Sunday, 30 October 2011

on getting my nails did

A penchant for nail art but neither the patience or the skill to deliver. That pretty sums up me in a heart beat. Can't wait for nails to try, useless with delicate detailing. The one time I did attempt it was with a pale Chanel mushroom colour with black inverted crosses (stargazer btw.) The brush fell in the pot leaving my to improvise. Not the most powerful of looks. Luckily for me, Scotland's finest nail art expert Tammy of DIY Nails was on hand at the La La Land birthday party...and gurl hooked me up with some sweet nails for the most excellent price of £10.
Pics clearly stolen from DIY Nails - and like my custom Bonnie Bling? Penny if you get the reference.

The designs I opted for were an interpretation of the nails she did for ITCOW. The eagle eyed fashanista may have noticed all our girls were deeked out with 3 different designs thanks to DIY Nails. Blood drips, vampy teeth and gold chains. How did she know? It's pretty much worth noting that Tammy is notorious for doing the rounds of the fairs (Gin in Teacups and GWBP are both pitstops for this talented lass) - but her prepainted nails can be yours to buy for 10 British. La La Land in the west end stocks a wide range including galaxy print, american flags, paisley prints and florals - but you can also order online from her via etsy and check her designs out on tumblr.

Friday, 28 October 2011

on in the company of wolves - our october show: catwalk

Wednesday night. 10 minutes before doors I'm being talked through the lighting. RGB. White Light. Strobe. God I loved the strobe. Backstage is manic. Girls are still having nails applied, hair dressed and lipstick reapplied. I'm in the DJ Booth next to the Man in Black (Dirty Larry) and Florence To (arguably one of the most talented young VJ's in Glasgow) and it's an hour to catwalk. At some point in the evening I've convinced myself that kurt geiger's are a brilliant idea before show time. I check the floor. Everyone getting in okay? Goody bags going out? Brilliant. Girls all prepped and primed backstage? Too right. Levi's taking photos while I clutch to my irb bru firey. Tensions are high and I'm pretty much clutching the moleskine for dear life.
The actual show starts. Sound clip from cannibal girls and some strobe...and Sweet Danger starts off the show. I feel myself be able to breath out. We're all go. Lurking in my booth I check everything goes out in the correct order and giving cues to Flo. Ally literally has my back, behind the booth doing last minute checks on girls. I have my girls Emma and Katy backstage and a mix of girls backstage varying in experience from 4 years of working at fashion shows to having dressed only themselves.
Anyway...some how we did it. We had this amazing performance art piece from Claudia Nova and crew in the intermission as well as our short fashion film, and really hope you guys deeked out some of the collages and blood dripped pieces hung by Rachel Sharpe.
Some amazing images have cropped up since, so I thought I'd share a few of my faves. Pics all are watermarked and belong to Duncan Holmes and Lorraine Ross.
All the designers were amazing, but I did have a few fave pieces. Sweet Danger's painted silk maxi halters were something that I had a wee soft spot for, as well as Isolated Heroes green dress with red skeleton sequin outline. Our finale with Bonnie Bling was insane. The Shower Scene was hand stitched and how that even came together and looked as good as it did was beyond me. I was pretty stoked at the BB & Raksa piece called "Drowned" which featured the blood drip bracelet. WANT THE BLOOD DRIP BRACELET.
Anyway this is the first of what I imagine will be a few posts about the evening that will creep up but you really should check out our ITCOW facebook for more prime photos as well as updates about all the amazing designers that took part.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

on ITCOW, sleeping forever and our fashion film

Everything hurts but everything went well. Pretty sure Ally and I need a week of sleep after last night but for most part, that's everything done.
I promise that things will return to normal - with a review of the ten30 show, a bit about the ROX event, how my stint guest lecturing and a more in detail play by play of last night.

Anyway I'm off to sleep forever. Or at least till La La Land's Birthday bash tonight....

Enjoy final cut of our fashion film

Clothes: Athif Dean, Bonnie Bling, Raksa and Aimee Donofrio. Nails: DIY Nails, MUA: Claudia Nova Hair: Rainbow Rooms Filmed: Artist Media

A thank you to all the models, volunteers, designers who take part. To the Sub Club, to Florence To (visuals) Larry Wilson (tunes), Claudia Nova & Rachael Sharpe for their art, our hair and make up teams, all our sponsors and of course our interns Emma and Katy.
A special thank you to my partner in crime Turnbull. The other half of ITCOW who is just amazing.


