress - H&M, Boots - Office, Bag - Biba, Watch - Michael Kors
 Terri: Polo - Zara, Dress - Topshop, Jacket - Primark, Bag - Asos, Shoes - Zara
Rebecca: Dress - Own label, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Rebecca's Pop Up Shop & Sample Sale runs until the 1st of December. You can pop down to All That is Solid (right next to the 13th Note) to bag yourself a right wee bargain. Just in time for Christmas!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Heymonster: The best art prints you'll see all day

Can we just begin with how sickening good these art prints are? And Yes, my boyfriend has bought me the Buffy: Our Lady Of Protection print for my Christmas. This bad boy is getting it's own mother licking shrine.

I found Spencer from heymonster on my near weekly trawl through Society6 (and tumblr...because I spend all my time on the internet naturally) and fell head over heels in love with his Strong Female Characters Project. The first one I saw was Dana Scully and it was flat out one of the prettiest guys I had seen in my life. My friends and I cooed, considered having it tattooed on our bodies (for such a great love was formed) and I pretty much decided I HAD to have one. Of course we all know Buffy is my Queen (WWBD is a good ethos to live by) so when boy was asking me what I wanted for my Christmas this guy went straight in to my basket and is now currently on it's way to my little flat in Glasgow. I am so excited about this it's unreal.

Paul loves the Leslie Knope one and I know my gurl Soph would be way in to Liz Lemon because...Liz Lemon pretty much has our life. These prints are like a little tour through my pop culture day dreams.

Apparently there is more in the works - I'm holding our for a Hermione Granger, Daria and Agent 355. I think I would flat out die. I'll be saving up to have the whole series before the year is out.
So what Strong Female Characters do you think need to be added?

You can buy yourself some sweet prints here - get in early so have it in time for Christmas!

A Glasgow Girl's Guide To The Alternative Christmas Shop: Sisterling

My sister is flat out my favourite person to buy for. Her tastes are a bit girly, a bit geeky and it just makes her the most fun to buy for ever. For her I thought a mixture of Scottish designers, a wee bit of nail art and an etsy favourite would actually be way too perfect for her.
Obscure Couture's new ready to wear is a mix of candy colours and acid brights and their new "The Fear" top is perfect for my sister. She is a total wee fitness freak and teaches gym classes part time so think this would be perfect for her to pull on when doing her practice runs at home. The Wee Yin necklace from Bonnie Bling should be perfectly self-explanatory and I know it would make her giggle something awful.
My sisterling is way more talented than I and always has immaculate nails so you can bet she would love DIY Nails. I thought some decals would be super cute but these gorgeous animal print nails are still one of my favourite of her designs. I think they would make a perfect stocking filled along with these gorgeous pirate tights. The pirate tights are from a small etsy seller TejaJamilla - a small tights designer based in England. I love the illustrations throughout - treasure chests, narwhals and pirate ships. 
As always everything is pretty much readily available online. DIY Nails also do some sweet custom offers and have a range of decals for some nice cheap stocking fillers if looking for a little bit extra as a treat.
Anyone else started their Christmas shopping yet?

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Holla! Rebecca Torres Sample sale

You can bet your bottom dollar I am ALL OVER THIS. Long time readers will know I am a mega fan of the Torres. Her graphic designs are always sexy as fuck and I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't want one of her dresses. I scored my first piece of Rebecca Torres's designs in a sample sale a couple of years ago and it is still one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.
It's been a while since Torres has let loose a sample sale, mostly because the second she does everything gets snapped in a flash - so I'm heavy excited to see her return, this time in super cool venue All That Is Solid in the Merchant City.
Her designs are super easy to easy (I can hear you naysayers at the back...but trust me on this) and I know whenever I wear my Torres I always feel very put together and polished.
Is it terrible that I'm hoping there will be some pieces from League of Electric? A little bit?
Seriously though if you are looking for something a bit different to wear to your Christmas parties (or hell to find under the Christmas tree) while supporting Scottish design at the same time I would thoroughly recommend getting all up in this right here.

