Wednesday, 31 August 2011

on arbonne re9 anti-aging review

A few weeks ago a friend of mine got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out some new beauty products from Arbonne. Sure..I thought, why the fuck not? Little did I know that being over 21 put me right in to the super fun "anti-aging" skin care category. Do not get me started on this. I'm not even 23 yet and you want me to worry about wrinkles? NOW?!?
That said....this range ain't half bad. The set includes a cleansing face wash, a spray toner, day cream, serum, night cream and neck cream. Extensive to say the least - and you know what, way too many products than I have the time to deal with twice a day. Call me lazy...but cleansing,toning and moisturising is enough. Having to incorporate serum, eye cream and neck cream is far more than I need to worry about right now. However - while the range is a bit intense for me - there was definitely bits and bobs I liked about this collection.
First and foremost I really liked the serum. I've NEVER used serum before but I really enjoyed this. It had a nice fresh feeling and really felt that it gave my skin a boost. It has a lovely gel texture opposed to a cream, and while I don't have cash money to keep up this kind of extensive skin care habit - the arbonne serum has made me reconsider my thoughts on serum. I mean I can live without it, but if I had the money I'd be all over this like a bad rash. The second product I really enjoyed was the cleansing face wash. It has this lovely orange scent that isn't too over powering and I felt that it cleansed my skin pretty well. Snaps for arbonne.
That said - I was overwhelmed by the toner. The whole spray on aspect of something is just something that I'm not crazy for and can't see myself getting on board any time soon. I prefer my toner being delivered with a cotton pad thank you very much. I wasn't overly crazy for the packaging either...though I feel this has more to do with the RE9 range than Arbonne is general as I love the sleek minimalistic design of their make up range. I also feel that the size of the containers is a bit off as large bottles contain actually relativley small ammount of product. Feels a bit unecessary.
Overall though Arbonne's RE9 anti-aging range is nice enough. It made my skin feel fresh and I really enjoyed the smell. The products are good quality - though as I only trialed it for a couple of weeks the long term benifits for my skin are a bit more difficult to read. As a brand - I'm not crazy for the way it's marketed through representatives. While I've never been pressured to buy it still is not a set up I'm crazy for. That said representatives do allow you to trial the products before you buy which is always nice - but it's one of those things I would prefer behind a counter than from one of my friends.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

on a house is not a home

David Black is pretty much one of my favourites - and when he teamed up with the girls from G2E Events and Evita of Start Pronto he brought to Glasgow an innovative fashion exhibition in his first independent presentation "A House is Not a Home." What I loved about this event was that it showcased fashion in a new format other than traditional catwalk or fashion film (though I do love these presentations.) The Old Hairdresser's became a set deranged housewives house. You could really feel the despair. The models walked in a disjointed manner, detached from the characters trauma as she wonders through her derelict living space. With smeared lipstick and mascara stained cheeks the entire presentation felt really cohesive. Also...there was a lot of black. APPROVED. I love Black's exploration of dark suburbia with his classic vintage cuts - and I was swooning away at his black lace skirt. The exhibition was gothic and moody and just wonderful.
David returns to Heriott Watt this year to finish his final year. I CANNOT wait to see what this boy has in store for all of us.
More pics on the itcow tumblr - thanks to my wonderful lass Emma.Q.

Monday, 29 August 2011

on linda farrow and agent provocateur

It's that time of year where it's time for me to get some new specs. Not that I don't love my big old black frame (love them in fact - thank you very much glasses direct)...but my eyesight has improved (thank god for small miracles) and my right eye has gone a bit mental with something called a astigmatism, not going to pretend I know what that is but believe me I've been using it as an excuse to indulge in some sweet sweet spectacle porn. This has included more than the odd lustful glance towards Glasgow's Niche Optical Tailor, but when I saw Linda Farrow et Agent Provocateur (together at last) on High Snobette my heart did many many skippy little beats.On lust list - in order of appearance: "Ride Me", "Desire Me" and "Spank Me." How can I not love specs with names like that? I'm pretty sure every single one of these guys is outwith my budget....glasses direct again for me then?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

on in the company of wolves 2011

Oh the shameless self promotion. You of those who follow me on twitter will be more than aware by now that I'm currently in process of putting together another In the Company of Wolves with my soul sista and co-director Ally.
Pic Credits: Brian Shannow, Grant Alexander Mcdonald, Stuart Crawford
Designers:Rebecca Torres, Mark Conlin, Obscure Couture

