Monday, 13 December 2010

on a christmas preview

It was before the start of essaygeddon. I remember that much. I was still a little bit ill, but more stir crazy than anything else truth be told. That's why I was thankful for a wee cheeky Christmas preview, hosted by the lovely Silvia Pellegrino - featuring local designers ChouChou Couture, Oui Designs and Jennie Loof. There was punch, mulled wine and all sorts of good chat.

What I loved about the night is how accessible it all is. There is just this incredibly warm atmosphere, and it's great to see more of these intimate gathering cropping up over Glasgow. I think my favourite part is the whole getting to see the garment up close and building a relationship with the designer. ChouChou's Holly Hood proved popular as always, as well as Jennie's quirky dresses (I favoured the lace skirt myself), but the real stand out for me is Oui designs. I've waxed lyrical about Oui before (I believe it was a wish list Wednesday), and I'm pretty sure she's the only designer that makes me want to start wearing silver. I spent an unhealthy amount of time fondling the most gorgeous fabric and silver cuffs, and even longer dropping hints to the boyfriend via text. Yeah they are fancy, and a little bit romantic - a touch victorian gothic, but that's why I like them.


Oui Designs

Jennie Loof

Jennie Loof, Anna of Oui Designs and Silvia of ChouChou Couture

What I love about these events is the opportunity to buy straight from the designer. These girls are all sorts of talented and I'm always excited to see what they come up with next. If you're still stuck for Christmas presents, something from any of these girls is bound to equal extremely happy faces Christmas day.
You can usually catch these ladies at Bold Souls (Glasgow's monthly pop-up styling event), so if you ever get the chance to go to one of these guys I suggest coming with cash in hand. ChouChou and Jennie Loof are both stocked in La La Land, and you can find Anna's designs in my favourite jewellery boutique Brazen.


  1. Oh, I love Chou Chou Couture - fab pieces at ITCOW. Not heard of Jennie Loof but lovely prints - one to investigate I think.
    I've yet to make it to a Bold Souls, but it's defo on my list, I was gutted to miss the one showcasing Katerina Lambrou's work as I love her too.


  2. It is awesome to hear that event like this are happening so close to home :) in 2011 I really want to get myself out and about more, especially to events like this. so I may be calling on your knowledge and know how for what the 'haps' is! Cheers for sharing :) xx

  3. This is a fabulous post, and great photos!
    I really want to go to events like this.. eeek! xx

  4. How Fabulous and FUN!!!



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