Night at the Ballet: Outfit Wishlist

I love me a Christmas outfit and when Boohoo got in touch asking if I fancied putting together a festive outfit I knew exactly what I wanted to do. With The Nutcracker coming up in the next couple of weeks I thought I'd compile a wee dream outfit for a night at the ballet. I wanted to create something that felt very elegant so kept it mostly a neutral colour palette with a flash of blue in the jewelled necklace. I just love the midi tutu skirt - and can't really decide between the tan or the black. I've been after a good tutu for ages and this one fit the bill by being the perfect length/perfect price. I teamed this guy with some platform bow shoes which I know I would end up wearing a bajillion times and a simple velvet twist clutch (which I would prob dress up with some vintage broaches.)
I'm thinking a plum lip and lashings of eyeliner to finish it off, and maybe an oxblood nail polish. I think this wee guy would be perfect for some pre-theatre dining before heading off to the ballet (or theatre or panto if you are so inclined.) For me it's a polished look that is versatile but still got the Christmas fanciness I'm so keen on. All the pieces I can imagine wearing again (maybe team the midi net skirt up with some cons and a t-shirt for a nice laid back day look) and the platform shoes are just kind of made for being in my wardrobe.  The whole lot clocks in at under £86 which is cheaper than I usually pay for a pair of shoes so I'd say for a whole outfit is pretty bangerang.
Anyone else going to the theatre/ballet this year?

Monday, 26 November 2012

Scottish Blogger Christmas Party

The party season is officially upon us. Time to shake out the party outfits and get ready for the Scottish Blogger Christmas party! Hurrah! (Add enthusiastic whooping noises as required.)

Headed by the lovely Gill and Roisin (and jumped on by yours truly) - the Scottish Blogger Christmas Party this year will be Monday the 10th December at Monkey Bar in Glasgow. With a family Christmas theme expect hunners of Christmas jumpers, crackers, mulled wine and festive tunes. A secret santa is on the cards with a budget if £10. Monkey Bar will be providing some festive punch on arrival and for those who fancy some nibbles, a buffet at £5.50 per head will be on the cards - with veggie options OBVIOUSLY.

While dressing up, having a tipple and exchanging gifts is always fun - we thought it important to try and give back and the easiest way is through a charity raffle. After much consideration this year we're going to raise money for Women's Aid. With the start of #16Days - Violence Against Women Campaign it felt right to raise money for this charity.  With one in four women experiencing domestic violence during their lifetime the odds are you do or will know someone who experiences it. The government is making cuts to domestic violence charities and women's refuge's in the U.K it's important now more than ever to support these charities.
Glasgow Women's Aid has been supporting women, children and young people who are experiencing domestic violence for over 35 years and provides information, support and temporary refuge accommodation.
So far I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who have kindly donated prizes towards the raffle, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank those who are donating prizes (and of course let you know what you have a chance of winning on the night.)

Goodies from La La Land
Clothes from Isolated Heroes
Make-Up Session with Andii James
Thunder Road Vintage Gift Voucher
Cupcakes from Cupcake Bazaar
Jewellery from Georgia Wiseman
Goodies from Cusioscope
Tickets to a Tasting Event from Good Spirits Co.
Jewellery from Cara Louise
Art Print from Gillian Kyle
Gift pack from Eilean Shona Arts
Voucher from DIY Nails
A wee something from Once Upon a Time
A little something from Something Different Hairbands
Gift set from Tatty Bon
A wee something from Godiva Boutique
Goodies from Scottish Fine Soaps
£50 voucher to spend at Barratts 
Jewellery from Katie Lees
Jewellery from Bonnie Bling
T-shirt from Obscure Couture
Jewellery from Kirsty Fraser
3 x £10 vouchers for Glasgow Piercing Studio

Honestly I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity. As you may have noticed - most of the donations so far have come from small Scottish brands all making really beautiful, unique pieces from beauty products, accessories to clothes. If you are looking to pick up some gifts this Christmas I cannot thoroughly recommend the above enough and throughly encourage you to shop with any of these wonderful brands who are helping us this year.

If you or anyone you know is interested in submitting a prize towards the charity raffle, or just want to know how else you can help out please email me at:

I really look forward to seeing a bunch of old faces, and some new bloggers at this event and while there is no doubt I'll be drinking mulled wine like it is my life force and telling terrible cracker jokes, I'd also love if we can raise loads of money for Women's Aid.

If you're a blogger (fashion/beauty/lifestyle/whatever) we'd love to have you so please send your RSVP to:

So get your ugliest Christmas sweater out and douse yourself in glitter, I'll be seeing you at the bar! 

