Friday, 20 April 2012

Scottish Fashion Awards: Nominations & Predictions

Scottish Designer of the Year sponsored by InStyle

  1. Christopher Kane
  2. Jonathan Saunders
  3. Holly Fulton
  4. Louise Gray
  5. April Crichton for Sonia Rykiel
  6. Gianni Colarossi for Ducham
 My prediction: Although I love love love Holly Fulton, my pic for this year has got to be Louise Gray. Her designs are insane!

Scottish Young Designer of the Year sponsored by Scottish Fashion Council

  1. Obscure Couture
  2. Isolated Heroes
  3. Graeme Armour
  4. Hayley Scanlan
  5. Jennifer Morris
  6. Rebecca Torres
  7. Marc Ross
 God what a line up! Some old favourites and some new faces on the list for this guy. I love Isolated Heroes and Rebecca Torres, but for me I think this will be between Hayley Scanlan and Obscure Couture. 

Scottish Retailer of the Year sponsored by Braehead

  1. Shhh-oohs 
  2. Jodies Boutique
  3. Bonnie Baby
  4. Laings Glasgow
  5. Folk Clothing
  6. Covet
 Shhh...ooh in Edinburgh is easily one of my favourite boutiques, but my money is on Laings Glasgow.

Scottish Model of the Year sponsored by Radley London

  1. Tali Lennox-Next Model Management
  2. Tara Nowy-Model Team
  3. Amanda Hendrick-Select Model Management
  4. Louis Galloway-Model Team/Elite Models
  5. Chloe Campbell-Superior Model Management
 Prediction: Tara Nowy, although think she faces some stiff competition from Amanda Hendrick.

Scottish Graduate of the Year sponsored by Marks & Spencer

  1. Natalie Traynor - Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
  2. Jill MacLennan – Robert Gordon – Grays School of Art, Aberdeen
  3. Toni Roddie - Robert Gordon – Grays School of Art, Aberdeen
  4. Joanne McGillivray – Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
  5. David Black - Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
  6. Catriona Clark – Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
  7. Coryn Dickson - Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
  8. Deborah Morgan - Herriot Watt School of Textiles & Design
 I wish I could find out a bit more about some of the designers on this list. However having worked with David Black before, he gets my vote.

Best Use of Scottish Fabric by international Designer sponsored by Toni & Guy

  1. Corrie Nielsen
  2. Mulberry
  3. APC
  4. Brora
 My prediction: Mulberry

Scottish Communicator of the Year sponsored by BAA Glasgow

  1. Tony Irvine
  2. Charley McEwen
  3. Faye McLeod
  4. Kay Barron
  5. Lauren Milligan
  6. Laura Craik
 My prediction: Laura Craik.

Scottish Textile Brand / Textile Designer of the Year sponsored by House of Fraser

  1. Alice Palmer
  2. Spencer Clothing
  3. Caerlee Mill
  4. Walker Slater
  5. Jaggy Nettle
  6. Dashing Tweeds
  7. Hawick Cashmere
 My predition: Jaggy Nettle

Scottish Accessory / Jewellery Designer of the Year sponsored by Swarovski

  1. Jenivieve Berlin
  2. Rene Walrus Atelier
  3. Kennett Watches
  4. Fraser Balgown
  5. William Chambers
  6. Bonnie Bling
  7. Gilda & Pearl
 William Chambers & Jeniveve Berlin go head to head in the millinery stakes, and it's nice to see lingerie designer Gilda & Pearl in here, but if I'm going to be honest I think this one is going to Bonnie Bling.

Young Scottish Fashion Photography of the Year sponsored by The Herald

1. Philip Stanley Dickson
2. Anna Isola Crolla
4. Paul Cameron

 My prediction: Anna Isola Crolla 

So that's this years nominations for the Scottish Fashion Awards.  My fingers and toes are crossed for some favourites that have made the list this year.  The star studded event takes place at the Clyde Auditorium the 11th of June, hosted by Alexa Chung. The black tie event has tickets open to the public priced at 35 of your british. What are you waiting for?

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Thursday morning and I'm standing in a bath tub with a sock covering my head. This sounds like the start to a very bad horror film, or the end of a very good night. I've been asked to be part of amazing Glasgow make-up artist Kaeleigh Wallace's "Criminals" project. Over the next year she'll be photographing and styling her favourite Glasgow creatives in her trademark make-up in a series of highly stylised mug shots. Shot in her bathroom on a digital camera to keep a gritty feel, the run feels like a mix of Terry Richardson, Miles Aldridge and David Lachapelle. My look was "Pompom extravaganza." Lots of glitter, lashes, blue lipstick and massive hair and pop poms bloody everywhere. The Lagerfeldesque collar Kaeleigh made for me was amazing but totally felt like a neck brace, and there really is something disconcerting about someone taking your photo while you have a pair of tights over your head, but Wallace put me at complete ease.
So far she's shot a mix of photographers, models and performers. For me being in front of the camera (and indeed in the make up chair) was completely surreal but it was a complete blast. Kaeleigh has an amazing vision and I can't wait to see what other photos come out the project over the next couple of months.
Anyway below are the results of the shoot.