A few of you are familiar with the set up of In the Company of Wolves (or ITCOW for short.) Basically we're a multimedia fashion show who showcase Scottish independent designers. The shows are boutique and intimate in nature (tickets limited to 250) and we always try have some theme to the event - just in the way of marketing, dressing of venue, make up and hair. In the past we've taken influence from dark fairytales, David Lynch and Japanease pop art....and we're gearing up for another show with brand new designers and brand new collections later in the year. Can't drop too much info yet but I'm crazy excited about some of the people I'm getting to work with. After winning an event award last year and getting to bring ITCOW to Glasgow Film Festival this year so far it's been one hell of a journey.
Profits go to charity which is always fun and we've got to work with some really great brands in the past (Illamasqua, Rainbow Rooms, Urban Outfitters, L'Oreal to name a few) so quite excited about this next guy.

This year I've also got myself a fully fledged intern - which is super surreal and awesome. While she promises to make coffee and keep me in a zen state, she's looking after some of my admin and bits of our social media, which frees up time for me to worry about budgets, event design and oh dissertation time. I'm someones boss now though. There is a scary thought. Her name's Emma and you should follow her on tumblr. She is quite the lass.

For updates and the likes of ITCOW and for creeps you can follow our tumblr (hints to our next show and folk we'll be working with) stalk us on facebook, or read our redic tweets.

EDIT: Oh yeah... -designers,models and the like...we want you to get in touch.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

on 8 bit fashion designs

So yeah some of our favourite catwalk looks (I say our like I speak for the entire world...obv) from this year have been stripped down in to wonderful kitchy 8 bit. Can we file this under the world of things that I am more than okay with? 8 bit Pugh, McQueen and Comme de Garcons. Mixing 8 bit with the Fashionairy templates has pretty much produced this little bit of eye candy for me. Not going to lie...some of these guys would look pretty sweet above my fireplace. we recognise any of the looks all stripped down?
Clearly left my favourite till last. More pics can be found here- and the prints are available to Linkpurchase in A0 or A1 on heavy weight matter paper.

Friday, 19 August 2011

on friday feline fix

I'm sorry to let you all know that I am the kind of person who finds tiny cats in costumes adorable. I mean we're all familiar with the glory/horror that is kitty wigs right? Well yeah....this is a step back from giving your fluffy friend a new doo in "pink passion" (personal fave btw) and all kinds of precious. I say precious mostly because it's a scottish fold. A scottish fold dressed as a Queen. With tiny little rosebuds.
Anyway Vice released a book of cats in fashionable duds, from the "premier cat tailor" Takako Iwasa. Takako's from Japan and is all about the kitty couture. Outfits for kitties include "frog transformation set" and "shawl of a rabbit"and my favourite "Queen's Coat." Scottish folds in tiny costumes. This is something I am okay with. You can buy Fashion Cats on amazon for just under 7 and a half of your best british pounds here. Vice did the single best interview with Takako with MORE kitty pictures. Consider this your Friday feline fix.

on eye jewellery (you are doing it right)

I'm going to pretend that the relevation of my love of eye jewellery is a big old suprise to the lot of you. Not that I haven't frequently cooed at anything with eyes that creeps on my newsfeed...or continiously dropping hints to the boyfriend about getting me some Butler & Wilson (my sister picked up on the hint a few years back and got me the crystal eye ring)...but it is my beleif that a lady cannot have enough kitch jewellery - featuring heavily in eyes and cats. Actually...include in this guy lobsters, chilli peppers, skulls and studs but eyes and cats feature quite heavily in my collection. Anyway browsing a wee bit of Topshop one eve (compiling birthday wishlists...preparing myself for the inevitable 20% student discount evening) when holla bitch....that is some sweet eye jewellery you got going on Topshop. 2 necklaces and a broach. I APPROVE.
Picture Eye Necklace £20, Spiky Eye Necklace £18, Spiky Eye Broach £10
Long time followers will know I have a kind of weird relationship with silver coloured jewellery. I'm an old fashioned girl and I like gold...and pearls. Silver just isn't something I feel I suit (I can hear the naysayers can you not SUIT silver)...well yeah. THIS right hear solves my problems. Eyes and gold together at last.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

