Friday, 18 February 2011

on things that excite me

So....In the Company of Wolves was mentioned in a wee interview on STV. You can watch it here. Needless to say I am pleased as punch. The event itself is sold out - so hoping next ITCOW will be at a bigger venue as still looks like you guys have an appetite for Scottish Independent Design.

Also....A GFF vinyl is in the window of Urban Outfitters promoting our exhibition as well as the party they will be holding in store. It looks beautiful and am really pleased how it's all went. The exhibition is now live, so you should deff go have a creep, would love to know what you know what you think of it (amazing,okay...terrible?.)
Sorry to bore you with all the work chat but am just crazy pleased.


  1. I'll certainly have a creep at the exhibition tomorrow! Also, it's pretty cool you got a mention on stv!

  2. Well done with all of this pal, you're doing an AMAZING job of promoting it and putting all the events together. And another ITCOW?? Yes please!! xx


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