Monday, 20 December 2010

on black swan movie posters

This is how you get people to see your movie.
Not that I wasn't going to see Black Swan to begin with. Darren Aronofsky, Clint Mansell and Natalie Portman. It was a given from the word go....but if I'd been on the fence about this...well, these posters have me sold. The colour, the imagery, the composition. Every is good. Very very good. Fantastic even. I think the last one might be my favourite, though the first one is coming a very close second. I pretty much want all of these for my bedroom wall. Designed by LaBoca I'm looking forward to seeing these guys everywhere in the next few months.

Oh and just in case you need reminding of how good it looks:


  1. ahhh I really want to see this movie!! Although, I must say, the posters have inspired me to even more! I lvoe the second one...want it on my wall!
    Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it :) I'm now follwing
    Would lve if you'd take a peek at mine and consider following back :)

  2. wow these are stunning, something very Soviet propaganda about these ( LOVE IT!! insanely excited about this film. Rodarte did the costumes. SWOON! xx

  3. adore these ... hoping they're available to buy somewhere x

  4. I am too fucking excited about this film! The trailer looks great, i really love the atmospheric music at the end. I may try and find out who its by.... The first poster is definately my favourite!

  5. Looks absolutely stunning... I love natalie portman! xx

  6. lovely blog : )

    Gina Marie Vintage

  7. Can not wait I heard about it but had not seen the trailer ...looks so cool I love Nat I think she is always in such cool, kooky films so will be watching this for sure. I love the posters too, the third one is my fave ...thanks for sharing xxxx

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