Monday, 28 February 2011

on pretty much everything

One thing that was constantly asked of me at the festival was..."So how you feeling about everything, stressed?" and the thing is....9 times out of 10 the answer was no. Yea there were a few things I would have changed - but I'd be worried if I'd got to a point where I thought I didn't need to change things. It's a learning curve and the past 14 days has just confirmed how much I am very much in love with the events industry. Yes the hours are a bit crap and a bit long, and there is a lot of prep work before (I'm planning to be an excel supreamo before the year is out) but I think that's a necessary evil for any sector in the creative industry. I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people through events...and yeah the pros of the job are pretty amazing. The closing gala was last night (one last party at St Judes). I started off the day unable to get a hold of Clanadonia (the nicest men in the world), with no tarot card reader and no models and unsure how tall the raised platform would be for our burlesque performer. A few phone calls later we have some makeshift togas, models being body painted in the back room and the amazing Gypsy ready to read guests tarot cards. A special thanks to the girls who helped me pull this know who you are.
I'm back to uni tomorrow, which is a bit weird - and then next couple of weeks will be in the office helping tie up loose ends (budgets and reports and little fiddly bits) then a wee break (in which I will do every essay under the sun) before undertaking a wee project. Good times.
For now though I've set up fort in the living room with lucozade, breakfast rolls and some dvds. Mum has promised me a spa day in the near future which is something else to file in to the drawer of good things. As promised : wearing a bit of ten30 at the after party. Pic Stuart Crawford.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

on tatty bon's birthday

2 years ago today Tatty Bon first opened it's doors to the vintage lovers of Glasgow. Obvious to celebrate Tatty Bon's having a wee birthday party. This means cake...and a discount. 15% for any purchase over £10. SWEET.
The theme for the evening is kids birthday party - so expect fizzy juice (and fizzy tipples), lots of sweet treats and a few other sup rises. Even got a girl in doing some pretty sick nail art for only 5 of your british pounds. No falsies or gels..just handcrafted nail art. How very executive.
The night is all set up for this Thursday (that's the 3rd of March) and will be from 6 till 9. Would be wonderful to see you all down there.

on itcow and maybe sleeping forever

I actually can't believe how quickly the past 11 days have gone. It's Sunday and tonight's the film festival closing gala. I've still got loads of bits and bobs to do - mostly finance and reporting, making sure the entertainment gets sorted and everyone who's meant to be on "the list" (how wanky does that sound..."the list") is on it. Sod's law knocked me for six and gave me a cold - which hit me worst last night at Iona's new collection launch (which is unbelievable by the way.) Thankfully last night was an early finish (got a taxi home at 8:30) and today is a late start - so I'm allowing myself to return to something that resembles a functioning human being before I slide back in to the office.

Anyway - ITCOW with GFF. What can I say? It felt like everything that could have gone wrong went wrong that night - from a planning perspective anyway. There were bits I liked, bits I didn't. In spite of that - the clothes looked fucking amazing, as did the hair and make-up. Colour me pleased as punch. The party didn't go down half bad either. Free rum and cake will do that to a person. Due to a tech error Pam's cd decks didn't work - she was worried people thought she didn't want to dj, bless her. However the boys from Menergy sorted us with some tunes so everything seemed to go splendid in the end. Few rough edges got to sort over the next few days though.....

The designers were as always, sweet as sugar to work with.
Lilly Wiggler's collection (not pictured) was gorgeous - loads of mental bodysuits, sort of like porn star Judy Jetson come Barbarella. This is a good thing.
Nicola Beedie's collection was some of the most wearable stuff to go down the runway (apart from which we at ITCOW HQ affectionately dubbed the sexy Mr Tumnous jumpsuit) but yes - it was wonderful. Lots of lace and jersey. ITCOW with GFF marked House of Black's first catwalk show out of Uni and I have to say I was insanely impressed by his collection, and attitude. David is such a sweet and humble and wonderful person to work with - and his classic 50's cuts with a contemporary twist....are just gorgeous.
What can you say about Judy Clark's collection other than it's pretty much perfect. Working with Harris Tweed and lace - her collection has this unbelievable attention to detail. The cuts are beautiful and dramatic - was nice to see this taxi on the heritage fabric.It should be no surprise to anyone that Obscure Couture's stuff remain a film favourite with me. Orange ball gown, anarcardi, pink leather studded skirt and lace tops - everything was swoonerific.
And finally Torres. Rebecca's new collection is unbelievable. I've got myself a wee piece from her last collection - and her collection may be "skin tight" they are actually crazy flattering. One to watch for sure.

