Wednesday, 27 April 2011

on charlotte taylor (or're doing it right)

I am a sucker for print. The more novel the better. Seriously, as a teenager I could not get enough of it. At the time H&M were more than willing to accommodate. Skulls on EVERYTHING. I also recall a rather awesome grey top with tiny little cats all over it. My laces were covered in stars, my tights were leopard print, I wore way too much bright jewellery and everything was studded. I pretty much thought I was the shit. Or as much as any one can- teenage anxieties aside. As with anything style changes, and I began to opt for things that were slightly better made - and found a love for vintage - which for the most part was for me more about shapes and fabrics than prints. I found a way to express myself in a slightly more mature way without looking like some Saturday morning cartoon had been sick all over me.
I think it started when I was 18 really. Like some bizarre quarter life crisis. I was going to be like dressing pin up all the time. Heels, pencil skirts and red lipsticks...all the fucking time. The lipstick stayed and everything else pretty much fell by the wayside. I liked the polished look sure, but it was way to high maintenance- plus there is this whole thing with hair that goes with the look. I can backcomb and stick my hair in a messy bobble - THAT IS IT. I am going somewhere with this...promise. I got it in my head at some point that girl had to be all about the basics (which is good advice which I pretty much ignored in the favour of dresses) but when it came to tops and skirts and the like I liked to play it pretty safe. Other than leopard print. Bitches love leopard print.
But I never really got over my love for a good print. I was in Primark the other week and Miss L pretty much had her ear drums burst when I found "The Penguin Print Skirt" (or PPS for short.) I'd never stopped loving print, a novelty print is pretty much the way to my heart - but for the most part, most of the prints that make their way to the high street hurt my heart. It's boring and the PPS. The PPS was awesome.
I suppose a print resurgence was a long time coming anyway as a few days on my newsfeed Natalie Dawson posted a picture from a little known designer called Charlotte Taylor. Suffice to say it was love at first sight.It should be noted that the first thing I squeeled about was GAH LOBSTERS. And of course when I think of lobsters I think of my long term love for Elsa Schiaparelli and this dress.
But my crazy crush on Schiparelli is best saved for another time
I can't believe I've never come across Charlotte Taylor before - girls worked with Luella and her fun bright designs are right up my street. And the styling is my exact flavour of quirk. The robots I'm not so crazy for but I can totally get on board with fugly concepts of ants and lobsters and penguins. Even more so with this colour palette. Mint green and merlot? Orange and pink? Yes one thousand times. What I love about these designs is that they are playful but at the same time seem grown up and dare I say...elegant? Yeah I'm throwing that one in the mix.
Anyway I'm sure I've fangirled enough, you really should check out her stuff. Charlotte Taylor has a blog and a website so be sure to check out and pretty much appreciate print design done very very right.

Monday, 25 April 2011

on the great big illamasqua review

I've been meaning to review products from Illamasqua for some time. I first came across them a year ago when a friend hooked me up with one of their nail polishes (a gorgeous gold called Victory) and one of their rich liquid foundations. Ever since there have been different products I've fallen in love with (their eyelashes for one are brilliant)...but today thought would focus on a few key products that I tend to use a lot -pretty much everything from the Throb collection back in February - namely because red and black are my default colours but also because think they give a good overview of the other products. Today am going to be looking at Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation in RF140, intense lipgloss in succubus, lipstick in sangers and two nail polishes - throb (red) and scorn (a matte black.)

The first thing I noticed about the rich liquid foundation was how thick it was. It does have a nice creamy feel, but for the most part I feel when applying it if felt cloying and very heavy. That said it does provide a really good coverage and provides a clean matte base to work with. If you're looking for a blank slate to work with, Illamasqua rich liquid foundation does provide a good base. I find the colour quite prominent, and RF140 was way too dark for me. It was very yellow and just made me look like I had a bad tan and a liver infection. For the kind of coverage it provides, I do prefer Estee Lauder's maximum cover for this kind of thing, but I feel for a big night out and if I had a better colour match I would be more open to this. This colour is best mixed with some moisturiser to thin it out as otherwise might be a bit too heavy even for a night out.