Friday, 21 October 2011

on in the company of wolves fashion film teaser

Yesterday Ally and I made our way to the offices of the amazing boys over at Artist Media to have a look at the first cut of the In the Company of Wolves Fashion Film. It was a long night, but we had a super talented team and we're both REALLY pleased how the film looks.
We've even got ourselves a wee teaser, red over it so we don't give to much away but oh it's oft exciting.

I can't beleive In The Company of Wolves is 5 days away. I'm sure there is LOADS I still need to do (and trust me there is) - but for the most part I'm feeling really positive about everthing. The fashion film looks great, the clothes look amazing ad all the press we've been getting has been really sweet. It's worth noting that La La Land in the West End turns 1 next Thursday and at her birthday launch will be bringing new Scottish designers from ITCOW in store - for some as their first Scottish stockist. Exciting non?
I'm sorry to ramble on about it, I'm just quite pleased how everthing is going - I mean it's completely mental, but I really do love it.
You guy buy tickets for the show at Ticket Scotland here.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

on the month I never slept (itcow behind the scenes and other happenings)

I've never been so busy in my life. Well, that's a bit of a lie. I've just not been that busy for a couple of months. In the company of Wolves is just over a week away and currently in the process of sourcing some dressers as well as my actual "to do for event" list which is as long as my arm. GANT charts at the ready eh ladies? We did the fittings on Sunday down in Soba and I was dashing around making a note of who was wearing what and in what order, answering questions and the like. Every now and then someone would see me scribbling away in my moleskine and mentally checking stuff off in my head.
"Are you stressed?"
God. For the first time in my life I can say no. I felt very calm and in control, and while I may not have been able to sit down and chat with everyone as I'd like to, I was just very busy. It kind of hit me that 2 years ago I'd have been freaking out, flapping my arms and working myself in to a frenzy. It's now become a "constantly working" thing. Of course I get a few spanners in the mix now and then and I get a bit anxious, but for the most part, we're very very lucky over at ITCOW towers where like 99% of our problems are solvable.Inbetween all this ITCOW madness has been dissertation time (some of my reading picked out, a strong research proposal, but no actual pen to paper as of yet) as well as a PR project f0r Bar Soba. It involves me teaching myself origami. Fucking idiot. I think the one thing that I'm really really excited about though is that I'm guest lecturing this week at Glasgow Caledonian. First years on fashion and events. I've always flirted with going in to academia, so being asked to come and have a wee chat with students about what I do, how I do it and what's going on in Scotland is amazing. I try not to think about how nervous I am.
I'm sure all these feelings of serenity will disappear closer to the time, to be replaced by excitement and a good deal of anxiety, but after the fittings we had at the weekend, I feel like I've scored one big old task off my list. Here's a couple of sneaky pics Dawn Smith took on her phone for your enjoyment....
You can buy tickets for In The Company of Wolves here.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

on galaxy print shoes from dawntroversial

It's no secret over in Stuart towers that I have quite the fondness for a galaxy print. There is an alternative reality where instead of events I'm chilling with Patrick Moore, chinning the wag about The Sky at Night. Anyway it's pretty safe to say that I was fair delighted to find out that we in Glasgow had a fancy lass painting up shoes in my fave print. A wee bit more pleased when she got in touch about having her shoes used in the next ITCOW.
Dawntroversial Shoes - brain child of Glasgow girl Dawn Smith, is hand painted custom shoes. Glitter and stars and swirly night skies set the back drop for her shoes. Think peep toes, wedges in boots in vermilion's, cerise and chartreuse. Dawn's a fascination with space and astrological photography is a life long passion - and her galaxy inspired shoes are obviously very close to her heart. Inspired by meteorites, swirling nebula's and colours her shoes offer a unique addition to any shoe fiends wardrobe.
What I like about Dawntroversial is the sense of fun that comes with the collection. The shoot with the super talented Laura McKinnon features some gorge models looking like something straight out of a 50's sci-fi movie playing with the shoes, wearing them on their shoulders, hands and the like. For me it works.
It's hard to believe Dawn's only being in business for a couple of months - with articles in The Edit and Creative Boom - her galaxy inspired shoes have captured the imagination of us Glasgow girls. I can't wait to see them on the catwalk for ITCOW....and no doubt I will be batting my lashes at the boyfriend come anniversary time. My fondness for the pink glitter Hollywood shoes is pretty set to go down in history as one of those epic loves.
My love affair with shoes is becoming an issue.

