Thursday, 29 September 2011

on things to do thursday

Glasgow's bustling with things to do for you this week and here are my top picks to get your Thursday fix
1: Tatty Bon's Freshers Lock In
Those of you familiar with Mr Ben's, 13th Note and Mono will no doubt be acquainted with this little hidden gem. Tatty Bon on Parnie Street returns with it's annual freshers lock in. The doors are open late, cake and fizz is on the table and a sweet sweet discount of 15% for those who spend over £10 (easy done). With the gallant gent from All Tore Up and a whole mess of new stock (loads of gorgeous carpet bags and dress gloves) if you're in to late night shopping do stop on by.
Best for: Head hear if you want affordable one of vintage pieces. Nice blend of wool and tweed in stock as well as fun custom necklaces and broaches. Good for party dresses.
2: Urban Outfitters Lock In
Another lock you late night shoppers are spoiled. With an art exhibition from recoat (expect some fucking brilliant street art) and live music from the super talented Kitty the Lion and lots of coffee drop on my here to enjoy a 20% discount and live music.
Best for: getting your brand APC and Vaudeville & Burlesque stuff is awesome. Grungey or preppy looks rain supreme here.3: The Only Way is Glasgow Fashion Show (TOWIG)
If city centre isn't your thing tonight the Oran Mor will be playing host to TOWIG - the only way is Glasgow - a fashion event and fundraiser for Spirit Aid. With designers from Jeniveve Berlin Millinery, Katerina Lambrou & Nicci.N as well as a host of entertainment defintiely wort a shout if you're in the area. With a host of vintage and jewellery stalls good if you still want to get shopping fix.
Best for: if want to see some Scottish talent on the runway deff worth a shout. Imagine atmosphere will be amazing and it's for a super good cause.

Scottish Ballet: Autumn 11 Part 1 - Pennies from Heaven Trailer from Scottish Ballet on Vimeo.

4: Scottish Ballet Autumn Season Opening
I love a wee bit of the ballet and tonight Scottish Ballet's Autumn seasons launches the gorgeous 30's styled Pennies from Heaven in a double bill with Jorma Elo's Kings 2 End. Both pieces look to be beautifully choreographed and the Pennies from Heaven Trailer already has me dying a bit at the costumes.
Best for: Getting a bit of your culture in innit ;) Good if you enjoy the theatre, music and beautiful costumes.

I'll be trying to make my way round as many of these tonight...def popping in to Tatty Bon early and then ballet with the boy- so expect some form of review of my manic evening later this week.
Top things to do at the weekend at all?

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

on In the Company of Wolves:The Return

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry but for the next month, chances are my blogs being going to be littered with ITCOW news. It feels like such a relief to finally release all the details - dates,theme,and designers. A few of you who follow the ITCOW tumblr may have clocked on to the theme a while back but now everything is all glossy and official.
In the Company of Wolves (or more affectionately ITCOW) is a multimedia fashion show run by myself and my friend Ally. Our modus operandi is finding the best in up and coming Scottish independent designers and bringing it to our themed catwalk. We're returning once more to the Sub Club with our biggest show to date with designs never seen before in Glasgow from a bunch of our favourite new designers working the circuit. Expect 60's school girl inspired pieces from Edinburgh's Eleanor's Riot, day of the dead inspired headpieces from Fair Feathered Friend, voodoo brights from Isolated Heroes and uv perspex showpieces from Bonnie Bling. We've got Dirty Larry on decks with Florence To doing some sweet visuals for us. To say I'm excited/nervous is an understatement. This is our biggest show to date with more designers than we've worked with before. I'm so so proud of our team so far and the run up is going to be brilliant. This year we're taking influence from b-movie horror - with a nod to John Carpenter, William Castle, Dario Argento and all things shlock. It's going to be astounding!