I do love me a good red lipstick, so it will come as no suprise that I love Illamasqua's lipstick in Sangers. It's pretty much your standard red, I'd say it's quite warm in tone and has an almost vintage pin up tone to it. Very vampy and very matte. It reminds me of Mac's Ruby Woo - except no where near as chalky. The application was fairly easy and the colour is long wearing (roughly 6 hours.) The colour builds up quite well and stays put, and comes in this gorgeous elegant square black packaging. It feels mature and elegant, while still having an edge. If all Illamasqua's lipsticks are as long wearing as this I may just be convert over from MAC. Maybe. I've got my eye on a warm coral pink matte called Scandal that might just be the perfect day time lipstick. At £15.50 it's not exactly purse friendly...but the long wear and the packaging make it worth it.
The think I enjoyed about the lipstick was that it was scent free, not so with the lipgloss - but that's to be expected. Succubus has this really gorgeous smell of raspberries that isn't sweet or sickly. It's very pigmented and I found the coverage very pull. The colour itself is billed as a blood red (pretty much the best description I can think of). I'd say it is far warmer than Sangers and has a nice finish. However while it doesn't feel too sticky on the lips it almost feels waxy and I found my hair took quite the liking to it. I'm not really a lipgloss person...ever, however the colour and the staying power of Succubus has me sold. I'm not sure if I'd be tempted to try any of the other intense lipglosses...although Gender (a bright blue) looks pretty amazing. I'm still not completely sold on glosses but maybe it's time to extend my repertoire.
Nail Polish- Scorn
I have nothing but praise for Illamasqua's nail polishes and have no qualms about saying that they are probably some of the best polishes on the market. You'll have to forgive my application skills, and my crap camera, you can find another view and better pictorials here.
Scorn is a gorgeous matte black, and what I like about it looks a bit like latex for your nails. It has the amazing rubber effect. It takes a couple of applications to build up the effect but the over all effect is striking. I found Scorn did take a little bit of time to dry between applications but once it's on it's quite durable.
Nail Polish - Throb
Every girls needs a red nail polish. It's just one of those finishing touches. Throb is the perfect red polish, not too orange, but no too deep - quite bright with a shine to the finish. The application for this colour was easy and Throb, unlike Scorn - only really needs one coat though you can build it up. Once more the lasting power is great and doesn't chip too much (it's passed the bar test.) £13.50. So worth it.

As you can probably guess I'm pretty much a fangirl for Illamasqua's nail polishes. I'm yet to have a bad experience with them. I have covered my default colours here, but their range is so varied and I love their experimentation with colours and finishes. I'm dying to try some of their neons - they look astounding. Overall my experience with the brand has been positive, although I would be reluctant to try their foundation again. I'd like to know your experiences with the brand though - and what products I haven't covered here (blushes, eyeshadows?) and if they are worth giving a wee shot.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

on happy birthday blog

Indulge me if you will....cause one year ago today I started up Bee Waits for No One after the first ITCOW. I've rambled about make up, art, style icons and the like...and would just like to thank everyone who drops by wee blog, who leaves a comment, tweets or just comes by to have a wee creep. Thank you so much for reading. Here's to another year and the like yeah?

Also I got my a facebook fan page. Go on and like it.

Friday, 22 April 2011

on cats and the universe

Anyone remotely surprised I posted these? Nobody? Thought as much. It's probably come up once or twice that I do enjoy nothing more than a good wedge and a galaxy print. NATURAL marriage. Clearly. Anyway these hand painted (yeah you read that right) nebula wedges can be purchaseyed on etsy for 111 of your british pounds and 59 of your pence. Available in all the sizes (I saw all the sizes...I really mean they run from 3 - 8) these guys are pretty much my favourite. Painted on faux suede, the nebula wedge can be custom ordered. Want different colours? Fancy your name? Gravy. Kustom Kixx can make it happen. Oh you are good.

