Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mm This better not awaken anything in me OOTD

jacket - vintage - £15, Trousers - h&m - £10, black tee (if you don't have one what is wrong with your life), Bag - £3 - Primark, Shoes - Urban Outfitters - 2 Sales ago, £35ish, Necklace - h&m - £10, ring - heirloom, Glasses - Primark - £1

So the weather has decided to be distinctly less shit and I've decided to stop wearing black (lies) but at least you know, wear something that isn't just jeans and a t-shirt or gym gear. My beloved boy believes I look like Mr T had sex with a dalmatian. He keeps me grounded.
I picked up some new trousers from h&m because a)affordable b)fricking dalmatian print and c)although perpetually broke when did I start justifying myself to the internet. Anyway I have all these clothes/shoes things I never wear. I mean slouchy bag and black t-shirt are pretty much the bread and butter of my life but yellow jacket has been worn ONCE in like 2 years, and I've never been able to bring myself to throw it out. Perhaps me and it can have another wee romance? The shoe boots tend to go in and out my life, mostly because if I'm wearing a heel I really like to fucking commit to it and they kind of feel like a cop out. They are actually stupidly comfortable - not marathon comfortable but you know, saunter worthy.
Current staples of my life at the moment are black tipped nails. I'm still a special kind of stupid when it comes to painting my nails, so this works for me without having to go all french. Plus the matte effect makes it looks like latex which I am entirely in to.

Other than co-ercing the boy to take multiple pictures of my outfit (where the fuck did my chin go/I distinctly remember not having raptor arms) I've been living in my gym gear. I got myself a personal trainer for a month (grad present to me) and genuinely improved my fitness crazy amounts (see can lift weights that are only slightly less embarrassing and jog without completely wanting to kill myself.) Anyway as part of my new years resolutions I was all like "I'm going to do a 10k. It will be fucking hilarious." So yeah, I've been "running" for like...2 weeks, and I've signed up for the Great Scottish Run. Like money down craziness. I am so fricking nervous. Trying to decide which charity I would like to raise money for...I'm wavering between Rape Crisis Scotland or Glasgow Women's aid. Both charities are super wonderful (raised money for them via ITCOW) and deserving of all the £££ they can get, but would be nice to raise a pretty sum for my first run. Feel free to vote for your choice here or below in the comments.

Other than that I am (mostly) keeping out of trouble, (mostly) keeping busy and (mostly) adapting to life outside of uni. I also learned I'm pretty good at pool. Banging.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Balletcats: Sunday Delight

The Balletcat's are easily one of my favourite brands. The brain child of Indonesian graphic designer/visual artist/cat snob Jordan Marzuki and fashion student Fatriana Zukhra are all about cute illustrated prints on clothes, which I am easily in to.
 With their fancy limited edition t-shirts (the couple who communicate with cats seems to be perpetually out of stock is part of my fantasy t-shirt collection) - but what I really enjoy is their SWEET "the entire cat population is my best friend" jumper because...you know story of my life.
 The unisex sweatshirt with embroidered letters clocks in at 35 of your US dollars, but unsurprisingly is sold out after its second run. Now it may be a tad obsessive to check the site every other day to see if they are releasing another run of these guys but let's face it, I pretty much need this guy. I'd where it with everything.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Blood.Sweat.Tears - Jenivieve Berlin presents The Bedroom Collection

I think it's a god damn crime we don't wear more hats. I also think that they are one of the few things that are just ridiculously difficult to get right. Jenivieve Berlin Millinery however manages not only to get it ridiculously right, she also makes me want to wear hats all the fucking time, which is probably what scored her a nomination at this years Scottish Fashion Awards.
Berlin originally started out creating headpieces and costumes for designers before launching her S/S 10 collection at Nightwalk "Bollocks to the Royal Wedding", a anarchist mix of spikes, studs, tartan and swarovski crystals. Berlin has frequently cited Berlin's street style and attitude as one of the driving influences in her brand, making for edgy, contemporary designs with a heady dose of anarchy, sex and adventure.
Her hip-hop inspired "Blood.Sweat & Tears: The Bedroom Collection" is all metallics, neons and bling - with Jeniveve's trademark use of studs and chains. Studs and chains ALL up in here. Fantastic. Her designs are not for the faint hearted - obviously - and manage to be some of the most exciting millinery I've seen in a long time. Bold, fun and just a hint of cray cray, the collection is completely over the top. 90's ostentatious madness . Which really shouldn't work but it does. It really does. I mean there is so much going on in each piece. Coloured viels, neon fringing, pom poms, boom boxes and tassells. Crystal cusses, disco balls, gold studs and rainbow brights. Try and tell me that it doesn't sound like a fucking dream? It's a collection  that just is so much fun, all attitude, nostalgia and delight. Of course I love the "Bitch" piece because.....come on, but seriously I would be happy to have any of these pieces in my life. Maybe just on display a la "Look at my fabulous hat, isn't it a mother fucking piece of art?" but mostly, mostly I would like them on my head. It's completely hedonistic and I love it! Unconventional, with a strong vision and a sense of playfulness, Berlin continues to assert herself as one of the most exciting young milliners working in Scotland today.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

