Friday, 29 July 2011

on B.A.A.D Fest Bitches

B.A.A.D Fest is this weekend guys. Barras Art and Design fest is pretty much a whole host of fashion, music, comedy, eats and goodness down the barras. Pretty much a mini festival to celebrate the sweet creative minds that do there thang down the Barras. On the Saturday there will be stalls with some sweet Scottish art and design, music from Pearl and the Puppets, Homesick Aldo and Tragic O'Hara and tasty eats for all...followed by a wee after party natch - a BYOB type affair. Sunday features tasty brunch and stand up comedy. Best of all it's all free. Hoping to see some of you crazy cats there!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

on jennie loof interview

I've featured Jennie Loof before. Fact is she's quite good. The Swedish born seamstress started her Glasgow based label a few years ago. With a background in theatre Jennie's honed her craft allowing her to play with shapes in her clothes, with a strong eco-friendly message to her label - using reclaimed vintage prints and fabrics I emailed Jennie to have a quick bleather about her collection Family Chest and her latest forray in to fashion film.

Tell me about the Family Chest collection - what inspired it?
Every time I go home to Sweden I always go out hunting for fabrics and inspiration. Last February my mum revealed our old family chest, this chest have always had a place in my mums sewing room (also their guest room) but I have never realised the treasure that was hiding inside. Both my grannies, their mums and my mum were all amazing seamstresses and my mum had saved all of their old fabrics and patterns in this chest. Fabrics that I remember from my childhood and some to old for me to remember but we were sitting going through this box all night with stories of memories of me, my sister and my mums youth. Remnants from baby clothes, cuddly toys to my sisters bridesmaids dresses all saved by mum for a moment like this.
The Family chest collection was born this evening and many of the actual fabrics from the chest is used in the collection making it the most sentimental yet.
I know you mentioned it has some history to do with your Grandmother and was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about her personal style and how she influenced you as a designer? Do you feel that there is a strong sense of heritage in this collection?
Growing up I spent a lot on time with both of my grannies and I have always loved dressing up and usually we ended up using their wardrobes to dress up as princesses or mermaids or whatever was the inspiration of the day. We could make any fairytale come true from their everyday clothes. I don't think I have ever grown out of this mind. Clothes should be fun to wear and an extension of your personality, may that be you want to be a mermaid for the day, so it shall be, haha, in all seriousness I think this translates into adulthood seamlessly. This is what inspires me everyday when designing and making clothes, and this is what I think of when I talk about my grannies, they inspire me to be me.
What sort of fabrics did you want to use - you seem to work with reclaimed and vintage prints a lot but what makes this different from previous Loof collections? Are we seeing any new structures along with cuts that have become associated with you as a designer? - Are you playing more with colour or shape or both?

As mentioned earlier I mainly used the actual fabrics from the family chest in my mums house and as always mixed everything in with new linings and fastenings to give a new long life to the garment. When you work with old fabrics you have to take extra care and strengthen it where needed at seams with more tension and I always use interfacing and double up the buttonholes et.c.
This collection I had more bolder cuts, less flowers and more OTT finishes. I want to take my Jennie Lööf to more extreme levels and have started a new line ‘LOVELY by Jennie Lööf’ that will start where Jennie Lööf takes off so they are rather close in design at this moment but will grow apart more and more with time. (the goal is that LOVELY will be more everyday wearables and Jennie Lööf more extravagant.
I loved you fashion film - with the high density of fashion shows in Glasgow along with this culture of sharing everything over the internet do you feel we'll see more independent designers working within this medium?

Since I did my first film at the beginning of this year I have seen loads of fashion films pop up everywhere and it is great. I do feel that there are a lot of fashion shows and fashion based pop-up events/markets everywhere right now, and this being fashion, everyone wants to be different and want to showcase in new interesting ways. The film is just a fun way to show the movements in the garments as well as theming it up with a song just make it more interesting. I know we will see bigger better and more elaborate ones everywhere soon.

What was it like working on the film? Stressful? Fun? Any on set silliness?

There shall always be silliness on set! Haha, I had such a great team and this day did only go as well as it did because of the amazing people involved. I had set the deadline to do the film on the 28th of May because that is mothers day in Sweden and this movie being based and influenced by my mum and grannies I felt strongly that it had to be done that sunday. Saying so, I was still stitching on the last buttons on the garments whilst shooting and it was very stressful, but mainly fun. It was all filmed in and around my studio at Albert drive and I think it was an unusual day for the Pollocksheild residents seeing tall beautiful girls posing in the middle of the street or trying to walk around in the back garden in giant heels.