Isolated Heroes
Bonnie Bling
Isla Scott
Lilly Love Lock
Jenivieve Berlin Millinery
Jennie Loof
Linzi Austin
Fair Feathered Friend
Velvet Elvis
Sweet Danger
Eleanor's Riot
Aimee Donofrio
Helena O'Neill
Athif Dean
Dawntroversial Shoes

Tickets are on sale now from ticket-scotland at £10 a pop with profits going to charity.
You can buy tickets here
You can go like the ITCOW page here and read more about the event here
Want more info: or
Flyer design by 100th idiot.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

on DIY nails for ITCOW

A few of you know that I'm busy over at ITCOW Towers (read my living room) - the photo shoot is done and now it's just over a month away so everything is starting to get a little more manic. One little project we've been excited about it the fact that one of my favourite Glasgow nail artists Tasmin of DIY Nails (you may have seen her at Gin in Teacups...nail brush in hand) has designed an In the Company of Wolves inspired nail for our next show and it is sick as anything.She's got a few more pieces up her sleeve on the run up to ITCOW but this...this really is the show stopper for me. Gold glitter, red and pink, gold chains, drippy goodness. Please let me know we're all on the same page that this is pretty much straight up nail porn?
When she's not designing sick as fuck nails for ITCOW this girl is running pretty much the best nail blog in Scotland featuring nail tutorials on american flags, marbling, magazine print and the like as well as selling her sweet designs on etsy - see watermelon's, galaxy prints and cupcakes.
One talented lady that I'm super excited to be working with...can't wait to see what other designs she's going to be working on for the event..and don't worry lovelies I will be keeping you all up to date!
You can buy yourself a set of nails from Tas here
Like DIY facebook
Go follow the tumblr goodness for nail porn and nail art tutorials

Monday, 19 September 2011

on obscure couture us vs them

It's been a long time coming - Obscure Couture's new SS12 collection "Us Vs Them" is finally here. Inspired by bucky swilling, street fighting gang culture - the new collection is a mix of bright tartan prints, metallic leathers and hand-painted silk. While still in keeping with a very glam punk aesthetic gang culture couldn't be further from their previous Victoriana inspired "Flesh and Bone." Still their is something gloriously British and trashy (in the best way) about the designs - and while not for the faint hearted (the blood maxi with the leather bustier is bringing all sorts of Carrie flashbacks for me over hear) that is part of their charm. The clothes are fun and bright and can go from being street wear to more elegant, but on their terms. It's a mixture of bows and bat wings and slashed tops covered in paint. The knit wear is amazing- personal favourite is the cropped hot pink "Fuck You" jumper. The tongue is planted firmly in the cheek with this collection and it's brilliant, all the pieces owing their names to gangs and gang culture. It's all pinks and reds (one of my fave colour combos) yellows and whites and greens and it's just so far off from everything else that it's just like a big old breath of fresh air. Yes I want a pair of metallic red trousers with oversized buttons. Yes I know I'd be lucky to get my arm in them...but it's one of those things on the wishlist where I've stopped myself from only buying basics and spend it ALL on metallics and sequined shoes.The girls hard at work in le studio, bag of fabric samples. McCoys - a work room staple.

I'd popped in to the studios a few times on the run up to fashion week -hot pink walls adorned with daft poems, caricatures, inspo and to do lists....and it was amazing. You'd come down one day and they'd have these giant crazy buttons for the worlds tiniest and shiniest trousers...or hand painted silk drying out front. Even on a social call there was never a time I came down for a vino and a natter that these girls weren't answering emails, pattern cutting, splattering t-shirts, customising shoes or thinking of names for new pieces....Death Valley Brawlgown? DEFO A FAVOURITE. So congratulations to two of the hardest workers and partiers I've had the pleasure to meet - the new collection is astounding and you can creep it for yourselves here - here be some of my highlights.