On Dapper Cats

Without sounding too much like a crazy cat lady or an internet cliche, I think it is a fair enough estimation to make that if you put a cat/kitten on something I'm probably going to like it. At least a little bit. Add some monocles and moustaches in the mix (a winning combo sans cats any day) and you my friend are on to a sure fire winner. It pretty much takes all my self control (and one look at my bank balance) not to say HERE IS ALL MY MONEY FOR YOU, PLEASE TAKE IT INTERNET. Thankfully We Are The Robot's Dapper Cat Badges manage to keep my bank balance from flying way too far in to the red while managing to delight me to no end. It really is the simple things.

 Available in 5 different options featuring a range of endearing, ridiculous and damn right fucking adorable cats, We are The Robots Dapper Cat badges are easily one of my favourite things at the moment. The inoffensive price point of £4 a piece is bang tidy and means I no longer have to choose between food and my horrendous kitten habit.  It's a simple idea, cute, fun and would adore to see this on more animals and for different seasons. Dapper Otter anyone? A selection of Festive Sloths? Sugar gliders in sweatbands? The list is endless!
If you're Glasgow bound, We Are the Robots are a regular at Granny Would Be Proud Fair's, but if you are bed ridden/based outside my fair city you can also buy them directly online. Hurrah!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hair For Heroes Lookbook

Girl loves herself some good hair. I also love not having to dye it. I've been letting my roots grow in for a while now, and for the first time in forever my hair isn't coming away in bubblegumesque clumps. However I still see girls in the street with their ic cream candy coloured hair and I can already feel my fingers twitching for the stargazer. Luckily Glasvegas has the wonderful Lou Clave and her freelance hairstyling (specialising in wigs but also works with your own hair) Hair For Heroes to keep girlies from me from going bald from bleach, while allowing us to experiment with literally all the colours. The lookbook was released super recently and it is sickening! I'm dying for a clip in fringe or the pink and purple dip dye.
How beautiful is the styling? The paint splattered studded jackets? The sequined rib cages? Fringing and denim and some of the most beautiful nails ever. I think the clip in fringes or ponytails are a whole load of fun, and part of me wishes/hopes I'd be able to totally pull off a full on frosted wig. You can deek more of the lookbook directly over at the Hair for Heroes page.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DIY Nails do Nail Decals

Fashion at the moment has a real knack for making me feel old at the moment. Camo jackets, flashes of leopard print - I'm flashing back to 10 years ago where I was all about platform shoes, cropped tshirts (shouldn't have worn them then, still can't really wear them now) and crimped hair. I could never have predicted the return of creepers or back packs (though given this whole post-modern nostalgia/kitsch thing we've been on for the last 10 years I can't say I'm too surprised) and I never saw nail decals becoming a thing again.Packed away among my stargazer nail art pens, Dream Phone and glittery spaghetti tops from Tammy Girl, live nail decals. Naturally I'm thrilled they are back because I am all incompetent to the point of ridiculousness when it comes to nail art. I can't ever give myself a basic flat colour without it being uneven/chipped and/or lumpy.
I'm a long time fan of DIY Nails, the masterful Tammy designing some mega sweet nails for ITCOW as well as creating some cray cray gorgeous designs with Isolated Heroes, Hair for Heroes and a totally beautiful nail collaboration with Abandon Ship to raise money for Crohns disease. Other than having the best heart, all the talent and being an all round babe - Tammy's launched a new collection of new nail decals to help us nail fail girls look our fiercest. Naturally.
Think like minx but a whole lot cooler. For one thing - you can get yourself some sweet designs of Tammy's gorgeous pug (and DIY Nails Mascot Betty) for your nail art, as well as galaxy prints, peace signs, crosses, letters - and my personal favourite - happy cat faces. I am totally in love with these guys. Every single thing Tammy puts out (including her new dip dyed Betty Bags) makes me want to throw money at my computer and be like TAKE IT ALL TAMMY, TAKE ALL THE MONEY I HAVE. Now while I am a special kind of destitute at the moment (the joys of being a fresh graduate) that doesn't mean I can't still make my nails look all pretty. Tammy's decals are priced at a super accessible and pocket friendly £4 - with options to have custom designs as well as decals attached to her trademark falsies and sent straight to your door.
I think I will wait till my nails stop being flaketacular at the moment, but I've totally got my heart/eyes set on some happy cats, letters and some galaxy print. I have to say the video tutorial on the site makes the whole decal thing pretty unfuckupable. Even for me. All you need is some water, some clear polish and a semi-steady hand. BANGING.
Now just open your own nail salon already Tammy so I can get my nails did all the time.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

