Saturday, 23 June 2012

circus freaks and kittens - some bad ass painted plates

Zombies, kittens and bearded ladies. Someone has been reading my memos. I've been going through a phase of wanting to totally refurb my flat, and been wanting to fill my walls with beautiful things. While I'm all about finding mirrors and paintings at car boots, making bunting and fawning over prints online, I have the softest spot for painted plates, and none get my heart swooning like these bad boys. While the charity shop standard tends to be ships or pretty florals Beat up Creations are all about animal portraits, horror icons and side show freaks. I think the idea is super cute, appropriating vintage plates and heat sealing cool images to keep them looking bad ass. I mean sure I like me some pretty flowers, but I have to say I'm kind of over pretty pretty, and like fuck am I ever going to have a home that bitches want to save to their pinterest for future reference of inspo. I want some beautiful fucking art on my walls that makes my house a home. If I can legit drop money on fancy ass bed sheets (worth every god damn penny) I can surely afford some sweet ass art.
Prices vary floating between £20-£150. Now if I had me some crazy money you can bet your bottom dollar I'd be buying every god damn plate I could, but that is some fancy ass pricing for a young graduate. For now it totally serves as aspirational living, and I will keep my eyes on the charity shops/car boots for odd curiosities. 
You can get yourself some sweet  plates over on etsy (a goldmine for amaze house stuff if your bank balance is ready to weep.)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards 2012 - and the winner is...

Last night marked the 7th annual Scottish Fashion Awards, and it was bigger and better than ever. Moving to the SECC the SFA has an audience of over 2000, with VIP guests from around the world in a whos who of fashion. Scotland really turned it out in the style stakes - you could see the SFA attendees a mile off - highlights for me were some Obscure Couture with Judy R Clarke, a girl in a gorgeous nude bebaroque dress and David Black's Sunday Morning collection. 
So who were our winners?

Scottish Designer of the Year - Christopher Kane.
Scottish Young Designer of the Year - Hayley Scanlan 
Scottish Textile Brand of the Year –Dashing Tweeds
Scottish Accessory Designer of the Year – William Chambers
Scottish Fashion Icon – Karen Gillan
Scottish Communicator of the Year – Faye Mcleoud
Scottish Model of the Year – Tali Lennox
Scottish Retailer of the Year – Shhh...oohs
Scottish Fashion Photographer – Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Scotland’s New Face – Kerry O'May
Scottish Graduate of the Year –Joanne McGillivary from HW with David Black scoring a highly commended certificate
International Designer of the Year (for use of a Scottish fabric)- Mulberry
Scottish Fashion Innovator Brian Rennie Creative Managing Director of Basler 
Fashion Ambassador - Collin McDowell MBE(Author, fashion esteemed fashion journalist and founder of Fashion Fringe). 
Scottish Hall of Fame 2010 – Stella Tennant (Over her 20 years as an international supermodel, Scottish born Stella Tennant remains at the top of the game as the face of Chanel and cover star for many of the worlds leading fashion bibles).

 (Young Designer - Hayley Scanlan, Fashion Photographer - Jonathan Daniel Pryce and Fashion Icon - Karen Gillan)

I'm so pleased for everyone and its wonderful to see the Scottish Industry not just alive but thriving. It's wonderful to see so many young brands get recognised as well as a nod to those who have worked and provided a substantial contribution to the global fashion community as a whole. So yeah snaps for all this years winners!

In between the champagne, cupcakes and some of the best dressed people you'll ever deek - the Scottish Fashion Awards reaffirm themselves as innovator promoting young independent talent within Scotland, and raising the profile of the immense talent we have to offer. Tessa Hartmann - chairman and founder of the awards proves herself to be a women after my own heart:
“It’s a very special night for ‘Fashion Scotland’ this evening. We do like to punch above our weight and I just can’t believe that so many people have flown in from around the world to attend. I think it’s testament to the global credibility this nation has within the fashion world and I cannot thank the institutional brands like Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Toni & Guy, bareMinerals, Captial FM and all the others enough for supporting our creative endeavours. This is a now a serious commercial platform for our textile companies, young designers and fashion retailers living and working in Scotland. For me it’s all about discovering the incredible wealth of new talent we have right here on our doorstep. It’s just a thrill to welcome Italian Vogue, US Maire-Claire, and top fashion editors from Canada, Germany, France, Australia, America and Dubai to Glasgow. We’ve given them quite a party this evening and a wonderful vision of Scotland in an exciting and vibrant British fashion scene”.

