Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mind that time I went to Chaophraya?

I went to the opening of Chaophraya and was pretty much blown away. I had to say my initial reaction to the largest thai restaurant in Europe was that it was like an asian Corinithian...but they had lady boys and mango cocktails so I was pretty much sold on the whole thing. That and the fact it is in the old OLD RSMAD building - restored to it's former glory and rescued from being a land of cheap candles and leggings.
A friend had went recently for lunch, citing poor service and average food - which was completely contrasting to my initial read on the place so when I was asked if I'd like to investigate Chaophraya's Thai Tuesday thought it was best I would go see for myself.
I took my girl Sheri from Betty Swollocks to try the whole thing with me. The Thai Tuesday as it works is that you and a friend get a sharing platter plus TWO cocktails for £9.95 pp. Ideal for a light bite after work? You betcha.  We tried two platters - an asian platter and a fondue. The asian platter which is made up of chicken satay, prawn tempura, chicken spring rolls, marinated pork with honey and thai herbs and a crispy duck salad. The appetiser fondue is chicken satay, pork, prawn, grilled squid and thai fish cakes with a warm satay sauce. The platters were huge - about the size of 2-3 starters and super delicious. The crispy duck salad was really spicy with sweet pomegranate throughout that took away some of the bite yet still leaving my mouth pleasantly numb (if its meant to be spicy and I can still feel my mouth after you are doing it wrong.) The sauced were amazing and Swollocks was more than ready to drink the satay sauce. There was a slightly more bitter chilli sauce that I feel in love with that I could quite happily drape over everything I eat from now on.
We got two cocktails with each platter so we got an oriental mojito (a strawberry mojito topped with strawberry rekordalig) and a Yor Lor (mixed merries, raspberry vodka topped up with charbord and cranberry juice) each. Usually clocking in at £7.50 a piece - with the Thai Tuesday you are essentially getting two cocktails for free with your platter. HIYA.
After two platters we were crazy full yet couldn't help looking at everyone else's dinners. Generous portions of duck, noodles and rice piled high. We ended up ordering Thai pancakes which turned out to be the best decision ever. The green pancakes were filled with mango and sticky rice and pandam leaf (keep calling it Panem a la Hunger Games) which is like a creamy hazelnut filling. It's also what the chefs use to make the pancakes green.

I should really say that one of the highlights was our server Michael who was AMAZING. He was friendly, chatty and talked us through the menu and answered all our questions - going as far to bring us some pandam leaf after I asked what it was that made the pancakes green. He told us all about the building and the rituals they have in the restaurant. Every morning they do a blessing on the ground floor to a picture of Dalai Lama and on the top floor to a giant Buddah, blessing the ground and the sky for the day ahead which I just LOVE. He did try and teach us a bit about Thai but alas when it comes to languages my brain is seive. Seriously though he just made the experience for me and made us feel so at home.

I really think that it is the people that make the place. You can have the most stellar food imaginable but if you're staff aren't good then it just lets the whole experience down. I was super impressed by the food and the service and can't wait to go again to try the a la carte. I already have my designs on taking the boy there for some #ThaiTuesday.

Chaophraya is on the Buchanan Street, right next to the Subway across from Urban Outfitters. Do deek it out, I promise you will love it.

OOTD: Dinner date at Chaophraya

 (Vintage Windsor jacket - charity shop - £15, White dress - h&m - £5, Belt - River Island - £7, Vanity Case - charity shop - £1, Shoes - Faith - £17)

Forgive me for a second for not serving face...and apparently not owning a hair brush but I went on a dinner date with my girl Betty Swollocks to Chaophraya on Tuesday (more on that coming soon but the short story:YUM) and thought would share my outfit. I seem to have acquired some new fancy getting ready fast super powers as I was in and out in 15 minutes. This outfit pretty much costs bugger all and is super comfortable. I'm big on red and pink being together and having the yellow jacket in my life on a more regular basis is keeping me stupidly happy. The vanity case pretty much holds everything in the entire world, and the skull belt got in the sale and tend to wear it as a necklace. It's not bad. An easy outfit for cocktails and eats with my friends right?

