Saturday, 29 January 2011

on having friends more talented than myself

I feel like I rarely get the chance to breathe these days. The film festival is but a few weeks away and uni seems to be very full on at the moment. Currently putting together a presentation on Gender and Music if you guys know any readings I should check out...I'm all sorts of ears. Seems like a really interesting subject though. That paired with a presentation on liberalism on far 2011 has been pretty sweet, delivering me the kinds of projects I totally love.
That said though...the film from Monday's photo shoot was lost in Jessops. Thoroughly unimpressed, but means we will just have to pull something together. It can be done...just feel a little on edge about the whole thing.

Anyway today's been a busy one, popped down to GMBH for their last day in the Modern Institute (but no worries you can still get your zine fix online) before popping down to Bold Souls in it's new home - The Sub Club. The layout looked fantastic and it was so...bright. I can hear you non-believers now. Light? In the Sub Club? Yes sir. Anyway all the designers had stalls - Kureaa Besu made their first appearance. They had the post perfect eggshell blue jacket with purple lining that was just cut all sorts of beautiful. £190 (not bad for a Winter coat) but more than I have left in my overdraft. Woe on to thee. I believe it's time to quit smoking again....

While there, I ran in to Ten30's Alan Moore - who I hadn't seen since the photo shoot on Monday. He was of course promoting the fact he's up for Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Variety Awards (vote for him here) with make-shift flyers, and selling/showcasing Last Tango in Harris. Anyway....getting to the point...Alan was kind enough to bestow upon me my very own Ten30 scarf. The print seems to come from his Tron Girls collection - yet as a scarf it's reminiscent of Christopher Kane's collection for Liberty - except more tie dye galaxy than straight up galaxy print. I near enough cried. I don't think there is anything quite so lovely as getting something someone made.The scarf is actually massive-that's it wrapped round me (note I'm crap with a cam) but it means it's so versatile. I'm just so immensely touched by the gesture, and to be given something I love so completely is just dead nice. I'm already thinking of ways to sneak this guy in to my wardrobe 24/7.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

on beauty essentials - elizabeth arden 8 hour cream

There is a reason 8 hour cream is often cited as "beauty's worst kept secret" yet it was something I'd never really used until recently. It seemed to sound a bit like an overpriced Vaseline. A sort of....every woman product. It will moisturise your skin (though best to save this for things like flights unless you fancy looking like a greasy mess), tame your brows and gloss your lips. So far so standard. Everyone has their uses for it. I've heard of it being used to condition the ends of hair, or eyelashes - but it's core use has to be to treat minor skin ailments in 8 hours. Now I quite like Elizabeth Arden products as a whole (mostly their beauty treatments and mascaras) so it's pretty much expected I'd have some 8 hour cream totting about my bag. I've used it occasionally for gloss and a bit of brow taming when I've been low on space but it's really been in the last week it's came in to its own. You see last week I burned myself - kettle steam. It's not brilliant. Anyway ended up with a burn just bigger than a postage stamp (which usually merits a trip to the doctors btw fact fans, I'll know better next time.) It was red and angry so I did the British thing. Bit of cold water and then later on the evening an ice pack. Excellent damage control. Anyway once it had cooled down I started moisturising it to make sure it didn't get dry/red and angry. I tried hand cream, but when I started using 8 hour cream on a whim to treat it - the results were amazing. Yes the smell was strong (it's quite a medicated smell...I for one love it, but doesn't make you popular in the office) and the texture thick and yellow but gadz it sure worked a treat. Soon enough my skin started to look a lot of healthier and the worst is now over. I've got some fresh skin (tmi?) and while still a little bit red, my wrist looks a lot healthier.
I actually don't have much bad to say about this product...other than the price (about £23 in Boots for 50ml) but that said it really is a beauty box essential for me - like a really good mascara and the perfect red lipstick. I can't imagine not having it in my bag and the fact it is multi purpose serves me well when I have to meet people after just sort of sleeks everything out. I know a few people aren't crazy about the smell but the texture is lovely and it does last forever. It may seem like a big spend but I'd say it's worth it. Plus the packaging. It's pretty much timeless.
Still not convinced? Elizabeth Arden do samples. For free. Cause they are dead good. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