Now on the subject of natural marriages.....cats and the cosmos? OBVIOUS MARRIAGE IS OBVIOUS.
It's the Easter weekend after all and what better way to start it than with cats? I've pretty much spent the whole night up ill/writing a research if you will forgive me this small self indulgence I promise I'll be back with some products reviews and proper ramblings next week. Until then my weekend is planned out as - work (hopefully...I need the dollah), not be sick, watch loads of Doctor Who, try not kill the builders outside my flat and easter tea with my beautiful besty and her family. Have a good one x
AN: By the by....totally worth noting you can buy the cat tshirt here. It's designed by an artist called Zippora Lux....king of the celestial cat and the creator of the first kitty cat image here. I've featured his galaxy cats before....but never in tshirt form. SWOON.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

on jennie loof

Seamstress extraordinaire and Glasgow based designer Jennie Loof continues to make my tiny heart a flutter with her unique hand-crafted pieces. Every piece is a one off beautifully crafted out of second hand and vintage fabrics with eye popping bright coloured linings. Many a time have I gushed over her floral print dresses only to find that inside they were lined with hot pink or purple. HIYA.
Her work has a real ethereal dreamlike quality. The vintage kitch appeal that runs through all her designs is delightful, everything feels really fun. I suppose the added bonus is that all her designs are wearable and can be altered to fit (because Jennie is dead good like that.) Her real strengths....for me anyway are her dresses and skirts. I love her experimentation with different fabrics and colours - favourite pieces of mine have included a deep wine coloured lace skirt as well as the blue floral dress pictured above. Other than her pieces being super cute and completely unique, everything I've ever seen from this wee starlet has always come in under £100. Environmentally and bank balance friendly.
Jennie will be showcasing her new collection at Nightwalk this Friday at the Arches (tickets £15) as well as selling pieces from her collection at the next Bold Souls on the 30th April at Chambre69.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

on cross stitch vogue

How crazy good are these cross stitched vogue covers and editorials? The handy work of London based artist Inge Jacobsen is incredible. These hand stitched guys (about the same size as a magazine)have all sorts of crazy attention to detail. I can't even begin to imagine how long these guys took.For you lucky guys based in London, her work will be exhibited in June at Kingston University in London. I love the juxtaposition of homemade craft and mass produced fashion so this stuff tickles me proper.....if you're based South worth deeking out.

Monday, 18 April 2011

on bloggers day out at the scottish ballet

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Scottish Bloggers meet up at the gorgeous Blythswood Square. Organised flawlessly by the gorgeous Ann from girlinthecityglasgow, the day was all sorts of good - filled with pampering,culture and cake. Oh so much cake.
I started the morning meeting with one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa from Baroque Boudoir making our way up to the Blythswood dressed to the nines (her in Vivienne Westwood angel wedges, me tottering along in chunky red heels from Miss Selfridge.) On arrival we're guided down to the Monte Carlo suite where we're greeted with a glass of prosecco and given our name badges (with the Alice font) and the mingling begins. I was pretty nervous....speaking too much and too freely about my creepy builders and £7 kebab but everyone was so lovely and funny and wonderful. We were guided in to the Blythswood's screening room (each chair adorned with a different Harris Tweed, keeping it Scottish eh?) where we're treated to a few videos on the production design of Alice and all the work that goes in to putting together a large scale production. The whole idea of the set moving to give way to each different world was amazing, and I loved the fact that they took influence from Victorian photocollage. It looked....astounding. After our wee deek at the videos the wonderful Leon - spa director at the Blythswood gushed about the Blythswood Spa and the treatments they provided there. Pretty much one of the best spa's in Scotland, the one thing that particularly stood out to me was the idea of this seaweed bath.
If we weren't already feeling pretty spoiled we were brought through to a room for a high tea, and out came the platters with an Alice inspired tea. I swear to god I have never seen so much food in my entire life.
Photo: Baroque Boudouir
With empire biscuits,strawberry tarts and a Cheshire Cat inspired violet flavoured cake the spread was fit for a Queen. We were then invited to get our hair,nails and face did as well as having a tour of the spa. I missed the tour, but a few other girls who got in on the action assured me it's one of the finest spas they have ever seen.
Once fed and watered we're given goody bags (with spa vouchers,jewellery from Rox...and a selection of hair products, nearly died a bit when realised I got some dust-it,result) we were whisked off to the Theatre Royal for the Scottish Ballet's production of Alice.
I've only been to the ballet once before - to see Sleeping Beauty, and that was on a University trip some 3 and a bit years ago. I remember the costumes being amazing....but the ones for Alice, well they pretty much blew me away. The whole production had a darker tone throughout, with a punk rock aesthetic. Favourites for me were Tweedledum and Tweedledee as pregnant schoolgirls, the Leigh Bowery inspired Humpty Dumpty and of course the Cheshire Cat. Doubt there was a blogger there who left not wanting to nick her tights.
Like the book, the ballet doesn't follow a classic narrative structure, instead focuses on character led episodes weaving together Alice's transition from childhood to adulthood and how she relates to those around her. By having Alice fall through the camera lens (a metaphor for Carrol's imagination) the ballet has an element of meta to it - especially with Carrol as one of the leads. The dancing itself was spectacular, the costumes pretty much perfect and I don't really think I can gush enough about the set design. I was pretty much blown away. I cannot recommend it thoroughly enough and would encourage anyone who has the chance to see it to please do. That's Alice left Glasgow but you can still see the performance in Edinburgh,Inverness,Cardiff and Aberdeen.
Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Wed 20 – Sat 23 April 2011
Evenings 20-23 April - 7.30pm
Matinees 21 & 23 April – 2pm
Inverness Eden Court
Wed 27 – Sat 30 April 2011
Evenings 27-30 April – 7.30pm
Matinees 28 & 30 April – 2pm
Cardiff Millennium Centre
Wed 4 – Sat 7 May2011
Evenings 4-7 May - 7.30pm
Matinee 7 May – 2pm
Aberdeen Her Majesty's Theatre
Wed 11 – Sat 14 May 2011
Evenings 11-14 May – 7.30pm
Matinees 12 & 14 May– 2pm
Tickets start from as little as £ you'd be insane to miss it.
If you can't make it to any of the showings, you should tune in to Alice's live streaming event from 7pm on April 21st. Half hour before curtain call you'll be able to see dancers apply make up, talk about the production and warm up before going on stage.

