Saturday, 24 November 2012

OOTD: Oxblood Cinema Date

 Hat - Handknitted, T-shirt - Topshop (old as time), Leather Jacket - Topshop - £55, Gold Chain - Primark, Striped Skirt - Primark - £10, Bag - Primark - £3, Flatforms - TK Maxx - £15

On Wednesday me and my friend went to see Twilight:Breaking Dawn Part II. Truly the Twilight films are the gift that keeps on giving. My snark-meter was off the charts and I may have cried with laughter at the gorgeousness of CGI babyface. Also - anyone else distracted by K.Stews ridiculous eyelash extensions?

Glasgow has decided to kick start it's winter - and while I am tempted to live in boots and heavy knits for the next 3 months (not actually a bad idea) it doesn't exactly leave for a lot of variety. Thank God for flatforms. An alternative to living in chelsea boots and wellies for the next few months and the rubber soles are great for keeping me dry. They are the perfect oxblood colour at the mo so can pretty much wear them with anything.  I fell in love with this striped skirt from Primark. I love a good monochrome and the stripes are the kind of things that I can imagine being in my wardrobe forever. It's a good length and is keeping its shape well even though I kind of live in it.

I should also point out that I didn't actually knit the hat. I have been trying to teach myself (with mixed results) but this was made by the boys Mum Jo. It has a really cute bobble detail and I've got matching fingerless gloves to match. The design is actually based on a hat she had designed for a new born baby and I fell in love with it (does good to take inspiration from everywhere non?) Anyway Jo rocked up to Stuart towers recently with some knitted goodies for me. I was actually overwhelmed that someone would actually make something for me. It's gorgeous and is keeping my Winter frizz under control.

Now Twilight is out I'm gearing myself up for loads of gorgeous Christmas cinema. Les Mis and Great Expectations are out next week and you have no idea how excited I am. The fact that  my telly box is going to be screening Elf, The Grinch and Love Actually on a regular basis as well? ALL OVER IT.  Have you guys seen anything good at the cinema recently? 


  1. I haven't seen twilight yet - cant convince anyone to go with me even for the laugh factor :L DYING to see Great Expectations though - but I'm not sure about Les Mis, big love for the musical and not being convinced by Amanda Seyfreid's (?) overly quivery Cosette in the trailer is making me very wary :L

    Live this skirt, and the bat is gorgeous - wish I had skills like that :L or knew someone with :L

    1. DO IT. It's actually amazing.
      Yeah Paul's mama is the sweetest. Last year got a scarf at christmas. I AM LOVED.
      PS: Love Amanda Seyfried. Her boobs can tell when it's raining. x

  2. awesome outfit! love the skirt.
    I'm following you with GFC. I would love if you could follow me back.
    Lali pops of colour

    1. Thank you so much Lali, glad you like the blog! The skirts great! Super comfy spesh for munching on cinema snacks. x

  3. Love the hints of burgundy. The shoes were my favourite. You've got a stunning blog and I love the name, it is truly adorable.


    1. Thanks you so much. Love the shoes too, give me an extra bit of height ;) x

  4. I love your style ...that skirt and the shoes make agreat mix.

    Following you

  5. the hats are def the way forward this month in glasgow - love it and that it's handknitted just for you, how sweet

    ♥ Thankfifi


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