on projects and photo shoots

With press day behind us, I can speak freely about the bits and bobs I've been working on at the moment. One particular project I'm excited about is a wee something something we're doing with Urban Outfitters. Anyway I've been given some exhibition space to fill, so working with some wonderfully talented people on pulling the whole thing together with a mega tight deadline (and no budget.) Thought I would offer you a few sneaky peaky behind the scenes pictures from the first shoot.

I'm actually all kinds of exciting to see the finished results.

Monday, 24 January 2011

on ten30's alan moore

Picture via les garcons de glasgow
Ten30 are a relatively new label on the Glasgow scene, yet have become fast favourites within Glasgow's fashion scene. Currently up for Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Variety Awards, I met with Alan Moore to talk politics,ambition and his new collection "The Ukrainian Girl."
I've known Alan for a few months now, and whenever I speak to him, I'm still flabbergasted by his talent and enthusiasm for the industry. With a background in machine embroidery, Alan doesn't seem to bat an eyelid at spending 60 hours embroidering I dress (me? I near enough fainted) and is always pushing at what ten30 can be . With his previous collections, Tron Girl and Last Tango in Harris - Alan returns to form with prints and shift dresses with his new collection.

So, "The Ukrainian Girl", what's the story with that?
Well you know Andy (Robertson), that I work with? Well he writes and he's very very good at it, so we discussed the idea of coming up with this character and basing the collection around her and all her interests. I wanted this collection to feel more organic. That people don't have just one set of interests or tastes.

So what is "The Ukrainian Girl" like?
Well we wanted her to have dimension. So sometimes you'd feel sorry for her, sometimes you'd think she's amazing and sometimes you'd think she's an utter wank. She's a 24 year old girl who's trying to find herself and felt this sort of reflected where the label is, and where we are at the moment. She's got around a bit and now she's sort of figuring out her place in everything. Andy and I both traveled a lot and we put a lot of that in to this character. While it may seem difficult to write from "a girl's" perspective, we put a lot of ourselves in "the girl" and I'm really pleased with the result.

Stylistically, what were your influences for this collection?

Well Chloe Sevigny really embodies what "the girl" is about. You know the sort of people you see, and they just have this effortless style.They just look amazing and we wanted that to reflect throughout the collection.

What can we expect?

I wanted everything to be wearable - so it's a collection of hareem pants, floaty tops and skirts and shift dresses that seem to have become a trademark cut of the label. There will be bits and pieces of embroidery throughout the collection but I wanted to design some new prints so got some new designs for "the girl." There are these amazing wax painted eggs that had these beautiful geometric shapes and I wanted to take that bring forward it to the designs. I've got some peter pan collars and blazers as wanted the collection to have this sort of easy femininity about it.

In the past year we've seen an influx of new designers within Glasgow, what's been your experience with the Glasgow fashion scene?
Glasgow has just this amazing community spirit. I feel it's a place where you can really learn your trade and at the same time, people who would ordinarily be your competitors form this support group. Everyone is just so positive and encouraging.

Scottish Variety Awards? Holy Hell - how's it feel to be up for this guy?

It's just very humbling. I'm up against some very talented people, including Emma Lamb and Klingatron so to be up against this calibre of artist is just wonderful.

