Thursday, 13 December 2012

OOTD: List Hot 100 Party - Pink leather, faux fur and studs

Top - New Look £22, Faux fur Collar - River Island (last years sale £8), Tights - Bebaroque (sample sale) - £10, Skirt - Obscure Couture, Muff/Handbag - Obscure Couture, Coat - Obscure Couture (borrowed), Shoes - Primark - £6

Tuesday was the List Hot 100 Party at the Arches - so pretty much a night of drinking Ginger Grouse, good tunes and excellent company. Although totally knacked from the Blogger Christmas Party the night before I managed to get myself out of bed and freshen myself up. Although I felt dead on my feet thought the best way to tackle this was to get as fancy as possible. So pretty much wear ALL the faux fur I can.

I love this skirt from the girls at Obscure Couture (on me it's the shortest thing in the world, pretty sure it covered my modesty and not a whole lot else) and it has heavy deep pockets. I was keeping everything in them - camera, lipstick, bank card. I frequently found myself using the muff as a make-shift handbag though it did keep me toasty on the walk home along with the mega fur (which naturally draws all the comparisons to Sulley from Monsters Inc. which guys - I TOTALLY see it too.)

It's been a big week - and it's not over yet. I'm looking forward to visiting the family this weekend (and getting utterly spoiled by the Grandmum.) Till then am going to to continue making the #bestchristmasplaylistever. Catwalk for today. Beyonce for tomorrow. PROMISE.


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