Congratulations to all the winners, until next year!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Kiehl's Skincre - Ultra Cleanser and Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser

I really want to like Kiehl's, I truly do. I kind of love their simple packaging. It feels like it should be good for you and do good by you and general work like an utter boss. I'm not saying I don't like Kiehl's but hell, I wasn't bowled over.
It does feel that I am on some perpetual quest to find the "ULTIMATE SKINCARE ROUTINE"(tm) and thought Kiehl's would be worth a shout. I liked the idea of it being gentle on the skin, and without anything that would strip my skin of essential oils. Also hello moisturiser with a decent SPF.
First the cleanser. The actual cleanser is translucent white and quite tacky. A 20p size blob will do so get a good clean. It's not the ideal cleanser for melting the make up off your face but as a basic face wash it fares pretty well. You get a fair wack, 150ml and the formula is fragrance free so should suit more skin types.I picked it up on promo for £11, which suits me as seems on par with price of most decent drug store cleansers. It's usually £15-17 a pop and it just doesn't deliver enough for me to justify that kind of price range. It's nice enough but ineffective for heavy make up removal and if I'm completely honest I found it a bit drying. 5/10 for this guy.
The moisturiser was more my style as I've been looking for a new one for ages and low and behold it's got a respectable SPF. I'm sure I don't need to wax lyrical about the benefits of protecting your skin, but since my foundation is sans sun protection I thought I needed to sort myself out with a moisturiser. It's very light, sinks well in to the skin and make-up goes well on top of this. It is however very very light. I need something a little bit industrial for my thirsty skin, and while I haven't gone flake city or anything I still feel like my skin isn't fully hydrated. For a different skin type this would be perfect. At £31 it is a bit steep and I'm not sure if I'd go for this again, but if you want a fragrance-free light moisturiser then 6/10 for this guy.
So it would look like I'll be continuing my quest for the holy grail of skin care continues, what works and what doesn't cost all the money, and would it hurt for some cute packaging? If you find anything that suits let me know!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

BFW: Isolated Heroes

"We wanted it to be like Clueless on acid." After missing Brighton Fashion Week I was dying to know the goss from the front line, so asked Samantha McEwen from Isolated Heroes to give me the skinny on her first big fashion show outside of Scotland and generally the mental year she's had.
It's hard to believe McEwen graduated only a year ago (I remember her opening the Heriot Watt graduate show last year and being blown away) but in that time she's showcased at both In the Company of Wolves, Nightwalk, launched herself on Asos, had all the freshest bitches wanting to wear her gear and garnered herself a nomination for the Scottish Fashion Awards. Holy hell.
So what is it about Samantha that makes her one of the most invigorating young designers to watch? The styling of her shows for one. Nothing is done by halves. For Brighton it was perspex plastic stripper shoes with pom poms, platforms, blow up bags and braided alien charms for the runway. This was accompanied with Hair for Heroes creating some sweet wigs with flashes of neon brights and braiding, some gifs designed by Kirsten Kerr set to a soundtrack of Phizix and Major Lazer.

 The "CYBER BARBIEZ" collection is high end luxury street wear filled with apocalyptic shlock and looks like it belongs on the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo. Hand embroidery, traditional African wax fabric and digital prints feature through out. The alien print fabric itself took 3 weeks to make, not including the 3D fabric paint they would go on to add. The sequined eyeball dress is surprise surprise, a bit favourite of mine as well as their tie-dye cloud print.
As per the styling was flawless and the fluorescent braids with alien print looked amazing. Her latest collection is youthful and fun and her designs remain inventive as ever.
You can buy yourself some Isolated Heroes here, follow on facebook or twitter.
Photos Tori Clarkson, Aris Vrakas and Clive Flint.

Introducing - Amber Hunter Menswear

 You know what I really enjoy? Really beautiful menswear. Hell, my boy lived in suits when we first got together (something I frequently try to recapture despite the protests about dry-cleaning bills) and Fuck Yeah Menswear was one of the only reasons I got a tumblr (well that, and to reblog pictures of kittens and otters, but we're not surprising anyone here are we?) Anyway when Heriot Watt graduate Amber Hunter got in touch to see what I thought of her graduate collection "Secrets in the Suitcase" I thought, worth a wee gander, I do have a soft spot for tailoring and minimalist detailing after all.
I was not expecting to love it quite as much as I did. I dipped my toe in with watching her short fashion film, and it is, without a doubt one of the single best graduate films I've seen in a long time. It's just very very good. It feels like it has a story. It's a fashion film that doesn't overly feel like a fashion film, without loosing the designs in the process (I need like 5 of the shirts for my boy right now.)
Hunter has racked up quite an impressive CV in the past couple of years,winner of Heriot Watt Outstanding Merit Award, one of the winners of the "A Man's Story" Ozwald Boateng design competition, Winner of Scottish Academy if Fashion Mackintosh Project Menswear as well as a fabric sponsorship from Herm├Ęs to name but a few and continues to shine with the presentation of her graduate collection.
"See No Evil: Secrets In The Suitcase" is the final product of two years of conceptual research inspired by The Moors Murders (suitably macabre then.) Hunter feverishly gathered every document she could find about the case, loosing herself in a project where she explored the minds of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.
Sharp collars, wool jackets, leather detailing and pinstripes make up this collection, keeping it simple, contemporary - the tailoring isn't overwhelmed by overworking, however the detailing is what makes the pieces stand out. The focus here for the collection is the idea of "hidden secrets" which Hunter cites as fundamental to her design identity. Hunter's collection feels modern, classic and sexy and I'm utterly gutted I won't be able to make it to the graduate show at The Dovecot's tomorrow to see it in person. 

