Thursday, 30 June 2011

on violent lips

I suspect I'm a little bit late on the Violent Lips bandwagon, only really finding out about them a week ago after a couple of friends got them done at Pout in Glasgow, but after creeping about the internet for a bit apparently these temporary tattoo style lip transfers are a thing. A thing that I am very much okay with.As a kid I was crazy for temporary tattoo transfers...they would always go on my arm so I could pretend I was some ex convict or sailor...or my hand because....well because I was 6 for christ sakes. Anyway this being brought forward and brought in to my make up bag is something I can get on board with. I've tried to do fancy smancy stuff with my make up before...leopard print eyes that ended with eyeliner smudged all down my face - and two tone lipstick where the colours just blended in to each other. Violent Lips takes the hassle out of it. Lasting from between 4-8 hours these guys seem perfect for a night out. If you order from the site you get a pack of 3 from under $15 and you just cut the lips to your own mouth shape, wet cloth, wham bam thank you mam. The designs are amazeballs - favourites include pretty much anything leopard print, the american flag and the roses print (which is alas out of season.) There are some pretty amazing glitter transfers that are coming in soon so you can bet your bottom dollar I'm looking out for these bad boys.
Currently they are doing free shipping (to the UK hurrah!) if you buy 3 orders or more. Now all I need to do is find my some cash dollar and various special occasions to crack them out for.
That said - if you're a Glasgow based lass like myself and fancy checking out these guys in the flesh before bulk buying you can get yourself a set of Violent Lips done at Pout on 11 Bain Street. It's worth saying they also do the best fake nails I've ever seen in my life.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

on popping your collar with dimepiece designs

There are few things I approve of more thoroughly than a good collar. A very good sharp collar. It's just one of those things that instantly makes my heart do that pitter patter thingy. Anyway it should come as no surprise that the idea of detachable collars is right up my street. Like we're talking "where have you been all my life" them my 80denier staple I didn't realise I was missing. Now dimepiece designs is populated mostly by grunge and counter culture inspired tshirts - which also translates in there collars - with crosses and polka dots and all sorts of goodness. Of course $40 seems a bit frightening for you know...a collar, so this may be one of those times I cross my fingers and gun for Topshop picking up on this turbans and the like. I'm kind of dying for the black and white cross guy....think it could transform a whole mess of outfits.
Detachable collars then...the love/lust I've found...not just me?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

on laura mercier foundation review

You know, I'd always thought I'd found my perfect foundation with double wear. It was matte, provided a full coverage and came in as near as a colour match as I'd ever seen for myself. I fall in to a very distinctive shade dubbed only as a whiter shade of pale. I am pretty sure a couple of shades paler and I would be goth white. Anyway....I thought I'd found the perfect foundation, but then I was in Space NK one day, having a browse. My skin had been playing up lately - making the sexy transgressison from normal to combination - and quite frankly my skin wanted something that was less drying, less cloying than double wear.
Now I was hesitant at first. Silk creme foundation. Fine. Pale as pale can be shade. Double fine. "Luminous formula." WOAH NELLY. I was used to matte coverage...had been since time began...what was this...luminosity they spoke of? I didn't want to look dewy. Just look like I had the skin of a 22 year old. A 22 year old who doesn't smoke. Is that so much to ask? (I know this has a lot to do with me giving up smoking...which I'm in the process of, but for now, a bit of make -up can give me a little hand surely?) Once applied though the foundation didn't have the "dewy" finish I had been dreading. I wasn't shiny. The coverage was pretty full without being heavy, the colour looked good...and I looked fresh. My cheeks didn't feel like they were tight from make-up. All of these things were good things.
So what was the damage? Well...£8 more than my usual, 35ml clocking in at £33. That said...a little does go a long way and this has become my favourite foundation. It offers me everything I want without drying out my skin. I'm from the school of thought where a good base can allow you to skip corners else where (collection 2000 eyeliner anyone?) and it for me offers a sense of security. I wear soft ivory which is pale as anything and perfect for me, and I will continue to use this till someone can trump this foundation.
So ladies, I'm curious as to your fave bases? Foundations...concealers...blushes the lot. Is £33 too much for the "perfect foundation"?

