Friday, 30 July 2010

on more fabulous felines

Earlier this year I posted about MAC's Fabulous Felines collection.....swooning at the collage pictures of lipsticks and cats, the product names and the muted colour palette due out in late August (probably early September in the U.K.)

Anyway I assumed that it would be the lipsticks that I would be going crazy about the most, and don't get me wrong I am, but I'm finding myself looking at eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners.

I can't help really liking the superslick liner. Usually I'm a Rimmel girl when it comes to liquid eyeliner but with colours such as navy, pearl and violet I may be tempted to branch out. I've tried silver eyeliner before and been quite fond of it, but it's the violet that's getting me quite excited. I should probably say they've obviously got a black and a gold. Obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be waxing lyrical about it.The eyeshadow quad looks like it was made for me. I love myself some good neutral shades and it kind of helps that the quad comes under the title "Leopard luxe". With colours such as Wild By Nature (a mid-tone camel) to Notoriety (a mid tone brown with gold pearl) I could see myself getting a lot of use out of this eyeshadow palette. Of course it's got a black. BUT OF COURSE.
It's always the lipsticks that I like the best, and this time is no exception. I'm really hoping to pick up a nice chocolate shade when this collection comes out.

Gorgeous plums and caramels, fabulous felines has a more grown up palette throughout. The whole collection is working with bronzes, violets, plums and golds and all seems very easy to wear. It seems like a very safe collection, one that should prove popular due to it's versatility and the ease of the colours this collection in fitting in with nearly any make-up bag.

more on the line here obv

Thursday, 29 July 2010

on pink champagne

This is one of the lightest lipsticks I have and is a shade I would never have picked out for myself. I came across Estee Lauder's signature hydra-lustre in pink champagne in a sizeable tester tube. The packaging was no where as nearly as nice as the usual gold lipstick packaging Estee do but it gave me a chance to try something new....never a bad thing.

Colour wise the lipstick is a very light pink with blue hues throughout, and while it may be pale for some people, I have found it quite easy to wear and it has a light shimmer throughout the lipstick. The feel of it is very glossy. It goes on easily though I have to say I'm not to fond of the feeling of it on. It almost feels greasy. That said it does have the look of a gloss without being overly shiny or sticky.

I'm not sure if it's a lipstick I'd by again as I do prefer a matte look, but it does last long and the colour is Estee's lipstick packaging is pretty much unbeatable.

on kitten photo shoots

Let's pretend I'm not just dead into cats for a second and appreciate just how uh-maze this photo shoot is. Siri Tollerod looks incredible cast as the crazy cat lady with white hair with flashes of colour throughout. White hair with pinks and greens can only be a good thing. I'm swooning at the bright colours (anyone else feeling a bit of Dior couture here?) which is a far cry from my wardrobe palette at the moment (see black,gold,camel and khaki.) The cat's really are just a fringe benefit. They take a wonderful editorial into the world of crazy amazing....proving the internet's theory that everything is better with cats.

The editorial is from Vogue Italia (where else?) and has been kicking around since 2008. Obviously I had to share though...cause you know....cats and clothes. The photos are shot by Miles Aldridge and you can see these guys...and more over at Fashion Gone Rogue.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

on chouchou couture

CHOUCHOU COUTURE is a name I've heard being thrown around a lot in the last couple of months. From events at Welcome Home (before I knew what Welcome Home was truth be told) to the Hidden Lane festival, CHOUCHOU has been making it's mark on the Glasgow events calender. The Dressing Room was my first chance to see the Glasgow based labels stuff first hand, and I wasn't disappointed.

CHOUCHOU market themselves as being "Respectfully Handmade" creating unique bespoke garments using carefully picked top quality dead stock, recycled and retro materials. Because of this you're guaranteed a unique piece for your wardrobe.

I love the fabrics that they use and all the items are well tailored. While I myself shy away from some of the more risque numbers I found myself swooned over lace and mesh tops (I know...I'm predictable) and some printed skirts.

What I liked about the label is that even though the pieces were handcrafted, the prices at the Dressing Room were more than affordable since you would be buying directly from the designers.