on haus of willow rhinestone shoes

Yes I'm aware these guys have been featured all over the internet lately...but it is my sworn duty to post about these bejewelled beauties. There is....a small part in my brain that tells that I'm not really into rhinestones. This part of my brain is a horrible lie. Well..half lie. I don't like them on tshirts...but on shoes. On shoes it is most good. So these guys sneaked up on my dash from etsy seller Haus of Willow and boy I was sold. OH and yeah...they are like under £50.
Looking at these bad boys I keep having fantasies about buying hunners of crystals (or prying apart all my old primark jewellery) and going gun ho with the glue gun. Naturally this is the only way to go.
I don't even want to imagine what the post and packaging would be like on these guys but I totes want to make a pair for myself. If you are too lazy....or not crafty and have some cash dollah you can always buy them here.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

on grindhoose

Saturday night I bagged myself a cheeky wee night off. Now what's a gal to do in her city on a Saturday night? Head to the club and get "tipsy", stay in with some Buffy and a bottle of vino and nachos - all excellent options to be sure - OR I could head to Glasgow's very first pop up grindhouse cinema experience Grindhoose.

Set upstairs in the Old Hairdresser's opposite Stereo, Grindhoose was all about bringing the NY gritty feel of 70s grindhouse cinema to Glasgow. With some sweet trailers (Combat Cop anyone?), two secret films and zombabe usherettes it seemed like a fairly good shout for a Saturday night. Oh aye...and it was free.

Natch I headed there early...if only for the sweet sweet space porn (I'd some how avoided the Old Hairdresser's since it reopened and has NO idea about the space upstairs)..but also cause hell who doesn't love a good bit of surprise cinema, and quite frankly it's really refreshing to see something on a Saturday night opposed to be usual options (shots/cinema/in with the telly.)
The Grindhoose Cinema, The Zombabe Usherettes getting their faces "did", my bloody nails - nail art, this is the extent of my skills.

The event had a really organic punk d.i.y feel to it - everything pulled together on a budget of sweet fuck all by some die hard film fans. The atmosphere for the whole night had a community vibe - people wooping, clapping, cheering and the like a long with the films. was pretty awesome.

So what did they screen? First up was Turkey Shoot - which I can only really describe as a futuristic dystopion prison movie with lots of eyebrow acting and a fabulous bitch who rode horses, wore far too much eyeshadow and carried an exploding shot gun. I understand my love for her maybe had me missing the entire point of the film but god damnit if she didn't make me want to learn to ride a horse. The second film was the Filipino action/comedy film - "For Your Height Only" starring Weng Weng. The film serves as a pastiche of pretty much every Bond movie you've ever seen. And it's ridiculous. Oh the gadgets and their ridiculousness.

Great night filled with great people - and a real must for cinema enthusiasts. While I enjoy the character or the Hairdresser's would be great to see this in a bigger venue and more of these pop up cinema events in Glasgow. I'd suggest liking Grindhoose on facebook if underground cinema is your thang and you fancy finding out more about these kind of guys.

(P.S for those of you who care - for my nails I used Load (white) and Throb (red) from Illamasqua. It's still holding out pretty well!)

Friday, 12 August 2011

on sweet giveaway time

That's right guys, it's giveaway time - to thank all my lovely readers old and new for keeping up with my ramblings. It's mostly bits and bobs I've gathered myself, but Lynne from Tatty Bon donated a couple of pieces of gorgeous custom jewellery for you crazy cats. So here is what is up for grabs.
-Alphabet of Fashion Postcard book
-Urban Outfitters purse
-Urban Outfitters stud earrings
-MAC lipstick in russian red
-Glittery galaxy cat ring from Tatty Bon
-Double heart necklace from Tatty Bon (not fancy doll parts and not mind waiting a while - can be customed to what you'd like in the scroll and avilable in pink,red and green crystals.)

So what cha got to do to win some sweet things?
Follow Bee Waits on blogger and/or bloglovin

For extra entries -
Like Bee Waits for No One on the old facebook (+1 entry)
Like Tatty Bon on the old facebook (or add link to Tatty Bon on sidebar for those of you who don't have the old fb) (+ 2 extra entries)
Follow @beewaits on twitter and tweet about le giveaway (+1 entry)