Friday, 17 June 2011

on tatty bon new jewellery

Hello there my gorgeous things. That's me fully rested after a week in the sun. 27 degree weather in a low as possible factor (without openly inviting cancer) and wearing as little as possible and I've come home a lovely shade of cream. SWEET TAN YO. Anyway since I've been back I've been back behind the bar in one job, and back behind the desk in the other. In between all that I managed to sneak down to Tatty Bon and deek out some of the new sweet jewellery my fave vintage boutique had to offer.
The new collection is all hand made - with bright colours and glitter and crystals - and pretty much all of it can be custom ordered to your requests - in varying colours and messages. I love some of the found objects that are making there way in to the jewellery - formerly working with doll house furniture and plastic toys, Tatty Bon's new work is a mix of dark and light, retaining it's tongue in cheek with it's playful customisable messages and colours. The tooth jewellery is taken from a mould of the owners own tooth (a bit creepy but also kind of amazing)...but the real favourites for me are the crystal encrusted hearts. Is that a "Hole" reference I see before me....I think it is and that's peachy keen with me. There are large wooden hearts encrusted with crystals, zombie necklaces, bow knuckle dusters and a whole mess of forest animals.
The jewellery is criminally cheap prices ranging from £4-£14, average pieces probably working around £6-8. I've already picked up a few pieces myself (a custom Bee Waits crystal heart necklace in blue and gold, a baby blue glitter mexican skull ring and a pink and purple dead elvis cameo.) Among all the glittery madness there is still the usual staples of bottle top broaches, porcelain dish earrings and tea cup necklaces but this new stuff I couldn't help myself around.
If you fancy a piece of affordable custom jewellery you can't really do much better than Tatty Bon.

Tatty Bon is located on Parnie Street in the Merchant City, just round from A1 comics, open Tuesday-Saturday 12-5.30

Saturday, 4 June 2011

on helen ruth: designer spotlight

While you are reading this you should know I am probably by the pool, getting myself a sweet tan and generally enjoying life. My absence however is no excuse for not sharing the uh-mazing work of Scottish accessorise designer Helen Ruth. Based in Aberdeen Ruth specialises in beautiful scarfs, the prints a perfect mixture of original hand drawn illustration and found images. Taking inspiration from dolls and stories and generally everything good about childhood, Ruth's designs are pretty much everything I like in a scarf. Hand finished, beautifully printed and unique designs. Swoon.In order: Russian Jigsaw Scarf £140, Carnival Scarf £149, Marie Antoinette Scarf £130, Secret Garden Scarf £130
The prints on the scarves seem to have a certain humor to them - and seem to have found the perfect balance between quirky design while still feeling like a classic investment piece. I love that Ruth doesn't shy away from colours and all the little details in the scarf are what make them all so special. The Marie Antoinette design might just be my favourite with it's mix of mint, orange and purple with leopard print in the main body.
If you're in love with the scarves but shy of the £130/140 price mark she also creates handkerchief versions of the scarves at £25 a pop. IDEAL.
I would heavy recommend getting one of her pieces here. I do have a fondness for a good scarf and these pretty much fit the bill to a t.
Seriously if you do not fall in love with the print of Egg Lady and Friends you are dead inside.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

on topshop lipstick - on the town review

I've been looking for a lilac lipstick for a while. One that is the perfect shade of pastel without looking like Laura Palmer. I flirted with Lime Crime (great colour pigmentation but a bit bold for what I was hoping to achieve), I liaised with Barry M (great coverage but made me look like a corpse) and contemplated MAC, gathering my empties together hoping to find my perfect shade without having to spend all the money in the world.
Then I went in to Topshop and saw it. Velvet finish. £8. I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and the shade was pretty much perfect. Throwing caution in to the wind (or you know...sauntering up to the till) I bought my first pale lipstick...that wasn't a nude.
First things first. This was pretty much the colour I was hoping for. That said, it did take me a while to warm to. It had a nice finish and felt very moisturising but it was lilac. It's a very very cold pale pink with blue tones, and felt very odd seeing myself with such a pale lip - retreating from my usual red. That said - I felt a lot better about it once I had a full face on and added a nice finish to a night out look when I fancied being heavy handed with the eyeliner. It lasted for a long time and people seemed to like it.
While I like this lipstick - it can be hard to wear and wouldn't recommend it if you have any qualms about making your teeth look yellow. Unlike a red, this will not act like a whitener. The lipstick also had quite a sweet smell to it which didn't bother me, but if you're extra sensitive to these things I would give it a miss.
Overall: A departure from my usual red base, and while I can't imagine it being my every day lipstick yet, deff one for nights out. It feels great on and had a nice glossy finish with an even coverage. If you're looking for a nice lilac lipstick that won't break the bank you can't really go wrong with On the Town.
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