Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ootd - design collective scotland

Wearing: Printed Blazer - £10 - New Look, T-shirt - £6 - New Look, Skull Belt worn as Necklace - River Island - £6, Lion Belt - £3 - Primark, Leopord print skirt - £20 Topshop, Shoes with gold studded back - £3 - Primark, Bracelet - borrowed

I'm not entirely sure what processes me to do it, it's like an automatic reflex. You taking my picture? I'm going to tilt my head to the side like my neck is broken. It's a running theme in my life. The Design Collective Scotland show at Rox last Thursday was wonderful (more to come on the actual show soon) - and it's always great to see what some of our homegrown talent is up to. Marc Ross and his geometric print dresses and studded leather jackets were definitely a highlight. Can't wait to share with you some of the goods that were on show!
The outfit was a bit of an accident. I enjoy a good pattern clash and some trashy gold. This whole "black = sophistication" is a concept I fear is lost on me (much to the boys dismay). Still the whole look clocks in under £50. Hurrah!
This was the night that my dear Abigail (on the left) text "Would you like me to pick up some dinner?"..."Suprise me I said." 15 minutes later she shows up at my door with a bottle of wine and two mini bags of carrots. "I panicked." Toast for tea again then.

Photo: The very talented Daniela Flores

Sunday, 29 January 2012

lilly wiggler lingerie s/s 2012 collection

I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet. Between transcription town, dissertation city, film festival goodness and a cheeky wee styling job - the last week has been all kinds of mental. With a bit of the January blues, this little beauty popping in to my mail box cheered me up like nout else. Like many a lass I'm a bit of an underwear junkie. There is no real need for me to drop in excess of £80 for a bra and pants that most people aren't going to see (nor really actually care for) but it's one of those things that makes me feel all kinds of brilliant. For me Lilly Wiggler is the kind of designer which you know has been made my a true lingerie fan. The Scottish lingerie designer Lilly Wiggler pays homage to vintage and burlesque with a nod to fetish and burlesque, looks that have become staples of the brand aesthetic. This handmade collection of lingerie is produced within Scotland and with each collection is a limited run.
Lilly's Spring/Summer collection features four bra/underwear sets and 3 body suits and manages to be both feminine, sweet and sexy. This may seem like a daft gripe to most - but one of my favourite thing about the Lilly Wiggler pieces is the fact that she makes bras up to an F cup. I'm in that playing field myself, and it's bloody heartbreaking to go in to a shop and pick up a bra and find out most of the right bonnie ones stop at a C or a D. I do love the high waisted shorty style briefs, they have a nice feeling of old time glamour about them. The Christy triangle bra is the bra of my dreams - although pretty sure it's lack of under wiring means not for me. I really adore the floral libby set. It's very dainty and sweet. After having a proper deek at this collection in person I'm all but ready to give up eating and order everything. I love that everything is built to fit, support and provide comfort without compromising on aesthetic. Her new collection will be available online late February and is a luxe homegrown alternative to my Agent.P. One for the lingerie fanatics for sure.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Scottish Jeweller Jane Gowans Valentines Pop Up

I do know Valentines isn't really every ones "thing." Me? I'm in it for the abundance of red and pink glitter that explodes over her shops to help ease sale ennui. Heart shaped chocolates and cuddly toys bearing saccharine sweet sentiments of faux romance are overrated, I hear ya. Quite frankly I'd rather sit in with a take out and some Clint films than face the V-Day hordes.
Jane Gowans limited edition Valentine's day collection however kills the cynic in me with it's hopeful Romanticism and playful illustrated store front.Gowans has created a five piece collection for her Online Valentine's Shop centred round the heart. While the heart motif can at times come across as cliched and tired, here it feels fun, playful and contemporary (I have the softest of spots for oxidised silver.) The campaign on the run up to the release of the online pop up has been really fun - with cheeky limericks creeping up in my inbox and sly hints on my twitter feed. Finally the pop up has been launched with this gorgeous cover design by super talented Glasgow illustrator "The Earl Grey".Gowans Valentine collection is beautiful with a mix of silver and oxidised black silver. My favourite piece has to be the stackable heart rings, one in silver and oxidised silver please? At £30 a pop I'm sure if I bat my lashes (or forego my love of fancy sandwiches for a fortnight) I'll be able to make one of these bad boys mine. The most expensive items in the valentine pop up are the 2 different earring designs both clocking in at £50 a pop. Entirley inoffensive. Something that soothes the soul after a month of "economising" and watching the pennies. Gowans is an incredibly talented jeweller and her contemporary designs manage to be both fun while remaining elegant. Something for my ever growing wish list then?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Glasgow Film Festival 2012 - My fashion film top picks