OOTD: Leopard print, spots and a case of bitch face

 Jacket - New Look - £15 (Sale) Dress - Motel - £15 (Sale), Faux Fur Collar - River Island - £3 (Sale), Tights - River Island  - £3 (Sale),  Necklace - Me and Zena - £5.50 (Sale), Bag - Primark - £3 (Sale) Cardigan - Obscure Couture - £160 Shoes - New Look - £25

I don't think I can actually remember the last time I bought anything full price. I spend my life raiding sale rails, charity shops and bargain buckets and always tend to find things I love. It also means I'm partial to a bit of an impulse buy and end up buying things that I love - but for the most part end up hanging up in my wardrobe for me to admire and love, but never really wear.

On Sunday I went along to Granny Would Be Proud with my friend Lynne with a suitcase of loved but unworn goodies I've collected over the year. Mostly vintage, some old designer pieces and a bit of high street for good measure. There were moments where I'd see people looking at my clothes and I'd have to fight the impulse to be like "NO! NOT THAT ONE!" (I have unhealthy attachments to my clothes) but it really was nice to see clothes that I love but never wear go to a good home. I like things like Granny Would Be Proud partially because I hate doing ebay. I'm just rubbish at it. Also it gives me a chance to rummage about and check some local sellers. Lynne and I were placed right next to a stand of Christmas goods so as you can imagine I was going mental.

Granny Would Be Proud is a bi-weekly fair held at Hillhead Bookclub (every Sunday on the run up to Christmas) and always has the best hidden gems from Glasgow. Vintage specs, homemade jewellery and vinyl cake stands at prices that don't have me bashing my face off the nearest wall. It's all you can ask for really. The Bookclub gets really warm (unexpectedly so) so my whole plan of WHERE ALL THE LAYERS went straight out the window. Kept my faux fur collar on as a standard though. Found myself nursed up behind the stall eating my way in to a cheese coma (enabled entirely by those who bought my clothes) and moaning about Lynne and I's case of the chronic bitch face.

I've been to a few fairs in Glasgow and always find new stall holders. There is still a few that I'd like to check out, or maybe make another wee visit to as stall holders change every fair. I'm pretty sure any money I made today will be going straight in to investing in some goodies. Got my eyes on a fair few prints for my hall at the moment so....

Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Glasgow Girl's Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop: The Boy

KF Deck - £40, Lucky Edge Jumper - £30, Logo Beanie - £15

For a boy shape Galashields based skate wear brand Lucky Edge is an obvious choice. Defined by graphic illustrations and surreal imagery - Lucky Edge offer a wide range of street wear and hand painted decks. I interviewed the founder - Joe Edge - earlier this year and his brand is always growing and creating unique printed tees and jumpers.

I've had my eye on the hand painted decks for a while. I love love love the KF Deck and it's a total snap at £40. Screenprinted on to 100% hard wood Canadian maple - this guy would look utterly killer on my wall, or you know as an actual board if you are so inclined. The monochrome BW deck may be more the boyshapes style but I love the bright colours and cute illustrations. 

The jumper I love for it's drippy print and I think grey is one of those things you can really wear with anything. Teamed with the maroon beanie and you're on to a winner. These are the kinds of things to get with the aim of "borrowing" in future.

I think if you know anyone in to skate wear Lucky Edge is perfect. The t-shirts are great and I love the beanies.  Everything is pretty affordable as well. I can afford to pick up a few pieces from here for myself and still have money left over to get the boy some records from his favourite store Volcanic Tongue (an unassuming hidden gem tucked away on Argyle Street founded by underground legends David Keenan and Heather Leigh Murray, def worth a visit.) 

So what do you think of the Lucky Edge decks?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bee Waits Loves Abandon Ship

1: Worship Satan Cuddle Kittens Scarf - £14.99 - Let's face it, this scarf was pretty much this close to getting a post all of it's own. Perfect to keep me toast in Winter and it's in my colours. HAIL SATAN (etc...)
2: Moon II T-shirt - £19.99 - Girl is a long time fan of Sailor Moon so this unisex tee pretty much spoke to me.
3: Heavy Fucking Metal Bobble Hat - £14.99   - I full appreciate a good bobble hat and a good cuss. This is effectively killing two birds with one stone.
4: Kitten Leggings - £14.99. Leggings. Covered in kittens. NEED I SAY MORE??
All Abandon Ship Apparel

My love for a good illustrated t-shirt is well documented and Glasgow based company Abandon Ship tick hunners of boxes for me - as well as enabling me in my quest to be a full time crazy cat lady.  Launched in 2011 by long time friends Richard Davies and Duncan Sweeney, the boys wanted to share their love of street wear and design. Although most of the design is in house, Abandon Ship frequently collaborate with illustrators and artists including A O N O, Long Fox and tattoo artist Darryl Mullen. 

