Wednesday, 29 September 2010

on the dark night of the soul

I first saw this treasure over at the most excellent Baroque Boudoir. It's pretty much the most beautiful fucking animation I've seen in a long time...and it features Courtney Love, one of my favourite human beings ever....(she's on my fantasy dinner party list doncha know.) Anyway it's directed my Micheal Mouris and is pretty much's funny, it's beautiful and a little bit sad.

Moments I especially loved were

via Baroque Boudoir. Check her out...her blog is lovely.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

on itcow...and the make up

I fear that I will end up boring you with stuff from the ITCOW shoot but finally got the zip files sent to me yesterday and I've got to choose one for the flyer. Sofie is gorgeous and Brian's given me loads to choose from. I guess I loved this guy thought as it's one of the best shots of the make up. Lynne totally paled Sofie down...making her as white as possible and pretty much covering her eyebrows and making them pale as hell. A little contouring of the cheeks and a very deep plumy lip (an urban decay number if I'm not mistaken) boom you have our make up. Being the palest of the pale myself..and a total slut for lipstick I pretty much loved all the product used for the shoot but my favourite product was this Purity Mineral Powder. I've had some bad experiences with powders in the past...and for now I swear by Corn Silk (and Christian Dior loose powder when I can afford it...but Purity mineral powder in Ivory would be an excellent alternative. The lip colour was actually from this weird lipstick pencil guy...which isn't my cup of tea, so I'd probably use one of old MAC favourites....most likely Rebel, even if it is a little bit greasy. I'll find out everything Lynne used as I'm curious about how to recreate this myself.

Anyway I'm chocked with the cold, curled up with Doctor Who and hot ribena....and a bag full of Topshop sweaters (20% student discount tonight and tomorrow in Glasgow don't you know?) so I'm going to try get some work done while I'm bed ridden before getting back to uni and throwing myself back in to my work. Allonsy.

Monday, 27 September 2010

on anniversary editorials

So Vogue Paris celebrates its ninetieth anniversary issue in the best kind of way, with the best kind of editorial. Lara Stone, Crystal Renn, Freja Beha Erichsen, Daphne Groeneveld and Mariacarla Boscono are decked out in Givenchy,Phillip Treacy and more. Mert & Marcus behind the lens and Corine Roitfield styling the shoot is pretty incredible. I literally swooned. Pics via FGR.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

on models own purple mystique

Models Own a while back had a wee deal in Boots....any 2 products for 8squid or 5squid each, so I thought it was about time that I made a wee investment. I got myself some Purple Mystique (pictured above) and Red Red Wine. Now I love purple and red together, wearing a colour on each hand for the funsies....but it really is the purple colour I am very much in love with. It's such a regal colour and it's perfect for Autumn.
The polish itself is okay. It takes a couple of coats to get a good finish and the formula does feel a little thin, however the finish is gorgeous and it definitely has staying power (even without a base coat...hurrah!). Models Own have such a wide range of colours...alas not all stocked in my local boots, but seem to be available under various deals online (buy 3 save 3squid). All I need now is to find the perfect orange colour for October, a nice warm pumpkin colour. Any recommendations?


Friday, 24 September 2010

on itcow flyer shoot preview

I have been 11 kinds of busy this week it is unreal. I feel like I haven't really had time to stop....but Brian sent us a raw picture from the ITCOW flyer shoot today and it's just so.....exciting I suppose to have something tangible. So far everything has been very much in the world of cyberspace. I've had meetings, I've sent emails...the venue is booked - but it's only really after the flyer has been shot do I really feel like anything is really moving.
We were very lucky that the talented Mark Conlin let us borrow several looks from his collection for the flyer shoot...a mix of knit, leather and...latex? Either way it looked incredible...and was heavy as hell to cart around the West End but worth it. TOTALLY worth it.
I really want to thank the GU for letting us use the gorgeous Reading Room to shoot the well as my favourite photographer Brian Shannow, the gorgeous model Sofie Burley...with Lynne Anderson on make-up. Everyone was wonderful.

