Wednesday, 30 March 2011

on origins brighter by nature moisturiser review

For far too long I'd been using cheap moisturisers...reassuring myself "it's young skin can totally get away with it." This was of course ignoring the fact I'm a smoker and have pretty much the worst sleeping habits in the world. A few months ago my skin was not in a happy place. I was breaking out, my skin felt greasy one moment, dry the next (way to make myself sound like a stone cold fox right?) but then my love affair with Origins started and everything got a whole lot better. Checks and Balance proved to be a real life saver to my daily routine, so when I ran out of cheap brand less moisturiser, I thought I'd give one of the Origins moisturisers a try. After a wee consultation and a quick evaluation of my bank balance I splurged on Origins Brighter By Nature Moisturiser. At £33 for 50ml I did wince a touch as I entered my pin, but now I can't imagine not using it. I found the moisturiser to be very light and I don't really need much in the morning. Like all Origins products it's got a very light herbal smell - it's one of those things that just smells like it's good for you. It's all cucumber and basil and just feels very fresh. The moisturiser is marketed as being a skin tone corrector - and it's really helped balance out my skin, or maybe I've just found a good match. It feels nice and light while still quenching my skin. With an SPF factor of 35 this guy pretty much has all the bases covered. It's become one of my favourite things - and while I'm still on my eternal search for the perfect skin care routine, this guy is a front runner for best moisturiser.
Any skin care favourites that I should know about ladies?


  1. You've already converted to my favourites! Origins for my face and Aveda for my hair. They're pricey but last soooo long that it's far more economical. Just don't run out of everything in the same month!

  2. I got a sample of this once, it's so amazing! Shame it's so pricey though.
    My skin care favourite isn't even really skin care, more like cover up. It's a green-tinted mineral powder by Lily Lolo which is a godsend for my blotchy red face and Rudolph nose. I recommend it to anyone who complains of being on the wrong side of rosy.

  3. I got my step mum some origins body stuff for her christmas, and davids mum some origins face stuff for her birthday - but now I really think its time to treat myself! :) I am really a fan of the Dermalogica Clean Start Range - I have been using their Welcome Matte moisturiser and I love it. But would really like to try this origins one, I love that 'natural smell' you speak of :p xx

  4. A wee cheeky sample you say? Looking forward to meeting up again at the Alice event x

  5. cute post and blog:)



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