Known for their limited edition t-shirts with very clean, graphic design, Abandon Ship have slowly become one of my favourite street wear brands (rivalling my cray cray stupid love for Bad Blood.) I've spent way too long on the website and adding to an ever growing wishlist. If I had to chose you can bet I'd be all over the kitten scarf (the boyface has promptly been sent a link to this post.) I'll be creeping bag on the site in the NY to see what other tee's the boys pull out the bag but for now I think I hear the sound of my bank balance weeping.

OOTD: Oxblood Cinema Date

 Hat - Handknitted, T-shirt - Topshop (old as time), Leather Jacket - Topshop - £55, Gold Chain - Primark, Striped Skirt - Primark - £10, Bag - Primark - £3, Flatforms - TK Maxx - £15

On Wednesday me and my friend went to see Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part II. Truly the Twilight films are the gift that keeps on giving. My snark-meter was off the charts and I may have cried with laughter at the gorgeousness of CGI babyface. Also - anyone else distracted by K.Stews ridiculous eyelash extensions?

Glasgow has decided to kick start it's winter - and while I am tempted to live in boots and heavy knits for the next 3 months (not actually a bad idea) it doesn't exactly leave for a lot of variety. Thank God for flatforms. An alternative to living in chelsea boots and wellies for the next few months and the rubber soles are great for keeping me dry. They are the perfect oxblood colour at the mo so can pretty much wear them with anything.  I fell in love with this striped skirt from Primark. I love a good monochrome and the stripes are the kind of things that I can imagine being in my wardrobe forever. It's a good length and is keeping its shape well even though I kind of live in it.

I should also point out that I didn't actually knit the hat. I have been trying to teach myself (with mixed results) but this was made by the boys Mum Jo. It has a really cute bobble detail and I've got matching fingerless gloves to match. The design is actually based on a hat she had designed for a new born baby and I fell in love with it (does good to take inspiration from everywhere non?) Anyway Jo rocked up to Stuart towers recently with some knitted goodies for me. I was actually overwhelmed that someone would actually make something for me. It's gorgeous and is keeping my Winter frizz under control.

Now Twilight is out I'm gearing myself up for loads of gorgeous Christmas cinema. Les Mis and Great Expectations are out next week and you have no idea how excited I am. The fact that  my telly box is going to be screening Elf, The Grinch and Love Actually on a regular basis as well? ALL OVER IT.  Have you guys seen anything good at the cinema recently? 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Nailgirls: Burgundy #3 Deep Red Wine Review

NailGirls London is a brand that has been on my radar for some time but this was the first time I've ever tried it.NailGirls was started by two sisters - Jo & Lynda-Louise Burrell who were sick and tierd of nail polishes that stripped your nails of all their goodness with harsh chemicals.  Their polishes are free from all the big baddies including formaldehyde, DPB and toluene as well as being vegan friendly.
I tried out a colour from their Autumn collection. Described as "a great alternative to black" for the glam goth - Burgundy #3 Deep Red Wine sounds like a shade that has been personally made for me. It's very much a dark raspberry shade with a high gloss finish  For me it is the answer to oxblood for your nails for the Winter season.
The formula is easy to work with, dries easily and doesn't gloop making for a clean even paint. A little goes a long way. I got my colour with two light coats to get a less opaque finish. The polish is crazy resilient as well. I am notoriously hard on my nails and this guy didn't budge after 3 days (new track record for me.)
The packaging is simple and elegant and I kind of prefer it to round bottles of polish. The brush is a great length giving me a good deal of control with my paint.
The description is spot on - this really is a great alternative to black for me and I find the shade a lot easier to wear than some brighter reds. This guy clocks in at £10.50 a pop - which for it's lasting power and ease of use it worth the purchase alone. The fact that my flakey nail trouble has calmed down since I've started using this polish is a big helping hand too.
I have a few colours on my Christmas wishlist - including a super zesty neon orange and a pale gold foil polish that would look fantastic on my bedside table.
You can try Nail Girls for yourself by picking up one of their polishes from their website here - or if you fancy getting your nails did they have recently opened a salon in Silverburn Debhenams. Surely worth a stop off for a breather in between all the hectic shopping non?

Scottish Ballet: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has always been one of (if not my favourite) Christmas stories. It's no real secret The Nutcracker was my childhood crush and the story has everything I could possibly want - magic, high adventure and just a hint of romance. Based on the E.T.A Hoffman German fairytale - our heroine Marie's favourite toy The Nutcracker comes to life, does battle with the Mouse King and whisks her off to a land of dolls and sweets. Because of course he does. Oh yeah and it's totally set at Christmas which is my favourite time of year ever.