Alan will be showing off his new collection "The Ukrainian Girl" March 12th at the Flying Duck. His past shows have included air acrobatics at the Oran Mor so no doubt it will turn out to be some sort of special. The Scottish Variety Awards will be announced March 19th, so you can still vote for Alan here. I'll be posting you sneaks of "The Ukrainian Girl" as the event grows closer, but for now - vote for Alan - he's rather good.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

on grand central hotel launch

Let's start with a disclaimer shall we? This post is pretty much food porn. I can't really pretend it was anything else. Glamorous hotel launch? I'm taking pictures of your extravagant fruit display...
Is that a melon.....goose? Swan?
Anyway, if you follow me on twitter you'll probably have noticed that earlier this week I was lucky enough to to go along to the launch of Grand Central Hotel. For me it was a last minute think....Liana beckoning from across my desk with the promise of free champagne (I make myself sound like a lush sometimes) and entertainment, so of course I said yes. Even with getting out the office early, I still had half an hour to get ready. At times like this I go for old faithful. Old faithful applies to a good 2 or 3 dresses in my wardrobe for last minute occasion wear that I can throw on without too much effort. I went for the BCBG silk number from the boy and I's anniversary dinner and a 50's black patent handbag, nice and easy - not overdressed but still nice enough that I wouldn't feel under dressed (which I still managed....when I got there I was lost in a sea of cravats and cocktail dresses.)

I'd been to the Grand Central before for the Scottish Event Awards, and I had mixed feelings about my whole experience. The food was amazing and the service was brilliant, but the general feel of the space felt - awkward. However since then it feels like they have ironed out the teething problems and everything feels a lot more natural. The halls go on for anything (not unlike something in the shining) but there are small touches to the place that make it quite lovely - the pictures of Central Hotel from days gone by were particularly nice.
My favourite part though has got to be the champagne bar. It's a very bizarre experience as you're in this amazing 1930's style champagne bar, and it's all very lush and decedent...and you're looking out on to central station. Talk about juxtaposition.
Entertainment for the evening included tap dancers in the champagne bar, caricatures in the John Logie Baird suite (yes I got one done), clairvoyant readings, actors acting old movie scenes, acrobatic dancers and Darius.Which I missed.
This is why.....
I was lucky to meet some wonderful people and get to see this new event space in Glasgow and see what they can do with it. There seemed to be a lot of thought put in to the evening, and I have to say the staff were very attentive. My companions and I were never short on champagne on canapes. I'd love to see what other kind of events they'll use the space for - other than conferences - but it's brilliant to see the Grand Central restored to it's former glory.
I will leave you with more decedent fruit.
I'm not even sure what some of this is...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

On Pyuupiru with ITCOW & Pam Hogg

You guys have no idea how long I've wanted to be able to talk to you about this event, but with out press launch last night - the embargo is officially lifted and I can spill the saucy beans on some of the projects I've been working on. One inparticular is close to my heart.
Friday 25th February
This guy has been my baby at my time at the GFF. In between writing up events templates and trying to remember how to do equations in excel (it had been sooooo long) I've got to organise a wee fashion event as part of Glasgow Film Festival's Fashion Strand (sponsored by good ole GCU dontchaknow) during the festival. Obviously I was right in to it and got to work.
Taking influence from the film I've invited Glasgow favourite Lady Munter of Menergy fame along to introduce the film with her Menergy DJ's providing tunes for a sweet ass Catwalk Show staged by ITCOW. So what can you expect? Some Scottish indie design obviously - in the form of Rebecca Torres, Obscure Couture, Nicola Beedie, House of Black, Lilly Wiggler and Judith R Clarke of course. Illamasqua will be doing the make up as well as giving you ladies some sweet treats for your goody bags so expect something with a Japanese theme in the evening. I'm meeting with them this Friday to discuss looks so really excited what they come up with - especially with some of the new looks they are touting at the moment. SWOON.
Other than the sweet fashion from Scottish indie designers and your awesome goody bag (did I mention Urban Outfitters and Coveted Magazine are on board with that as well?) we've got an after party with Pam Hogg guest djing. MOTHER LICKING PAM HOGG.

Yes. It will be wonderful. I'm actually all kinds of excited. Tickets available at the GFT obviously...and with a capacity of under 150 I'd snap these guys up quick.

FYI: First Menergy of the year is the day after if you're wanting to make a total weekend of it, I'd highly recommend it.