It's that time of year again where I find myself romancing webmail, lukewarm tea and the promise of sleep once February is over and done with. Festival season is indeed on the horizon, and last night saw the launch of Glasgow Film Festival's 2012 programme. There are a few bits and bobs I'm dying to see (hopefully on the big screen and not on a screener on a tiny MAC) - but I work on the fashion strand and considering how bursting it is this year I thought I would bring you a few of my top picks.

1: Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to TravelWithout a doubt this is the film I'm looking forward to most in the fashion strand. It's my shining jewel, born from a mild obsession with Vreeland that I've nursed over time. A documentary exploring the life and influence of one of the most iconic fashion editors of all time. Witty, stylish and all round fabulous. This film precedes The Eye Has to Travel Exhibition in Venice's Museo Fortuny later this year.
GFT: Saturday: 18th February - 14:50

2: Salomé
A lush silent film with piano accompaniment. The styling for this film is beyond beautiful - and while a flop at the time, Salomé has acquired cult status over the years since it's original release in 1923. Based on the Oscar Wilde play, Salomé is decedent, luxurious and an all round beautiful piece of cinema. Take full advantage of seeing this guy on the big screen.
GFT: Sunday 19th February: -19.00

3: God Save My ShoesInterviews with Loubution, Hardy and Blahnik all help to shape this documentary exploring women's relationship with shoes. It's a fun documentary looking at various aspects of women's intimate relationship with their shoes - which will be followed by a panel discussion of shoe experts (shoe fanatics, shoe designers et al) so should make for an interesting evening to say the least!
CCA: Friday 24th February 18:15

I suppose those are the biggies for me but we also have Bill Cunningham: New York - which has received rave reviews all over the place and is definitely one to watch if you enjoyed The September Issue. I'm also super stoked about the inclusion of some wonderful documentaries following two iconic British Designers, first of all Do it Yourself:Vivienne Westwood - about the Grand Dame of fashion herself and of course A Man's Story following the story of tailor extraordinaire Ozwald Boateng. For something slightly more sombre Girl Model take a look at the dark side of fashion.

I'm thrilled to be back working on the festival once more, and no doubt there will be more cinematic chat wheedling its way on here before February is out. One of the things I love about the festival is the opportunity to see films I may never have seen - and if you find yourself with some time in February I'd recommend taking in a few films at the festival. The programme this year is stunning (the Gene Kelly retrospective & the cabaret inspired Weimarvellous are personal highlights) so now it's just making nice with my email and waiting for it all to kick off.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

me me me "pink best sellers" review

I'd seen Me Me Me creeping about the shelves of Superdrug and my friends handbags before, but it wasn't until Joanna from Find Me a Gift got in touch asking if I fancied doing a review that I'd really given the brand a bash. She sent me along the Pink best sellers set (which at first I was like - pink, is this really where we're going with this) to have a swatch at. Anyway colour me suprised. I'm not sure what I was really expecting. I think I saw pink and lipgloss and panicked. I didn't expect me to be waving around all the different products in my friends faces (to varying levels of amusement.)The pink set comes in a lovely floral black box (reminds me a bit of a hat box) and contains one of Me Me Me's blush boxes in "pink" a Light Me up Gloss in "Illuminate" and a nail polish in "Ambitious." First thing I noticed was the colours were no where near as "pink" as they looked online (with the exception of the blush) - which was definitely a good thing. I still wasn't quite sure how I was going to feel about the lip gloss, but the packaging was all very pretty and sleek. The blush is reminiscent of a Benefit blush and the mirror in the lid is a nice touch and the brush is a good size. The nail polish packaging is pretty standard and pretty much get what you see, while the lip gloss comes with a mirror along the side, which is always a nice touch.
The nail polish was the first guy I tried and the colour goes on beautifully. It's very rich and creamy. A very dusky mushroom pink which is easy enough to wear every day. I've had loads of compliments on the colour and it's lasted really well. I found the application quite even and went on well with one coat. It's got quite a big brush which I'm totally in favour of (I know a maxi brush is not every ones cup of tea.) The polish has been quite hard wearing, I've smudged it a touch through wear and tear, but I suspect this is more to do with how hard I am with my nails and partially because I don't really give these guys time to dry.Hahahah my attempt of a FOTD. The blush is very very pink and has a very even application. I had to be quite light handed lest I ended up looking like Aunt Sally. I'm more used to more neutral tones for my blush, so this pink one was a pleasant suprise. It is maybe a bit more feminine than I would usually go for however found it works quite well my skin...(I am in fact paler than the palest.) Last was the lip gloss and boy howdy. I'm a girl who lives in red lipstick so pink lip gloss? I LOVED IT. This may or may not be because there is a torch in the lid that I insisted on showing everyone. It's almost a tea rose pink, and for me is as close as a nude/neutral lip colour as I'm ever going to go. It has lovely gold flecks through it and tastes a wee bit minty. It's not overly sticky but I did need to reapply it maybe once every hour to keep my lips looking heavy glossed up.

