Sunday, 30 May 2010

blue rinse

Hair, I am all about the hair just now. I love hair in ice cream shades, i love it with chlorine green bleaching, i love it dipped in colour and i love it in this blue rinse. The model is Mirke Le Roux, captured by Beau Grealy and styled by Kate Sebbah. The romantic set featured Cavalli, Prada and Valentino. You can see the rest of the set here.

Let this be how I spent my days.

I fucking adore the hair.

dip it

While I spend my Summer looking for work, I spend my days fantasising about the hair I could have. I've had red/auburn hair continuously for the past 2 years (that's got to be a motherfucking record)...and I'm feeling a bit bored. Feel like hair dipping could be something I may flirt with over Summer.......dipped hair and some sweet waves...yeah.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


The cover shoot for W Korea is uh-mazing. I mean sure it helps that model Valentina Zelyaeva is deeked out in Pre-Fall Chanel, and it defo helps that Jeffrey Graetsch is a smashing photographer...but here it was definitely the hair that drew me in. The hair and the bald ass cat on the cover.
So for your viewing pleasure, I'd like to present you with some of the sweetest hair since....well my last hair post. Featuring washed out green hair, blonde that looks like it's been tinted with chlorine (see above) and...golden blonds...with cute bobs, waves at the bottom and flicks. It's pretty god damn spectacular (green hair with red lipstick btw, hot as fuck.)

As I said...uh-mazing. The outfits are obvs pretty spectacular too, as well as those cuffs, but for now let's just sit back and enjoy some big ole green hair.

Photos from over at Fashion Gone Rogue

your eyes lie

Your Eyes Lie I think are one of those brands where my reactions to the clothes range on the scale from holyfuckineedyounow to killitwithfire, with a disappointing amount of meh in between.

On the meh tends to be some of the bigger print shirts, with illustrations of pretty girls and cupcakes on them-sweet but I've seen them done before and feel pretty uninspired. A few of the animal print tops fall into this category as well. Not that they are not nice, but I just can't seem to get excited about them.

On the killitwithfire side of things...well most of those wildchild tops with the slashed sleeves. They look cheap and like something out of Etam. Just...not my thing.

Holyfuckineedyounow is mostly populated with the galaxy and nebula print shirts and dresses. I just think they look amazing and would be sweet with anything from shorts, jeans, tights, leggings...I just feel it would be a nice wardrobe staple. For here also see anything with a cat printed on it.

The rings I have got to say are pretty awesome, animals on rings being something I'm quite partial to. The Black Cat Ring is prob a big expensive at 75 but is still sweet. I must say though I find myself favouring both the cow and the deer rings. 32 pounds and they just look very very sweet.

So overall YourEyesLie def has it's strengths, and the very very good, but I just really hate those Wild Child tops need to die.

Friday, 28 May 2010

why not a feather in my bag

Continuing the feather lust today is the Angel Jackson "Mini Rio" Feather Bag. It comes in a variety of colours...but of course, I love the one in black...and it kind of matches the head piece. I have a distinct lack of feathers in my life at the mo, and while 219 squid is a bit out my bag budget a girl can dream. I love how it has a long strap and the long feathers are uh-mayonasing. I think it's the kind of bag that can make the transition from day bag to night bag fairly easily. I really dig the black with the pink feathers too and some of the brighter ones over on the site are lush, but yes...the black, the black one is where it's at.
Available at Angel Jackson and Farfetch.

feather in my cap

Oh Bitching & Junkfood. I love you so. The Black Coque Feather Head Piece is incredible. I mean I'm quite excited about the whole leather and stud detailing but really it's the green in the feathers that get me, and I love how it goes over the girls face. It's 35 of your British sovereign for this bad boy that is all sorts of good.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

granny would be proud june

I can't wait for the next Granny Would Be Proud. A few of you know Ally and I are doing a Vintage fair during the Merch City Festival and Fred who runs Granny has been giving me advice - cause she's a total sweetheart, and it's just dead good to promote people to support independent business. My favourite stall there is probs the eyedresser with all his vintage frames. That and of course Tatty Bon, with some sweet and reasonably priced dresses and handmade jewellery. The teacup necklaces still remain a favourite.

So yes.
Granny Would Be Proud
Hillhead Library
5th June
Free entry suckas....get on it

i'm a cat, i'm a kitty cat

HOLY FRIGGIN SHIT. Do thine eyes deceive me? Is that a motherfucking carpet bag...with a kitten playing chess on it? GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRB.

