Wednesday, 30 June 2010

on pen nib necklaces

These Pen Nib Necklaces by Erica Weiner are TO DIE FOR. I love Erica Weiner and find her jewellery consistently imaginative and sweet. Erica found the gently used pen nibs in an old barn in Maine and decided to make jewellery with them. They were cleaned up and attached to an 18 inch chain. Some of them are blunt, some have been filled down to minimise the stabby stabby quality.....but each one is unique, some with the make of the pen embossed on it...or the year of make. Some of the pen nibs date back from the 1800s, some are corroding slightly and some still have traces for ink. I'm a fan of found objects, and I love that these pen nibs come with a history. There is a certain Romanticism with found objects resurrected as jewellery, and I think it's beautiful what Erica's doing (5% of profits after tax goes to charity, the jewellery is all handmade AND its packaging material is 100% recyclable.) For unique, beautiful, vintage inspired jewellery...there are worse places to start than Erica Weiner.

Did I fail to mention they are only $45 a piece? HELLO!


Monday, 28 June 2010

on lipstick and cats

I love Not Tonight Darling...... it keeps me up to date on the beauty news I care about.
Like.....cats. Cats moulded into my lipstick.

This is of course from the Paul & Joe Autumn/Winter make-up collection entitled Clair de Lune.....and is inspired by the Parisian Skyline...apparently. But you know....the packaging features swans, and the make up....cats. Any argument against this line is thus rendered invalid. Skip to the will be available in Harrods come August. Another thing to add to my September London plans.

(If you really care...the plans also feature a visit to Wah! Nails and Wicked!)

on lanvin autumn/winter

One of the first shows I talked about on this blog (after Belle Sauvage) was Lanvin. Namely cause the show was uh-mazing with big fuck-off tribal feathers and all the girls with matching black haircuts. It's nice to revisit it with the fall campaign. Back with the black and the feathers...we also get what looks like fashion models. From space.
This couldn't be further from a bad thing. From a girl who takes her stylistic influences from The Rani and any woman in the last 30 years with a penchant for eyeliner....this campaign is a dream. While I do like a pink lip with black eye it looks a bit harsh - but hell maybe we're going for androgyny here. More of this please.

Photos as gone rogue

Thursday, 24 June 2010

on being a witch

So when a Mexico City Label decide to name their Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook "Skate Witches", you know I'm going to be all over that like a bad rash.And that's exactly what Rafael Cuevas and Roberto Sanchez of Teamo decided to do.And it is awesome.

A mix of goth, grunge and a splash of witchery and you pretty much sum up "Skate Witches." Continuing to bring sheer blouses that featured in their Spring/Summer collection, they've also brought in some sweet galaxy print (it looks like a mixture of fireworks and a supernova exploding). We get long high waisted skirts and trousers, and some sweet as hell white print tanks with witchy hands coming round.

The collection has me swooning. While I'm not crazy for the graphic tees that Teamo do so well, the prints and shirts are incredible. My only problem with it is that it's not available now as I can picture myself kicking it in a galaxy print skirt up Kelvingrove Park with a couple of tins of cider. The fact that goth inspired fashion is something that for the most part seems reserved for "Winter" breaks my little heart. What I like most about the collection is that it's not overtly sexy. It's fairly casual yet wouldn't look out of place on a night out. The sheer peek-a-boo blouse? Has to be mine.

I can see Teamo becoming a favourite of mine if they continue to put out collections like this. Taking influence from their music, art and there city each collection shows a lot of growth as a label. And with the approval of Chloe Sevigny? I'd expect them to do uhmazing.

Pictures from Teamo Lookbook available here
Teamo is sold online at Bona Drag and La Dama.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

on giving up smoking

I love smoking. I love it in photos, I love it in film, I love it in my life. 2 weeks in and I'm handling myself pretty well, although I find myself very aware of other people smoking around me. However I've saved just under £40 from my smoke free weeks...which can be better spent..on hats and red grapes.
Anyway after over 2 weeks of being smoke free I thought I'd post this picture of Mariacarla Boscono by Sofie Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello from over on Fashion Gone Rogue.
I love this photo......Mariacarla's nails and her soft make-up and surprisingly...her uber thin brows. End of the cigarette...end of my filthy habit. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

on what i wore to work

So I've been helping out in my friend's vintage shop Tatty Bon now and then over the past few months. I love it. I've been taken on a buying trip, helped style a shoot....and get to spend my days in the shop playing dress up and eating sandwiches. I think my favourite part of working there is the fact I get to have fun with what I wear, other than the usual shirt & trouser combo I get as a bar tender. It's pretty much the only job I've been allowed to show up in a geisha gown with emma cook shoes and not be told I'm a creep.