Monday, 17 January 2011

on bold souls 2011

A few of you ladies have expressed interested in Bold Souls. Well it's back for the first pop-up styling event of 2011. Holy fucking hell.
Returning with a bang for the new year, the first Bold Souls of the year will be held at the mother-licking Sub Club, running from 1-8. With entry at £3 (£2 in advance) it would be ridiculous to miss out. A central location at the weekend - featuring some of the most exciting talent in Glasgow's indie design scene? Seriously, what could be better?
I guess it helps some of my favourite Glasgow designers will be there selling their stock without the nasty store overheads, including Chouchou Couture, Rebecca Torres, Kureaa Besu, Lily Wiggler, Meemee Couture, Sew Vintage, Jennie Loof and Oui!Designs. Still not sold? Rainbow Rooms will be styling hair for free and Kopperburg are sponsoring - so a wee cheeky free cider on arrival doesn't hurt no?

Work is all kinds of crazy at the moment, but this, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Bold Souls event page. It lives here.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

on feeling inspired

It's Saturday night and I'm already itching for it to be Monday morning. I know this makes me a total freak of nature, but I've got some meetings I'm really looking forward to. I might be getting some exhibition space to play photographers, illustrators and all around talented sorts - consider this your casting call. I've got a few ideas of what I'd like to do (one in particular tickles my fancy) but it all depends on the logistics of the matter and how much free labour I can find. I feel like a total creep as I keep scribbling down ideas in my notebook and adding scribbles to my to-do list (which for everything I've scored out I've added another 10 things needing my attention), but it keeps me out of mischief. Fingers crossed though.

Anyway, recently I've been looking at a lot of Japanese styled photo shoots. I loved Memoirs of a Geisha, so seeing alternative styling always appeals to me. This shoot was kicking around the Internet in 2009 (which is I know in Internet times, a forever ago)...but let's call this one from the archives shall we? The "Cherry Blossom Girl" shot by Nicoline Patricia Malina is just balls to the wall sex. No escaping it, it pretty much drips out from the frame. I like that it's a little out of focus and not overly polished, I think it adds a more personal sensuality to the pictures. Deff my cup of tea.

On a closing note: I feel like I'm the only one out there not completely in love with Peter Pan collar dresses. I tried one on today in Topshop and it was just.....very unflattering to say the least. Please tell me I'm not alone in this? I cry to you my sister's in arms...let us rise against the peter pan collar dress.
NB: This does not apply to really nice shirts...just saying.

Friday, 14 January 2011

on goth nails

When I saw these guys over at daily haunt Whore Talk I knew I was going to post these guys here. I can file these safely in my impractical goth drawer (right next to that studded bag) but I have to say I'm quite the fan. Maybe I could just have one. I'm sure this makes me akin to some sort of Final Fantasy villain but I can totally get down with that. I especially enjoy that these guys are listed as "Dragon Nails Fierce Filgree Armor Jewellery." I'm quite sure that anything from this etsy seller's shop would could down a treat in the Wait's household - while wholly impractical I'm sure I'd fine some way to get some of her pieces to creep in to my life.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

on glasgow film festival trailer

So it's a week till press day and you feel everything get busier around the offices. A bit of excel, a flirtation with the fax machine and a long enduring love affair with the printer and you get a rough idea of how my week's been. Everything really feels like it's slotting in to place. I can't wait to tell you what I've been working on!
Until then though the trailer for Glasgow Film Festival is online - and tickets for events go on sale from the 20th. The programme this year is amazing (insane/ridiculous/eclectic) and I'm going to do everything in my power to at least show face at some of these events - even if it is running about with a clipboard and pens in my hair.

In other news I've started to give my life more structure - using my excessive bike, having a proper breakfast, preparing packed lunches and all those jazzy adult things. It's definitely nice to have some semblance of order. I've decided to try doing this food diary - my eating habits have never been atrocious but again it's this whole sense of order after the festive season. I'll let you know how the progress with this goes. It's about time I started doing all these proper type things rather than running about and spending all my money on reduced scones and cheese sandwiches.