Battenburg or cherrybakewells?

Battenburg any time! I will admit that I had never had or even heard of any of these cakes til now and had a taste evening. Bought both by the same baker to be fair and I will admit that the cherrybake is the prettier one but Battenburg definitely the tastier one.

Photographer: Nicklas Emil Höglund
Model:Simona Hrstkova
photo ass: Philip Frowein & Reto Fromm
Styling: Jennie Lööf
Video and editing by

Models : Christin Haussman & Julia Bell.
Song by Kyle Andrews - You always make me smile

Seriously how cute is the video? The new collection is adorable and can't wait to see what comes next - especially Jennie's new Lovely collection!
You can keep up with Jennie on her website, facebook and tumblr.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

on trudee hill alphabet rings

I am completely in love with Trudee Hill's alphabet rings from her 2010 collection Letters from Words. Set in sterling silver and in lower case - these guys are easy enough to build up to make words (though I'd imagine maybe not the easiest thing to wear- fuck it, it would be hilarious.) i think the only thing that could make these guys better for me was if they were set in gold. It's not like I've got an aversion to silver or anything but the fact when it comes to jewellery it's gold or bust for me is becoming a concern.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

on sinister sights in synthetic moonlight

It's safe to say that the work of Gabriella Marina Gonzalez is pretty much of a favourite of mine, having previously blogged about a couple of her collections including Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery and The Cyclops Apprentice. Gonzalez returns to form with fetish inspired structured leather with sinister sighs in synthetic moonlight. While before the collections have found there bases in more romantic fantastical notions such as mythology and victoriana - the new collection seems to be more grunge inspired with heavy knits and chains. Bondage and fetish prevails itself through Gonzalez collections - the more unusual pieces from the collection including what I'm pretty sure is a Chasity belt and a leather bra. However the collection is filled with more wearable pieces including a leather garter with gold chains (my beating heart be stilled), squared off giant belted wedges and the finest handbag I ever did see. I'm yet to see a collection that Gonzalez is to put out that I don't fall in love with.

Check out the rest of the collection here and swoon away.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

on osmo intensive deep repair mask review

"Specially formulated for over stressed, heat traumatised and chemically abused hair" - well that's me in a nut shell. I've really put my hair through the ringer over the years - and going from red to blonde was nearly the straw the broke the camels back - but was of course just one of the steps on my road to sexy hair redemption. Mostly trying to get back to my natural hair colour and do this whole not putting dye on my hair and ruining all my nice towels thing. Currently my hair is in one of those states where hairdressers are more than a little nervous to even do my roots let alone even out my colour lest I look forward to loosing 5 inches at once and sporting a bob (I don't.....growing my hair this long has taken long enough.) Anyway I'm doing this damage control thing where I try keep my hair real nice, get it cut every few months and hope that I've found a way to get around loosing my length and staying blonde. I bought the Osmo Deep Repair Mask from Salon Services for around £5 and the effects are pretty good. You apply the mask to towel dried hair 3-5 minutes for a nice moisture boost, 7-10 minutes for hair that is beyond death. I tend to leave it for about 15 minutes and I swear to do once I've rinsed it off my hair just feels miles better. I've been doing it once a week (or trying to) but might try bump this up to twice a week. My hair looses some of its frizzy dryness and just looks far sleeker. It totally helps that it smells completely lush as well - a nice light coconut smell.
For anyone who's hair is frazzled or enjoys a love affair with bleach like I do - I'd pretty much recommend making this a staple in your bathroom. Inexpensive and uber affective. I've pretty much found my hair saviour.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

on july wedding ootd

Dress £18 Tatty Bon, Sequin leopard print bag £3, Socks £1.50 and shoes £10 all Primark

My friend Rach got married at the weekend and this is what I wore to the reception. Pretty much a frantic - what the fuck do I wear - and throwing whatever I have in the bottom of my cupboard together. The reception was lovely, Rach looked beautiful and I danced like a total idiot. Frequent flashbacks of dancing to Hey Baby and eating red velvet cupcakes.
Congratulations to the Mr & Mrs Sweeney. You crazy kids. x