Hair/MU/Styling & Photography - Kaeleigh Wallace. Follow a sister here.

Introducing: Claudette

From interning with Obscure's to her catwalk debut at Nightwalk in the next two weeks, Claudette is looking like one to watch. The HND Cardonland College student's collection, entitled "Tempest" in inspired by the Glasgow underground streets - cherry picking her favourite parts of the architecture, fashion and style of Glasgow. Looking to the likes of Dolce & Gabbana (citing their clean cut silhouettes and range of prints as a major inspiration), Claudette has set out to create a strong glamorous 10 piece debut collection.Claudette uses faux leather and lots of sheer chiffon in her design (someone has been reading my memos) to create elegant edgy pieces and keeping with her love of working with contrasting fabrics. Her collection is named after mythical titans, and Claudette cites her favourite piece as the "Adonis" panelled gown. The piece helped kick start the project, and Claudette notes it was one of the more time consuming pieces. For fashion, Claudette feels that Scots are underrepresented in the fashion industry - the lack of jobs, educational facilities and general opportunities make it difficult for a new designer to break it anywhere, especially with so many talented designers working hard and competing to "make it." I think this is pretty universal everywhere, and Scots are making our mark on the international fashion scene, but it does feel like a slow process and it's great to see how it is developing. That said, got to make sure that fresh talent has the skill and the facilities to realise their creations, amiright Glasgow?
Her 10 piece collection features lots of asymmetry, keeping with a dark palette with flashes of neon yellow. For me it feels almost like Super Villain couture which I'm all for. It feels hyper-real and makes for a really interesting first collection from the new designer. I'm in love with any mix of fabrics and the bondage feel throughout this collection is right up my street and I'm really excited to see where she takes her designs in future.
You can deek Claudette's debut collection at Nightwalk at the Arches on the 1st of May, until then you can creep the girl our for yourself via facebook.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Under a Paper Moon: Scottish Ballet's world premier of Streetcar named Desire

For a story that features so much sex, A Streetcar named Desire is the least erotic play I've seen in a long time. Streetcar is definitely more about tragedy than titillation, and although it felt nearly every other scene was bookended by sex, every character engaging in it was using sex to either gain control or to feel in control. The Scottish Ballet's interpretation was every bit as poignant and as dark as Williams original play.
Eve Musto's Blanche was perfect. Desperate, vulnerable before descending into the chaotic. The boyfriend has confessed to being a little bit in love with her, and I can't blame him. Even when broken and mad, Musto commands the stage with her elegance and strength. I should also tip my hat to Tama Barry's Stanley who managed to have my emphasising with him, his desperate carnal longing for Stella and their mutual dependence on one another. This is all before the climax where I pretty much had to resist a panto style boo (or more appropriate screaming "You bastard" towards the stage) so well done. He captured Stanley perfectly. As always I come away from the ballet astounded by the amount of strength and discipline each of the dancers possess. Every move is so effortless and strong.Scottish Ballet's interpretation of Streetcar is beautiful to say the least. From the seamless set design of Belle Reve to New Orleans to the palettes of greys and pastels in the costume, it all felt effortless (which is the real trick.) All 1940's dresses, and slips and frothy dresses - very light and silky, treading between fanciful and desperate realism. The flower vendor costume was something I adored, and the finale as Blanche takes her final steps in to madness it feels like a funeral, and I suppose it is, Blanche being taken away to the asylum feels like a living death.Peter Salem's (who composed the music for my telly favourite Call the Midwife) score was what really captured me. While blending elements of modern classical with jazz, it was the old world wedding waltz that really got under my skin. The wedding and Blanche's husband Alan's affair was one of my favourite pieces of ballet ever. I was beautiful, tender, desperate and sensual - but with just enough sense of foreboding of what was to come. The waltz and indeed Alan became a motif used throughout to show Blanche haunted by her guilt and it was painfully heartbreaking. The way it was used throughout, becoming more frantic and chaotic was fantastic, and felt very much wrapped up in Blanche's mental state.
A Streetcar Named Desire may have won me over as my favourite ballet, with more than a hit of the Lynchian throughout, this dark portrayal of power, desperation and madness was mesmerising. A moving and fresh reimagining of Williams original play and without a doubt a must see.
A Streetcar Named Desire is sponsored by Adam & Company and is touring to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Aberdeen, Inverness and Belfast from April - May 2012. You can book tickets via the website.

