Sunday, 13 February 2011

on pattern clashing and pugs

It's been a busy week. Uni is pretty mental, and the film festival launches on Thursday. Oh, also my friend Craig got a pug.This is Stella. Isn't she precious?She's 10 weeks old and is so tiny. I didn't quite expect her to be so small - or so cute, but she's just proper brilliant. I'm not going to lie....she's teething so made a fair go at a pair of my shoes as well as my nightdress, but look at this face. Actually IMPOSSIBLE to be mad at her.
I hadn't seen Craig for ages so thought would go visit him and his puppy. I'm pretty much preparing to become a social recluse for the next couple of weeks - so the idea of puppies, crap tv (Charmed and 4 weddings if you must know) and a catch up sounded perfect. Needless to say, my pals know how to do hospitality. You can tell he used to work in a hotel right?
I hadn't really had a moment to myself the past wee while, so retreating to my friends felt like a mini get away. I swear all I seemed to do is sleep, eat and cuddle the puppy. Ended up staying over as walking home late by myself isn't really an option at the moment. It does however mean mini crabtree and evelyn products and executive mints on my bed, which is always pretty nice. Do hotels still do mints on their pillows? Am I just staying in fairly grim establishments when I do go away?

Went over quite bummed my hair in a crap bun. Thought would try pattern clashing...because why the fuck not?
Rose tunic - Topshop, Skirt - River Island, Cardi - God knows, Socks - Primark, Shoes - Primark (£3 btw)
Anyway was really nice to get away. Was nice to switch off. I'm back in tomorrow and got a ton to do (model fittings, making sure deliveries come in, checking guest lists and the like) so I suppose this was all the calm before the storm.
What I am excited about is an exhibition we have going live on Wednesday. I'll post more about it later in the week - but it's exciting. I'm actually quite pleased about it as managed to get some brilliant Scottish independent designers clothes on display in a popular high street store. There will be names you'll recognise I'm sure, and a few that you don't - but really glad they are going to get the exposure.

Moving away from talking shop - met my mum for lunch on Saturday, (I haven't seen her since November) and we've decided we'd quite like to go see a couple of shows in London - one of them being Wicked. I'm not entirely sure where to stay - or where I can find some cheap train fares, but was wondering if you guys have any recommendations of somewhere nice to stay and anything we should do while we're down there? I haven't been to London since I was 10 (yeah I know....) so my knowledge of the city is sketch at best.

Also - this is more of a public service announcement for fellow Glasgow girls. TK Maxx on Argyle seems to have some pretty sweet stuff in at the moment. Namely Luella. For under £100. If you're into it I'd suggest getting down their sharpish.Till next time lovelies....farewell from me and Stella.


  1. Ohhhhhhh I'd love a pug! Mike wouldnt let me! So we got audrey instead, who is super cute, but... Pugggggggggggggg

  2. OH GOD. so cute!! and what a lovely name for a pug!
    love your primark shoes, what a bargain at £3 too x

  3. Oh my word i want the Pug!! She is a wee beaut!
    Ah i wish you hadn't mentioned TK Maxx ... i'm skinto :( *sob sob*


  4. Thank you for the luella tip off! wish id went into town with david today :( sleeping, eating and cuddling the puppy sounds like a pretty sweet night if you ask me! shes adorableeee :) didnt you just want to steal her?

    Hope you had a nice lunch with your mum, and wicked is THE best ever! I've seen it twice and would happily go back again and again. you will love it. we stayed at the travel lodge in kings cross which was pretty reasonably priced and ovb great location. defs wanna go back soon! my boss told me about this japanese place in camden where the menus etc are projected onto the table, and you can play games like battleships etc while youre waiting on your food! only in london eh xx

  5. Too cute for words

    Love the outfit clashing is good if you can pull it off and you certainly can

    Good luck with the exhibition
    Joanne xx

  6. I'm definitely a cat person but even I have to admit, that pug is the cutest! Love your clashing prints, and thanks for the tipoff about tkmaxx, I'll be stopping off after uni tomorrow methinks! xx

  7. Stella is very cute indeed!

    On London; if you book well in advance you can get great deals on the sleeper. It can work out far less than a cheap flight as you don't have the cost of the transfers. I was down recently for the first time since I was 11!

  8. you should have put a toooooo cute warning - dear god I have just properly awwwwed - gorgeous little pup!

    love the clashing prints, and £3 for those shoes? seriously? recently?


  9. Ok FIRSTLY Stella - OMFG?!?!!!! so gorgeous! I'm a cat lady through and through but jeeze louise would I make an exception for Stella! Cute as a freakin button. SECONDLY Primark shoes are to die for! Are they current? Haven't been in for a while, must investigate. THIRDLY this exhibition sounds proper interesting keep me informed via twatter aye? FINALLY you cannot go to London and not see Les Mis!! I am ridiculously biased but in my opinion it's the best show in the worl, end of! Xx

  10. Hey guys
    I'm actually a total cat person myself (there isn't a day that I do not miss my little George Clinton) but Stella...she pretty much makes my heart squee.
    I'm afraid the Primark shoes are quite old....I got them on sale a while back and have worn them to death...namely cause they are brilliant.
    Thanks for all the tips on London. Mum does say she wants to see a couple of as long as I see Wicked I'm pretty open. As long as I don't have to see the Queen musical again. Went a couple of Christmases ago in Edinburgh and it was proper cringeworthy.
    Will keep you all updated re:stealing stella/exhibition.


  11. Cute dogggyyy! Love the shoes by the way :D

  12. Oh my, your dog Stella is the CUTEST! xx

  13. Hoping for an exclusive on the festival! (Also excellent shoes)

    K xx

  14. Think I've just DIED! Stella is just gorgeous!! Pugs are insane - I wonder what Lydia, my cat, would make of one...

    Sounds like you've been rushed off your feet working loads - can't wait to hear more about the new exhibition x

  15. um, can I have him?

    Gina Marie Vintage

  16. you have to stay in the hoxton hotel - so many amazing things on your doorstep there including squint upholsterers, caravan, the boundary bar which has a rooftop bit.....
    i would go on the train, and if you travel one part of the journey on the weekend then upgrade to first for £15 and it's really a treat

  17. awww Stella <3!
    Those shoes ! oh my goodness! x


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