Of course there are more kitties on the bag. It's kind of amazing. It's from etsy vintage retailer BackThennishVintage and you can get the sweet cat bag here for $245.
The shop is pretty amazing though. I'd say it's best for vintage glasses and bags. It's pretty good.

flat envy

I would like to live with Betsey Johnson. That is all.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

love is in the hair

I love Vogue Italia. Namely cause this month's beauty story "Love is in the hair" is totes stunning.

This may be one of my favourite beauty stories my little eyes have seen in a long time. The Russian babe that is Sasha Pivovarova gets some fierce ass hair through this entire shoot. I LOVE the red hair going into the gold with the matching brows and lipstick. She just looks a little bit (see totally) amazing. I'm crazy for the silvery white hair with the blue and violet hues for it with the solid blue eyeshadow and nude lip. And the final look, big hair, nude lips..and THOSE BROWS. GUR. It's gorgeous. Photos by Emma Summerton and the shoot features a bit of Chanel and a bit of Nina Ricci...but fuck, here I couldn't give a damn about the clothes. These beauty looks have stolen my heart.

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Monday, 24 May 2010

i've been here before

Christian Dior. Trust you to make me think pastels are acceptable. Of course I'm talking about Dior's 2011 Resort Show in Shanghai...bringing a sweet mix of ready to wear and couture. Oh yeah and the premier of "Lady Blue Shanghai".....only a bloody 12 minute film for Lady Dior directed by the grandmaster David Lynch. Hoh boy.

I'm waiting for the kids over at Dior to do something wrong, I really am. Fact is, they are really good as what they do, and are probs the only ones out there who can make me think pastels are a good thing.

First and foremost though, the shapes. The ready to wear stuff is very Parisian, very sweet conservative tailoring with nipped in waists and bows. The silhouettes going down the catwalk are not as strong as the equastrien couture show but definitely wearable. Cropped jackets, ankle skimming trousers and sweet floaty dresses. It's all good. Seems to take a little bit from the forties and a whole lot from the sixties with the tailoring. The pink dress with the white collar detailing looks incredible. It's very feminine and is all about creating shape, and yeah, it's pretty god damn awesome.

Colour wise I'm seeing bases of blacks and greys but then lots of sweet candy colours, which I can't say I'm too surprised about. I'm all for candy colours on my nails, candy colours on my bag....this collection may be the one to bring candy to my back.

A lot of the looks don't look like they'd be out of place on the back of your old Barbie dolls......and here, it's not a bad thing. The off the shoulder pink top with the waist belt, white trousers and green bag. Adorbz. Personally I don't think I'll ever be fully sold on white trousers, especially in Glasvegas, but with this, it looks right. I like the cropped leg here, though I feel slightly wary that it's starting to err on the side of pedal pushers a bit much? URG.
I'm not entirely repulsed by the materials either. I mean it seems like it's going to be all basics and out come the floaty sweet dresses with bow details. I love the colour contrast and the big ole plastic earrings are amazing. It works here.

I'm always cautious about colours and feel too many pastels can be overkill, like some 7 year old girls wet dream gone wild and while there ARE a lot of pastels and candy colours here, with the correct tailoring and styling it totally works. It's channeling 1960's Barbie.....if she was french. There is something timeless about the collection and while it seems like something we've seen before, it doesn't feel aged or overdone.

I love the accessorise throughout this collection. Bags are sent down with almost every look and they are simple, and chiq in an array of bright colours. The cuffs are a nice sweet detail and...I've already wanked on about the earrings.

So Dior Resort, 2011...Yes please.

You can check out the Lynch wonder HERE btw
Photos from fashionologie

you're so cool

For someone with gothic aspirations.....sometimes I find myself leaning towards something a bit more kitchy...a bit more sleazy..a bit more...mother-fucking Alabama Worley.

Alabama is fucking glorious. Her outfits through True Romance are just loads of fun. And I know she's supposed to be a hooker and she's supposed to be "cheap"..but god damnit, the woman makes me think pink leopard print leggings are completely justifiable.