In other news - I run my 10k on Sunday and I've been featured on stv and donations have been coming in to my workwithus (like justgiving) page which is nice. I'm raising money for Rape Crisis Scotland so if you fancy donating you can do so by going directly to my page here. Will let you know how it all goes!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Outfit of the day: Hen night edition

 (Abs wears leather jacket - h&m, velvet shoes - River Island, red dress - ebay. I wear red striped top - £4 Primark, gold skull belt - £4 - River Island, blue skirt - £10 - Topshop sale, shoes - £30 - Miss Selfridge. Sunglasses - £12- Asos. Both hats £2.50 Tam Sheppards with 60p anchor patches.)

My girl Amanda is getting married in two weeks so in time honoured tradition we decided to hop a bus to Edinburgh and get gloriously smashed. While I'm not doing the whole vino vino happy times on my run up to my, I am always up for a night of sailor girls, lady boys and limousines. With a pin-up sailor theme us Glasvegas girlies were heading to Edinburgh for the Ladyboys of Bangkok.

Edinburgh during the Fringe is one of my favourite things ever and there is loads I wish I could have seen. We went to a lunch time cabaret at the Voodoo Rooms (Celebrity Dance Off) before heading up the Meadows which was filled with people with bbqs and guitars and it was this generally really chilled atmosphere. Till we pulled up to the Ladyboys tent which was pretty much like one mega hen party. We danced, ate some amazing thai food and generally envied the bodies on the lady boys. Just...holy hell. Not going to lie though - THRILLED at the Phantom of the Opera segment.

Anyway plan was to rustle up some kind of sailorish outfit and spending as little money as possible. Objective achieved yes?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

L'Oreal Youth Code Day Cream Review

I've been looking for the perfect face cream for forever. My skin is that super fun combo of dry/greasy/tired. While I may not be able to really judge if it works well as an anti-wrinkle cream, as a moisturiser this guy is pretty much the dogs bollocks.
For me - the sign of a good moisturiser is how much it can save ones skin in the face of adversity and I've pretty much put this guy through the wringer in the past few months. Hangovers, weddings, dry skin days, graduations - this guy has seen pretty much all of it. As a rule, if I've had a hard night and my skins looking like it's having a hard day I am all about the moisturiser. I graduated from the school of thought of if you're hungover and have to look passable - a good deal of good moisturising products will make you look like you are considerably less dead.
The white cream has a nice consistency - somewhere between a moisturiser and a cream. It's not so heavy duty that it will sit on your face but it isn't so light that your skin is left feeling parched either. It's slightly scented which I know isn't for everyone but I barely noticed it. It's a moisturiser where I can't think of anything bad to say about it. I've just finished my first pot and while I really really liked it, it's not quite true love yet. It's done my skin a hell of good and is in the short list of best moisturisers I've used but I'm not quite ready to give up on my search for the holy grail of face creams.
It's on offer at Boots £10.20 opposed to £15.30 and works a treat and I will be picking up another pot of it, adopting it as my standard till I find something superior. Worth a shot if you're looking for something that isn't horrendously expensive that does the trick.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Biba goes Gatsby

 All dresses Biba at House of Fraser. Flapper - £189, Evening dress - £299, Sabina Dress - £169

It's all out gothic old time glamour this Christmas at Biba. Dropped waists, sequins and art deco details are prevalent throughout Biba's A/W collection. I'm pretty much dying at the sequined zebra print they have coming in but it is the Christmas dresses that have me dying. I am in love with the black and gold flapper dress. I saw it recently at the press day and the amount of sequins this guy has going on is insane. It hurts my heart that I don't suit dropped waists. I have dreams of channelling my inner Gloria Swanson but it was never meant to be. The sabina dress they have coming in is girlish and sweet without being saccharine. The champagne evening gown looks like it would be super flattering and just drips with glamour and sex. Seriously some of the sexiest and prettiest pieces I've seen in party dresses in a long time.

