Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On things that are relevant to my interests

We Are Faux/Rebecca Torres

What an actual dream team. Ana Cruzalegui's dynamite eyelash brand We Are Faux are teaming up with one of my favourite Scottish designers Rebecca Torres to create some limited edition lashes.  I do not think I could be more excited about a team up. I would like to order a pair now please.

DIY Nails Fashion Film

It is no secret I adore DIY Nails - handpainted nails and decals delivered straight to your door my the gorgeous Tammy. Tammy has collaborated with Shaun Murawski (a heavy decent Glasgow photographer, probs most famous for shooting some snaps of my spirit animal Liz II) to create a short fashion film to celebrate the launch of new site. It's filled with some of the best nails you ever did see, cat ears, lollipops and of course DIY Nails Mascot - Betty. I feel every short film could be vastly improved by the presence of puppies.

J.W Anderson X Topshop
There was no way I wasn't going to cover this when J.W Anderson's collab with Topshop dropped. It feels like they are pandering directly to my soul. Sure I missed out on the cat eye jumper (which I will never forgive myself for ever) but we get bats, ghosts, creepy boys in masks and turtle prints to make up for it. It is absaloutley too fucking delicious. That said - the jumpers totally give me a case of matron boobs so perhaps for me to admire from afar.

A couple of weeks till Nightwalk takes over the Arches once more. A few familiar faces and a few names I'm keen to check out. I'm looking forward to latex teats from Bestabelle - and will have my eyes firmly on Natalie Traynor and Brian Chan. Regulars Betty Spoke, Jennie Loof and Fair Feathered Friend are bound to deliver some Glasgow freshness. £10 per ticket if you fancy deeking out some new Scottish talent.

Miles Aldridge: Mysterious and Magical

Someone has been peeking at my Christmas list. My favourite photographer created a seance themed photo shoot for Vogue Italia and it was perfect. You can see more of it here because you really really should.

Debenhams Beauty Goodies: Art Deco and YSL

Earlier this month I was invited to deek out all the latest goodies from Debenhams. A fancy soiree at the Lighthouse, some fancy ass clothes and a chance to creep at the latest beauty goodies on the run up to Christmas? WELL GO ON THEN.
There were a few things that caught my eye on the night - Guelian lipstick, the new CK One make up range (exclusive to Debhenams) and some really sweet Benefit concealer kits shaped like books. LIKE BOOKS. Oh yeah and Dita Von Teese's Art Deco make-up range - which is entirley made up of pink blushes, every shade of red lipstick and ever and all the eyeshadows to create the perfect smoke.
Debhenams beauty hall is one of those places I frequently lurk on my jaunts in to town. With its extensive exclusive beauty ranges and cult brands - it acts as a beauty bitches one stop shop for make-up. After creeping some of the gorgeous shades of reds at the press day I was in near dail - waiting, watching, biding my time. I had £50 from Debs to spend in Debs so naturally I wanted to try the newest stuff on the market. I wanted goods that were not only going to get me through the harsh winter but were also going to become make-up bag staples.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation in B10, Art Deco Lipstick in 284 (Cream Lush Magnolia), Art Deco Eyeshadow in 26

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation
There isn't really a lot I can say about this guy that hasn't already been covered. It is however the ideal winter foundation. A semi-matte foundation that leaves a clean base with a glowing finish without stripping the skin. The wide range of colours is great and offers a good colour match for pasty birds such as myself. The formula is easy to work with and blends easily. All in all a solid foundation. You'll be laying down £28 of your British to try this bad boy - that said it is long wearing and won't leave your skin crying during the winter party season so a good solid investment.

Art Deco Lipstick in 284
I creeped at the extensive Dita Von Teese collection of lipsticks for Art Deco (literally every shade of red imaginable) but settled for something I could put in my day to wear. The gorgeous 284 comes in a nice sturdy black case and the lipstick has Art Deco on the actual product which is nice. 284 is a beautiful purple/pink with a slightly gloss to the finish. Perfect for day and evening wear and has decent lasting but transfers like nobodies business. The formula is gorgeous thoug with a rich creamy texture that feels very nourishing. Slight hint of vanilla in the scent, but nothing too overpowering. A slightly unconcentional but classic shade. £17.50 will buy you one of these beauties. I am in love with the formula of this lipstick and suprised at how this colour is quickly replacing my beloved russian red as my daily wear. Part of the couture lipstick classic range - pretty much every shade is golden and will be putting this straight to the top of my Christmas list (it's not too early to have one of those right?)

Art Deco Eyeshadow in 26
This little guy caught me off caught. 26 or pearly medium beige may not sound like the most exotic or exciting of colours but it is the most perfect neutral I've worn in a long time.A cool pearlesent beige with an even application and smooth texture. Literally no fallout from this guy when applying which always gets super snaps from me. The packaging isn't too fancy - not out of laziness but as it's designed to click in with your favourite art deco products in a click in make up kit. I love the idea of mixing and matching my own eyeshadows. While I adore Urban Decay's Book of Shadows I only ever truly use about like 4 shades, so art deco's click in system allows me to build my own palettes of eyeshadows and blushers which I LOVE. At £6 an eyeshadow it's hardly breaking the bank either.