Anyway day one was roasty toasty so it was all about not dying of heat while wearing something I liked.
I wore a sailor dress with red collar and button detailing (£15) that had been taken up along with my everyday belt (I wear it with 80% of my outfits) and white heels I got from Urban Outfitters back when I first came to Glasgow in 2007.
This is my vanity case/handbag. I loveeeeeeeeeeee it.
Contents for a day at the shop included
Mac in Ruby Woo
Nails Inc Polish in Tate
Barry M in Black (I did red nails with black tips)
Tardis annnnnnnnnd
Burberry Tender Touch Perfume


Sunday, 20 June 2010

on bikes in the summer

I love Summer, but I definitely have a romanticised view of it, of the Summer and the city at least. While I'd like to imagine myself riding through the streets of Glasgow on a bike in heels a la Baba, I instead find myself with my jacket slung over my bag and taking off my tights by the roadside. I have designs of being fabulous and bike riding before the Summer's out - though it's doubtful it will be a city adventure.....I imagine it will happen when visiting family, so either up the farm road or by the sea. It sounds far more fantastic than it will turn out to be, but I'm sure if I throw in some Fentimans lemonade and a picnic basket I can make it bearable.

interruption to our usual service

So the past couple of days have been hectic; been doing a few shifts in my favourite vintage/custom shop Tatty Bon (I spend most of my work day playing dress up and eating yeah it could be work) making epic adventures out to Greenock to play pool and eat chips by the sea......and sorting out clothes for a shoot I've been asked to help style tomorrow. Just portfolio stuff for a few models using stuff from Tatty Bon, but am quite excited about it none the less.

Anyway......normal service will resume shortly - with photos from the shoot ETC.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

In Rainbows

The Sophy Robson Rainbow Nail Tutorial is finally online! I've been waiting for this for ages. I posted a drippy bright rainbowesque nail not too long ago, so the Sophy Robson Rainbow Manicure is a nice more polished look for multi-colour nails.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

mark fast for topshop

So Mark Fast for Topshop is only days away......(June 25th for some sources, July the 5th for others...someone let me know).....but the 5 capsule pieces are out and yeah, they are pretty sweet. I love the fact that Fast has taken knitwear, something I usually associate with scarves and cardigans and made these amazing bodycon dresses with this total grunge vibe. It's the 90's all over again, which in this case is fucking brilliant, though is really bizarre seeing 14 year olds trying to emulate good ole Courtney on lookbook.

Anyway the 5 pieces are all edgy in there own way, and seem like they can slip quite easily into my wardrobe. The long sleeved dress with rubberised beading may make me look a bit like a prostitute, but never know till you try. The charcoal/grey asymmetric number seems like a safe bet and like something that I could take from season to season, while the lilac/grey crochet dress is effing adorable and could take me from the "family function" to the dance floor.

Prices range from £85 for a skirt to £150 for a dress, so maybe not for my skinto price range at the moment...but if I fall in love with any of these guys in store I'm sure I'll find a way.

show your bones

The DSquared2 Fall Campaign is interesting to say the least. While I'm not crazy for the nudity for nudity's sake here, I'm liking the fact that it is set out like a museum...and you know...THE shoes are in it. The finger shoes make the entire campaign worth while. Also...the lighting is pretty sweet.

I'm sure one day I'll return to gush about the finger bone shoes.....but for now, you should go check out the rest of the Campaign shoot over at the Dsquared2

My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore

The Balenciaga Resort 2011 show may not have done much for me clothes-wise but the accessorise are right up my fucking alley. It was the rings that really caught my eye in bronze, silver and gold...and sure the word "industrial" is being thrown around a lot to describe these bad boys....but yeah, it's definitely got that vibe about it. In bronze, silver and gold these rings look like they've been made out of clock parts and the spare bits in your Dad's tool kit. I'm all about keeping it a bit fugly and goth, so the fact that designers have not totally abandoned goth in favour of shearling and pastels soothes my soul. Thank you Balenciaga. Thank you.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

usa nails

I'm not crazy for tumblr. There are some great tumblrs out there but for the most part it seems like a place for people to "like" pictures. I am partial to my "specialist" tumblrs....dedicated to my favourite things like fuckyeahcourtneylove.......and of course the sillier ones such as selleckwaterfallsandwich, but some of the personal style you find on tumblr, well it's pretty amazing. Supanails is a tumblr all about one girls experimentation with nail art. Sick. All the designs are so different from the other, and while yeah...sometimes supanails does fall into the logo-on-nails things I hate so much, she also plays around with a lot of creative designs. As time goes by minx nails forever more seems like an avenue I may want to explore...