I mean the key pieces for me are her sugar pink vanity case, the turquoise sunglasses and the leopard print jacket. Defs my faves. It's just so fun...and so very very 90's. Throughout the film she just looks bitching as fuck. I love her brash animal prints mixed with turquoise (I want to burn the cowboy boots though)...and her big plastic earrings that make even Pat Butcher weep with envy. I'm needing to be a bit more colourful with my Summer wardrobe and Mrs Worley is as good as any for style inspo.

another friggin beauty post

But this one is exciting.
While over at Not Tonight Darling, I'm Washing My Hair, mine eyes spot they spy a post about MAC's new make-up collection due for September. I'll give you a clue....

Yeah its the Venomous Villains Collection. I love MAC and while the Hello Kitty collection left me cold, and the Barbie one was a bit too pink for my palette (although they did an uhmazing blush) this...this is my cup of tea. It reminds me of last year when MAC went all goth and it was black lipstick, black eyesticks, black face masks. NTD has speculated that it's all going to be strong brows and dark lips. I agree. I mean look at every single one of those fierce bitches up there, they are all women who enjoy a good brow and a red lip (which never ever goes out of style. obvs). I'm hoping for a really excellent brow pencil....lipstickwise....I hope they sort out a decent red as their new formula red one in their vintage pigments is way too bright and dry so this VVC collection is a chance to sort it out. Predict they might make a nice plum also. Eyeshadow: I'm guessing lots of purples and blues. The casing should be uhmazing...and if not one of these bitches is representing it come late September, I'll eat my face.
(and while I love undersea Divine, I got to say my money's with Malificent, that women is glorious)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

continuing to see into my soul

Dear Jeffrey Campbell, I am convinced you can see into my soul. This is because you're shoes are amazing. Not only am I in love with the macho oxford over at nastygal....but the Tick boots, well, they are pretty much made of dreams. What? Bitch put some tacks into a black wedges wedge. This is a fucking uhmazing idea. Of course the ones in black are the favourite. Tick is available at footnotes online for like...$160? NICE


I fucking love WAH! nails. I don't think I'll ever really get over them. I mean I'm not going to lie, every time I see fucking chanel nailart I want to scoop my eyes out and as much as I like half moons as a staple in nail art....I'd rather see something new and interesting rather than the simple nails that seem to populate most of WAH's posts at the moment. So when I see things like melty eyeballs my heart sings. Pretty pink with evil eyes? Yes please

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

don't blink

I wish I paid more attention to news in the beauty world as I'm sure these lashes have been out forever, but I just couldn't not post them cause...well fuck, look at them. They are INCREDIBLE. They are of course Shu Uemura's PPQ lashes. Available at Selfridges obvs and £25.00. SWEET. For something that is limited edition and as mega as these guys, totes worth it. I suspect if I tried to work these I'd end up looking a bit like a drag queen but I love how they look like they're made of pvc. UG. AMAZING.

girl on fire

Dear Internet. I really like eco-label Issi. I also really like the "Paul Morrison Volcano Kit Bag". It's a collaborative piece between the label and artist Paul Morrison and is made out of a fricking decommissioned fire-hose. It looks amazing. Also the inside is gold silk from a reclaimed parachute with a print of a volcano by Paul Morrison. While I couldn't really give too shits about the print inside tbh (although I am a sucker for good lining) I am crazy about the idea of a bag made out of hose. The colour and shape is amazing, and you know silk lining, also totes on board with. There is something really kitsch about this, it's unusual but not bizzaro enough that it couldn't be a nice staple bag for the wardrobe. £270 at Selfridges which ain't all bad (at least I'd imagine so if I wasn't so skintod all the time). My fave stuff from Issi is def the stuff made from fire-hoses. The Girl on Fire purse is uhmazing, and the Lothar Gotz bowling bag (not crazy for stripes or colour but he texture looks fucking incredible). Either way it's a nice idea and seems to have got some sweet ass results. Kudos.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

what piano tuners call a birdcage

Continuing on from Judith Leiber week I present unto you the motherfucking birdcage bag. It just looks so sweet and delicate..though at the same time if you swung this at someone they'd defs be missing a few teeth. So yeah..pretty and delicate...yet sturdy and a possible weapon in a bar fight. Anyway, I heavy enjoy it.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

fighting the corner for pastels

And fighting for the corner of pastels, to win a place in my black as the night heart, is of course Wah! Nails. I'm okay with this. The pink and blue are sweet as hell, and combined with a banana yellow? Hells yes. I mean okay there are no eyeballs or flames, or fuck, studs but I'm still totes okay with this. I love the squared off nails and the perfect blue half moons. Perfecto.