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

on blythswood spa day with the momma

Yesterday the mother and I thought we'd treat ourselves to a cheeky wee spa treatment at the beautiful Blythswood Spa. I've been to the Blythswood a couple of times - The Salon, the cinema and the gorgeous Monte Carlo suite so it was about time I checked out the spa.
We were greeted by Laura - polite, friendly and helpful - running my mum and I through the spa and how the thermal experience works and showed us to the changing room. When we got to our locker - where we got our dressing gowns, towels, bottled water and flip flops. Blythswood really does think of everything - (the mother and I had made a mad dash to Primark for flip flops in the morning so Blythswood providing really was a pleasant surprise.)
The thermal experience was amazing - billed as a journey from hot to cold, dry and wet mum and I both had out favourites. I was a sucker for the hot rooms - especially the Crystal Steam Room. It smelled gorgeous and I could have spent my entire day in there. The Saunarium was pleasant - sort of a cross between a steam room and sauna but not quite nearly as hot. Sauna of course was wonderful, though mum couldn't deal with the heat for too long so the ice fountain and cold showers were a God send.
My mum could have spent her afternoon hopping quite happily between the hydro and vitality pools, often dragging (oh the burden!) me back to the Hydro Pool between hot rooms - probably for the best. The Hydro Pool was gorgeous and I did love the soft changes in lighting - a foam of pinks and greens was very surreal and dreamlike. I loved how the thermal experience was just made up of little nooks and crannies - always new spots to find for quiet. After a couple of hours hopping from room to room it was time to get out treatments. I opted for the Deep Tissue Massage while my mum got the Anne Semonin Phyto-Aromatic facial. I'd never had a massage before for after my treatment at the Blythswood I have to say I'm a convert. There is something really satisfying about hearing your back click and crunch. My shoulders felt so numb and light after the treatment. I am dying to try the Turus Hot Stone Massage after my experience there. My mum loved her facial - reporting back that the girl that provided her treatment was amiable and chatty, tailoring the treatment perfectly to her skin and after leaving her skin felt fresh and light.We went for cocktails after - I'd recommend a Mary Quaint - rum, cherry liqueur, pineapple juice and gerdaline garnished with a cherry. It was perfect. I've already started looking at spa days at the Blythswood for later this year - particularly the Turus Package looks like something I'd like to give a whirl. Safe to say Blythswood's reputation as one of the best spas in Scotland is well deserved.

Friday, 15 July 2011

on dolce and gabbana bright star collection

I've some how managed to miss a lot of what's been going down the catwalk recently, not out of disinterest, but the constant stream of new collections - resort, fall, spring summer, oh my where is a girl to begin? That said Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2011 collection could not pass me by if it tried. The entire collection is just so playful mixing feminine ankle socks with tight femme fatale star print dresses to mid calf juxtaposed with male tailoring and sharp collars. It feels like wearable dress up.Brogues and socks and collars and star prints and little bags perched on the hip. I've quite the fan of menswear so seeing masculine tailoring in here mixed with the sexy feminine look is right up my alley. The star print throughout is gorgeous - in pussy blow blouses and calves to mid length or to the floor. There is a definite elegance here throughout without loosing it's sense of fun. That said...I'm not a fan of the star earrings. They just seem a bit cheap. However I'm not going to lie, I would die for that gold glitter star dress. It is too perfect!
pics via fashionista

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

on "mind that time we got our nails did at tigerlily?"

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited along to a wee bloggers event hosted by the gorgeous Stella of Alison Jameson Consultants at the gorgeous Tigerlily boutique hotel in Edinburgh. Of course I was delighted to be invited along...any opportunity to see some of fave blog ladies (Ayden, Kirsty, Charlene, Rani, Ann and some other lovely babes.) Medusa salon were there providing hair styling and nails...making us feel all sorts of pampered. I got a gorgeous deep plum China glaze polish from the lovely Clare. Of course what would a pampering day be without cocktails? We sampled some of Tigerlily's cocktails. I tried the award-winning French Letter (grey goose pear vodka, prosecco, lemon juice, gomme and a cherry tomato)....and it was all kinds of delicious. May just have found my poison of choice when I'm Edinburgh bound. I'm also dying to try Death in the Afternoon...Hemingway's favourite drink - a mix of champagne and absinthe. YUM.
(Group shot of some of blogging ladies - me at the end, nails getting did, selecting cocktails, hair getting zhushed- is this a thing?)
We left with a few wonderful samples from the amazing Alison Jameson girls - including getting some extensions, Tan Truth and some Phil Smith hair products - which I can't wait to start using. The hairspray itself smells totally lush!
Thanks to Stella and her team and the wonderful Tigerlily for holding a great day.