I loved Scottish Ballet's production of Sleeping Beauty - but I have been waiting for them to bring back The Nutcracker forever. I'm particularly excited to see their interpretation of the Nutcracker's origin story (because let's face it, it is going to be crazy beautiful.)  Scottish Ballet's set and costume design is always one of my favourite things and I am love with the Terry Gilliamesque set pieces especially the giant hand and pocket watch. The costumes look amazing. I'm kind of in love with The Governess/Dame Mouserink costume - all black, corset, long skirt, tale, claw and cane. DREAM.
The ballet is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas so pretty hyped to see The Nutcracker.  One thing I love about Scottish Ballet is that they do this Under 26 scheme, where if you are under 26 (name kind of says it all really) you can score yourself some sweet tickets on the day for £10. There is now literally no excuse not to go to the theatre.
Touring Scotland, Belfast and Newcastle from December 2012 - February 2013

Theatre Royal, Glasgow 8 – 29 December 2012
Festival Theatre, Edinburgh 8 – 12 January 2013
His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen 16 – 19 January 2013
Eden Court Theatre, Inverness 23 - 26 January 2013
Grand Opera House, Belfast
Theatre Royal, Newcastle 6 - 9 February 2013

Conceived by Ashley Page and Antony McDonald
Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/ Lighting by Peter Mumford
Associate set designer Juliette Blondelle /Associate costume designer Michelle May
Incorporating original choreography by Lev Ivanov


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Fashion Vouchers Xmas Party Challenge: Party Outfit Under £100? Go on then.

1: Silver Petrol Stone Earrings - £6.99 2: Black Velvet Turtle - £7.99 3: Purple Sequin Skirt - £19.99 4: Silver Petrol Court Shoes - £22.49 5: Holographic Silver Chain Bag - £19.99 all New Look

I love Christmas. It is flat out my favourite time of year. It is when I get crack out the velvet, sequins and fancy dresses and nary an eyelid is batted. is currently running a blogger competition where they ask you to compile your dream Christmas party outfit for under £100. Sounds simple enough right? Except you are confined to one retailer. The prize up for grabs is £100 of online vouchers to spend at your chosen retailer. It sounded fun so I had a wee creep around and decided to try it pulling together an outfit for a Christmas Night Out from New Look.
I fell in love with this holographic clutch when I first saw it online and decided to build my outfit around it. I wanted to focus on luxe fabrics because if you can't crack out the sparkles at Christmas - when can you? I decided to keep the jewellery simple, just going for the chandelier petrol coloured earrings as think there is so much already going on in the outfit that it doesn't really need much else?
The entire outfit clocks in at £77.45 leaving with you a little bit extra money - perhaps to spend on some stocking fillers or nail polishes to complete the look. Use your student discount and you score this entire outfit for under £70. RESULT!
If any of you lot decide to enter the competition do let me know - would love to have a creep at everyones looks!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

OOTD: Getting all fancy for anniversary times

Dress - River Island - £15 (sale) , Belt - Primark £3, Socks - Bebaroque - £10 (sample sale), Shoes - Primark - £6 (in the sale)

The boyshape and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday. Yup. It really has been more than 3 years since "Guys....I met this guy in the Catty." Jeezo. Anyway we had a pretty chilled night. Paul cooked (kind of  - him trying to chop carrots is still one of the funniest/most desperate things I've seen to date) and just sat in watching fluffy films. Namely Beauty & The Beast because it is perfection. 

Safe to say I like any excuse to dress up and I've been looking for an excuse to wear my Bebaroque sheer socks forever - and I'm way too sensitive to the cold to wear them outside at the moment. Scored them in the Pop Up Sample Sale they had at Princess Square and they are pretty much my favourite thing ever. Pretty sure everything I'm wearing is sale. The leopard print heels were my idea of a sensible shoe due to a smaller heel but also not making me want to vom all over the place. They are still in stores now and are super comfy. I can truly think of worse ways to spend £6. 

I love the grey dress. Whenever I wear it I always think of Edith Head when she was designing for Vertigo and how grey on a blonde looks "odd" - as it washes out fairer complexions. That said - grey is one of my favourite colours to wear and makes a nice alternative from my "BLACK OR DIE" ethos. It's become my go to dress when wanting to pull on something that makes me look a bit more polished (that isn't black) and is so easy to style around.