As a girl who for the most part is set in her ways with her make up I really really loved this brand and was crazy surprised. I'm probably not going to buy any of the other gloss colours as feel they may be too dark for me, definitely for a gift though. I'm now a full convert to Me Me Me polishes though and provide a much more pocket friendly alternative than my love for Butter polishes. The pink set is in the sale for £11.99 at the mo so deff worth giving it a go. Know the sisterling would go crazy for the coral set.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Stuart Dress

Last week I mentioned sauntering along to the Burgh for the launch of Spencer clothing and the fact I've got a wee dress named after me. Well here is it...The Stuart dress- a dark blue cocktail dress with a scooped neck and a scooped v-neck back. I gave the boy and the besty a squatch at it over the weekend and yeah - it looks pretty much like standard fare from that wardrobe of mine.
Pics from the shoot are online and are more than deservin of a wee creep over at the Spencer page. All the pieces are named after different bloggers from the launch (I love love love the Quinn jacket!)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

spencer clothing launch

I've always been a great fan of Judy R Clark's work, so after finding out she'd be at the helm of new label Spencer clothing (a collab with fashinisto and Social Tailor Colin Gilchrist) I knew I'd been in for a treat. I've always loved her use of embellishment and her tailored jackets - so seeing how her very intricate work would translate for a commercial market was something I was dying to have a creep at.
And so I found myself in a gorgeous studio in the heart of Leith (yeah...I wasn't expecting that one either) eating cake and watching the tallest models I ever did see get snapped by Reuben Paris. The pieces were beautifully tailored and featured a very muted colour palette - with a nod to Edwardian Gothic in her designs. Spencer clothing is a mixture of profession, leisure and evening wear and carry an almost casual elegance across the whole collection. While I felt the evening wear was perhaps a bit mature for me (alas I am not a high flying girl about town attending balls and galas every weekend....no matter how hard I dream) but the profession and leisure wear had my wee heart dying. Highlights from the collection for me included a beautiful suit jacket with cherry red lining, a pussybow blouse with the most beautiful double cuffs (swooning to death over here) and a navy madmenesque scooped back cocktail dress (that apparently has been named after me...HOLLA!.)
The collection as a whole is very timeless - and seems very powerful without loosing any femininity. I will say I would have loved it if the collection was produced in Scotland - especially considering it's headed by one of my fave young Scottish designers - however in a commercial climate for a High End High street market (think Karen Millen/Hobbs) I can see why the pieces are produced in Europe.....but that is a post for another day.
I'd love to see more from the Spencer clothing line. It's capsule collection of 23 pieces is strong and wearable without being boring. Judy's trademark flare really comes through in the collection - though it is very surreal to see how it compares to her own line of tweeds and lace!
Anyway the above behind the scenes sneaky peaky pictures are by Reuben Paris (my camera did a spectacular impression of being an utter shitbag)...the actual pictures from the collection should be up soon enough. The bloggers in attendance all had a piece named after them which is weird/amazing - can't wait to give you a deek of the "Stuart" dress.
I did try and attempt and do an outfit post for that day (cashmere cardi, leopard print cigarette trousers and wedges...in case you were wondering)...but alas my attempts bore no fruits. However Wendy from Thank Fifi (who very kindly drove me there and back...in return for my horrible navigational skills and a song) snapped this wee pic of me and Emma.Q's shoes. I may have some crazy shoe envy. Trying to resist the urge to stud everything (I'm the one of the left with the skull cupcake.)