I was running around in a beautiful piece from Alan Moore at ten30 (pics to follow), eating jasmine cake and making sure everything went to plan. In spite of everything I felt very very zen about everything. I have to thank Lady Munter and Vanity Von Glow for introducing the film, the wonderful staff at the CCA, GFF volunteers, our models from Superior, Suzy McGill and her art team from Rainbow Room's Uddingston - some of the most insanely talented people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, Fiona and the rest of her team from Illamasqua, Claire & Fiona from Urban Outfitters, Glasgow Caledonian University for funding the fashion strand of the festival, our amazing dressers.....and FINALLY Katy Barron and Ally Turnbull. Ally - my partner in crime and co-director of ITCOW, and stage manager extraordinaire and Katy, pretty much my right hand woman. You guy's I couldn't have done it without you.

A special thanks to everyone who comes to all these events. It's wonderful to see how supportive Glasgow's fashion community is and can't wait to see more events that support the vast talent that Glasgow has to offer.
All photos thanks to the super talented: Grant Alexander McDonald

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

on marwencol

The other night I went to see Marwencol at the GFT - and it was just as beautiful and wonderful and weird as I'd hoped it would be. More so even. Mark Hogancamp was beaten up outside a bar - left severely brain damaged and had to learn to walk,talk and write again. He couldn't really remember who he was - so he build this 1/6th scale town called Marcenwol as therapy. Marcenwol is a second world war town in Belgium populated entirely by beautiful woman. Hogie (Mark's alter ego) crash lands outside the city - and goes on to make it his home, finding love and opening his own cat fight bar. Mark uses the town to create all these stories and take pictures of them. The town has a crazy amount of detail and the characters each have intense back stories. The happenings of Marcenwol are romantic,horrific,fantastical (with a touch of sci fi), comedy and horror. Mark obviously has a lot invested in the town - and the film followed his decision to allow it to be displayed in an art gallery. Looking at it you can't really imagine it anywhere else but it's his therapy - and his decision to share such an intensely personal part of himself with strangers was brave and pretty wonderful.My favourite character in Marcenwol is Deja the belgian witch (the lass with the blue hair.) She has magic gloves and a time machine. I swear if you ever get the chance to see Marcenwol- do. It's magical. Till then you can see more pictures at

Friday, 18 February 2011

on things that excite me

So....In the Company of Wolves was mentioned in a wee interview on STV. You can watch it here. Needless to say I am pleased as punch. The event itself is sold out - so hoping next ITCOW will be at a bigger venue as still looks like you guys have an appetite for Scottish Independent Design.

Also....A GFF vinyl is in the window of Urban Outfitters promoting our exhibition as well as the party they will be holding in store. It looks beautiful and am really pleased how it's all went. The exhibition is now live, so you should deff go have a creep, would love to know what you know what you think of it (amazing,okay...terrible?.)
Sorry to bore you with all the work chat but am just crazy pleased.

on really great hair

Safe to say the hair and make up at Jeremy Scott's A/W 11 show was fanfuckingtastic. Orange hair. YES. I love that this hair dipping is hair to stay, it's so 90's it hurts.
Think might try some of the eyeshadow looks one day, when I'm feeling brave and fancy looking a tad executive. I'm loving the use of colour, it's pretty spectacular. I guess when I first saw the hair over at Fur Coat No Knickers it was pretty inevitable that I was going to post about it. Thing is, I'm not overly crazy for the collection itself (although there was a pretty sweet pair of candy pink boots that caught my eye) but the hair and make up for the show just makes it and brings everything together spectacularly.
Pics Dazed Digital

Thursday, 17 February 2011

on big reveal part 2

As part of the exhibition with Glasgow Film Festival and Urban Outfitters, their will be an exhibition in store featuring a few Glasgow prominent creatives as their movie style icons - as well as some iconic movie posters. The above shot is taken from the outtakes from the shoot - but gadz, the pictures look cracking. All the thanks in the world to my wonderful photographer Levi Macdonald - Lynne Anderson and Kaeleigh Wallace for their mad make up skills and for all you who showed up, dressed up and looked sharp for the camera. The photos will be on display in store till the 27th and prints will be available for purchasey from the wonderful Levi should you so desire.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

on reveal number one: urban outfitters & gff

So I've been hinting about this collaboration I've been working on. Well guys it's only been with bloody Urban Outfitters. Let's not pretend I'm not excited about this. A few of you will know about this already (especially if you get their mailing list of happen to have a Glasgow based blog) but I'm actually dead pleased that I'm finally able to spill the least in part about what we've been doing.
The girls at the store have been nothing short of wonderful - and I can't tell you how excited I am about the party in store on the 24th. We've got a few more things going on with Urban Outfitters (so keep your eyes creeped on facebook,twitter and the Buchanan Street store) it's going to be all kinds of crazy awesome.
Urban Outfitters Glasgow Facebook
Glasgow Film Festival on Twitter