High waisted beige trousers - coming in at 50 of your british.
Mesh strapless top (could be worn as dress) - 30 of your british pounds

That's less than I'd expect to pay in Topshop, except if you like a style but would prefer to use a different print - you just book an appointment and you can have the piece specifically tailored to your look. For those who are not lucky enough to have time to book an appointment you can always pick up a piece of CHOUCHOU at a few choice boutiques. In Glasgow you've got either Welcome Home or We Love to Boogie while those of you who are Edinburgh bound Godiva down the Grassmarket is your place to go.

You can book an appointment with ChouChou by emailing Coming September 2010 to Mercat House, 19 Argyle Coutre, 1103 Argyle Street.

I should say I'm a little bit in love with that rose print with that lace top.

the cycle print on the top on the left is uhmaze...and we all know i have a soft spot for anything leopoard print.


on a break from wishlist wednesday

Hey guys and dolls

Wishlist Wednesday is postponed till next week as I'm away on holiday and got a few scheduled posts about some scottish boutiques and labels going live in the next few days.

Here is a picture of a girl in a cat hat till the next post.
If anyone can tell me where I can get one of these guys, I'd really appreciate it.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

on welcome home

One of my favourite stalls at The Dressing Room on Saturday was Welcome Home's stall. Stocked with badges, and bags, jewellery and all sorts of little thingwymabobs I've decided that I kind of need to visit this store.

Located at 19 Keith Street (that's just off Dumbarton Road Glasgow kids) Welcome Home is a gallery and store with on site studio space for production, artist in residence schemes, exhibitions, events and workshops. It's loosely based idea on the rooms of a home (areas on the site have names like "The Dressing Room" and "The Drawing Room") and having everything under one roof. They hold exhibitions in The Drawing Room and workshops in the Studio. This may be the sweetest idea I've ever heard of in my life.

The stock comes from all over the shop - from Scottish based designers, to London, a few from the U.S of A, a touch from Berlin and all pretty much made of uh-maze. I think the best thing about it was that the stock wasn't anything I'd seen in other Glasgow shops and they had things to suit every budget.

For those of you who aren't Glasgow bound...they have an online shop where you can get your hit.

Anyway here are my top pics:
Paperself Papercut Lashes available in horses (frickin horses) and peach blossom. These guys will set you back 12 of your pounds which is brilliant for lashes....especially ones with horses. You can also get ones for just the outside of your lashes for something a bit less full on but still dramatic.
I love this Pop Goes The Weasel print. It was one of my favourite rhymes as a kid. 75 squiders for this guy. Nat Thakur leather sweet shop clutch. Only available at pink at the moment, but I fail to see why you would want anything else..(although the black humbug/beetlejuice one is amazing). It's 75 squid once more which for a leather bag like this...I'd say is a pretty valid shout.

The zig-zag bead earrings are amazing and make me long for pierced ears once more. Handbeeded seed bead earrings are 10 of your british pounds.The Nancy & Betty "Blue Peter Badge." I would have killed for a Blue Peter badge as a'd always hear about how if you had one you'd get into all these amazing attractions and they were kind of cute as well. I'm a bit old for blue peter now so this is as close as I'll ever get to a Blue Peter badge. One pound fifty for this guy.

I can't wait to visit Welcome Home when I return. I' m sure I know a few people who will love this little place.

Monday, 26 July 2010

on the dressing room

So The Dressing Room was this weekend....a pop-up styling event and sale with some fantastic Glasgow boutiques and designers, as well as Jonathan from les garcons selling those sweet garcons de glasgow tshirts and snapping pics.

Although the event was a little bit hard to find (I was outside Stereo for a couple of minutes looking for a poster or something, all I could see were people dining and was worried I was in the wrong place...but this is more down to me being a fucktard than anything else once I arrived it was worth it. I'm always wanting to find out more about what's going on in Glasgow and the brands that were there were ones I had not come across before.