NB: I spent a vast amount of time being a stress ball clutching on to a can of lucozade. Note my life is that glamorous.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

on oh shit i spent my student loan

So I spent my student loan.
Dress - 16 squid from Tatty Bon. It kind of has a weird Russian/folksy vibe. I'm kind of in love with it. It's also the warmest thing in the world. The ridiculous fringe detailing at the bottom are kind of my favourite thing in the world.
Tatty Bon sheer shirt...with CHERUB detail. HIYAS. 10.80
I feel that 16.50 is an acceptable amount to spend on nail polish. Chanel Imperial is pretty much the prettiest brown polish ever. I guess I'll do a review of this guy later...but for now...let's just enjoy the plummy brown colour. Nomnomnom.Leopard print shirt. Tatty Bon. 8.50. It had been in the shop for ages and I'd just kind of....lovingly stroke it every time I was in. Anyway it is mine now...and I pretty much wear it with everything.WELL HELLO CREEPER HEELS.My love of creepers has pretty much been well documented here. I got a sweet discount on these guys as my loving friend works in Office and hooked me up with 35% off. Usually these guys would cost 87 squid....which I would clearly have spent anyway.

Money well spent I feel.....
(NB: Also finally got the Benifit Bad Gal Mascara and underwear....beans on toast anyone?)

Monday, 20 September 2010

on hair like a lion

So yeah the hair for Topshop Unique S/S11 was pretty fantastic. The models look like frigging lions. I suppose all the colours through the hair makes it better. For me they look like some crazy art class bitches meets lioness meets a whole mess of candyfloss. Anyway...I'm a fan and this acts as inspo for the next ITCOW (anyone remember the red head with the mad crimped hair we had walk?) and general hair fancy.
via park&cube

Sunday, 19 September 2010

on levictus sale

So yeah...Levictus are having a sale, till Monday the 20th at midnight. 50% off bitches. Coupon code FALL. Think I may finally get my black gold talon ring.

Friday, 17 September 2010

on what i wore to the lock in

l-r: roisin,sophie,myself
So for the Tatty Bon Lock in thought it would be apt to wear stuff from the store from head to toe. Shirt was 12, skirt was a gift from boyfriend....(10squid...silly boy to buy from my work) and the chunky 90s heel are from my work stuff...but would have clocked in at 15. What I'm not wearing here is my black fake fur jacket (30 squid) that makes me feel like a total bear. In the best way.
NB: Please note I am ill and do not usually look this pale or creepy
nb: that's a lie. I always look this pale and creepy.

But how about Roisin's bebaroque tights eh? FYI - totally in the sale.

on the tatty bon lock in

Thanks to all who came to the Tatty Bon lock in Wednesday night. It was incredible. The lambrini and beer flowed freely and I'm pretty sure I spent a large portion of the evening pushing danishes on to people (sorry)...but all in all it was a good night, and was better than we could have hoped for. The 15% discount went down a treat....customers buying everything from winter coats to dresses to 1940s suits. Either way the atmosphere was lovely and I enjoyed chatting to most of you who came down (even though I was a fever torn mess.)
Just so you know Tatty Bon has a 10% student discount on purchases over 10 squid till the end of September so if you have a valid student card (or have a friend you can nick one from) head on down.

Photos from the amazing Brian Shannow

Thursday, 16 September 2010

on betsey johnson s/s 2011

I can remember the first time I was truly blown away by a designer. I'd always loved clothes, and as a kid I was a total magpie (we're reading kid as anything before the age of 18.) I was heavily emmersed in sub-cultures growing up. I always find it weird referring to them as that. Sub-cultures. We were mall rats. We hung around the skate park. We were a mish mash of punk-goth-hardcore and glam. I wore yellow eyeshadow, changed my hair colour every few weeks and hoarded an impressive collection of handpainted shoes and bags. Fashion had never really came in to it at that point. I mean obviously it had, but I was never fully consious of it. I was aware of designers and I was still partial to reading Vogue (inbetween my Rock Sound..and if we're going back to goth school days...reading Kerrang while waiting for the bus)...but it wasn't really until I went over to America that I found my designer soul mate. I was on holiday with my family. I was hot, a little bit bored and my parents were busy trying to find themselves a sweet deal on jeans. And then I saw it. All pink and green out the corner of my eye. Seriously, I honed in on it like a total creep. Next thing I knew I was inside this shop....this little tomboy with too much make up is falling in love with all these insanely coloured skirts and dresses. A little bit rockabilly, a little bit punk....and all pure fantasy. Betsey Johnson really was it for me.