Anyway...launch tomorrow and loads of bits and bobs to do before then - as well as compiling a guest list for Pyuupiru's afterparty with Pam Hogg. It's all go at the moment!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

on pattern clashing and pugs

It's been a busy week. Uni is pretty mental, and the film festival launches on Thursday. Oh, also my friend Craig got a pug.This is Stella. Isn't she precious?She's 10 weeks old and is so tiny. I didn't quite expect her to be so small - or so cute, but she's just proper brilliant. I'm not going to lie....she's teething so made a fair go at a pair of my shoes as well as my nightdress, but look at this face. Actually IMPOSSIBLE to be mad at her.
I hadn't seen Craig for ages so thought would go visit him and his puppy. I'm pretty much preparing to become a social recluse for the next couple of weeks - so the idea of puppies, crap tv (Charmed and 4 weddings if you must know) and a catch up sounded perfect. Needless to say, my pals know how to do hospitality. You can tell he used to work in a hotel right?
I hadn't really had a moment to myself the past wee while, so retreating to my friends felt like a mini get away. I swear all I seemed to do is sleep, eat and cuddle the puppy. Ended up staying over as walking home late by myself isn't really an option at the moment. It does however mean mini crabtree and evelyn products and executive mints on my bed, which is always pretty nice. Do hotels still do mints on their pillows? Am I just staying in fairly grim establishments when I do go away?

Went over quite bummed my hair in a crap bun. Thought would try pattern clashing...because why the fuck not?
Rose tunic - Topshop, Skirt - River Island, Cardi - God knows, Socks - Primark, Shoes - Primark (£3 btw)
Anyway was really nice to get away. Was nice to switch off. I'm back in tomorrow and got a ton to do (model fittings, making sure deliveries come in, checking guest lists and the like) so I suppose this was all the calm before the storm.
What I am excited about is an exhibition we have going live on Wednesday. I'll post more about it later in the week - but it's exciting. I'm actually quite pleased about it as managed to get some brilliant Scottish independent designers clothes on display in a popular high street store. There will be names you'll recognise I'm sure, and a few that you don't - but really glad they are going to get the exposure.

Moving away from talking shop - met my mum for lunch on Saturday, (I haven't seen her since November) and we've decided we'd quite like to go see a couple of shows in London - one of them being Wicked. I'm not entirely sure where to stay - or where I can find some cheap train fares, but was wondering if you guys have any recommendations of somewhere nice to stay and anything we should do while we're down there? I haven't been to London since I was 10 (yeah I know....) so my knowledge of the city is sketch at best.

Also - this is more of a public service announcement for fellow Glasgow girls. TK Maxx on Argyle seems to have some pretty sweet stuff in at the moment. Namely Luella. For under £100. If you're into it I'd suggest getting down their sharpish.Till next time lovelies....farewell from me and Stella.

Monday, 7 February 2011

on top 5 things to see at glasgow film festival

(other than Pyuupiru.)

While I am under no illusion that I will get to see my entire wishlist as I'm pretty sure I can safely file the week of GFF firmly under mental, but there are a few things in this years programme that I'd quite like to see.

5: Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston
Screening: Wednesday 23–Thursday 24 February
The Fashion in Film Strand is pretty stunning this year....and while the Vidal Sassoon film does look amazing, it's In Search of Halston that really peaks my interest. I've always had a certain fondness for a good documentary -and if you can only see one film as part of the fashion strand, you can't really go wrong with Halston. Ever.

4: William S Burroughs: A Man WithinScreening: Friday 25–Saturday 26 February
The second documentary on the list but certainly not the last - but really, let really how could I resist? "A Harvard graduate, gun fetishist, drug-addicted, cantankerous iconoclast, beguiled by the beauty of words and the pain of life, Burroughs was an inspiration to punk and grunge alike. " GOD. I was fucking sold before I even read the title of the film let alone till I knew it was about Burroughs.

3: Battle Royale: 3D

Screening: Thursday 24 February
Say what you like about Battle Royale...but their is no denying it's a hell of a lot of fun. The fact it's in 3D doesn't really matter so much to me (I've never understood the resurgence, it just makes me think of Back To The Future and Jaws...) but any chance to see this guy on the big screen is worth it.

2: HowlScreening: Friday 18–Saturday 19 February
I'm noticed a trend with the kind of thing I'm attracted to in this year's programme. This Ginsberg biopic sounds like it could be worth a screening or two mixing traditional film with animated sequences this guy has this potential to be 11 types of amazing, or really fucking bland. I'm hoping for the former.