Anyway here are some of my favourites.
I deff feel a Yayoi Kusama influence here. Dots on nails are always a winner and are one of the ones that I feel I would be able to try at home. I also LOVE the altering of the bases.
Royal nails in reds and golds. I'm super impressed by the cameo on the thumb and the tiny diamonds. I am convinced this woman has the steady hand of a brain surgeon. Just saying.
These nails def remind me of Betsey Johnson. The bright colour palette, the leopard print. Maybe a little bit of Patricia Field in there too?
And finally the techno tribal nails. There are no words for how impressed I am by the tiny rectangles of colour.

What I love most about nail art is the ability for the individual to take influence from anything. It could be from an outfit, an album, an artist or designer. I love personal style blogs....but I want to see more nailart blogs out there please.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I got a hopscotch tear drop ready to drop

Vivetta. Vivetta may be one of my favourites.
I've been over Spring for a long time, and Summer isn't really my season. Apparently wearing 80 denier tights and wool skirts in July makes you kind of a buzz I prefer to spend my days ogling what awaits come September. And Viva Ponti, the mastermind behind Vivetta, her designs match the rhythm of my heart. They are a little bit french, a little bit electro-pop with some carnivelesque undertones in there for good measure. Carnivelesque? Yeah.

Anyway I was convinced when September came round the corner it would all be camels, khakis, browns and blacks for me, but there is something so refreshing about Ponti's designs that convinces me that maybe I shouldn't be so limiting with my colour palette.

The collection is heavy on the red, white and black - which is pretty much impossible to go wrong with. And then we get he flashes of the yellow and the blue, and it evolves into something a little bit more special. For the most part, other than the black and white's the red throughout that really makes the collection pop. It's fun, it's edgy with a throw back to the eighties. That's a good thing by the way.
The collection is super wearable featuring jackets that should pretty much be a staple to any sane woman's wardrobe (this
red one with the black pocket detail is a favourite as well as this super cute black one with awesome arm detail.) The jackets are almost doll-like and any of them would make an excellent addition to my winter wardrobe.

The dresses are pretty special too. The harlequin dresses are simple and sweet, maybe not to my tastes but can imagine high street knock offs abound. I'm particularly fond of this little number,which reminds me of an 80's party dress. I love the red and blacks together on this, it's simple but the shaping is what makes it super effective. EXTRA WIDE HIPS. Gush. One should also note this bad boy. For me it's a little bit Courtney Love, a little bit china doll...and its black. Of course.

The skirts and tops are pretty exciting. The top I am in love with is def that black laced number with the heart details. It's cheeky, it's playful and looks like there is some velvet on the go with that bad boy. YES. The skirts are all high-waisted, keeping with the limited colour palette, and it's wonderful. I want them all and def see them as being the sort of thing that could take you from season to season.

Vivetta's A/W 2010 managed to be feminine without coming across as too girly. For me the bow detailing evokes the idea of a tuxedo more than anything else. The limited colours have my heart melting, you should def check out the collection here.

goodbye boudiche

So that's one of my favourite brands, Boudiche went into administration. Worst news ever. I worked with the brand before when put on In The Company of Wolves at the Sub Club and they had some of the nicest stuff my eyes ever did see and its horrible to see a fantastic Scottish company having to close their high-street stores.

A note on there site posted 11th of June:
"It's with deepest frustration and sadness that Boudiche founders Clare and Fiona today had to place Boudiche in Administration. We have been trying to raise finance for a number of weeks but the pressure on cashflow became increasingly difficult, leading to the closure of the boutiques in Edinburgh and Glasgow this week and the appointment of RSM Tenon as Administrators.

Trading conditions through the retail stores have been difficult since the start of the Edinburgh Tramworks project hit footfall badly to the original Edinburgh boutique. Growth in the boutique prior to this had been over 70%. This happened around the same time as the Glasgow store opened, and the economic recession impacted consumer spending."

I really do hope they find investors because I'm gutted this has happened to such a wonderful lingerie brand......I hope the online shop stays open at the very least =(

For the full message on the site click here.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

in a dream i was a werewolf

I love it when I see a collection from a new designer and I can't help thinking......fuck, they really got this right. Never has this been more evident for me than with Edinburgh designer Jett Sweeney. Sweeney, a recent graduate of ECA, was in the top ten for collection of the year at London Graduate Fashion week and is also up for the Scottish fashion awards. Uh-mazing.