Scottish Ballet: Alice 2011 - Antony McDonald, Designing a New World from Scottish Ballet on Vimeo.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

on "in the mood"

Happening guys. I feel like I've finally recovered after a weekend that seems to have been predominately sponsored by pall mall and cake. Anyway...the blogger meet up at the Blythswood yesterday was brilliant-more info shortly. This is mostly down to the reason the only picture (singular) I took was of cake. The rest of the time was spent getting my hair did and fangirling over the set design for Alice.

I'm pretty aware I have more nail polish than any girl can really justify having - especially with my haphazard application technique and my tendency to constantly go back to default red,black or gold (all illamasqua since you asked)- but second I saw these was pretty much love forever and ever.In the Mood's mood changing nail polish.....naturally. For the girl who has it all or lives in a state of being perpetually indecisive, these guys are pretty much the best things I've ever seen. Of course they only ship to Canada and the U.S *insert anguish here* but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a way to make these mine. While I do want all of them..."Mellow" (the lavender to pink change) is currently my favourite. It just looks so sickly sweet. $8 isn't to tragic right? Exchange rates aren't my forte.The idea of this polish has pretty much reignited my long love for mood rings, from my teenage "witch" stage (you know when you bought tarot cards,crystals and wore too much eyeliner...that stage.) Anyway I have designs to just adorn myself with as many mood rings as possible and live in a constant state of ennui. Such that it deserves its own italics.

Got exam this week on music,media and identity- so tomorrow will be spent spilling over Bowman,McRobbie and Firth. Chances are you're going to get my academic overspill. Sorry guys.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