Do you have any fail safe dresses?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hot Off the Press: Slayer Christmas Jumper? GET ON MY BODY

I know....I know. I've already done a Christmas Jumper edit but this guy flashed up on my news feed and I just HAD to share it. Can we just drink in the fact that this is a mother fucking Slayer Christmas jumper? Look I was already sold on the whole pentagram skull motif but the Reindeer Blood jokes write themselves amirite?
Available for £49.99 here. ON IT.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Styling for GUM

 Not too long ago I was asked to style a shoot for the relaunch of Glasgow University Magazine. I thought - why the fuck not? The shoot had a dark distopian feel - set in a post apocalyptic cityscape. The brief called for literally all the black I could muster so naturally it was right up my alley.
It started with a 6am rise and a large suitcase filled with leathers, latex, chunky knits, silks and faux furs. The actual day included a lot of tape punctuated by lots of tea and even more smoke pellets.
For the actual shoot it was a mix of Scottish designers and high street. I had goodies from Obscure Couture, Chou Chou, Bonnie Bling, Lilly Wiggler and DIY Nails. Also had some utterly gorgeous pieces from USC. It did mean for a time my flat was a mecca of really beautiful really tiny clothes (there was a skirt I think I could put my head through.)
It was a big team as the whole production was being filmed which at times was a bit manic in a tiny kitchen. You can see the finished product here - with yours truly looking bleary eyed, fixing collars and holding up knits. Thankfully my 7am ramblings of luxe goth love didn't make the cut.
Would I change things from the day? A few bits and pieces outfit wise I wasn't cray cray happy with how they looked but over all was really pleased how everything turned out. Of course in my head I'm screaming NEEDS MORE SMOKE but suspect this is left over more from playing about with the remaining smoke pellets at the end of shooting than anything else. Pretty much safe to say though I've fallen in love with Linas Justice's photography page. Spent ages looking through some of his past work online.
You can read the full magazine online here. The cover illustration is amazing and can't wait to see where the new creative team takes GUM from here.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cats and Curioscope: OOTD

 T-shirt c/o Curioscope, Shorts - Next (had forever), Fringed Wedges - River Island - £45, Gold Chain - Primark - £3, Kitties (borrowed)
Saturday night and I find myself draped with at least two cats at any given time. I can think of worse ways to spend my weekend to be fair. I've been a right grouch of late - a mix of mulled wine apathy (why are you so hard to make) and general impatience for everything I decided the best way to spend a night would be cuddling cats and attempting to make a Christmas stocking out of old fabric.
The stocking...well um it came out less than well. It is currently in development hell. I am sure it is big enough to hold a satsuma and a pound coin but I'm not QUITE ready to test it's structural integrity just yet. I think once it's got some faux fur trim I'll feel a bit better about the whole thing but I think it's safe to say sewing isn't my forte. I was however super stoked about managing to thread the tiniest needle head twice so uh...I suppose that's something? It truly is the little things.
As you can see the cat cuddling went a big more swimmingly than the stocking crafting (although half hour after these were taken I was a puffy red eyed mess of allergies and had to spend the evening huffing menthol salts.) Tatty (pictures) is the biggest sook in the world and she loves nothing more than hunners of belly rubs and cuddles. Def what I needed. 
Anyway this is my ideal outfit for lounging with the kitties and attempting to do some DIY. I am currently living in my t-shirt from Curioscope as it's the comfiest guy in the world - and we all know I love a good tee. Also my gold chain seems to be making a routine come back in to my life which is something I'm totally down with.
I'm going to have to perfect my stocking making skills before the end of November. The actual pattern cutting of the thing was right farce so we're going to see if I can quickly get over that hurdle and manage to create something I won't be totally embarrassed hanging above the fireplace. Anyone with any experience of actually being able to sew something without making a riot - your sagely advice is needed. Always.
Until next time.