You can order yourself a pair of custom shoes from Dawntroversial through her facebook page - prices are kicking around the £75 - no bad for a custom pair of shoes eh ladies?

on hand shadow jewellery

I'm not a big jewellery person. Well okay I am. I like anything gold. I like chains - sticking to my bog standard pieces of jewellery that I wear near enough every day (my gran's eternity ring and various long chain necklaces.) That said I heavy enjoy a bit of perspex, and when I stumbled across the work of Inca Starzinsky I couldn't help but fall in love with her quirky shadow animal silhouette designs. The acrylic pieces are laser cut and each come in bespoke envelopes and boxes with illustrations of the hand positions used to make the animals! How cute!
Even better....her rings are available in Glasgow in one of my favourite indie boutiques Welcome Home (based in the CCA near Sleazy's on Sauchihall Street) for the most reasonable price for £15. May be a bit early for Christmas but perhaps a cheeky wee stocking filler? Online they have the dinosaur, rabbit, bird and deer. I'd love to see the pendants come to Glasgow, I think the deer is my favourite (very simple) and the frog pendant is cracking!
Any of these bad boys stand out for you?

Friday, 14 October 2011

on my first forray in to fashion film (behind le scenes)

This week has been ridiculous. A mid week visit from the vino fairy probably did not help how ridiculous it was. Either way it's not over yet and the next two weeks are set to be a wee bit hectic. Just the way I like it.
Last night however was completely new ground for me as In the Company of Wolves decided to dip our paws in to fashion film. So we pulled a team together made up of some talented Glasgow folk (the amazing video production company Artist Media, Claudia Nova on make up, Rainbow Rooms sorting some sweet hair and the gorgeous Lauren Andrew modelling.) Armed with a good few garment bags, some false nails, a lot of tape and some sweet perspex jewellery we set to work in the gorgeous St Jude's on Bath Street.It was a pretty long evening, which we expected but was great fun. I'm pretty sure I spent a great deal of the night taking clothes in and out of garments bags! We were very very lucky to get to shoot in the hotel and got a run of a few of the rooms (each room is decorated completely different which is lush, room 4's black and white wall print was definitely a winner for me.) I have to say working on this was the warmest I've ever been in my life. With our team, plus the film lights it made for one roasty toasty shoot. Do not envy Miss Andrew at all. The velvet cape we worked with (which is gorgeous) looked sweltering! The boys from Artist Media were amazing, playing about with lights and getting properly gorgeous shots, and Claudia was always on hand with a touch of powder. If I'm honest I was dreading this video something rotten the night before. The rescheduling had knocked me for six but Ally knew we wanted to do it and definitely motivated me in to feeling it again. Think if it wasn't for her positive energy I'd have been growling away with a pack of cigarettes. But we got it. Everything is on film and ready for editing, so hopefully I'll have a teaser soon enough - and then the film will be ready for the show. I don't want to say too much about last night...but I'll leave you with this image from Lauren's phone from the last scene we shot on the night......