Monday, 11 July 2011

on the day job - and sheer delight

Those of you who already follow me on twitter will already know the good news - but thought I would share here as well. Mostly cause I'm all kinds of delighted. A couple of months ago Ally and I submitted our application for the Scottish Event Awards for the ITCOW show we did back in November, and today found out that we've been nominated! After picking up an award last year, I can't wait to go to the award ceremony again this year - mostly to see what's going on in the industry but the free wine ain't bad either. This year it will be head at the Edinburgh Corn I've got till September 15th to find something utterly fabulous to wear.

on tom binns pink chic collection

Punk inspired jewellery collection from Tom Binn's is all kinds of good, and all kinds of expensive. In gold and silver the collection takes elements from the punk DIY movement giving it a more elegant high fashion concept. Natch the large safety pin necklace (preferably in gold) is my favourite but I don't have a spare $1500 lying around so it's pretty much filed in to the pretty things file of my life. I love how the safety pins and chains in the designs aren't overly obvious. This "punk chic" collection is my favourite of his work - punk appearing to be a huge influence throughout his designs manifesting itself in skulls and studs. Jewellery porn for the masses I'd say.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

on the scottish academy of fashion showcase

Last week I was lucky enough to get along the Scottish Academy of Fashion's Opening Showcase. Part of the evening was fancy canapes and sparkly things in glasses which is always quite lovely - but for the most part it was about finding out what the fashion industry has been doing, what they plan on doing - oh and seeing the work of some of Scotland's best graduates from some of the best fashion schools in the country that make up the academy - Robert Gordon, Heriot-Watt, Glasgow Caledonian and ECA.
One of the things I love most about the academy is there definitely seems to be a push for new Scottish designers in helping them market themselves in a competitive global market. I've got to say there were definitely a few strand outs for me.Sarah Struthers from RGU had uber feminine detailed dresses and coats with heavy beating and embroidery. Lots of pastels and cut out style flowers - very romantic with a real heavy sense of fantasy. While this is definitely a look that is far softer than I would go for personally, but still very impressive as a whole.Anna Stephenson of ECA again used florals, but with asian inspired tailoring. Fringing, pleats and primary brights as well as structured millinery made up the collection which was one of my favourites of the evening.
Definitely the stand out of the evening for me was Kyle Spires - pleated skirts and structured leather. Long flowing feminine skirts with classically structured bags - rich reds and browns and yellows. Filing him under my one to watch.

Other favourites for the evening included Anna Visocchi, Pamela Aitken and Melissanthi Spei of Heriot-Watt, Hannah Cumming of ECA and of course the collective womenswear from GCU. GCU also premiered a collection of menswear kilts with a western influence.One of the most exciting projects to come out from Scottish graduates included the Mackinstosh jackets. The designs from Scottish students who worked with Mackinstosh previewed the designs at the SAF showcase are set to go down to London. The coats were designed by Qi Zhang (ECA) - a pale brown coat with citrus lapel, Eliza Borkowska and Isabel Wong (ECA) - bronzed coat with draped collar, Lisa Leisos and Jett Sweeney's 40's style green caped coat and of course Pamela Aitken of Heriott Watt's heather coloured coat with tail detailing. My faves are definitley Aitken's and Sweeney and Leisos' collab. Pretty sure these bad boys will be flying off the shelves.

Safe to say that after seeing recent graduate collections, Scottish students quality of work continues to rise with every year, as we continue to produce fresh exciting talent. I for one can't wait to see what our graduates are going to do in the years to come - but these guys are def ones to watch.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

on toxic vision bad reputation collection

I live in a world of two extremes. Part of me is all about trying to be classic and elegant and timeless...and the other part...the other part likes anything with leather,latex and studs. I'm pretty sure there is a super fun middle ground I can dance in to, but for now - Toxic Vision's Bad Reputation Collection falls quite firmly in the second camp. Itself as a collection is a juxtaposition of edge and femininity...mixing soft pinks with leather and studs - and pretty floral cigarette pants with cropped biker jackets and leather white and pink shorts with zips. Bows feature prominently adding a softer edge and the entire collection is predominately pastel and pinks with harder fabrics. While I still have a fondness for their previous Bewitched collection - fringed jackets that still pretty much haunt my dreams - the Bad Reputation collection is definitely getting under my skin. Namely the pink leather studded jacket. I can't imagine anything I really could ever want more.The Bad Reputation is now available to buy online on etsy, all images from Toxic Clothing Tumblr.
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