Then leave a wee comment at the bottom with your email, your name and what you've done and I'll be doing a wee draw at the end of August.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

on sunscreen and facials - a zen salon review

There are two things you pretty much need to know about my experience with Zen Salon. the time I left - there were two year olds out there who would be jealous of how smooth my skin was. Secondly microdermabrasian is the single weirdest treatment ever. Not unpleasant. Weird.
When Snooki asked me if I fancied reviewing Zen Salon's, hell yes I jumped at the chance. I love a nice wee spa treatment now and then, and hell any excuse to return to my beloved Burgh. Little did I know that Zen on Tiviot Place was pretty much located next to some of my favourite places (a hop skip and a jump from The Elephant House where J.K wrote Harry Potter dontchaknow) and effectively across the road from the Forrest Cafe. I was a bit late thanks to a super fun combination of the Fringe and festival traffic, but on arrival I was greeted warmly by my therapist Maxine who talked me through the treatments I'd be receiving - including a digital skin analysis and my microdermabrasian facial.
First of all the Digital Skin Analysis. Well I was scared pretty much shitless. As I've recently cut down on smoking drastically I had my fingers crossed for slightly not gruesome results, but there was still part of me in my head telling me that I did indeed have the skin of a 40 year old boot and that there was nothing they could do for me. Any fears were mostly put at ease by Maxine as I placed my head in what can only be described as this looming white chamber - which is apparently the same kind of tech they use on 10 years Younger. A looming white chamber that judges you and your skin. Technology wise (look at me pretending I know a darn about tech) it's quite impressive, taking 3 separate shots of your face and analysing pores, sun damage - permanent and semi permanent, bacteria, spots, wrinkles - you name it this guy looks at your skin then analyses how you compare to other people your age. Things that surprised me and delighted me was that when it comes to spot (NO WAY), wrinkles and pores my skin is considerably better when compared to 100 women. Colour me smug. That said...when they showed me the skin damage. God my skin she crawled. Now my moisturisers and foundations for the most part tend to have an SPF. I love my Laura Mercier...but she is sans sun screen and this put a good helping of fear in to me. Now it's not like there was a grand reveal of - brown spots, they are coming your way - but yeah. That's what it is. The permanant skin damage shows where the damage will show through your skin in a few years time...almost like freckles that will darken. This is pretty much something I'd like to avoid. That old addage about sun screen rings true, and even in Scotland should have at least some SPF on your face. They aged my skin by a couple of years with technology...and as expected it wasn't that drastic (bringing me up to the ripe old age of 25...) so that wasn't as horrible as I'd expected. PHEW. That said...the texture of my skin, lots of little grooves were going to be sorted with my microdermrasian facial.
I was taken through to the treatment room which was all candles and sparkling water. Maxine explained how the treatment worked. the Microdermabrasian treatment uses Diamondtone using diamond tipped wands to smooth out the skin. This is used in conjunction with suction. After cleansing my face I was given light microdermabrasian round the eyes, then a more medium (harder I suppose) treatment around the rest of my face. It was...strange. Sort of like little pucky kisses. You could feel it working and smoothing out your skin (I know I definitely felt it on my nose) and while it was an unusual sensation I can't say that it wasn't entirely unpleasant. After a while it actually gets quite relaxing. Once she was done with the Diamondtone there was a lot of lovely cleansing, moisturising products used on my face - Priori's range which is more of corrective skin care than cosmetic so work deep under the skin. Then I was treated to an amazing arm massage. I swear to God I'd entered the salon on the ceiling, ready to kill...and after a facial and arm massage I felt like I was floating on air.

I think I'm a convert to Microdermabrasian as leaving the salon my skin felt unbeleivable. Friends I met for coffee after were greeted with the welcome "TOUCHMAFACE." With 3 salons located pretty much in the centre of Edinburgh I can't think of any reason not to visit Zen.....other than the hour bus ride. Glasgow salon please?

Saturday, 6 August 2011

on heartcore (proudrace)

I can't look at this collection without thinking of Miles Aldridge and this photo. This is a good thing.
I don't think there are actual words for how much I heavily enjoy the Proudrace new Heartcore collection. It's all religious iconography with really simple elegant shapes. I mean okay the colour palette isn't usually my thing but the focus here is more on the cut and the print - the fringing and the sheer and uft. The smoke grey dress is one of those things I dream about Claire of the future wearing...(Claire of the future who has mastered the art of day time heals and doing her hair.) A lot of the pieces are simple enough that the could be integrated in to a wardrobe without being boring. That said nothing with a Jesus print is going to be boring. Call it a bit tacky but it's a soft spot for me - like anything with cats, black and gold and sheer.
While religious iconography can be seen as tacky - I feel that Proudrace avoids it here with it's muted and simplistic colour palette. It remains edgy without being garish. Brava.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

