Sunday, 17 April 2011

on "in the mood"

Happening guys. I feel like I've finally recovered after a weekend that seems to have been predominately sponsored by pall mall and cake. Anyway...the blogger meet up at the Blythswood yesterday was brilliant-more info shortly. This is mostly down to the reason the only picture (singular) I took was of cake. The rest of the time was spent getting my hair did and fangirling over the set design for Alice.

I'm pretty aware I have more nail polish than any girl can really justify having - especially with my haphazard application technique and my tendency to constantly go back to default red,black or gold (all illamasqua since you asked)- but second I saw these was pretty much love forever and ever.In the Mood's mood changing nail polish.....naturally. For the girl who has it all or lives in a state of being perpetually indecisive, these guys are pretty much the best things I've ever seen. Of course they only ship to Canada and the U.S *insert anguish here* but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a way to make these mine. While I do want all of them..."Mellow" (the lavender to pink change) is currently my favourite. It just looks so sickly sweet. $8 isn't to tragic right? Exchange rates aren't my forte.The idea of this polish has pretty much reignited my long love for mood rings, from my teenage "witch" stage (you know when you bought tarot cards,crystals and wore too much eyeliner...that stage.) Anyway I have designs to just adorn myself with as many mood rings as possible and live in a constant state of ennui. Such that it deserves its own italics.

Got exam this week on music,media and identity- so tomorrow will be spent spilling over Bowman,McRobbie and Firth. Chances are you're going to get my academic overspill. Sorry guys.


  1. $8 = about £5. These look amazing why are they not here?!!

  2. wow these look ace, let us know if you find a way x

  3. Those look amazing, I do love a mood ring! Like the new header xx

  4. Mood changing nail polish??!! this makes me really happy - and if I was able to buy some, you would be able to tell just how much by checking out my nails!

  5. always love a mood ring... so totally love mood nail polish!! where can you get these??!!

  6. death_sexxx - mood rings for ebay....the nail polish remains a distant dream. needs to find bribe family to let me get delivered to em overseas.


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