Debehnams Glasgow currently have a small concession of Art Deco products (including the Dita line which you will have to creep at) and I'm pretty sure it's become my new favourite brand. While the in store counter is a bit small and tucked away in the perfume department (I had to ask where to find it, and half the staff didn't seem to know - for shame) it it totally worth creeping out and Debehnams online have a more extensive collection of Art Deco's products.

All in all Debenhams have a super solid collection of new beauty products - with a focus on gorgeous basics to create flawless bases and solid colours that can transcend seasonal trends. No doubt of where I'll be getting all my Christmas beauty goodies from then....

Monday, 10 September 2012

Delicious knit from Moch Mess

I adore A/W - mostly because it means I can pretty much live in leathers and chunky knits for months on end without a questioning glance. I'm a real sucker for a good knit - which is why I'm totally in love with MochMess - a Glasgow knitwear collaboration between Laura Mochan and Karen Mess. Bold chunky designs in raspberries, oranges and golds. Knitted chains are prominent throughout the designs as well as layering and braids throughout. Working with merino wool, cotton and jersey the girls make colourful graphic designs including sweaters, vests and my favourite - skirts. I'm totally in love with the peach and orange high waisted skirt (a nice use of contrasting colours and the chain like plaids are adorable) .  There is a real focus on textiles throughout their designs, working with creating bold shapes through their one off designs.
Mochmess are priced between £14 (for knitted headbands) and £120 (knitted vest tops) and are available on ASOS. From what I've seen from the girls I like. I love a good chunky knit and can't wait to see where they are going to take this.
You can sort yourself with some sweet MochMess goodies on their ASOS marketplace.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bad Blood Clothing

I pretty much fell in love with Berlin based Bad Blood clothing when I deeked Tammy from D.I.Y nails sporting this lime green zombie hands L.A t-shirt. I've always been a fan girl for illustration and Bad Blood was ticking all sorts of boxes for me. Graphic cartoonish hyper real designs in popping colours with nods to MF Doom, cups of tea and The Warriors. There isn't really a lot not to love.  Every design is illustrated by Nick Cocozza and printed at Disigin Apparel in Perth, Scotland. The designs reference everything from hip-hop to 80's cartoons, Bad Blood clothing aim to support the underground culture it was born from with it's collection of fun easy to wear t-shirts, jumpers and snapback caps.

I've totally fell head over heels for the brand. These limited edition tees are gorge and when they are gone, that's them gone. Gym times, pub times, bed times - I want these guys in my life all the time. The 100% cotton tees are on sale priced at £21.99 and just now there is a mega sweet extra cheeky bit of discount on at the moment. By typing in OHMYDAYZ at the checkout you get an extra 20% off your order. I am very much in to that. Like I needed an excuse to spend more money?
You can sort yourself out with some sweet tees via there site here.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Running for Rape Crisis Scotland: My first 10k

 (My race number, me looking completely baffled by my token medal, my sisterling offering moral support.)

Today two months of training finally came together and I completed my first 10k. I'm not going to lie I was terrified. I barely slept the night before and the fact that I've got quite the sexy cold at the moment doesn't help matters. I was convinced that today would end with me dribbling and wheezing to the finish line.
Turns out all that training paid off. I've been running 4-5 times a week increasing my distance each time, this week running 3 8.5k. Not in an astounding time or anything but without my legs collapsing from beneath me. This accompanied with weights, spin and a "LOL but it will be funny" attitude had me pretty much set to go. 
It was a longer run than I'd ever done with more hills than I'm used to but I managed to keep a steady pace and clocked in with a time of 1hour 13minutes and 13seconds (gothing it up much?). This was about the time I'd been doing for my 8.5k runs so was super pleased that I managed to make it across the line. I can't wait for my next 10k and am convinced I'm going to sign up for the half-marathon next year.
It wasn't all about the whole sense of "personal achievement" though. I was (still am) raising money for Rape Crisis Scotland. Rape is still a stigma in our society and not something freely talked about and victim blaming is pretty much still a thing. Rape Crisis offers support to victims no matter how long ago the abuse happened but also work to changing laws and changing attitudes. It's not "Don't get raped" as much as "Don't Rape" which should be obvious but with all this chat of "legitimate rape" "poor sexual etiquette" and "not really rape rape" just confirmed that this was the charity that I wanted to run for. I was interviewed about doing my first 10k for itv (surreal) and so far have managed to raise over £200 for the charity which is crazy amazing and I'm so thankful for everyones generosity.
We'll resume normal service later this week- got a host of  wonderful designers I can't wait to share with you all but for the past few months working towards this has been my priority and I've loved every minute. Well okay....the minutes where I wasn't a sweaty gross mess wishing for death and tropicana.
You can read my interview with itv here.
Want to read more about the cause and hell...even donate? Go to my workwithus page (like justgiving without charging the charity)
Want to know more about Rape Crisis Scotland? Visit their site here.
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