Monday, 10 October 2011

on an interview with Bonnie Bling

Bonnie Bling - has in the past year has went from relative obscurity to being the name on everyone's lips. The Scottish slang jewellery company set up by friends Mhari Mackenzie and Sarah Richardson in 2010 has went from strength to strength, picking up awards from best product design as well as a collaboration with Obscure Couture, I popped in to the Hidden Lane to chat with Mhari about Bonnie Bling, starting your own business and her latest collaboration Sheeps Clothing.
Bee Waits: So Mhari, let's start with the did Bonnie Bling all get started?
Mhari Mackenzie: A bottle of wine. It always starts with a bottle of wine. My friend Sarah (Richardson) and I were sitting up one night and we start slagging each other off with all these slang words. We laughed about it and joked about getting it on the necklace. We woke up the next day and were like "that's not actually a bad idea." We got in touch with the product design department at Strathclyde University - and decided to develop the idea with a bit of help from the folk down the lane. We started doing markets like Made in the Shade and developed it on from there.
BW: Bonnie Bling's been very quick to grow - how difficult do you feel it is for young designers to set up shop?
MM: Yeah - it's very difficult. I don't think Bonnie Bling would have grown as quickly as it has if it hadn't been for my experience with Mucky Puddle (Mhari's web and graphic design company). Having that basic business knowledge really helped us figure out how we could grow. We've been very lucky. We started with markets and make a bit of money -took the plunge and put the money back in to getting a stall at a trade show. It was a huge gamble but we won Best New Product and we now have over 13 stockings off the back of it including GOMA, The Transport Museum and Shop of Interests.BW: How important do you feel it is for young brands to have an online presence?
MM: Absolutely essential. People are looking for it these days. There is not a day where I'm not interacting with social media like facebook or twitter, blogging or updating the website. It's so key for designers to have good photos of their products online - the quality has risen to high in how we present ourselves to a market. You'll get lovely products but if they've not got good quality photographs people will pass over them. ASOS marketplace has been great for young designers, especially with street style pictures where you see clothes in real environments. With stuff like being online there are all these programmes like google analytics (which is free and easy to add to your site) that allows you to see how people found you and where your traffic is coming from. The printed media is still important but online promotion and presence for young designers is just invaluable. Things like twitter can just expand you audience with retweets and our newsletter that goes out once a month features events, products and discount codes we have.
BW: You recently used QR codes in a collaborative project - would love to hear more about that.
MM: I work on a side project called Dead Man's Clothes. It's a monthly market with different sellers. We decided we wanted to make the market mobile and interactive so we created temporary tattoos of QR codes for models so people could scan codes with their smart phones and it would take them to a website where they could find out about what the girl was wearing, who it was from and how much it costs. We're doing something similar again for Dead Man's Clothes Halloween event at the Berkley Suite, with a market the next day at the Glue Factory.
BW: Any plans on expanding Bonnie Bling?
MM: Well we do out limited edition designs every season - our winter "Baltic" will be coming back and maybe a few words. I'm going to look in to doing more regional slang - "Quine" "Loony" and "Manny" as well as eventually doing some cockney and yorkshire phrases. I'm working on some "Och Aye" hoodies at the mo - seems like Och Aye has become part of the brand - as well as working on a horror inspired collection for "In the Company of Wolves." BW: You're ITCOW collection is a collaborative piece with your friend Jo Netherey...Sheeps clothing - how did this come about?
MM: Another bottle of wine actually. I've known Jo from Ivy across the road and I loved the horror theme of ITCOW. Jo's always been making clothes - and I asked her if she'd be up for working on a themed collection inspired by 70's horror using organic and recycled fabrics. We're really excited about some of the pieces as we get to go wild with the theme, but we've got this gorgeous reversible dresses we're working on that will be available for sale after.
BW: You've worked on a few collaborations - do you feel that there is a real community spirit in Glasgow?
MM: Definitely. I love collaborating and the exchange of ideas. I've worked with Emily Muir and Obscure Couture, and it's nice to work together and share the spotlight. There is a real community vibe in Glasgow and it does work best for everyone when we all work together. It's a real positive environment to work in.

So yeah - pretty stoked to be working with Mhari & Jo for ITCOW. Tickets are on sale at Ticket-Scotland now and her horror collection will go on sale in La La Land the 27th.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

on charlotte taylors s/s 12 fashion film and thoughts


Charlotte Taylor's S/S 2012 Japanese inspired collection of printed pieces has been launched and quite frankly I'm quite fond of it. It's no lobster print that's a given but I can get on board with bonzari trees and geometric prints. I can also get behind midi length dresses and a fresh palette of citrus greens and oranges complimented with navy and gold, powder blue and lemon. Taylor's designs are effortlessly girly and very wearable. The looks are very soft and while I'm pretty much over peter pan collars (and they do feature heavily) the hemlines and the geometric prints more than make up for it.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