Amber Hunter is truly one of my ones to watch.
You can check out Amber Hunter's artsthread or follow her on twitter.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

lucky bitches - spotlight on Euan McWhirter

 Rock and roll and just a bit sexy - Euan McWhirter's Lucky Bitches collection is everything I want in a contemporary jewellery. Fresh, edgy with a nod to 80's hedonism the collection is fun and effortlessly stylish. A mix of acrylic, glass and crystals the Lucky bitches collection is the kind of outrageous trashy glamour that I adore. I adore the cuffs - (they look like they could easily belong to a modern day Marie Antoinette) and the jewel toned earrings look like they just crawled out of an early Madonna video. The lucky bitches rings however are the real highlight for me. With Shirley Manson and Kylie fans I know I'm in good company! I especially love the "Rock n Rolla" ring in jet (no surprises from anyone that I'm fawning over anything in black.)
The cuffs are priced at £55 a pop, earrings at £98 and the rings at £95 - making Lucky Bitches not only fine/fresh/fierce but also accessible. It's something a bit special and a bit more unusual with a strong personality.
You can buy yourself some jewellery over at Covet or order directly from Euan at
You can follow Euan Mcwhirter on facebook, twitter or visit his website here.

silverburn fashion festival

 1. Khaki Army Jacket - £48, 2.  Full feather skirt - £80, 3 Glitter Spike Hairband - £12.50, 4. Knitted Dip Dye Slubby Jumper - £38 5. Wattage Silver Metallic Wedges - £75
Friday morning, slightly bleary eyed and cradling a bagel, I find myself making my way to Silverburn for the first time for the Topshop blogger event as part of Silverburn's Fashion Festival over the jubilee weekend. We're ushered in where there is a table laden with cakes (a bit early even for me) and drinks, with a rail featuring some of the stores picks from the new trends.
the featured 3 new trends -
Calypso - Print head to toe, tropical florals and scarf prints, loads of gold and loads of neon brights.
Belief - The festival collection, with loads of fringing and leopard print, knitwear, studs and aztec prints. 
Pretty Military - lots of soft colours mixed with khakis and heavier pieces (studs, sequins and leather.)
While I may like to pretend I'm some sort of mistress of the dark, draped in black ALL THE TIME (not that far off the truth mind) I couldn't help cooing over the frosted pinks.Pink feather skirt - yes I can see me wearing that all the time. Ditto with the dip dye knit wear jumper. I've always been team BLACKGOLDEVERYTHING but Summer has me thinking pinks and silvers could be fun. Naturally anything with studs has me dying inside (a trend that shows no sign of letting up) and I found myself swooning for some staples I am lacking. A good khaki jacket and a faux leather jacket have been absent from my wardrobe for some time. With our £30 gift voucher from silverburn I put it towards a gorgeous collarless faux leather jacket.  Now the idea of something collarless usually offends me but this guy won me over with its zip detailing and sweet price of £52.
I'd been feeling a bit jaded with old toppers for a while, but there are some pieces I really adored that were not offensively priced plus the Meadham Kirchhoff collab they have for Liz II's jubilee is all kinds of adorable. Frosted pink wigs, spice girls dance party and pink glitter popcorn is something we can all get on board with surely?

Went a bit mental in the flashpod with Ayden (because who doesn't love a wee photo booth) where you can instantly upload your pics online before heading over to Yo!Sushi for lunch (pumpkin korroke and miso soup could easily become staples of my diet forever.)
The Live Fashion Festival is  loads of fun with the style lounge with personal shoppers from different stores with the seasons top looks, Rabbie Denim creating a pair of jeans live, LA Bartenders making some Highland Spring mocktails (elderflower, lime and mint - how quintessentially British) as well as a wee cheeky comp for the best dressed shopper to win a wee £500 shopping spree. Not too shabby.
If you're stuck for something to do over the Jubilee Weekend (among your street parties and pimms in the park) may I suggest a wee trip down to Silverburn. Looks like its going to be jam packed with stuff on and more than worth a shifty.
You can follow Silverburn via twitter or the old facebook for more info. I think I've finally found a reason to master the Glasgow buses.
Thanks again to Silverburn, Topshop and Yo!Sushi for having us, one of the loveliest mornings I've had in a while.

Friday, 1 June 2012

kittens, unicorns and astronauts - oh my! ika-k scarves

Lord knows the lady loves a scarf  - I've waxed lyrical about We are the Owls (think Victorian carnival) and Scottish designer Helen Ruth (gorgeous prints and bright colours) but when I came across the work of Japanese designer Aki Kimura, I just died! Ika.k (which means unicorn in Japanese) features bright fantastical scarves designed by Aki, who originally worked as a graphic designer before taking her Japanese produced scarves to Berlin. Her scarves are pretty much flat out art. Gorgeous ethereal illustrations that feel like they have straight up just tumbled out of someones dreamscape. The scarves are busy and just a touch frantic with layers of images built through each design. Cats and astronauts...I don't see why not! Unicorns, zebras, mythical beasts and doughnuts - each scarf is like looking at the best collage ever. 100% silk and at $125 a pop these guys are mini masterpieces! I am at odds whether I would want to wear mine all the time or have it framed!
You can buy yourself some ika.k over at Stud & Stud. I'll have one of each please.
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