This really doesn't tell you about the collection though? Well it's black and golds, so that's pretty much me sold right there from the get go, but what I like about this collection, what really gets me, is that it's wearable without
being boring. In fact, it couldn't be further from boring. She uses simple silhouettes but edges them out with, what I'm sure is black sheepskin.

Her graduate collection's theme was scarification, as explained over at Artmag; "I was always inspired by the use of scars in tribes. It's something I've always been interested in. I've translated scarification into material manipulation, including sheepskin trimmings paired with luxury, high-end fabrics
such as gold jerseys, wool and velvet." So I was right about the sheepskin then.

A collection that is predominately black and gold....using sheepskin, jersey and velvet? Well.....of course I was going to like this.

Anyway there were a few stand out pieces for me. First the structured black dress with the black trimming detail (again I'm guessing it's sheepskin.) It looks easy to wear yet the devil in the details def edges it out. Second is the clutch bag. THE clutch bag. It's fucking adorable, and looks to be large enough to accommodate all the necessities (phone, camera and purse...which in itself is like a mini clutch.) The only thing that could make me like the clutch more would be if it had an attachable chain to make it cross-body optional, and I'm really curious to see how the bag's lined. I love bag lining, it's usually the first thing I check.
And then there is my favourite. The shoulder piece. The shoulder piece. THE SHOULDER PIECE. It's fucking incredible. I just love the detailing on it (it matches the bag!) and the fact that its black, with sheepskin and looks soooo good. I would like it in my wardrobe. I want to wear it to the dancing, I want to wear it to my lectures, I want to wear it to the fucking beach. I can already hear boyface in my head tutting away saying I'll look like an extra from a Sci-Fi film. Know what...I'm okay with that. In fact, the more I can look like an extra from The Tribe...the fucking better. Just saying.

You can see more of the collection here over on Catwalking, photos by Christopher Moore.


"Motivated by the work of Alexander McQueen, McQ looks to reference the spirit of youth and subcultures. The concepts of anarchy, rebellion and revolution are never far from the season fundaments."
The fall line of McQ is fucking astounding. I love it so so hard. Coloured hair? Black lipstick? Florals and denims without looking a bit country? YES. The patterns are incredible and the whole lookbook is very androgynous. I've got to say I'm swooning more over the muted colours throughout the lookbook and the structure of the garments are incredible.

You can deek it out here.

white lines

I love eyebrows. I would go without mascara before my brow pencil. A strong brow has been a long time favourite of mine, the idea of barely there brows terrifies me.....and thrills me.
The Summertime shoot for Harper's Bazaar Arabia got it so right with the brows. The model Masha looks uh-mazing with blonde hair and matching barely there white brows. It looks contemporary...probs why Gaga is working some bleached brows in Alejandro.

And while I'm fucking sick of swimwear spreads in EVERY magazine ever...I'm all over the idea of hot pink and leopard print for the beach. YEA.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

i love lulu

My love affair with Lulu Guinness started with a city tote bag. It was 10% off in House of Frasers, black patent with red heart details at the handles. You can find it here. As one of her city totes it was very very cheap....but dear god that bag is sturdy. It's handled text books, lidl shops, every manner of nightclub and many a family visit. It's pretty much my favourite.

So when I'm browsing the House of Frasers website I had to deek out the Guinness. And this was here.

The over sized cross stitch bag. Well hello there. I have a long time love affair with embroidery bags so this one really caught my eye. I believe the only way it could be better is if it was embroidered swears...embroidered french swears. Too twee? Too cliche? Fuck you.

I am so fond of Lulu Guinness bags because they are versatile and very very well made. Plus the lining inside some of those bad boys is sick. Black and white striped interiors? Well hello there.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

dear coke talk

This has nothing to do with clothes, or shoes, hair or even a good polish.
Nah..just "Shady advice from a raging bitch who has no business answering any of these questions."

So do yourself a favour and head over to Dear Coke Talk. It will make your day.

songs the lord taught us

Dear World. This is what I want from my nails. I am sick to death of drippy chanel logos all over the shop. I don't care if it's on your plastic necklace, or on your just looks tacky, and not in the fun tacky, but in that label dropping for the sense of label dropping tacky. I do however think drippy nails are a fucking magnificent idea though. I love these guys as they look like they've been dipped in paintpots...and whenever I see anything drippy...lettering or nails I'm always reminded of The Cramps..which is never a bad thing. I think these drippy multi-coloured nails are def something I should introduce into my life as they are fun and sweet, and look like something I could pull off...maybe, hopefully..possibly.