on fashion film and a catch up of sorts

It feels like forever - and I suppose as a result I have some yarn to spin.
First and foremost - I'm back to blonde. Almost. Most of.Kind of. White roots, yellow lengths.....which is a little warmer than I was going for but I'm kind of on the right track. The red lifted far easier than I expected (thanks for the horror stories) and hair could feel worse. I mean I'm not going to's pretty fucked...but it doesn't feel like chewing gum after 3 lightening sessions so I'm counting my blessings. I'm aware I'll have to lighten the lengths a few more times to even out my hair before I can go a darker blonde, but it's a work in progress. I've finally got used to waking up and seeing blonde hair.Other than that life has been a mixture of uni (so close to being over...I'm pretty sure I nearly lost it when the word "cocacolaization" was thrown in the more "izations" leisure's getting ridiculous) working to pay me some bills...and after a wee break to work on a project back in the GFF offices. Obviously delighted. A brief overview of what I'm doing is looking at the fashion strand, what it is now,what we're hoping to develop it in to next year. It's pretty awesome. The other day was spent looking at the background of fashion films (opposed to fashion in film) and how it's grown with new media and how fashion lends itself to cinema. Basically I got to spend the day reading about Nick Knight's work with ShowStudio. Life is pretty peachy keen.
I love film, and seeing how new media affects the industry - how we consume, be it events or fashion or music. It allows a connection and a more direct relationship between consumers,artists....brands. I suppose I could wax lyrical about constructed identity through social media platforms, but for now it's more of the trans formative nature of media in our lives.

It's not even like fashion film's a new thing - designers frequently use them to help promote brands, preview new collections and generate excitement around the products, but it seems that in the last 5 years we've seen a shift in it as an art form. Film is after all about creating new worlds and we're seeing more complex narratives and stories interwoven with the brands message. Christian Dior's Lady Dior campaign with Marion Cotillard are a favourite - working with high profile directors like David Lynch, Jonas Akerlund and Oliver Dahan to create these very cinematic and strange short films. The latest chapter Lady Grey co-stars Sir Ian McKellan - and the imagery is beautiful. Sure it comes across as a bit pretentious but it's beautiful and a little bit sad, and even though it's an advert it still has a story and it's just sort of lovely. To be fair though I'm going to love anything with Marion Cotillard in it - the woman is just absolutely timeless. I'm particularly fond of Miu Miu's fashion film series "The Miu Miu Women's Tales"with each part of the series directed by a different female director. The first part "The Powder Room" was directed by Zoe Cassavetes and is very sweet and dreamlike. I guess it's only natural that we see the rise of fashion films as they lend themselves a sense of theatrics that is sometimes lost in a still image. Streaming runway shows to our phones is pretty standard, and I can pretty much spend an evening watching fashion films on youtube. Nick Knight - the crazy talented bastard that he is -pretty much leads the way with fashion films pointing out that "Clothes are designed to be seen in movement. One could argue that a still photograph of a piece of clothing it to some degree a compromise of the designer's original vision." That's not to say the still image is obsolete or ever will be - for me it's more about embracing technology and using it as an art form and a promotional tool in the same breath.
I can't really talk about fashion film and not talk about Gareth Pugh's F/W collection film that was projected on the ceiling of a 14th century chapel in Florence. I thoroughly recommend you check it out cause it's pretty insane. I love that it was on a ceiling - I can just imagine it would create a really immersive experience.

Fashion film isn't lost on us Scot's either. Back in February, Vogue's one to watch Iona Crawford premiered her 2011/2012 fashion film of her Ailsa collection produced by homegrown talent Vox Populus. It has the cutest bull in it and the music (and clothes) are uhmaze.

But what is your guys take on fashion film? Do you think it has the potential to become an alternative to runway or is it nice to have both? Any favourites that I should check out?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

on the best sunglasses

Oh hey sunshine. Long time no see. Apparently my old bifocals hate the sunshine (and rain,and steam) most things. The next few months look to have me returning to wearing contact lenses for the next few months, and getting myself some bitching sunglasses.

Obv the splurge would be these guys:
Jeremy Scott Wing Glasses - £191 (how specific) from Urban Outfitters
I've long been lectured on the merits of spending money on sunglasses, because if you look after them they will last forever and you will never ever regret it blahblahblah. I am terrible with glasses. The ones that help me see and stay on my face 90% of the time. I can't justify this kind of money on sunglasses (or anything tbh.) I'd look like a total boss in them but.

The attainable:
Cheap Monday Cats eye Sunglasses - £22 - Urban Outfitters
Continuing the theme of looking like an utter boss, these Cheap Monday cats eye glasses. £22 is acceptable for sunglasses right? They aren't as....elaborate as the Jeremy Scott ones, which is a plus or minus depending on what camp you hair from - but either way I'm a fan. Because they are black. And cats eye.
For now though my £2 mint green sunglasses from Primark which is okay with me. They make me feel a bit like Alabama Worley - with less leopard print.
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