Friday, 10 December 2010

on Tatty Bon's Christmas Event (and an update)

I've been a bit absent from the internet as of late but should be returning to our normal services shortly. I've recently started an Events Internship at Glasgow Film Theatre working with the FashionArtFilm side of things so it's pretty amazing. Two days in and once more I can confirm I cannot possibly imagine working in anything other than events. It's just.....brilliant. Spent today looking at possible sponsors (I'm sure one number I was given was a fax machine...) but it's been pretty glorious.

Anyway...first order of business, Thursday was Tatty Bon's Christmas Present. Despite the horrible weather a whole of Tatty Bonners crawled out the wood work at the promise of mince pies, mulled wine and a 15% discount.
Lynne - owner of Tatty Bon and Santa "Claws" aka Tatty the cat
The evening was brilliant and while I probarly had more bucks fizz than is recommended and gorged myself on white chocolate coins I also managed to score myself a few treats from the event (a white cable knit jumper, a chandeleir necklace and a 50's dress since you asked) and a good time was had by all. The in-store events are always growing and it's nice to bring extra bits of Tatty magic to each one. Hopefully the new year will bring more of these style of events as it's so lovely to have a wee drink and nom with fellow Tatty Bonners.
A Merry Christmas to you crazy cats from us at Tatty Bon. We're open till the 23rd of December before shutting for the holidays, so if you missed out on our Christmas Present there is still time for stocking fillers and maybe a few mince pies.

All photos thanks to the wonderful Brian Shannow


  1. That last picture is classic, never have I seen such a happy cat! Gutted to have missed out on the Christmas Present, it looks like a wonderful evening :) I may pop in for some last-minute stocking fillers before returning north for the holiday!

  2. Was hoping to make this last night but this silly snow is keeping me away from town atm! Looks like it was a great night though, loving santa 'claws'! xx

  3. last photo made me smile! :)

    will need to get my ass down here - can't believe I've still not been!!

    a x

  4. Looks like so much FUN, thanks for sharing :)


  5. So glad your gft internship is going well :) and glad you all had a great night at tatty bon! haha tatty the cat looks far too cute dressed up like that :) might need to see if I can find a wee christmas outfit for millie ;) dont know if she will be up for it though. hmm! xx

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