Wednesday, 13 July 2011

on "mind that time we got our nails did at tigerlily?"

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited along to a wee bloggers event hosted by the gorgeous Stella of Alison Jameson Consultants at the gorgeous Tigerlily boutique hotel in Edinburgh. Of course I was delighted to be invited along...any opportunity to see some of fave blog ladies (Ayden, Kirsty, Charlene, Rani, Ann and some other lovely babes.) Medusa salon were there providing hair styling and nails...making us feel all sorts of pampered. I got a gorgeous deep plum China glaze polish from the lovely Clare. Of course what would a pampering day be without cocktails? We sampled some of Tigerlily's cocktails. I tried the award-winning French Letter (grey goose pear vodka, prosecco, lemon juice, gomme and a cherry tomato)....and it was all kinds of delicious. May just have found my poison of choice when I'm Edinburgh bound. I'm also dying to try Death in the Afternoon...Hemingway's favourite drink - a mix of champagne and absinthe. YUM.
(Group shot of some of blogging ladies - me at the end, nails getting did, selecting cocktails, hair getting zhushed- is this a thing?)
We left with a few wonderful samples from the amazing Alison Jameson girls - including getting some extensions, Tan Truth and some Phil Smith hair products - which I can't wait to start using. The hairspray itself smells totally lush!
Thanks to Stella and her team and the wonderful Tigerlily for holding a great day.


  1. was so nice to see you again! the hair products smell AMAZING! so coconutty! very excited about the extensions too :) xx

  2. aaaah was great to see you again dude :) so excited about seeing yous next time for whatever other event comes up and us all having lush long hair ;) Haha. Those cocktails were amazing too eh? Good luck with all the stuff youve got coming up missus, sounds like you're gonna be a busy bee as always xx

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Death in the Afternoon sounds amazing, it's going straight on my to-drink list.


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