Tuesday, 4 January 2011

on good shoes, cat bags and vegetable crumble

This year I'm planning on mastering the art of the self timer to do more outfit posts......failing that, recruiting boyfriend and/or flatmate to take pics for me. Until then I thought I'd show you guys the two staples of my life at the momento. Cat bag and black wedge.
I promised myself this year I'd buy myself a sensible pair of shoes in the sale...so got these bad boys from River Island for £45. The cat bag....well it's just a little something something I picked up at Welcome Home's Pop Up Shop at the CCA for £20. These two guys I'm using nearly every day at the moments. The black wedge goes with almost everything and is comfier than it looks and the cat bag...well its fucking yellow, has a long strap and is roomy.

Due to spending all my money in the sales I'm being a bit more inventive with my cooking at the moment. Tonight I had some hard cheese and a courgette that needed using so I thought I'd make Vegetable Crumble.
TRUST ME - It tastes far better than it looks.
Delicious delicious pantry food.
I wasn't going to blog about as had no idea where it was going to rank on the flavour scale, yet Claudia Nova from Lux Exterior said if it turned out nice I should blog about it, so Claudy - this is for you.
First of all I should say this guy is not only easy as hell but it's the kind of thing you can make when you have no food in the house - and it's all kinds of delicious. I don't really use scales...I've been cooking for so long it's really a lot of guess work and looking at something and guessing if it looks okay. Either way...the recipie I made should serve 3.

What you'll be needing:
Sliced Courgette
Teaspoon of Olive il
1 Bell Pepper (of your choice)
1 onion diced
2 sticks of celery sliced
a carrot sliced
2 handfulls of mushrooms sliced
teaspoon of mustard
teaspoonish of oregano
dash of soy sauce
garlic clove chopped fine
Crumble Topping
Plain flour - maybe a cup and a half
Butter - I used maybe 40g? I'd say for a fucking amazeballs topping 75g
Cheese - of your choice, grated. As much as you like

Get a big saucepan...head up your oil, add the veg. Really your filling can be whatever the fuck you have lying at the bottom of your vegetable drawer. Parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes.....if they are dying a little but still good for the eating chop them up real nice and stick them in. I'd say a tin of tomatoes would elevate this dish from really good to really awesome...but that's just me. While the vegetables are cooking (medium heat) make your crumble topping in a separate bowl. Flour and butter - rub till you get breadcrumby like goodness. Add the cheese and mix in with your hands. Your hands = best thing for this guy. By the time your crumble topping is ready your veg should be looking nice and cooked, give them 5 if you fancy. I was chopping my veg and adding at whim while bits and pieces cooked...so maybe 10-15 minutes all in all?
Pour veg into pie dish...or glass dish or whatever you cook your cottage pies and the like in. Pour on crumbley topping and spread across. Shove in oven on medium heat and cook for 40 minutes till golden. Less if you have a fan over.
Serve with brown sauce and settle down for a boxset.

Back to Glasgow Film Festival Offices tomorrow - earlier than expected but I can not wait. I've been going stir crazy waiting for this year to begin, but either way it's going to be awesome. Now just to find my office key......


  1. Those wedges are beautiful and that cat bag is amazing. Does it have a name? I think I would be tempted to give it a name.
    That crumble looks yummy, I'd have to take out the mushrooms though as I'm afraid of them - I have mycophobia... it's a disease.

  2. That's the joy of the vegetable crumble...you can put anything in it. The boy doesn't care for onions so if cooking this for him I'd guess I'd take those out and add another pepper or something. Maybe chuck some philly cheese in the topping as he's not crazy for cheddar.

    No name for el cat bag....I rish I got a better shot of it's ears. I'm thinking Anastasia...x

  3. The cat bag is so cool, I hope that shop is still open! The crumble looks really good, I imagine it would be amazing with leftover salad veg and cream cheese.

  4. Welcome Home's pop up isn't in the CCA anymore...it's on keith street which is just off dumbarton road. think i'll be visiting next time i see the boy x

  5. Love those wedges, somehow I've still not hit the sales yet all my christmas money has still disappeared on god knows what!
    I forgot you were working for the film festival, I volunteered at gft for almost a year and just loved it!

  6. floral skirts: small world! what field were you in? I'm just part of the film festival opposed to the theatre as a whole but it's pretty brilliant. wish it could last longer x

  7. I am also yet to master the tripod and self timer... if you get a knack of the art, please share your secrets with me! Im bloody hopeless :( I have spent too much in the sales, and I am lusting over so many full price items but getting tattooed in a couple weeks so I have to tell myself NO! :( xx

  8. oh wow, those boots are perfection.



    The Flower Girl


  9. Ayden - So far I've tried books piled on top of each other and a ladder....but I always end up with v.unflattering pics. Boo. Where you getting tattoed btw?

    Becky-May - I know right? too comfy too x

  10. Argh cat bag! That crumble sounds too yummy, id never have thought of a savoury crumble but really want to give this a go. Cant wait for more outfit posts!

  11. I love it! So beautiful!



  12. those wedges are utterly fabulous, and the bag is pretty cute too :) x

  13. I have a cat purse!!! I bought it at camden market and have been in love with it ever since, it is so so good. I can't find the cat bag on the website though?! :(

    R x


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