Monday, 6 August 2012

House of Fraser A/W Press day: Favourite Things

 I can't help getting excited when the shops start getting in their autumn/winter collections. Chunky knits, buttery leathers and loads of velvet. It is everything I want in my wadrobe year round. 
House of Fraser's autumn/winter offerings are an utter dream. It's all dark romanticism with more than a hint of Gatsby. Animal print, velvet,  heavy coloured faux furs, sequins, bells and whistles and razor blades. It's all very luxe and sensual and just everything you really want to get through the winter months. 
The Markus Lupfer jumpers continue to be a favourite for me. Sequined collars, kitschy bright designs, totally sold. I'm all about the statement knitwear for thw winter and the wool fang sweater is a total dream. It is easily part of my fantasy wish list. HoF also had the blue sweater with black sequined collar on display, I'm crossing all my fingers they get the black sweater with gold sequined collar. I think I would perhaps die a little bit.
House of Fraser also have some gorgeous McQueen in. This leather red and black mini backpack is super cute and I loved the little razor blade detail on the back. Total flashbacks to the 90s so I'm easily in love with this. Acne of course continue to be amazing with beautiful knitwear (salt and pepper coloured jumpers) but I still am dreaming of owning one of their leather jackets. Seriously one of the single most beautiful jackets I've seen in person.
Biba naturally have knocked it out the park. It's all about the 20's this season so heavy handed decadence. They have some gorgeous sequined zebra print which of course I love and the dresses they have coming in (I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW YOU.HOLY FUCK) are astounding. The clutches are all plums, blacks and animal print so yeah. I'm pretty much sold.
Also I'm just going to leave this here.....
 Next to the Viv. Bag.Of.My.Dreams. You will be mine. Oh yes. You will be mine.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Living with chronic bitch face

 Midi-dress - Asos - £12, Jacket - Topshop - £52, Belt- Topshop - £25, Bag - Primark - £3, Cigerette trousers - Whistles - £35, Shoes - Office  - Gift from friend

It's safe to say I suffer from chronic bitch face. I promise you all I am only a miserable cow some of the time.
Wore this get up to go see The Dark Knight Rises with the boy. "You look nice." A rare compliment? Pour moi? "Shame about the animal print, not sure what was going on there."  SO CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR. The boy graduated from the school of Mr.Cash. Black everything and it gets hsi seal of approval. My love for garish gold, animal print and lipstick does not go down too well.
I'd already seen TDKR (5am showing with the Batman special of rockstar and cereal in tupperware) and I loved it so more than happy to see it again. An imperfect film but a perfect end to the trilogy and an utter babe fest to boot.  Plus I'm pretty sure I still want to be Marion Cotillard, even if she was bit crap (just a bit.)
For the most part this outfit is like wearing some of my favourite things at once. Leather jacket, studded belt and bag are always on heavy rotation. The shoes are a long time favourite that I HAVE to get rid of. I have worn them to death to the point there is metal starting to stick through them people. I came home from the cinema and had to bandage my feet up because of these guys. The thing is I used to be able to wear them all day and I'd be grand. What happened? Why did you betray me shoes? I hate having such an emotional investment in some pieces and still can't get it in my head when it's the right time to LET GO. They aren't something that are going to get better with age damnit. My poor bandaged feet say the time is now.
I can't be the only one that's held on to worn out pieces for too long right?

Friday, 3 August 2012

On a more serious note:

As I mentioned in my last post I signed up for a 10k, which quite frankly is rediculous.
I'm not much of a runner, and if you told me I'd have been doing this a year ago I would have flat out laughed in your face. Heavy smoker who couldn't sprint for a train let alone run a 10k.
Well I ditched the fags, joined the gym and while I won't be signing up for any marathons in the near future I have taken to running. The whole training process has been shameful with me obsessively reading running tips online - leading to me singing happy birthday to myself as I make my way round Glasgow Green and earning a few odd looks along the way. Anyway after heeming, hawing and generally being completely evasive about the whole thing I decided to sign up for the Great Scottish Run. Money down, no escape.
Around 400,000 women are sexually assaulted and 80,000 women are raped each year in the U.K. (British Crime Survey 2010/2011) and only 10% of rape cases in Scotland are prosecuted (Rape Crisis Scotland 2011.)
Rape Crisis Scotland is such a wonderful charity, having been at the forefront for campaigning against sexual violence for over 30 years - changing attitudes and changing laws. They offer helplines, crisis centres, therapy, access to counselling no matter how long ago the attack happened. Their campaigns including "This is not an invitation to rape me", "Pie Chart Postcard" and "10 Top Tips to End Rape" focus more on changing attitudes from a victim blaming culture, and what she's wearing/drinking shouldn't be seen as "asking for it."
Through ITCOW, it has always been important for me to raise money for women's charities - and I would like to continue supporting charities like Rape Crisis Scotland who provide the support needed for victims of rape as well as money towards their campaigns.
I'm running on the 2nd of September and if you could find anything to go towards supporting this charity I would be crazy grateful.
 If you would like to donate please go to my workwithus page here and donate anything you can. Sexual violence is still something people don't talk about openly and I think it is so important that charities like Rape Crisis Scotland are there to change attitudes and help those in need.

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