The event was organised by Chouchou couture designer Silvia Pellegrino and she did a fantastic job. It has a nice friendly atmosphere, and the stalls that were taking part were all incredible, and very very different from one another. She could be seen grabbing girls to style, sending them to changing rooms with some of the chouchou creations (there was a sparkly rose print fabric dress that was popular....I had to try it on.)

While there I got to find out about some new shops (Welcome Home looks to be a favourite from now on) and see work from designers I'd seen before (ten30 had some gorgeous dresses) well as having my hair crafted into a massive beehive by the astounding Ally Mair and trying on some of ChouChou's favourite's were a pair of high waisted beige trousers and a long mesh top. Swoon.

There is talk of The Dressing Room being a regular occurrence, and I hope it is. The stalls were amazing and I feel there is nothing quite like this going on in Glasgow at the moment. Failing that you should definitely check out some of the boutiques that were there!

on out of print

I'm not really big on t-shirts. I wear them for running, or when I feel like death. That said thought...Out of Print clothing have some pretty sweet t-shirts that make me swoon a little. know, a good cause...for every t-shirt they sell, a book gets given to Books for Africa. Uh-maze. Here are some of the favourites. Vonnegut because it appeals to the fan girl in it goes ETC.

I was 16 before I read this. It is the only book I remember my parents actively expressing a desire for me not to read till I was older. Anyway the prints really cute and Lolita was a cunt. Humbert Humbert more so.
It's got a cat on it. With a gun. It doesn't matter if this is one of my favourite would still be here regardless.
And of course something for the boyfriend.......

At the fathers packing for the drive tomorrow. It will be fine as long as I can bring my ipod....a girl can only stand so much Nickleback (see none). The alternative if left to father is a mixed cd titled American Anthems. I'm sure I can convince father CocoRosie is a better shout.

via The Debonaire BTW

Sunday, 25 July 2010

on hot slut sunday the second

So it's time for another Hot Slut Sunday. This week we have the incredible Daphne Guinness. Obviously. Style icon, journalist and noted collector of haute couture Ms Guinness if fucking incredible. Bitch has a penchant for mens fashion (with the ability to tell the difference between a Huntman's 1925 and 1929 suit.....cause she owns both...obvs) and is rarely seen without her trademark black and white hair. She's a favourite cause she's always dramatic and always fierce.
Anyway I'm going to be on holiday this week, obv going to be a few posts.....about The Dressing Room and some of the Glasgow shops that were there...and maybe a wee lipstick review, but I'm working with the laptop of nightmares at the mo so bear with me.....


Friday, 23 July 2010

on suede fx polish

Now nail polish expert I ain't. I'm slapdash in my technique and don't have the patience for base coats, and top coats and cuticle oils. However I do know what I like...and Famous by Sue Moxley suede fx fits the bill.

Earlier this week I posted about OPI's Suede FX gunmetal coloured polish. It's a little bit out my price range so off to T.G.Hughs I went to hook myself up with some Sue Moxley...usually £4.50...but 2 squid in good old T.G's.

Alas the Sue Moxley Grey wasn't up to scratch, however the other colours are gorgeous. I bought myself the purple (seen here) and the blue. I find they go on relatively easily although the formula is a bit thick, and the polish dries quickly. I love the finish, I love how it looks all matte with little flakes of silver throughout. Anyway Famous by Sue Moxley is available in Superdrug.....but if you're Glasgow bound like myself and want some suede nails, hit up T.G.Hughs.

Please forgive me for my crappy polish skills.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

on ruby woo

Being the lipstick junkie that I am, I thought I should probably get this one out the way early.
MAC's Ruby Woo.

First of all I'd like to say that Ruby Woo is one of the prettiest red colours I've ever used. It's that blueish red which makes teeth look extra white. It's part of their "vintage pigments" and is a favourite of Dita Von Teese and it's the one colour most frequently recommended if you want the perfect "retro red" - which in all fairness it is. It has excellent stamina and it does have a nice matte finish.