Friday, 16 November 2012

A Glasgow Girl's Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop: Mumshape

Tweed Hepburn Backpack from Catherine Aitken - £130, Cashmere Gloves from Rosie Sugen - £65, Tunnocks Place mats from Gillian Kyle - £21, Filigree Pendant from La10 - £60

My mumshape is partial to a bit of luxury but is also fond of some more off beat designs so her gift guide is broad range of treats from different Scottish based independent designers.
Catherine Aitken makes the most beautiful tweed bags. When I saw the Hepburn bag I knew it would be perfect for the mum. Other than having a really elegant, understated design - it's luxurious and practical which I just know my mum would be all over. It is also firmly in the camp of things I buy for mum so I can borrow later. Keeping with the whole luxury theme, some cashmere gloves wouldn't go amiss. From new Scottish knitwear designer Rosie Sugen these two tone cashmere gloves are all sorts of fancy. Again they are simple and elegant (which is what we're going for here) plus one of those things you keep FOREVER.
My mum has been all up in Gillian Kyle since she first saw her designs in Eco Chic earlier this year. I've picked up a few goodies for her and the Tunnocks design has always been a favourite of hers. My mum loves having people round for dinner (read a cheese board and some gin - because she is inherently wonderful)  and is always looking for new place mats.
Last but not least is Scottish based jeweller La10. Creating breathtaking contemporary designs their collection of necklaces and pendants is like taking a tour through my mums jewellery cabinet. Sophisticated and clean designs  - the Filigree pendant stood out for me. The slightly smaller design is perfect for every day wear without loosing the detail of the floral design.
 I'm pretty sure I'd be pretty stoked to find any of these bad boys under my tree (in some alternative universe where I am a classy understated dame) but I know these are all PERFECTO for my beloved M.
All of these guys are available online and I'd say if these designs are spot on for your M then do have a shifty around their sites, actually filled with all sorts of gorgeous luxe as treats.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Christmas Jumper Edit

Reindeer Cardigan - ASOS - £35, Red Christmas Fairisle Jumper - River Island - £35, Holly Knit Jumper - Topshop - £50,  Reindeer Jumper - Asda - £14, Blue Fairisle Jumper - H&M - £24.99

The fact that there is now a Santa on my can of coke means it's officially Christmas guys. That and the fact I can't seem to turn on the telly without blubbering at some advert - (thanks John Lewis  really - thanks) so I think I am perfectly justified in yearning for a fugly Christmas jumper. Don't get me wrong - I do love a good old trawl of the charities to find "The Most Hideous Christmas Sweater Ever" but I also love me a good knit and you know what - not all of them are awful. As in - some of them have actual REAL life longevity. I mean yeah, they are festive but quite frankly I think I could TOTALLY get away with a reindeer cardigan in January and not look like a total creepasaur. Just about.
Do I have favourites? Well the Topshop Holly Knit is gorgeous but £50 may be a bit of a push ever for a Christmas head such as me for something I can only really wear (all be it constantly) for a couple of months. I was super surprised by Asda though as they have some actually gorgeous knits in at the mo and their Reindeer jumper is super cute. The River Island guy for me just reminds me of Christmas wrapping in the best way possible.
Will you be donning some fugly knit this year?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Creep Inside My Handbag

My bag always has certain things in it - loose change, old receipts and at any given time 3 different lipsticks (usually 3 varying shades of the same colour.) Winter is coming though and as a result some guys become utter staples to get me through Glasgow winters and prevent me from being constantly chapped.  So here is a quick guide in to my more streamlined bag essentials.

A few obvious things first - mirror, purse and hairbrush because um? kind of accepted as a standard right.
Mascara - Dior Blackout: Makes my lashes all kinds of big, doesn't clump and has been my standard mascara for the past year.
MAC Lady Danger: Something a bit brighter to dull the winter months. Keep it in my bag for slapping on if off to meet some folk and feel like looking all fancy.
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: MANNA FROM HEAVEN. The second we hit October this guy falls in to my bag as a standard. This multi purpose beauty product is my saving grace and I pretty much use it for everything. Sorts out my lips, dry hands as well as for tidying up unruly eyebrows and keeping my Barnett in check.  Often used on my cheeks as a quick highlighter to polish me up.  Also not going to lie - love the smell.
Kiehl's Lip Balm: Dry lips are a big thing for me. After 8 hour cream is my favourite lip cream.
Serge Lutens Bois de Vanille: My new favourite perfume and perfect for the winter. A woody vanilla with hints of licorice and coconut.  A sophisticated warming scent.

Any little beauty babes that are in your handbag as standard in the Winter?