As my style has evolved and I got more and more in to fashion, I found new favourites, new things to love...yet I will always have a soft spot for Betsey. She embodies for me the best of what fashion can be. This idea of escapisim. While I do love my ready to wear...I also ADORE it when something insane comes down the cat-walk. Betsey delivers what has come to be expected of her over the years, totally over the top statement pieces. And I'm okay with that. It's nice to be able to rely on Betsy. The sun will rise and Betsy will always make something I love. It's how it's always been. The S/S collection is inspired by the idea of being more eco-friendly....and eco-transportation...with a helluva load of bike references through. Neon brights, bicycle helmets, a few wheels....oh yeah and Betsey riding on stage on a bike. The colours as always were insanely bright....of course I love the black piece that goes down the runway, but that's more to do with the fact that it's sheer than anything else, and it's far from my favourite piece in the collection.

Although there was a strong theme of cycle wear throughout the show, it was the dresses that got me. It's the dressed that get me every time. They are pretty much the embodiment of fairy princess dresses for me. Betsey makes me want to wear orange, and neon green.....and hell a pink glittery tutu. Sometimes I worry that maybe I am getting too old for Betsey, that her over the top girlish designs are best left to the realms of fantasy. And then I remember how I felt the first time I found a Betsey Johnson boutique....and I know I'll never be too old for Betsey.

Monday, 13 September 2010

on window displays and work outfits

Things you should know about me.....I'm a bit crafts I mean. Since Brownies I've just had this total inability to make things really work for me. I become all thumbs and death happens. Not literal death, death of the materials. I can put together a decent event for you (I will never sleep, but I will)...but shake a glue stick at me and ima running in the opposite direction. Anyway it's September now, so Lynne, myself and our friend Fred decided to make clouds and origami birds for the window display at Tatty Bon. Well Lynne and Fred made the clouds......I started putting together outfits for a photo shoot as my first cloud just looked a bit sad.
My paper crane was worse.
So bad in fact it just looked like a crumpled piece of paper. I was not soothed by Emma's reassurances that "Oh Claire, you just didn't make your fold deep enough." This is cause I knew the truth....I was crap at crafts.

On a more positive note, I got a few pieces for A/W to slink in to my wardrobe. Got me some mum jean cut off shorts....a sweet velvet top...must more exciting in real life and of course the piece de resistance...some chunky 90's shoes that seem to go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. This is exciting.

Remember the Lock In is this Wednesday from 6-9....with 15% off on all purchases over 10 squid....and you don't need to be a student to take advantage. Cake and booze will be there but it's a first come first serve kind of deal. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

on no7 shine free primer

It's been a while since I've done a product review, so feel it's about time I review this guy. I love primer.....lip primer is a favourite of mine being a die hard lipstick fan, but I have a soft spot for a good face primer. Alas No7 Shine Free Primer is not it.
Designed to keep shiny skin under control and provide a matte base for make up No7's primer really should be the primer of my dreams. I'm partial to a matte base and on a night out I do tend to suffer from a bit of forehead shine...further proof make-up does not like sweaty night clubs and vodka. It's not so much that the product doesn't do what it says on the tin, more so the quality of the product.
When you squeeze the product out it is a lovely white almost pearlescent cream...reminiscent of MAC strobe, but the similarities really stop there. I found myself having to "pat" the primer into my skin as rubbing would make it sort of flake....which is pretty much the last thing you're wanting from a make-up base. It feels very dry going on and while it does provide a satin finish, I feel there are better products out there for a similar price.
No7 Shine Free Primer is usually around 10 pound plus of your British (I bought it with a 5squid voucher off)...and after using it I have to say I wouldn't buy it again at the full price. If you do get a 5squid voucher off for No7 I would say that this product is worth a shot as it does do what it says, and does it well...but it's flaky nature has definitely put me off. Available at Boots. OBVO.

Friday, 10 September 2010

on the scottish event awards part uno

I'm actually still trying to get my head around this.....but yeah...last night In The Company of Wolves scooped the Scottish Event Award for best Student Event. It feels totally surreal but I've got the sore feet and award as evidence it actually happened. The night was pretty incredible...even though I was feeling all sorts of tired and ill...when that adrenaline kicked in...HOLY HELL.

Thing is Ally (of Supa Dupa fame and the fierce bitch in red) and I were outside catching some fresh air (see smoking clove cigarettes) and chatting to some ladies from the SECC when my phone rang. I thought...hell, that must be the comedian off and the awards started so we run upstairs....and shit, our awards been announced, Cammy and Rebecca are walking towards the stage so Ally and I hike up our skirts and make a running sprint (as if there is any other kind) towards the stage, whooping and squealing as we went. I can't remember the image of our event being on the screen, the music that was played or even what the announcer said, I just remember getting out picture taken before heading back to the table before enjoying some celebratory shots. TEAM CALEY GO!