Monday, 9 January 2012

on the sickest hair i ever did see

It's been a long time coming. Jeremey Scott with his dip dyes last year, Bleach X Barbie's collab - to Glasgow's Dawntroversial's experimentation with galaxy hair - it's looking like 2012 really is the year for coloured hair.
I've been battling to get back to my natural colour for a while now - to the point where I seem to be sporting some sort of reverse ombre...so what's changed. I've put it through the ringer the past seven years and I could almost feel it scapper back in to my head when I started cooing at the pastel shades littering my tumblr dashboard. Surely the help of a professional and a good semi-permanent would put my weeping hair to rest?
In truth it's all Lou Clavé's fault. Clavé and her FLAWLESS hair skills.
These sneaky peaky pictures found cropped up on my facebook feed...."pics from shoot with Levi Macdonald." Only one of my favourite Glasgow photogs (think ethereal and dreamy as fuck photos)... combined with this sick as anything hair? Honestly I cannot wait to see the fruits of this labour. Or...some other analogy. The previews of Clav
é's work that have been coming up on my feed recently have been all faultless - including a pink semi-perm dip dye from the Obscure Couture girls RTW shoot. I'm not going to lie though this all out colour has be swooning something awful and yearning for my old blue locks. Maybe I should just say fuck it and play about with my hair before big bad job hunting time (maybe use a professional rather than rinsing my hair out over a sink though)....what do you think?
You can read Lou's blog on hair here - with tips of the trade and all other sorts of goodness, or natch creep on her facebook fan page to see what other hot hair projects she's got on the back burner. Actually too excited about what I'm going to be seeing with hair this year!

black & gold - an outfit emerges from the christmas party season

I wear:dress - Tatty Bon, Belt - £3 Primark, Bag - £1 Charity Shop, Scarf - ten30, tights - £10 bebaroque, shoes - £3 Primark. Sheri wears - vintage and vivienne. classic.

One of my favourite things about the party season is the opportunity to dress as ostentatious as possible. A 50's gold prom dress that I'd be flirting with selling for a while (I had one of those moments of IHAVENOTHINGTOWEAROMG) and pulled this guy out of hibernation. The fact I wore it to the Rox Gold party made me...on reflection....feel like an UTTER cheese ball but at the time I was too sparkly eyed from the champers to cringe too much.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

shu uemura skincare review

My skin has a history of playing up. For a very long time it couldn't decide if it wanted to be dry, oily or something in between. After years of acting like a first class twat however it seems to have seemed to settle quite happily in the combination/dry camp. I've also had trouble finding skincare that works for me.
Shu Uemura was a Japanese make up artist who's philosophy for woman's beauty was rooted in beautiful skin - and after falling in love with the cleansing oils I was really looking forward to trying out some of the other skin care goods the brand had to offer.

Line Reducing Eye Essence: "Eye essence" now doesn't that just sound all kinds of luxe? That said...I'm not quite sure what else I can say about this cream. I'm 23....there isn't a lot of line reducing to do just yet. It's got a lovely gel texture and is very light and soothing. It's a brilliant cream and I would say it brightens my eye area more than anything. I've been using it for a few months and I'm quite fond of it. £40 is a bit steep for an eye cream for me...but it's lasted well. Maybe one for when I get a big fancy job eh?

Deepsea Water in Rose
: I have to say this isn't really one of those ESSENTIAL skin care products for me. Shu Uemura's Deepsea Water's are nice and come in mint, rose, lavender, rosemary and fragrance free. They act as a refresher to your face to help hydrate and fresh up you're make up. It is a nice enough product - and the rose deepsea water I tried was especially nice, it's one of those things that's great for you skin. However it's £16.50...maybe one for the die hard Shu fans but I'm afraid to say I wasn't completely sold on this guy.

