Monday, 30 August 2010

on staff photos

So last night was GWBP's first birthday celebrations, and my friend Brian Shannow was manning the vintage photo booth...with me assisting (see running to get change from the bar and holding photo frame props in place) and it was pretty much a blast. Anyway Lynne of Tatty Bon fame and I decided to get a "staff photo" for the lols....and for the shop. This was the result. Please note my beehive....the first of what I hope to be many. Anyway I've got a few photos from the night which I'll post later this week.
Come pop in and see Lynne (and sometimes me) at Tatty Bon on Parnie Street.

Granny Would be Proud returns to the Hillhead Bookclub on the 5th of September and then for the big fuck-off freshers one on the 19th.
Brian Shannow and his photo booth will be back for GWBP at the freshers fair on the if you fancy dressing up and getting a wee photo printed...prices are cheap and Brian is a doll.

(Also...for those of you who were at GWBP last night...holy eff at that owl cake btw...spoke to the girl who decorated it and it took2 fricking hours! WOW!)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

on having a fringe

So on Thursday I swallowed my fear of hairdressers (after much gin) got a trim...and a blunt fringe courtesy of Claudia Nova...the only hairdresser I know who'll work for gin and limes, which works for me. Anyway here's one of the photos she took from Les Garcons de Glasgow Offline night on Thursday.....I'm the witchy looking one on the far right, and she's the fierce looking one with the turban.
You can check more pictures from Offline on her blog here.

on hot slut sunday - gizzi erskine

I love Gizzi Erskine. I love her beehive, her imitable style....and I love her show. Cook Yourself Thin has been my saviour this Summer...saving me from going insane. The slightly snide voice over woman in contrast to Gizzi's sweetness.......Gizzi's array of 60's dresses and cute jackets. Also...beetroot in a cake, did not see that one coming.

Food writer and stylist Gizzi Erkine is fantastic though. Never seen without her trademark beehive her look is effortless and pretty without being tweed. Her style is heavily inspired by punk and rockabilly, which fits perfectly with her vintage aesthetic and her clothes are always so well tailored.

I should add that I really do enjoy how much the red bag crops up in the wardrobe waste for this lady. Also....she's blates my inspo for beehive times.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

on victorian sci-fi surgery

Safe to say I'm in love with Gabriella Marina Gonzalez's A/W 2010 accessory collection entitled "Victorian Sci-Fi Surgery." Dark inspired fetish wear which channels the idea of emotional restraint, the collection features harnesses, wrap around earrings and the kind of shoes that I'm pretty sure would break my neck. It's the details that make me swoon and the cream and black palette only makes it better. The leather cream bag is a favourite of well as the ginormous black wedges. The lookbook is most likely one of my favourite things at the moment. If you head over you should definitely check out her S/S collection from earlier this year - Clothing for the Emotionally Dispossesed.....seriously I never thought I'd say this about a S/S collection...but HIYAS.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

wishlist wednesday

This Karen Millen dress makes my heart beat a little bit faster. It's one of those dresses where I imagine if I owned it I'd look exactly like Joan Holloway. EXACTLY. Well okay maybe it's a bit black for Joan....but the shape is amazing and I can imagine it would work as a nice wee professional number that could also be dressed up for dates with the boy.
The little girl collection from Glasgow based jeweller Oui Designs has pretty much stolen my heart. I love the paper doll inspired broaches and necklaces, and frequently fantasise about owning one for my very own.
This really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone really. I saw it in HMV months back for like 5 quid. The fact I don't own this distresses me a little bit (see a lot.)
I want this dress to go live so I can own it. I love a galaxy print and this guy soon to go up on ASOS for 45 of your British kind of completes me. It's so different from everything else in my wardrobe but just enough black to make me feel safe.
At 19 squid a pop the Chanel Khaki polishes are pretty much going to sell out. I've got a soft spot for khaki vert and khaki rose......obviously.

And le piece de resistance....this Butler and Wilson eye necklace. Made of my dreams. Just saying.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

on jean paul gaultier and la perla collab

Considering my penchant for underwear I'm surprised that it's not something I really write about here. I definitely am one of those who's at the school of thought where if you are wearing nice well fitted underwear underneath then anything that goes on top pretty much feels amazing. However the Jean Paul Gaultier collaboration with La Perla due out in November is the sort of stuff I would not want to hide away. Pricing starts at 618 I guess it really is just clothes porn for me more than anything let's just appreciate some beautiful handmade lingerie shall we?
via fashionlvr

on a note to hobbs

Dear hobbs....i want this green suit. please get it on your site soon. I think it's also safe to say that the models hair is pretty much the best shade of red I have ever seen and I may need to revisit being a redhead shortly because of this. Just saying

Monday, 23 August 2010

on erin o'connor for oyster

It's been a while since I posted an editorial.....I guess I've been feeling pretty uninspired by what's been popping up over the net...but then I saw this guy for Oyster and I pretty much had to post it. The styling, the hair...the eyebrows. It pretty much was always going to end up here. Erin O'Connor is shot by Brooke Nipar here and styled by Kate Ruth. You can see more over at fashiongonerogue.