Boyfriend had his first attempt at cooking for me last week. Alas it was a bit of a soggy disaster (vegan chilli wraps never tasted so wet) so I'm bringing the eats round in Tupperware.

University starts again this week so this year all systems are go. Feels fucking brilliant to have everything happening. Till next time.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

on a kick ass bag

This weekend's really been kicking my ass so here is a kick ass bag to make up for it. Dafne Balatsos’ Stud Ball handbag is ticking a lot of boxes for me at the mo....but having owned a circle bag before (it was an eyeball, it was wonderful) I can vouch for it's impracticability, and that's without even talking about those death spikes. Is it just me who thinks it's channeling Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill?
I'm back in to the office tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to. Watched the trailer for the film festival last week...and intense doesn't even cut it. It was very bizarre. Really been enjoying working with the film festival at the moment, especially on the run up to our press day. I love how one moment I can be in excel hell and the next looking for something to make one of our special events extra special.

I've got a few things I'm hoping to post about this week but till then, stay awesome.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

on the death of che camille

It is with a heavy heart ladies to bring you the news that Glasgow's beloved Che Camille is no more. What I loved about Che Camille was their drive - the way they constantly remained innovative while supporting independent talent and creating bespoke events throughout Scotland. The fashion shows they put together were never anything short of unbelievable and constantly showcased some of the best up and coming designers working with in the industry. No doubt founder Camille Lorigo will rise from the ashes with something equally if not more so fabulous, but for now, Glasgow is in mourning.

Che Camille you will be missed.

For the Full Story click here.
For post about Che Camille Vogue Ball click here.
and for Che Camille at the Fringe - here you go.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

on good shoes, cat bags and vegetable crumble

This year I'm planning on mastering the art of the self timer to do more outfit posts......failing that, recruiting boyfriend and/or flatmate to take pics for me. Until then I thought I'd show you guys the two staples of my life at the momento. Cat bag and black wedge.
I promised myself this year I'd buy myself a sensible pair of shoes in the got these bad boys from River Island for £45. The cat bag....well it's just a little something something I picked up at Welcome Home's Pop Up Shop at the CCA for £20. These two guys I'm using nearly every day at the moments. The black wedge goes with almost everything and is comfier than it looks and the cat bag...well its fucking yellow, has a long strap and is roomy.

Due to spending all my money in the sales I'm being a bit more inventive with my cooking at the moment. Tonight I had some hard cheese and a courgette that needed using so I thought I'd make Vegetable Crumble.
TRUST ME - It tastes far better than it looks.
Delicious delicious pantry food.
I wasn't going to blog about as had no idea where it was going to rank on the flavour scale, yet Claudia Nova from Lux Exterior said if it turned out nice I should blog about it, so Claudy - this is for you.
First of all I should say this guy is not only easy as hell but it's the kind of thing you can make when you have no food in the house - and it's all kinds of delicious. I don't really use scales...I've been cooking for so long it's really a lot of guess work and looking at something and guessing if it looks okay. Either way...the recipie I made should serve 3.

What you'll be needing:
Sliced Courgette
Teaspoon of Olive il
1 Bell Pepper (of your choice)
1 onion diced
2 sticks of celery sliced
a carrot sliced
2 handfulls of mushrooms sliced
teaspoon of mustard
teaspoonish of oregano
dash of soy sauce
garlic clove chopped fine
Crumble Topping
Plain flour - maybe a cup and a half
Butter - I used maybe 40g? I'd say for a fucking amazeballs topping 75g
Cheese - of your choice, grated. As much as you like

Get a big saucepan...head up your oil, add the veg. Really your filling can be whatever the fuck you have lying at the bottom of your vegetable drawer. Parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes.....if they are dying a little but still good for the eating chop them up real nice and stick them in. I'd say a tin of tomatoes would elevate this dish from really good to really awesome...but that's just me. While the vegetables are cooking (medium heat) make your crumble topping in a separate bowl. Flour and butter - rub till you get breadcrumby like goodness. Add the cheese and mix in with your hands. Your hands = best thing for this guy. By the time your crumble topping is ready your veg should be looking nice and cooked, give them 5 if you fancy. I was chopping my veg and adding at whim while bits and pieces maybe 10-15 minutes all in all?
Pour veg into pie dish...or glass dish or whatever you cook your cottage pies and the like in. Pour on crumbley topping and spread across. Shove in oven on medium heat and cook for 40 minutes till golden. Less if you have a fan over.
Serve with brown sauce and settle down for a boxset.