1: Marwencol
Screening: Sunday 20–Monday 21 February
If I only get to see one film at this years festival I would quite like to make it Marwencol. Mark Hogancamp is beaten outside a bar and has to learn to walk and talk again...and his way of dealing of it is building a 1/6th model of a world war 2 town named Mawencol - and taking photos of the events that "happen" in the town. This looks...amazing.

These are just the highlights for me, but I may have promised the boy we would go see Ginger Rodgers in old time classic Top Hat, and there is a series of short films about the NoWave
movement that looks like it's worth a look in to. Attenberg, from the director of Dogtooth looks like something I may just to have a creep in to as well.
I didn't think there would be this much I would want to see this year....but my copy of the brochure is just covered in red marker. Is there anything you want to see this year?

PS:Clicking the links takes you to the film page to find more info and buy tickets. Don't say I'm not good to ya.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

on directing your interest

I know it's been a while since ITCOW in November...but some fresh pictures have emerged from the blogosphere in the form of Glasgow favourite les garcons de glasgow. I feel it's pretty much my duty to redirect you the post here.

Dress-Panopticon Charity Shop, Shoes - Miss Selfridge, Socks - Urban Outfitters,Tights-Primark
As a result pictures of me clutching the running order have also resurfaced. I think for the next ITCOW I'll have to find myself some reasonable shoes and a clipboard.

Pics Courtesy of the wonderful Garcon Jon.

Friday, 4 February 2011

on women in music and other projects

I feel like I've dropped off the face of the Earth recently. The film festival has been going well - as well as some of the collaborative projects we've got on the go. What I'm doing now - it just really keeps affirming that this is what I want to do. Other than that I've been back at ole University - and currently working on a seminar on Gender In Cultural Performance. I love music, I really really do - though maybe am not at culturally versed as other members of my group. Female artists have always had a major influence on me - stylistically, emotionally - the whole shebang. From Spice Girls to Riot Grrls, the way woman are portrayed within the music media is constantly evolving - but as I ready more in to it, it's very difficult to try and put together a very black and white argument in which is a far more complex issue than female oppression.
It seems as long as there has been contemporary music there has always been woman pushing the gender boundaries - Grace Jones, Le Tigre, Sinead O'Connor, Missy Elliot - yet it feels easy to argue that in this case the exception proves the rule. For the most part in music videos - woman seem to be conforming to all these conventions of portrayal of woman in the music video. It's little things that you see in advertising, the cock of the head - biting on fingers. It's become so common in music video (and advertising in general) that we don't realise how odd it is till we put men in the same position.
When discussing gender in performance in the past few years, it's almost in avoidable to not talk about Lady Gaga. I can't quite decide if she is using pop culture and conventions, subverting them to make a statement about mass media and gender identity or if it's just all performance art playing to the patriarchy (although in a very non-traditional sense.) Either way I have all weekend to mull over the issue (and a mass of textbooks to keep me company) but I really am curious to know about how you feel about gender roles in musical performance, and how woman and men are portrayed in the media. Thoughts?In other news - the film festival IS less than two weeks away, so everything has been pretty mental. I've finally managed to book a piano company to bring a disclavier down from Dundee to Glasgow. Do you have any idea how frigging expensive piano moving companies I? To be fair - who we ended up using was actually pretty cheap, but some quotes were frightening. That out the way - one of the collaborative efforts with one of our partners is nearly complete. The photographers, make up artist and models have been great for this particular number - really looking forward to fully coming clean with dates and info and the like, but here is sneaky little peak courtesy of the photographer Levi Macdonald.

Unedited and behind the scenes. I think it looks pretty good, and the partner seems pretty darn pleased with the results too. A few little loose ends to tie up, but it's looking pretty sweet so far. Luckily Jessops loosing the film from the first day of shooting didn't do us too much damage! The partner we've been working with have been nothing but astoundingly supportive - so hoping everything goes off without any further hiccups.

In other news Pyuupiru has an event page here. FYI you can get tickets at GFT,CCA or hell...even online.

I'm hoping to post a highlight of things I'm hoping to get to see this year at the film festival, but for now I've got to brush up on my feminist theory and reacquaint myself with a budget sheet. Hope you have a lovely weekend lovelies!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

on chloe sevigny

It's no secret I love Chloe Sevigny...and no greater secret that I love drag queens. This though, this has got to be my favourite. My email has been buggered all afternoon so found myself watching various videos of "Chloe."
Anyway, it's February and that's GFF only a couple of weeks away - so going to have a wee focus on fashion and film for a while. Feel this is a pretty good way to start it off though non?
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