"Blood" - Red hand painted silk and leather maxi, "Bakassi" - Hand painted silk and leather play suit and "Cyto" Red leather bra top with "Scuttlers" Tartan paper bag trousers with red leather bow belt.
All runway photos by the talented Laura McKinnon

Friday, 16 September 2011

on wasp style

I have a very good boyfriend - who indulges my need for coffee table books. Big thick impressive books that pretty much take up my entire front room. All glossy and crisp and wonderful. Sometime's he'll have a flick through them (one on new romantic fashion...where he pouted and moaned about David Sylvian's absense.."the epitome of new romantic style" he waxed - my boyfriend the secret fashionista) while sometimes he will support my habbit by buying me lovely lovely books. The latest one to my collection thanks to the bo was "Celebrating Wasp Style: A Privileged Life" by Susanna Salk. It is pretty much the perfect book on preppy culture ever. It's no "Take Ivy" (60's ivy league chaps in boat shoes being dead handsome) nor is it the "The Preppy Handbook" but it features double spread pages of ladies in twin sets and men in coloured blazers, and horse riding and recipes for Bloody Mary's. Sports uniforms and polo shirts and cashmere and pearls and's pretty lovely.I loved it...and sure the big old glossy pics are lovely but it's also a good jumping off point for finding out more about the whole culture behind it - lifestyle, homes, icons and fashion. It's available on amazon just now for just shy of £20 so if you're feeling flush and fancy spending a bit of dollar on prime coffee table material you can't really go wrong.

Anyway I'm off for a weekend of boyfriend birthday celebrations, drinking far too much tea and reading Moran's How to be a Woman (yes Glasgow, I am the mad woman cackling on your stairway at the chapter about vaginas.) Another one of my essential reads, not for the glossies but for the lols. Have a fancy weekend lovelies!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

bold souls pre-LFW pop up

Can't afford to go to London? Me neither. I'm not saying I'm not going to be enjoying LFW coverage on le old blogs and twitter, but for the most part most of this fashion chat seems to happen south of the border - which is why Bold Souls pre London Fashion Week pop up this Thursday is such a splendid idea. With time and travel funds being a bit of an issue for me at the moment - having a city with a culturally rich and diverse fashion community certainly eases on the old purse strings and lifts the spirits. Featuring some old faces - ChouChou returning with their signature Holly Hoods, as well as some welcome newbies like Eleanor's Riot and their 60's school girl inspired designs - Bold Souls remains innovative and fresh - allowing us Glasgow lasses a chance to see our fave (or soon to be faves) indie designers up close and personal. What I love about this event is the chance to chat to the designers, learn a bit more about the craftsmanship...oh and of course the trying on all the lovely things. Buying direct from the designer is a wonderful concept and I love finding out about some Scottish talent that's off my radar. If you're in to you're indie fashon and have a spare 3 punds to your name, head down to the Arches cafe bar, 15th September between 4pm and 9pm.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

on design collective scotland

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to make it a long to the launch of Design Collective Scotland in Merchant Square. While I'm sure the lure of free champagne and celeb spotting (Wagner in a tartan suit anyone?) has it appeal - for me it was a great opportunity to see what it happening in Scotland's fashion scene among some of my favourite emerging designers. It is no secret that I'm a great advocate for design within Scotland - and we have an astounding textiles industry and our teaching facilities are astounding, so when the uni gloves come off and the career hat comes on - why is it that so many designers flog to London?

Di Gilpin and Mark Ross

We've seen with the emergence of the Scottish Academy of Fashion, the Scottish Fashion Awards and various brands within Scotland over the past few years trying to push Scottish design to the forefront, and while it feels like a bit of a slow burn over the past few years, we're finding more and more people pushing to support,promote and keep the talent within Scotland.
And I suppose that is where Design Collective Scotland comes in. Co-directed by four of Scotland's finest up and coming, Iona Crawford (elegant clean cut silk prints) Emma Lamb (classic timeless footwear) Mark Ross (gorgeous draping and LOTS of colour with this collection) and Di Gilpin (beautifully crafted knit.)

Iona Crawford

The collective are a talented bunch of like minded individuals each with their own specialism who are keen to promote talent within Scotland - and bringing to the forefront the high end luxury design that exists within. The collections were astounding - personal favourite was Mark Ross and his use of gorgeous citrus colours. Definitley brightened up my dreary evening if nothing else.