Back to Glasgow Film Festival Offices tomorrow - earlier than expected but I can not wait. I've been going stir crazy waiting for this year to begin, but either way it's going to be awesome. Now just to find my office key......

Monday, 3 January 2011

on resolutions and recipies

Happy New Year lovelies. I feel like I'm finally returning to real life after the festive season. Chocolate for breakfast, boxsets and sooooooo many cocktail sausages the past couple of weeks have been crazy brilliant. I'm slowly trying to get my business head back on though as it's back to the office in a week, then Uni a week after that.

Anyway, I suppose this year I've got a few resolutions that I'd like to keep:
-Go to the theatre/ballet more (it's not that expensive compared to a night of jagerbombs)
-Take more photos
-Be more focused with my work
-More work experience please
-ITCOW to the Fringe.....?
-Drink more water
-Excersise more
-Start dressing more like an Agatha Christie heroine
-Invest in nice basics, my whole life does not have to come out of Primark. Instead buy pieces I love
-Take off my make-up before sleeps...facewipes a last resort please
-Moisturise. Twice a day.
-Leave Scotland at least once. London at least. I'd quite like to go somewhere on a plane.
-Live within my means
-Try new recipes
-Cut down on smoking, maybe give up...maybe

2010 was good to me. I started this blog...and updated it, I didn't do too bad in Uni, lost some weight, gave up smoking for 6 months, grew close to some wonderful people, started ITCOW, went to the Scottish Event Awards and went home with a prize, cut down on drinking, expanded my wardrobe...though cut down on my crippling underwear habit and taught myself some new recipes - including a killer vegan chilli and banana bread. So not a terrible year...though I fell off the horse when I stopped running and started smoking again. C'est la Vie.
What are your new year resolutions?

Anyway New Year'a eve was pretty awesome...there was kittens and crackers and black russians in russian doll teapots....kisses at the bells, hangover meals and dancing.

This....cracked me up to no end

Also....I believe I promised a recipe? How about some Black Forrest Pavlova? NOM
You will be needing
-4 egg whites
-175g white sugar
-300ml cream
-a little somethingsomething for the topping. Next time I'm thinking pear and dark chocolate but for this guy it's black forest mixed fruits from the freezer. You can use whatever though.

Things that are all sorts of handy and pretty much essential
-electric whisk (I learned this the hard way back when I first tried pavlova...and ended up making eton mess)
-a clean glass bowl (glass works better than plastic...though ceramic will do)
-baking paper

What to do
Separate the egg whites and put in a bowl. Make sure there is no yolk. Yolk will fuck your shit up....and stop your egg whites from doing the thing they need to do. Namely become meringuey. Get your electric whisk and whisk till the eggs froth and become stiff white peaks. You should be able to hold the bowl above your head and nothing should fall out. It's a pretty neat trick. Always use an electric whisk for this guy.....seriously it will take you HOURS to get it to the right texture other wise. Add the sugar....25g at a time...whisking as you do so. The mixture should become white and glossy and generally look all sorts of good. Spoon on to a baking tray with baking paper on....and pop in to at 140°C. Cook for one hour, then turn off. Let it dry out in the oven. This can take a few hours. You can leave it over night if you fancy but I made it New Year's Day and it was ripe for the eating by tea time.
Before serving: Whip the cream - again your electric whisk is your best friend - spoon on to the delicious meringuey base then decorate with topping of your choice.
Have a big fuck off slice and settle down to watch your New Year Movie of choice. YES.

If anyone tries it out let me know how it goes for you x
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