Monday, 6 December 2010

on tatty bon's christmas present

Over the past few months us lot at Tatty Bon (see me and the Anderson) have hosted a few shopping events - our Student Lock In (which wasn't just for students) and our Halloween Trick or Treat. Now we love a good wee knees up and what better excuse to crack out the bucks fizz and the nibblets than Christmas?

So this Thursday we will be having a wee soiree to celebrate the holiday season. From 5:30 till 9 we'll be opening the doors to Tatty Bon with a host of Christmas treats. Mulled wine, bucks fizz and a host of Christmas niblets will be scattered throughout the shop for you to enjoy as well as Shannow's fabulous Vintage Photo Booth. You'll even be able to get your picture taken with Santa Claws....*snigger* If that isn't enough for you cheeky blighters we're also offering 15% off on purchases over £15. That's pretty awesome.....just saying.
Lynne's been all sorts of busy so we've got Russian doll cushions, tea cup necklaces, a whole mess of party dress, Christmas jumpers and loads of other we trinkets - perfect for stockings and secret santas.

Tatty Bon's located on Parnie Street (if you're heading down to Mr Ben's you cannot miss it, there will be a wee sign out anyway) so hopefully see you Thursday night!

Tatty Bon's Christmas Present- more info HERE


  1. That cat is adorable...!!

    Sounds like a good event, Shame I live in Edinburgh which is a pretty poor excuse I need an excuse to get my feet on the dance floor in Glasgow But the weather is stopping everything!

    Look forward to seeing your post on it :) XX

  2. :( If only I lived in Glasgow I would so be there. I hope it all goes well and you get to meet some bloggers. I love that Cat picture, that would make a great Xmas card :P Thank you soooo much for your comment you are too sweet xxxx

  3. If only I could be there, it sounds fabulous...


  4. Hopefully the buses'll be back on by then!
    Just read your post about your shingles - how are you? Any better? They can be really painful and hard to shake. Hope you're wrapped up and taking care of yourself x

  5. I keep meaning to go to one of these events but I'm always working! Maybe I'll just pop down during the day one day next week. :) xx


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