scotland re:designed

 Last week the night before my graduation, instead of getting crazy good sleep and lining out my outfit for the day a head, I had a far more exciting prospect. Scotland Re:Designed launched last week - a celebration of Scottish textiles and design. The project has seen some of Scotland's most enterprising and exciting designers and textile brands take their designs to New York, participate in workshops and natch showcase and celebrate their mega good designs in a catwalk. The Lighthouse made an unusual venue choice with the catwalk featuring girls on escalators, dancing. In a less extravagant way that the Meadham Kirchoff/Topshop Jubilee Celebration, but a fresh take on the usual catwalk for sure.
Highlights for me included seeing pieces from Henrietta Ludgate (contemporary structured pieces, including her recent collaboration with Euan McWhirter, as well as the pink peplum Cat Cubie sported to the Scottish Fashion Awards), Bebaroque's body suits and navy dresses (as per heavy heavy on the embellishment that suits me to a t) and of course Judy Clark's collaboration with MYB textiles - which essentially means lots of absolutely fucking delicious lace.
Judy's new collaboration with the textiles company is brilliant, and if the delicate lace pieces that she's created so far are only the beginning, I am beyond excited to see what is coming next. They are elegant and romantic and maybe just a hint of bridal. Very feminine and beautifully executed. 
I was also delighted to see Euan McWhirter's new jewellery. His hand beaded pieces are crazy gorgeous and his new collection is filled with pleasing bright reds and pinks as well as adding new colours to his celeb fave Lucky Bitches rings (now available in red & gold and black and gold.) Chains, beading - McWhriter's piece are pretty much investment statement pieces. Full of character, his bold, beautiful designs make him one of my favourite Scottish jewellers.
William Chambers was on form as per, fresh from his win at the Scottish Fashion Awards, he returns with what he does best - black latex flowers. Let me just say that again. Black. Latex. Flowers. Everything about that statement is brilliant. He continues to mark himself at the go to millinery for edgy elegant designs. I love the contradictions of delicate feminine flowers with latex and am a long fan of his work. While I look ridiculous in hats, when I see Chamber's designs I find myself fantasising about going to the races and maybe trying to be a bit more formal for weddings. Mother of the bride his work is not (though he can do that do) - and I suppose at the heart of it, that's the appeal.
It should surprise no one that I was in crazy love with Common People's menswear. Every jacket was pretty much flawless. Can we have them for ladies too please? Effortlessly stylish and cool, this is how to do menswear (and hell, design in general) right. Everything felt really sharp and while I am dying for one for myself, I'm wondering if I can convince the boy to invest in one. Living vicariously through others, me? Never.
I was pleased to find out more about Caerlee Mills. With a nomination from the Scottish Fashion Awards for textile brand of the year and a collaboration with Holly Fulton under their belt, Caerlee Mill's collection of cashmere and knit if simply gorgeous. American flags and panda jumpers which has me wishing that Glasgow was a little less humid. It is safe to say I am ready for it to be winter again. Maybe.
Overall it was an ecclectic mix of designs, showing a broad spectrum of Scottish design and textile talent, and it is wonderful to see the progression of many talented individuals working within the industry.
Scotland Re:Designed ran an exhibition the 27th June - 1st July, but you can find more about the designers and textile companies directly via the Scotland Re:Designed site. Every single one of them is worth a squatch at least, and begins to explore the diverse and immense talent within Scotland. Cashmere, crystals, latex and lace. You cannot possible go wrong.

Pictures: Bebaroque, Judy Clark, Euan McWhirter and Common People.

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