Theatre Royal, Glasgow
11 - 14 April 2012
Tickets from £10
Box Office 0844 871 7647

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh
18 - 21 April 2012
Tickets from £16.50
Box Office 0131 529 6000

Sadler's Wells, London
26 - 28 April 2012
Tickets from £12
Box Office 0844 412 4300

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen
2 - 5 May 2012
Tickets from £13.50
Box Office 01224 641122

Eden Court, Inverness
9 - 12 May 2012
Tickets from £17
Box Office 01463 234 234

Grand Opera House, Belfast
16 - 19 May 2012
Tickets from £9.25
Box Office 028 9024 1919

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

lucky edge decks

With bright graphic designs and tongue in cheek illustrative designs, new streetwear label Lucky Edge was always going to catch my eye. Adrenaline junkie Joe Edge wanted to combine his love for boarding with his self proclaimed "over active imagination" and started painting skateboards, and so Lucky Edge Decks was born. With a collaboration with Bonnie Bling in the bag and a wee cheeky appearance in Front magazine, Edge's hyper-real creatures have made their way from sketch-books to a range of t-shirts and stickers in a matter of months.His deformed animals and creatures that feature throughout designs come from a range of places "My inspiration comes from pretty much anywhere in everyday life. Conversations with friends, magazines, books, shops, buildings, dreams (my dreams are quite odd), I also often imagine monsters that could be making the noises I hear while walking down the street. Quite a few of my designs have came from that." By taking his daily experiences and surreal dreamscapes, Edge creates bright, ecclectic designs mixing neon brights and galaxy prints.
Listing some of his favourite artists and inspirations - including Waste Studios, Jonathan Bergeron, Daniel Bressette and Simon Landrein - their influences are present throughout his designs. I would say his designs appear to be an mix of Bergeron and Bresette stripped back, which feel very raw and fresh. Like most young graphic artists working with street art, Edge also acknowledges Shepard Fairey as an influence (best known for his Andre the Giant has a Posse "Obey" art work) saying " I love how Shepard Fairey thinks. Positive propaganda is a pretty cool idea."I was intrigued to find out about the whole process. "I usually start with an idea in my head then start drawing and building ideas. When I have a basic layout I'm happy with I re-draw it onto a skateboard shaped piece of card. Once its perfect I start making stencils of the basic shapes of the design, spray it on the board then do all of the detail by hand. My t-shirt designs and other illustrations are a similar process apart from I use photoshop to do all of the finishing touches. My recent collaboration board with Bonnie Bling was a steep learning curve. It was the first piece of work I had done for someone else and because it was involving some of their wording, it was all done on the computer. I think I nailed it tho, I hope everyone agrees at the big release on the 1st of May at Nightwalk."Lucky Edge is aimed at anyone, I mean sure we all want a kick ass piece of skate board art for our wall (I've had my eye on a James Jean triptych for a while) - but Edge's designs are available on stickers, t-shirts and some sweet crew-neck sweaters on the horizon. I already got my heart set on an "It ain't easy being sleazy" tee in white. Next pay day yeah?

You can follow the happenings of Joe @luckyedgedecks or on facebook here
If you fancy scoring yourself a sweet tee, or indeed board you can purchasey and deek some more designs via the lucky edge site.
A cheeky wee thank you to Mr Edge's better half Emma.Q for making the interview happen and sorting a sister with some images.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Big up Bonnie Bling

I'm a long time fan of Glasgow based jeweller Bonnie Bling. Conceived over a bottle of wine and a love of scottish slang, Bonnie Bling has went from strength to strength - her custom knuckledusters gracing the hands of Amelia Lily, Laura Whitmore and Lana del Ray. She's collaborated with Raksa, Obscure Couture and Riverside Museum as well as showing at In the Company of Wolves in October. With her designs to expand (first Scotland, then the world) Bonnie Bling has her eyes set on a new laser and has launched a crowd funding project to pull this sweet baby together.
Crowd-funding in a social enterprise which helps projects start up new ideas by asking people to pledge some sweet dollar towards making their projects happen. This can be anything from starting a magazine, getting money to make a film or hell evene purchase a brand new freaking laser.
Crowd-funding works on an all or nothing type deal. If the target amount of dollah isn't reacher, no money exchanges hands. However if you hit target you help some sweet creatives make something fantastic happen, and can get some pretty sweet treats as a result. Bonnie Bling is trying to raise seven and a half big ones to buy a laser cutter so she can increase turn around and be more reactionary. As a result more sweet sweet Bling. You can donate at little as 5 of your British pounds with different tiered rewards system as a thank you.
Bonnie Bling have 57 days to reach target, so dig deep and score yourself a wee Bonnie Bling supporters badge and support local design...and buy some frickin laser (cutters.)
You can donate here to help big up Bonnie Bling.
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