on bold souls anniversary edition

Bold Souls, Glasgow's favourite fashion pop up shop celebrates a year of supporting Glasgow's indie fashion scene. This time setting up shop in Glasgow's Arches cafe bar - the anniversary edition will be featuring old favourites such as David Black, ChouChou and Jennie Loof as well as my favourite Glasgow girls Obscure Couture and jewellery from Bonnie Bling.
I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a day checking out Glasgow's finest fashion designers in one of my fave venues. The event will be running from 12-6 on the 6th of August with tickets available for pre-order for £3.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

on obscure couture RTW on asos

Showcasing with Fashion Mavericks in London, a mind blowing launch party and a Scottish Fashion Award Nomination - Glasgow based label Obscure Couture continue on the rise, releasing their diffusion range on ASOS. The ready to wear collection is a more affordable and easier to wear version of the couture featuring leggings, t-shirts, play suits, dresses, cardigans, shorts and skirts of all lengths. Mixing charcoal greys and smoke blacks with baby pinks, golds and oranges - the RTW is pretty much to die for. Prices range from £50-£220. I got myself the deltoid t-shirt at the weekend (first one out of limited batch of 250) and I can vouch for it as pretty much the comfiest guy in the world. Cute print, good material. I will say I got a small which is sized as 6-8 on asos, while I'm a 10. They are quite loose fitting so I'd say size down or size up at your leisure depending on the fit you like. I will of course be nudging boyfriend in the way of the Calcanius cardi for birthday time.....
You can shop Obscure Couture on ASOS here.
It's worth noting the girls will be selling the RTW directly at Bold Souls this Saturday, 12-6 at the Arches.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

on clinique 3 step review

I'm all for spending money on skin care. I mean I'm not saying there are any products out there that are going to work miracles and the best bet any of us have of good skin is eat right and drink lots of water. Oh so much water. But that doesn't mean skin care companies can't give us a helping hand - and a good skin care routine does make a difference. While I'm guilty of using a face wipe on occasion (it's better off your face than on) I'm an advocate of cleanse,tone,moisturise. I just think when it comes to wipes...well wipes are for like surfaces, not your face. That said at £56 for the set - is this the kind of dollar we should be paying out for good skin?
When I first walked in to Clinique a few months ago I was just looking for the moisturiser. I had some extra cash and I remember being quite fond of it. Plus they had that whole offer on where you got loads of freebies which is also quite awesome. Anyway in I went and before I know it I'm whisked in to a seat and grilled on my skin only to find out..."dry/combo." Dry? With my forehead? Apparently so. My cheeks can be quite dry, normal to oily t-zone. After finding out after all this year I'd been treating my skin as if it was normal/greasy I thought - to hell with it. Let's give this guy a try. The 3 step routine features a cleansing soap, toner and moisturiser.

Step 1 - Cleansing Soap: I quite like the cleaning soap - it takes off my mascara a treat, and I find it quite sensitive when I'm rubbing it all over my face. It doesn't really smell too much and has a nice gel like texture that builds up in to a fine lather with water. THAT said - don't think that it really lifts make up as thoroughly as I'd like it. I'm a girl who is short on time most of the time and feel I have to do this step twice to make sure I've got all the make up off my skin.

Step 2: Toner: I really like the toner. It has a slight tingle that is not all together unpleasant and leaves the skin feeling fresh. That said it does go down a lot quicker than the other products even if I am using a titch.

Step 3: Moisturiser: I love a good moisturiser and this guy is pretty good as moisturisers go. It is absorbed easy in to the skin so doesn't leaving me feel greasy or like I have a layer of moisture on my skin. It feels quite fresh and hydrated. I really enjoy the feel of this as well. For dry skin it doesn't feel too heavy. Easily my favourite out of the 3 step plan.

I know a few people have found the products a bit harsh on the skin. Personally I didn't find it too abrasive and quite enjoyed it. That said...£56. I'm not sure how much of my skin clearing up I can really credit to Clinique. I feel the 3 Step skin care encourages a cleansing, toning, moisturising habit which will always improve the skin. I've still got a bit left and will continue to use it, and I feel it has helped me get back in to the routine of taking care of my skin properly, but I can't say that I love it or will be buying it again. I'm curious to hear your opinions on this guy though? What's your routine/fave products?
Clinique is available at Boots and any good department store.

Also shameless promotion - In the Company of Wolves now has a facebook, I'd quite like it if you went and "liked" it.
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