on shu uemura uv under base mousse review

I'd been dying to try this for ages. The Shu Uemura primer. I've had some bad experiences with primer (the no7 primer that we don't talk about at Stuart towers) and some amazing experiences (I frequently preach the good work of Smashboxes Photo Finish primer) so it's about time I tried something a bit new with a brand I'm becoming quite fond of. Shu Uemura are pretty much traditionally known for lashes and skin care, so I'd never really looked at them as a make up brand but well, they had this primer, and it was a moose. How could I resist?
The design of the container is very clean and minimalistic. It seems a bit clinical to me - reminding me of sun screen. However it's pretty sleek and compact so easy enough to keep in your make up back. They have done limited edition versions collaborating with Japan ease artists which is a lot more fun.
The product itself, well - the first thing you should know about this product is that you need to have a good dollop of control. When scoozing down on the nozzle you get a fair sized ammount of moose. You only need a tad. The moose itself is light and airy - very non sticky with a slight pink hue to it. It goes on fairly translucent, minimising pores and leaving the skin with a nice dewy look. I wouldn't say this primer is strong enough to wear on it's own unless you are blessed with the skin of the gods - but as fair as bases goes it's pretty good. Good even coverage, a nice sized SPF to keep your skin protected and non nasty smells. My foundation definitely lasts a good bit longer when I use this primer. It's worth noting if you're an eyeshadow fan this is a great base for helping colours pop.
That said it's £29 for 64ml - so it's not the cheapest on the market though the amount is a bit more generous to other primer's I've seen within the same price bracket. The fact the moose comes out so freely makes it super easy for you to go through this really fast. I did find the moose texture a bit weird at first...especially because it's so light, but really that's more to it's merit than anything else and once I got my head round it I was most definitely a fan.

Overall: If you're a primer fan with a bit of money to spend Shu is great if you want something different. Matches and betters many similarly priced brands - particularly Benefit. Shu Uemura is available at Space NK and House of Frasers Glasgow.

Monday, 3 October 2011

on a night at the ballet

"I...just don't get it." The protests of the boyfriend as we watched the preview videos for Scottish ballets Autumn season. "I just can't think of anything more boring that dance set to 1930's pop songs." And so by some miracle I coaxed a disgruntled boy to the ballet. And of course he enjoyed it. Of course he did.
The Scottish Ballet's Autumn season features a double bill Jorma Elo's Kings 2 End and the 1930's inspired Pennies from Heaven. Now I love the ballet but the opener Kings 2 End was not really to my tastes. It was beautiful, stripped back infusion of modern dance and ballet but for me I prefer the whole costume and the narrative and I suppose the spectacle of theatre. Kings 2 End was still incredibly impressive to watch ("Paul he just picked her up with his NECK") and the boy was delighted to hear music from one of his favourite composers - Steve Reich's Double Sextet sound tracking Kings 2 End along with some Mozart. While I may not have necessarily chosen this as the piece to introduce the boy to ballet he came out with a completely refreshed perspective. Partially down to Reich, but for the most part - the ability and strength of the dancers. "Like oxen Claire...." he muttered in to his glass of wine engrossed in the programme. "The control...." and other murmurings would escape him during the interval. Pennies from Heaven was definitely more my style. Gorgeous 1930's costumes and pop songs and strong characters and lots of tiny little love self contained love stories set in a hotel bar. Pennies from Heaven was sensual,playful and bittersweet and lends itself a bit more to my love of costume and drama. The titular piece Pennies from Heaven was gorgeous and the danced between the bell hop and cigarette girl was fun and probably my favourite part of the evening. What I loved was that there was always something going on in the background, it felt very rich. This was the part the boy was dreading and once again he came out pleasantly surprised at how much he enjoyed it, his observations being more "I wish they had played the whole of Minnie the Moocher" and a disgruntled comment about cowboys. "It's just not a realistic portrayal...."

It was a fantastic night and many thanks to Ann & Heather from Scottish ballet for inviting us. We had a lovely time, and I'd pretty much recommend going to anyone. Tickets are priced from £6-24.50 AND if you are under 26, a student or unwaged you can grab a wee ticket for £10 if you buy tickets from noon on the day. With a Streetcar named Desire and Sleeping Beauty on the horizon it's never been a better time to get in to ballet.
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