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Glasgow Girl's Guide to the Alternative Christmas Shop: The BFF

Lipstick Broach (£6) Colour Me Ryan Gosling (£8) Leopard Pouch (£12) Polar Bear Jumper (£32)

Last year I featured a guide to my favourite indie Scottish retailers for picking up goodies for pretty much everyone in your life and since the red cups are back and the coca cola advert has aired (and thus officially kick starting corporate Christmas) I thought it was only right to bring back "A Glasgow Girl's Guide." I'll be bringing focused posts for the good folk I'll be buying for in my life - including BFF's, secret santa's, sibling shapes, parents and the like. To start off I thought I'd start off with a store focused post as I really think this place is the PERFECT place to pick up little treats for your BFF. 
La La Land - based in Decourcy's Arcade in the West End of Glasgow is all about British design and has all sorts of goodies my best girl would be thrilled to find under her tree. It's not bank blisteringly expensive so you can buy sweet goofy gifts (Colour Me in Ryan Gosling = hours of fun) or you could pick her up something cosy for Christmas day. The polar bear jumper looks super cosy and is the perfect thing to pull on for a night of Christmas movies (Elf, Home Alone and Love you had to ask) and mulled wine.The lipstick broach I just thought was a really cute something extra and I am in LOVE with the OMG leopard pouch (also available in more personalised letters if that is more your bag.)
I really think La La Land is the perfect place to pick up bits and bobs for your bestie as it's filled with loads of quirky wee goodies and varying price points so is great for some slightly bigger gifts and daft little stocking fillers. Their online book and zine collection is quite easily my favourite part of the site and I'm more than ready to pick myself up their Black Metal Paper Doll. For me. Naturally.

La La Land is open 7 days a week (closed for alternating days every week - check the facebook for dates) but for those of you who aren't Glasgow (or indeed West End bound you lazy things) you can do the whole shopping thing via the website. I have no doubt there are going to be hunners of cray cray festive goodies on the run up to December but if you're like me and like to get in early - this is one place you need to hit.

Friday, 9 November 2012

A Revisit To USC: Now With More Sequins

The other night I was invited along to come along to the USC Buchanan Street store. There was a promise of fancy drinks, mega eats and some beautiful brands which I am ALL OVER.
USC still isn't quite on my regular rounds of the the jaunt on the high street yet, though I do finding me popping over to the site now and again and popping the head in to the store again was pretty sweet.
I flat out fell in love with the Lashes of London sequined wrap dress. I've mentioned Lashes previously before (they were the guys behind THAT sheer tie dye green dress) and when I saw this bad boy it was head over heels. Sequins are so hard to pull off without looking cheap but this guy manages it perfectly. I love how it almost looks like its meant to me a multi-zebra print. Totally getting me in to the mood for the party season.  The Rock and Rags metallic Jacquard top (also available in skirt) caught my eye as well as some leopard sneaks from adidas (because I am nothing if not predictable.) Also Irregular Choice because everything they do is amazing and I just want the shoes on my feet. Now.
I have to say I kind of hate that the womenswear is tucked away upstairs as they have some really really gorgeous pieces in at the moment. I mean Reverse had the cutest little cut out cross dress and the aforementioned Lashes (who I can slowly see becoming a favourite) had some really cute galaxy prints. There does still seem to be a focus for menswear which is a shame because whenever I'm in USC I always find at least 5 things I want to buy immediately. That said a lot of the brands they have in at the moment are amazing I just wish it wasn't so easy to forget. The night was a nice reminder to some of the gorgeous pieces they have in at the moment. Will need to set myself a reminded to pop in again soon.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hayley Scanlan introduces diffusion line: Want Everything

My love for Dundee based designer Hayley Scanlan is well documented. Scanlan's scored herself a  Scottish Fashion Award and has created custom designs for Little Mix - so when I found out she was creating a diffusion line of her designs you can bet I was ALL OVER IT. Her HS collection was set out to be more wearable and more accessible with dresses clocking in between £100-£125. She easily is one of my favourite young designers working today and I love that HS really encapsulates her previous work, that is to say -  sleek sexy graphic designs. With studs. I know that for the most part studs have become a bit of an over kill but here it just feels so deliciously right. I love the halter necks and the cut out sleeves and the collection really feels like a contemporary take on some 90s staples. Claire of the past and Claire of the now would defo appreciate the bright yellow halter crop top.
I love the snake print and the choice of colours for the collection. It keeps it simple with black, pink, yellow and white and feels very "cool." I know, I know - but there is really no other way to describe Scanlan's collection other than just balls to the wall flat out cool as fuck.
I'm pretty much ready to scream "Take my money already" while throwing bank notes and cards at the screen after seeing this collection but for now I'm admiring it from afar. It's safe to say the black studded midi needs to get in to my life right now.
You can buy yourself some sweet HS designs via her store now - or at the very least totally perve at the new collection. You can also creep her work via facebook and of course twitter.
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