Cleansing Beauty Oil: The idea of putting oil on my face pretty much sounded like the worst idea possible. It just sounds like the complete opposite of what I'd want in a cleanser. That said I popped in to the Shu counter and was sorted out with a wee mini sample of the cleanser. You apply it dry to your face, rub it in, then wash off with water. It dissolves your make up a treat and turns in to a milk as you rinse it off leaving your face feeling super clean and hydrated. It acts as a cleanser and eye make up remover and doesn't strip the natural oils off your skin. It is the single best cleanser I have ever used in my life. The oil does last for ages - but if you are still unsure (150ml is £28) pop in to your nearest counter (House of Frasers if you're based in Glasvegas) and ask for a sample. It's one of their best sellers for a reason. I find the green tea oil works best for me.

Deepsea Hydrability Moisturizing Emulsion: I've got the softest of spots for a good moisturiser. The Deepsea Moisturizing Emulsion is a gorgeous moisturiser - almost more like a serum and lovely and light. It is not something I would recommend for the winter as I need something quite heavy duty during the winter months - however it's perfect for the Summer months and for post gym when my skin can't take anything too heavy. It's got a beautiful texture - though probably best if you're on the oily/normal side of the skin camp.

Overall Shu are a great brand - while the brand isn't the cheapest you pretty much get what you pay for here. The packaging is nice, simple and minimalistic - occasionally they do collaborations with artists with limited edition bottles which are always fun. If you're going to go for any of the products here go for the cleanser - but if you've got a bit of dollar to spend and still a bit concerned about if the brand is right for you get yourself some samples.

Also...a big old thank you to the amazing Emma Q for making me a blog header featuring some Miles Aldridge and Tim Walker. She's a star....and recently started her own blog....def one to watch.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

one of those here outfit post guys

Jacket - £3.50 Charity Shop, Shirt - £10, Primark menswear, Trousers - £10 hnm, Boots - £60 Topshop

I'm not usually one for outfit posts - mostly due to the fact I'm rubbish at using self timer and angling my camera at a high enough angle. Recruiting pals to take pictures of me make me feel a little bit like a tool (and a few folk at the bar did seem to wonder what the fuck I was doing next to the stairs).....but I got a new camera for Christmas and I would like to actually use it.
Anyway I wore this guy for lunch at The Butterfly and Pig with the bestie. Shared a main meal (which even split was crazy massive) and had a wee bit of wine - which lead to some late afternoon tipsy shopping. I realised a little bit late in the day that I was pretty much a bowtie away from looking like a bad knock off of the eleventh Doctor, the Scottish ginger in tow didn't really help matters. That said - worse things I could take my sartorial influence from. Link

Thursday, 5 January 2012

On "Les Queues de Sardines"

Look, I'm a bit of a classicist when it comes to tights.... (I am aware this sounds like utter wank spilling forth, I'm sure there isn't such thing as a tight classicist) - what I mean to say is I don't really stray far from a good old 80d in black or a nude tight. A fishnet when the occasion calls for it. Last year I dipped my toes in the water of patterned tights with Bebaroque during their sample sale, but even then I didn't go for anything too adventurous. It does however mean that sometimes I'm missing out on this wild and crazy fun tight train...especially when I see the collections from "Les Quelles De Sardines."
Les Quelles De Sardines (or the tales of the sardines...proving that everything sounds better in french) is a French tight and stocking brand known for their graphic print designs. The most recent collection "Heidi aime le Chocolat" is themed like a classic fairytale with all the whimsy, sweetness and darkness you would expect. It follows a couple Heidi and Otto who have been married for years - and Heidi develops an addiction for chocolate which Otto can't stand. So he decides the only way to deal with this is to chop off her arms. Naturally she runs off in to the Forest - and Otto pursues, firing arrows at her till she dies...and he takes her heart in memoriam. Pretty much your standard fairy tale sans the "and they lived happily ever after.." then.
"Pas de bras pas de chocolat, Bouba, Heidi and Saint Antoine"

I love the big bright prints - and the collection has a mix of elegant and romantic styles like Black Forrest and Sissi next to the more colourful fun designs such as Heidi. Saint Antoine is definitely my favourite design - I think the little arrow wounds are quite cute, hadn't noticed them before I'd read the background for the collection but yeah - checks a few boxes for me. I think the designs are maybe still a bit bold for me but in another life I'd be all over these like a bad rash. Maybe time to bite the bullet and experiment?
They retail at between 45 and 52 from here. Maybe when I'm feeling flush...though I suspect these guys may be more the sisterlings bag.
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