Tuesday, 21 June 2011

on laura mercier foundation review

You know, I'd always thought I'd found my perfect foundation with double wear. It was matte, provided a full coverage and came in as near as a colour match as I'd ever seen for myself. I fall in to a very distinctive shade dubbed only as a whiter shade of pale. I am pretty sure a couple of shades paler and I would be goth white. Anyway....I thought I'd found the perfect foundation, but then I was in Space NK one day, having a browse. My skin had been playing up lately - making the sexy transgressison from normal to combination - and quite frankly my skin wanted something that was less drying, less cloying than double wear.
Now I was hesitant at first. Silk creme foundation. Fine. Pale as pale can be shade. Double fine. "Luminous formula." WOAH NELLY. I was used to matte coverage...had been since time began...what was this...luminosity they spoke of? I didn't want to look dewy. Just look like I had the skin of a 22 year old. A 22 year old who doesn't smoke. Is that so much to ask? (I know this has a lot to do with me giving up smoking...which I'm in the process of, but for now, a bit of make -up can give me a little hand surely?) Once applied though the foundation didn't have the "dewy" finish I had been dreading. I wasn't shiny. The coverage was pretty full without being heavy, the colour looked good...and I looked fresh. My cheeks didn't feel like they were tight from make-up. All of these things were good things.
So what was the damage? Well...£8 more than my usual, 35ml clocking in at £33. That said...a little does go a long way and this has become my favourite foundation. It offers me everything I want without drying out my skin. I'm from the school of thought where a good base can allow you to skip corners else where (collection 2000 eyeliner anyone?) and it for me offers a sense of security. I wear soft ivory which is pale as anything and perfect for me, and I will continue to use this till someone can trump this foundation.
So ladies, I'm curious as to your fave bases? Foundations...concealers...blushes the lot. Is £33 too much for the "perfect foundation"?


  1. Wowee, £33 is alot for me. I currently have a stock up of Max Factor's Experience (it has black pacaging with a green x on it)

    It's about a tenner and that is a struggle to part with some months for one item of make up. But because it's the palest I've ever tried (my skin is pale too) I just want to stick with it. It's so difficult to find a ultra light foundation without it looking chalky. Although, whilst this thicker foundationw as great for the winter to me dry skin, I am finding that I get shiny by 10am now with this one. But the colour is such a great match I don't know what to do.

    £33 is a bit too much for me though, any ones you have found come close second?

  2. Hey Martha....if you want a matte cover for pale skin Barbara Daly for tesco is amazing. £8 with matte coverage. I'm city centre based so getting myself to a big tesco every couple of months pretty much never happens...otherwise I'm sure the Daly would be a regular in my make up box.
    That said I do like to spend a bit of money of things I've found work for me. I've tried cheaper foundations and found that they slide off my face, look cakey or just a bit too orange/yellow.
    Good luck!

  3. I don't actually wear foundation, but my favorite concealer is the Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Cream Concealer!

  4. I think a good base is worth spending tons of money on, because (in my experience) even if the rest of your makeup is perfect, if your base is shit your face will look shit.
    Where can you buy Laura Mercier things? I think I'd like a sample before spending any more than £20 on foundation.

  5. Space NK and Frasers. Think better chance of getting sample from Frasers concession than Space NK I'm afraid. x

  6. I'm Bobbi Brown all the way with concealers but the perfect foundation hasn't been found yet. I'm so white my skin is nearly transparent so the chalky factor is a big deal.


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