Image from weheartit.

say baby do you wanna lay down by me

My love affair with all things black and gold is yet to die a brutal while having a wee browsey on the topshop site, I came across these bad boys. The Ashish Buckle Woven Wedge. Now I missed out on the leopard print Ashish wedge last year at Topshop.....I don't plan on making the same mistake again. While looking at these bad boys I was already putting outfits together in my little head, and yeah...I think these would look uhmazing down the beach or in the city. 150 of my golden coins before discount. That's not too bad. Shame boy will think I'll look like an Abba reject.....

Monday, 7 June 2010

Fashion Gone Rogue always has the best images. This portrait of Sasha Pivovarova by Patrick Demarchelier is def one of my faves. I love the styling here..copper, green. It just works really well together. Obvs I'm never going to get over anything with a dark lip. EVER.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

old style glamour

I love fashion turbans. I just think there is something about them that has this whole old style Hollywood glamour about them. I just think when dressed up right..they look uhmazing. These hot babes are designed by the talented Georgia Nash- who showcased a collection "The nut was too strong to crack" at Alternative fashion Week.
I love the turbans colours - black,white and coral bases...excellent choices and the beads are very sweet. There is something classic but very fun about them. Saville Row training so I can only imagine how uhmaze the structure of these guys are. Anyway....there are some over on closetbox at the mo, and I'm dreaming of one of those as an alt to a straw hat on holiday.

fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

I have all these grand designs to go on holiday somewhere hot. Somewhere with a beach, and a pool....minimum on the 18-30ers. So I end up sitting on flightsandhotel for ageeeeeeeeeeeees, looking at tacky and glorious holidays to the Canaries....trying to find out where hotels are going to fuck me over with surcharges...and wondering if it's cheaper just to go all inclusive as taxi's are so god damn expensive.
Now as fascinating as my holiday plans Glasgow's surge of hot weather, I realised I can't really dress in the all. Earlier this week I was out in a wool skirt, 80d tights and an army jacket....and when I got home...gah I wanted to die from the heat. So yeah, my problem is....I can't dress for the heat. I'm not one of these people with a "Summer Wardrobe" (and if you're one of these people who do I kind of hate you) I try and choose pieces that can take me from season to season.....that I can make warmer or cooler with added tights and layers. Now this batwing dress from Stolen Girlfriends Club is DEFS what I'm talking about. After having a gander through their lookbooks I'm seeing a lot of mesh and black...and it's never to warm for black..ever. This "beach" dress just looks uhmaze. I can see myself wearing this to the beach with hair scrunched back like a horrid skank in the sun...before falling into a pub, but the thing that I like most about it is that I can also see myself wearing this with tights and out to the dancing. More of this for Summer please.

Friday, 4 June 2010

the eyes have it

The Cutler and Gross Autumn/Winter lookbook is pretty uh-mazing. I love glasses yet have a tendency to loose them down sofas and break off legs.....but it's still nice to fantasise about looking so polished and sophisto. The autumn/winter collection is heavily inspired by the 1930's and New York (and I know it's set in the 60's but it has the fiercest Mad Men vibe ever). The collection is inspired by painter Tamara de it's all about the use of colour and "synthetic cubism" (I'm afraid I'm not sure what that is...other than, really nice frames.) The main colours for women are fire orange and gold, bakelite blue and ruby red. The sunglasses above are uh-mazing as I am partial to a round frame...but my favourite for day to day has to be the red cats eye.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

of course i was going to write about this

As a hardcore DC would be sacrilege for me not to write about Colette teaming up with some hot ass designers to celebrate 75 years of DC comics. One of my favourites is of course is the Sonia Rykiel Wonder Woman Dress. It's very cute but it also seems like it would be quite easy to reproduce...and because of all the "sexy superheroes" we see every Halloween the dress still feels a bit...costumey. I have to say I'm really into Karl Lagerfeld's Green Lantern inspired driving gloves. The Maison Michel Wonder Woman Headband is also pretty special. The tshirt prints are all pretty basic, none overly exciting- Lanvin's Batdog's quite sweet....but for the most part I find printed tshirts a bit blase. So yeah the superhero line is very sweet and has some really cute pieces but the fact they have 75 years and hundreds of characters and costumes to tap into, I can't help feel a little bit let down.

wrap me up

The Frock may be my favourite site. The selection is uh-mazing. The Victorian/Edwardian collection features such beauties such as the cocoon jacket above. The details are ridiculous and it looks like the sort of thing a fortune teller would wear. If this were mine I doubt I'd ever take it off. So yeah other than beautiful antiques, the site features clothes from around world war II, "mid-century" and vintage designer and couture. Of course it's not in my budget....but it's fucking incredible.
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