Mark Ross

All pics courtesy of Daniella Flores Photography - was lovely to finally meet her!

Friday, 9 September 2011

on goth birthday parties, lilac hair and work preview

It's been a busy couple of weeks over here for me at Stuart Towers. Birthday times, ITCOW times and various other bits and bobs. That said in the past week I've never had it so good on the dining stakes. Two steak lunches in a week? A trip to Rogano for the mother? DON'T MIND IF I DO. Seriously though....back to the gym for me - may need to book myself back in to the dreaded spin after my week of cake and cocktails.
A few of you tweeties (and gals I know via the old facebook) will gave known I've jumped ship blonde (for now) and went a frosted lilac. Tried various dyes because...well I have all the hair in the world.Recommendations? Go for a cheap goth colour. I know Salon Services is oft seen as the go to place for hair dye, but for semi-permanents with unusual colours without dropping top dollar you need to visit a goth shop. Crazy Colour is about £7 a bottle and just doesn't cover my hair the way I need it to. A trip to Osiris and Directions AND Stargazer both do lilac shades (and pretty much any colour you desire, including candy floss pink) for £3 a time. Comes with gloves and everything and is super simple to use. Years of living in the adult shades of auburns,hazels and blondes had me forget my roots.
The birthday time will suprise none of you - Elvira inspired gothy affair with some of my favourites, drinking punch, shooting the breeze and eating skull cake (which I made thank you very much.)
Now AS EXCITING as my hair colouring and birthday escapades are, I do actually do things other than drink out of ostentatious punch bowls and bake cake. Currently my flat is just a dream of latex,lace,sheer and studs. If you haven't guessed yet...I have bits and pieces from most of the In The Company of Wolves designers floating around my flat after our shoot on Wednesday. You should have seen me Tuesday evening ladies. I was having beautiful things delivered to my flat almost on the hour. My poor flatmate felt the need to go buy a steak and some beer as our living room transformed in to a palace of indie fashion dreams. The actual shoot day was fantastic - having a car to work with was a live saver. Our team was amazing and Ally and I can't thank everyone enough - Levi and her sweet photo skills, Taz our beautiful model (I don't think that girl took one bad picture...EVER) and the amazing Kaeleigh Wallace for her hair and make up skills. A special thank you to our ITCOW intern Emma Q who looked after the clothes, Taz and had a wee dab at styling. Anyway...thought I would give you ladies a wee preview pic that doesn't give too much away but..well.

I cannot tell a lie, I have never been more excited for an ITCOW...(I say this every time.) I feel it is worth noting we're hosting a model casting at Bar Soba next Monday between 4-7. The page for the whole affair you can find here.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

on sebastian kim - photo inspiration

Another pe-schedueled post...I know I know I'm terrible, but tomorrow we're shooting promo images for In the Company of Wolves, and odds are I'm running about like a mad woman/am recovering from a hard weekends birthday drinking/have not slept in a fortnight. Please do take your pick. A night before shooting will include : making playlists (R.Kelly, Outkast, City High..all musts) and sarnies for a long day shooting. What would a day of shooting be without some inspiration? So yeah...Sebastian Kim's shots of Constance Jablonski for Numbero #120. FLAWLESS.All images fashiongonerogue.

Monday, 5 September 2011

on giveaway winner has spoken (an eve of typing all your lovely entries in) and I am super stoked to announce the gorgeous lass SJ from cowbiscuits as the winner. You're treats will be in the mail in only a matter of time sweets and thanks to all you gorgeous things for liking,entering and following my blog. You guys are amazing!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

on brb birthday break - enjoy some lanvin

Oh I do love a pre-made post.
Chances are as you read this I'm doing all the good birthday things. Like high tea with the best friend. Elvira themed party drinks and eats at the flat before the dancing. Eating cake made by the cake boss and dancing like an utter BAMF. Until my return I give you pretty much my favourite fashion film of the season so far. You are welcome.
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