This is also the most difficult lipstick to use ever. Never in my life have I ever experience a lipstick with a drier texture. The feeling of the lipstick is almost chalky, and it's near enough impossible to put on without making a complete mess of yourself without either a lip brush or some carmex on your lips first. I find this strange as other MAC lipsticks I've found go on a snap...but not this little bugger. I love a red lip...but Ruby Woo makes you work for it that I just don't have the patience to wear it every day. It's definitely one of the lipsticks where lip liner is a must as it does smudge easily. It might fare well on a night out yet for daytime wear and dinners, its best you bring it with you as you will need to touch it up.

Overall Ruby Woo is a gorgeous colour and if you have the patience for it, it's great. I'd recommend it more for special occasions when you have that extra time to do your lips although I'd wear it all the time if I could. For every day use I prefer MAC's other matte red Russian Red. It's a bit deeper but still a bright red and goes on a lot easier.

on being a creep

It seems strange that earlier this year I was contemplating buying "Summer" clothes. I considered sandals and shorts and floaty black, but they would be cotton so they would breathe. And it's July and I can't remember the last time I looked outside and though....."bugger me, time for some factor 30." I need shoes that will keep my feet I present to you, my day shoe of choice for the Glasgow weather...the creeper.

It should be noted my creeper of choice is the the double sole and rounded toe...though most of the guys here are single sole. Either way they will keep my feet dry while looking bitching.I love the variation of colours....the red ones also come in purple and electric blue which excites me to no end, and I can't help but swoon at the leopard print guys.
Best thing is I've been the white ones kicking around for £20. RESULT.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

on another wishlist wednesday

So it's Wednesday again so it's time for another Wishlist Wednesday....a list of really awesome things I'd quite like in my life but until I get a decent job...most of the stuff here likes in the realm of fancy.

Oh Burberry do you ever get it wrong? I've waxed lyrical about shearling before and how I can't wait for it to enter my wardrobe...most likely in the form of an aviator jacket, but it pains me that I will never own one quite as beautiful as the Burberry Prorsum aviator jacket with it's oversized collar and buttery looking leather. Yeah I went there. BUTTERY.

Office - Benson the Hedger was £80 now £30. I love me a chunky heel so the Benson and Hedger (sounds like a pack of smokes) is the best shoe ever...and the fact that it's in the sale makes it a little bit better. Of course it's in black and has a platform. It reminds me of my beloved Sevigny...but mostly it's the kind of shoe that could give me height during the day without crippling me.

Pink Harris No More Bag from Glasgow seller breagha on etsy. £104 quidish. Also comes in mustard yellow and grey....but the pink one has the most beautiful blue lining. I love the bow detailing and suspect it may be big enough for uni stuff.

Meadowbank Jewellery teamed up with some of the best bloggers to create limited edition jewellery. My favourite has to be DI$COUNT's finger. It's made from sterling silver and clocks in at $255. The blogger jewellery is limited edition though with only 50 of each piece made know that's pretty awesome.

This OPI polish is called Suzi Skies in the Prye and it's uhmazing. It's part of the whole suede nailpolishes we've been seen kicking around the past couple of years but I'm really into this colour. I love suede nails and the finish that comes with them and Suzi Skies is pretty much the most perfect gunmetal shade. FYI Glasgow kids...T.G.Hughs nail polish usually have some decent suede shades for about £2? Not OPI but still pretty good. I spied a really pretty navy one last time I was in so always worth a gander before you get down to your nearest Salon Services.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

on sweet nothings

In God We trust make the best jewellery ever, handcrafted in New York. My favourite is definitely the Sweet Nothings necklaces.

Anyway the sweet nothings pendant comes on an 18 inch brass chain with a brass charm that is hand engraved with some choice phrases. Over at Bona Drag they have treats such as...Sweet Tits, Finger Bang and Let's Make Out.

The In God We Trust site has more including:
One Sick Bitch
Fuck My Face
Hot Mess
Eat a Dick
Lucky Bitch
.....and more

I love the combo of really sweet brass pendants with utter filth...that is all the more emphasised in the fact that it comes in a really cute In God We Trust jewellery box. Anyway they are a lot of fun and at $40 a pop I think that's pretty acceptable. I think I kind of need one.

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