I can't wait to tell you guys all about Grand Central Hotel (totally surreal, the champagne bar looks over Central Station) and give you the play by play of the evening, but I just couldn't contain my excitement about this any longer.

FYI: I should probs let you guys know another ITCOW is in the works (and has been for the last month)'re looking at about November time for some more fashion/art/music/ keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled.


Thanks to everyone who came to the last In The Company of Wolves, hope we can continue to bring you uh-mazing events promoting the best in Scottish independent design.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

on cat people fashion

I think I've come to terms with the fact that I'm pretty much a crazy cat lady.....sans cat, so when I saw these illustrated cats in Chelsea Magazine...well I just pretty much swooned. The work of Elizabeth Moch these guys pretty much tick all the boxes, and provide the perfect gate-way drug for me to get entirely hooked on the online publication of Chelsea. I suppose it helps that it is free...but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be checking out if they mail the paper versions to the U.K. I feel 15 dollars is a reasonable amount for a kitty in Miu Miu.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

on a public service announcement

My partner in crime in the events industry has gone and started a sweet blog....which I'm all over like a bad if you're in to hot hair and good chat you should defo check Supa Dupa out....just saying.

We've got the Events Awards tomorrow and I have a day to find something amazing. Black tie...with whos who in the Scottish Events Industry and half of the Events Department at Caley...I will look elegant...and I will not get drunk.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

on tatty bon lock in preview

Tatty Bon Lock In
15th September 6pm - 9pm
15% off on purchases over 10squid
Free cake and drink

Glasgow kids...there is no reason why you shouldn't head down to this....I'll keep you updated you crazy cats...but really, I can't think of a better way to spend your student loan ;)

Monday, 6 September 2010

on congratulations being in order

les Garcons de Glasgow has been a blog favourite of mine for a long time. Daniel and Jonathan have gone from strength to strength with their street style blog started last year and changing what it means to have a style blog. With a t-shirt line, club nights and exhibits of their photography in Frasers and Urban Outfitters was their ever any doubt that they would win Vogue's Street Chic competition?

The competition was judged by creative director of Vogue Robin Derrick and deputy editor of Vogue Emily Sheffield.

If you aren't already following les garcons...shame on you! but make sure to go over to their blog as they cover some of the most exciting events in Glasgow and it's wonderful to see Glasgow's vibrant and eclectic sense of style told through les garcons lenses.

Congratulations to Daniel and Jonathan, it could not have happened to more deserving and talented gentlemen.

on we are owls

It's pretty much well documented that I am not in to my Summer clothes. I like the sun....sure thing, but my penchant for 80d and wool skirts does not favor this second Summer we are apparently having. I'm looking forward to a winter of plums,butterscotches and scarlets. I want leather gloves, and thigh high boots. I want tweed suits and cowl necked dresses. I will also take crochet dresses, chunky knits and super thick tights. I am dreaming of a chilly winter...and this being Scotland, I'm pretty sure I'll get what I want.

I also want some of these scarves by New York based label We are Owls. 100% cashmere, this A/W 2010 collection is pretty much astounding. While looking through the collection I just kind of swooned. Owls with skulls, leopord print....skelentons. It was pretty much made of dreams. I want these guys to wear in my hair (I'm determined to learn how to knot a turban before the end of September), around my bag or is an idea, just round my neck to keep my neck from getting cold considering the fact I am one of those people who is pretty much always ill. I find a clogged nose and a throat filled with phlegm a powerful look.

And now that I've grossed you all the hell are some sweet scarves to check out.

via refinery29

Sunday, 5 September 2010

hot slut sunday - diana vreeland

This one might seem like a cop out. Diana Vreeland is pretty much the definition of a hot slut. The woman oozed taste, charisma and talent and is pretty much the most quotable woman in fashion. She wrote for Harper's Bazaar, was editor for Vogue, advised Jackie Kennedy on style and discovered Edie Sedgwick. I guess I have a soft spot for a woman who wears Chanel and wants her apartment to look like "a garden...but a garden in hell." Kindred spirit. OBVIOUSLY.
"Too much good taste can be boring."

Yeah're pretty much amazing.
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