Sunday, 22 August 2010

hot slut sunday - catherine baba

When it comes to style icons...I'm team Baba. Always. I can't help but love a woman that cycles round Paris in 5 inch stilettos. Her style is so unique, evoking a 1920s/1930's glamour, she always looks so decadent. She's rarely seen without sunglasses...and works a turban like no one else. She's fucking surreal. She works as a freelance stylist and consultant for fashion houses, having worked with Chanel and Givenchy as well as having worked for Dazed and international editions of Vogue. Safe to say she's my favourite.

Yeah.....she's my favourite.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

on this tardis dress

It's been a very long week covering Marymass...long and trecherous, so when I laid my eyes on this 60's style tardis dress...well, I knew I had to post it. I'm usually not a fan of bright blue....certainly not those leggings, but the dress...of yes this dress really strikes a chord with me. It looks so easy to wear and I can see it being fairly easy to take it from day to night...and I can't help it but I totally swooned at the little key zip detail...and the pillbox hat.

The dress is designed by Tara Reich, a recent fashion graduate of Columbia College Chicago who wants to bring hi-fashion to nerds and wants to create pieces that allow people to show off a love of a fandom without wearing a t-shirt of a costume.

Of course the Doctor Who collection is my favourite using vintage inspired cuts with wools, silks and tweeds creating wearable pieces.

Despite not wanting to make her pieces costumey, the TARDIS dress will obviously have a shit-ton of recognition in the U.K, but that doesn't put me off wanting one.....maybe sans leggings and maybe the pillbox hat for special occasions...but the dress is pretty much made of dreams. It also makes me kind of happy there is a darker navy blue version of the dress....and both come with pockets.

You can check out her stuff here.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

wishlist wednesday

So this week has been a bit mad busy. I've been researching the economic impact of Marymass festival, a few meetings concerning a few small GWBP events with the lovely Granny Fred...and another couple of projects that I'm quite excited about. I'm also back to Uni in a month so I guess I'm trying to get back into the practice of waking up before noon.

Anyway...on with WW.

So yeah......when I was this BCBG bracelet I totally swooned. I like wearing a shit ton of bracelets and for me this is pretty much perfection. Black and gold is my colour combo of choice...and for me its kind of reminiscent of the Moschino belt. It's kind of 90's and seems like a mix of Cher from Clueless and Elvira. 18 dollars and comes in a variety of 90's slang. Also see "Truth" and "Dude".Safe to say that I won't be affording Chanel's Paradoxical anytime soon....good thing that Models Own pretty much have the exact same colour (titled Purple Grey) for a fiver. Hiyas cheap purple polish.These compact mirrors are pretty much the business. Available in 8 designs I find myself loving the horses head.....and the cat. OBVIOUSLY.

This cape dress from the Society for Rational Dresses is the perfect dress to wear with everything. With it's big ole sleeves and being just sheer enough, it's the sort of guy that would be perfect for layering...and that would definitely be better in black.

Hiya Rachel Comey Badger Clog! I like this because you's a day shoe, its the loveliest brown and unlike most clogs where all I can think is how the fuck do you stay on a person's feet this guy actually seems pretty wearable.
For 38 dollars you always have this sweet Thief and Bandit necklace. It's very different to my usual tastes....but something about it caught my eye. I think the purple woven choker part just reminds me of friendship bracelets.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

on j'aime mon carre

J'aime mon carre or I love my scarf is the new campaign from Hermes brought on by teaming up with Colette. Paying an homage to street style, Hermes targets a younger audience here showing fashionable ladies of all the big cities (see Tokyo,London,Paris,New York) wearing Hermes scarfs in different ways. Anyway it's a pretty brilliant way to kill an hour on a Tuesday....and it offers you instructions on how to replicate the look. Want to use your scarf as a problem. A belt? Well there is a knot for that too. Fancy a turban? The site will sort you out in a minute.

The campaign is most likely targeted at the younger crowd with money to burn, and it helps when Colette and Hermes have teamed up for a selection of scarves to be released in September. Hiya SOURCE.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

hot slut sunday - hanne gaby odiele

Hot Slut Sunday is back this week, this time with Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele. Hanne's a favourite as she just seems so effortless in her style. She just naturally radiates attitude and it comes through in her style. Big jumper with miu miu collar and poker straight hair? HIYAS. Oh and of course I love the long plait, nirvana t and denim jacket.
Hanne was discovered at Novarock festival...which really seems to be the Austrian Download so snaps for Hanne. Hanne's also tough as nails....going back to modelling after breaking nearly every bone in her body after being hit by a car in New York. Harsh...and impressive.
I'm pretty sure I'd like to steal her shearling jacket. Just saying.

FYI: les Garcons blog about The Dressing Room is should go over and deek at the pictures about the was pretty incredible.
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