Tuesday, 8 March 2011

on asking alice

It's no secret that I have a strong connection to Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland. As a self proclaimed English geek I loved Carrol's manipulation of language and nonsense words in Wonderland, and his math play in Through the Looking Glass. Victorian children's literature always struck a chord with me - it was just so poetic and had this intrinsic sense of wimsy. My relationship with Alice has developed in to my copy of Wonderland falling apart at the seams - and a half Alice in Wonderland sleeve on my left arm.

You might ask why I'm waxing lyrical about Alice on a Tuesday (when really I should be making pancakes) but the truth is - I'm just really looking forward to the Scottish Ballet's rendition of Alice. Like...more than you can believe. Alice will be touring all over Scotland (read Glasgow,Edinburgh,Aberdeen and Inverness)...with a cheeky stint in Cardiff and safe to say this contemporary take on the classic fairy tale looks like it's going to be breathtaking. Alice tumbles through a camera lens and ends up meeting all these fantastical characters - and she has to rely on her wits to escape Wonderland. No doubt the costumes will be fantastic, like all of Scottish Ballet's productions.

To commemorate the release of Alice - the Scottish Ballet are having a photography competition, and my super talented friend Levi Macdonald (you may have seen her work in Indicate or Urban Outfitters) has placed in an entry. All bias aside - her entry is beautiful and you couldn't find a more deserving winner.If you think Levi is as talented as I do (and you do) you can vote by following these easy steps
-Like Scottish Ballet's Facebook Page
-Like Levi Macdonald's picture in the photography competition album.

It's pretty much the right thing to do.


  1. wow that photo is beautiful, I'll definitely 'like' it! i'm a massive alice fan too and i'm very excited to see how the ballet production is done. x

  2. So looking forward to it too! And although I love Levi's photo (and so many others!) my friend has also entered and I'm afraid I'm rooting for her!

    Ever Dundas - Dream in Wonderland

    And thanks to Ann for sending through the info about the comp - I forwarded it to a few of my more talented friends x


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