It seems there just isn't enough praise for Keira.
Everything she makes is pretty fucking gorgeous. Her style is heavily influenced by old time glamour giving a nod of the head to some of the most stylish women in history; Monroe, Chanel, Garbo and Paige. Keira's designs are classic and beautifully tailored...and her speciality is leather. Fucking leather. SWEET.

I've wanted to blog about Keira for a while as her gorgeous cuffs are sold in one of my favourite shops, Boudiche but had completely slipped my mind till today. Was sauntering home after a day in town and passed Brazen which were stocking some of the softest looking leather jackets my eye ever did see. And of course they were Keira. After having a gander at her new collection over at the site it's safe to say I'm in love all over again. While I def prefer the golds and blacks of her Lady A/W collection the new Cowgirl collection is dreamy. I'm partial to a bit of fringing and the Summer Bomber in orange looks like it could just melt and the black playsuit is astounding.

That said my favourite Keira pieces are definitely Glamored (a Keira signature piece cape..and the wool variation..TO DIE FOR), the wrist bow, as seen in Boudiche that I want in every colour (and her sister the cowgirl cuff, also godly) and the 365 day bomber.

I believe it's my love of pussy bows that really makes me swoon at this designers work, that and the leather just looks caramel smoothe. So yes. Keira. Top job and all the rest.

cat's meow

I really fucking wish I could come up with a better title for this post...but it's been a busy week of rubbish exam mourning and studying for the next one (see reading every true blood book i can get a hold of, finishing series 2 of carnivale....etc). But I haven't been completely fucked in my efforts this week....I updated my cv, sent my next event blurb off to be printed in the merch city festival programme and sent away a report for ITCOW to be reviewed for the short-list of the Scottish Events Awards.

And I haven't neglected Leiber week as I found something even better to post than planned.'s a fucking bag in the shape of a cat. A black cat. Covered in tiny black crystals. It reminds me of by beloved George Clinton and he's just sooooooo cute. I believe it's name is "jinx the cat" which I can totes get on board with. I know it's May but Halloween....always rules my heart...and now, so does Jinx.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

i really am over fucking spring

Zac Posen. What can one say - the guy likes his gowns. The guy has pretty much built his name on constructing dresses and gowns fit for the red carpet...but the recession has hit some harder than others, and when profits go down....the hemlines seem to go up.

While I like gowns and how they bring an element of fantasy and elegance, I'm pretty sure I like Posen's Autumn/Winter RTW more.

The music was provided by the bitching Miri Ben-Ari who's just a hell of a lot of fun to listen to, and the run-way show featured mainly evening wear. Lots of sweet little party dresses in velvets and wools, skater and corset dresses that are most definitely wearable for a night out.

There is a lot of fur in this line, maintaining a sense of luxury throughout the show. It's more playful than we've seen with other designs with lots of coloured furs mixed together. Not crazy for them.....or the little fur shoe/boot...things. I just feel that they look a little bit out of place in this collection. For something that is meant to be ready to wear, it just looks a bit awkward with the rest of the clothes.

The skirts and dresses are all very short. Posen stated "I'm playing with clean fabrications and upping the luxury level" It can be seen here with the cuts of the seems like the fitted dress remains a staple in A/W and once more it's all about silhouette.

The trouser suits are very sweet, drawing influence from the 40's with full legged trousers, and contrasting collars and lapels on the jackets. Overall it works very well and has a kind of timeless elegance.

Colour wise we're seeing A/W colours of camels and mustard's throughout this collection, which also heavily features greys, deep reds and a really sweet rusty brown/red/purple colour I'm in love with.

The collection in general is very playful and a lot of fun. I love the colours used throughout that are warm and rich. I love the collar on the camel/mustard.....whatever trouser suits jacket, with the little broach. It's uh-mazing. I think the party dresses are very sweet, I love the red velvet seems very 90's...which in my book is a very good thing.

I think my only problem with the collection is that the party dresses are the focus and you can only look at so many pretty dresses till they all blend into one big mesh. The whole collection is very very safe....nice, but nothing inspiring. I would like to have seen more trouser suits and I'm quite partial to a nice trouser these days, and a good suit on a lass gives her instant style cred in my book.

Overall though, good use of colour and shape, something that is very wearable and upbeat. I'm a fan, just get rid of those fugly shoes.

You can watch the catwalk show here.
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