Friday, 17 June 2011

on tatty bon new jewellery

Hello there my gorgeous things. That's me fully rested after a week in the sun. 27 degree weather in a low as possible factor (without openly inviting cancer) and wearing as little as possible and I've come home a lovely shade of cream. SWEET TAN YO. Anyway since I've been back I've been back behind the bar in one job, and back behind the desk in the other. In between all that I managed to sneak down to Tatty Bon and deek out some of the new sweet jewellery my fave vintage boutique had to offer.
The new collection is all hand made - with bright colours and glitter and crystals - and pretty much all of it can be custom ordered to your requests - in varying colours and messages. I love some of the found objects that are making there way in to the jewellery - formerly working with doll house furniture and plastic toys, Tatty Bon's new work is a mix of dark and light, retaining it's tongue in cheek with it's playful customisable messages and colours. The tooth jewellery is taken from a mould of the owners own tooth (a bit creepy but also kind of amazing)...but the real favourites for me are the crystal encrusted hearts. Is that a "Hole" reference I see before me....I think it is and that's peachy keen with me. There are large wooden hearts encrusted with crystals, zombie necklaces, bow knuckle dusters and a whole mess of forest animals.
The jewellery is criminally cheap prices ranging from £4-£14, average pieces probably working around £6-8. I've already picked up a few pieces myself (a custom Bee Waits crystal heart necklace in blue and gold, a baby blue glitter mexican skull ring and a pink and purple dead elvis cameo.) Among all the glittery madness there is still the usual staples of bottle top broaches, porcelain dish earrings and tea cup necklaces but this new stuff I couldn't help myself around.
If you fancy a piece of affordable custom jewellery you can't really do much better than Tatty Bon.

Tatty Bon is located on Parnie Street in the Merchant City, just round from A1 comics, open Tuesday-Saturday 12-5.30


  1. Loving this jewellery! As a jewellery designer myself I really appreciate the weird and wonderful and it's great to still find other designers doing something original, rather than selling the same stuff as everyone else. Fantastic feature!

  2. Is that a mermaid brooch?? Holy hell, I'd probably have had to walk out of there with most of that case! Love the idea of being able to customise the stuff!

  3. I'm loving it! Need to get one of those Fuck Off necklaces soon as poss. I think I'll be paying Tatty Bon a visit on payday!

  4. You know, You and I have been blogging back and forth for over a year and I STILL haven't made it into Tatty Bon - Criminal!! I'm just never up that end of town. I will make a July promise to make it into the shop. I follow on Facebook and totally adore everything I see - gonna need to wait til after pay day!

    Good hols?? SO jealous! David and I are planning a wee relaxing week in Tenerife, but not until august... wanna go NOW!!

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