Monday, 27 December 2010

on the winner of el giveaway

At the beginning of December I decided to have one of those giveaway things. Up for grabs was a teapot necklace, some accessorize blush, a lipstick broach, Elnett hairspray and a cheeky wee ITCOW poster...for the funsies. The festive season is time too announce the winner.

Head Over Heels.
............a winner is you.

I'll be expecting a wee email with your wee address to get your goods to you all safely.
Anyway thank you lovelies for entering, hope you all had a most wonderful Christmas and have got some lovely treats in the sales (me...I got shoes,underwear and perfume...typical.)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

on eartha kitt - best catwoman?

Eartha Kitt's Catwoman may be the Best Catwoman.There. I said it. She's all up there in black in gold in her tacktastic pink and leopard print lair. Total fucking hero. I think it's the giant gold necklace that does it for me....and Eartha's facial expressions. She just owns it.

Time to listen to some Miss Kitt?

And if you're feeling seasonal - she recorded the only version of Santa Baby you'll ever need.

Monday, 20 December 2010

on black swan movie posters

This is how you get people to see your movie.
Not that I wasn't going to see Black Swan to begin with. Darren Aronofsky, Clint Mansell and Natalie Portman. It was a given from the word go....but if I'd been on the fence about this...well, these posters have me sold. The colour, the imagery, the composition. Every is good. Very very good. Fantastic even. I think the last one might be my favourite, though the first one is coming a very close second. I pretty much want all of these for my bedroom wall. Designed by LaBoca I'm looking forward to seeing these guys everywhere in the next few months.

Oh and just in case you need reminding of how good it looks:

Sunday, 19 December 2010

on pink jeffrey campbells

Mother fucking pepto bismol pink Jeffrey Campbell's. There are no words. I'm not quite over goth I'm afraid but these guys seem to be the start of the back lash against all the studs and leather we've seen the past couple of years. I've never seen myself as much of a girly girl to be honest.....but these guys, perhaps an acceptable way to introduce pink in to a wardrobe dominated by black sheer and lace? I think so.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

on acceptable christmas wear (just add skulls)

I know there is this whole thing about ugly jumpers at this time of year...and other than the chunky knit appeal, its not something I could get on board with...until today. While I don't have a spare £95 kicking about, I have to say I really enjoy this skull sequin cardigan from Topshop. I need more jumper/cardi type efforts and this guy is verging on the right side of perfection. Created by Sister for Topshop....the real selling point for me, other than the the pockets. More pockets please.
via streetanatomy

Thursday, 16 December 2010

on helmut newton

For me, it begins and ends with Helmut Newton.
Really though, for me, there isn't.
One of the most influential photographers of all time, Netwon was nothing short of a genius. He specialised in highly sexualised, high stylised shots - taking influence from sado-machisim, religion and art. Erotic and strange and all round fantastic, Helmut Newton is pretty much my favourite photographer. You can see his influence everywhere today - things that are considered fresh and raw and all those other fancy fashion adjectives....Helmut Netwon was turning it out in the 60's. He pretty much worked for everyone - British Vogue in the 50s followed by French Vogue,Harper's Bazaar and Playboy in the 60s. I know this has turned in to a bit of a love letter for Newton, and in a way it is. For me, it begins and ends with Helmut Newton.

Everything else is just white noise.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

on christmas bold souls

When I was told Rebecca Torres was having a sample sale at Bold Souls, it was pretty much a given I was going to go. Given I've yet to miss one of Glasgow's premier pop-up styling events....but I digress. It was a selling point.
I managed to get essaygeddon out the way before making my way to GN Studios on Sauchihall Street for the Christmas edition of Bold Souls. £3 at the door with my student card and next thing I know I've got a bottle of Kopparberg in hand and one of the GN girls curling my hair.

With old favourites returning including Sew Vintage, Chouchou Couture, Oui Designs and Jennie Loof - as well as some new faces including Stephen Taranawski, Tatiana Ashakova and Nicola Beedie, Bold Souls Christmas edition did not disappoint. The best thing about these events has got to be getting introduced to new talent through Glasgow (as well as buying from the designers obviously) and it was wonderful to see them up close. Stephen Taranawski had the most beautiful collection of mens knitwear (though ladies can wear it as well,obv), with pieces priced £50-£80 it was hardly breaking the bank either. I also found myself drawn to Tatiana Ashakova's headpieces and facinators, all pearl and lace and feathers. I've never considered myself much of a girly girl but heart was a fluttering.
Model wears mix of Jennie Loof and Sew Vintage

I can has fashion?

Tatiana - my style crush of the evening

Shoes by Jennie Loof
Model wears Torres
Over the course of the evening I found myself style stalking Tatiana Ashakova (the lace detailing she added to her shirt herself was gorgeous), trying on a yellow leather dress from Sew Vintage and buying myself a wee piece of Torres - which is surprisingly flattering despite the fact I thought I'd need to invest in a full body suit to wear it. FYI got the black hooded dress from the limited collection. £40 in the sample sale. I nearly died.

Anyway that was the last Bold Souls for 2010, but no doubt they'll be returning in the new year with new designers, new locations and all sorts of fashiony goodness.
For updates on Bold Souls etc I'm saying hit up their facebook page here.

All pictures thanks to David Muir.

Monday, 13 December 2010

on a christmas preview

It was before the start of essaygeddon. I remember that much. I was still a little bit ill, but more stir crazy than anything else truth be told. That's why I was thankful for a wee cheeky Christmas preview, hosted by the lovely Silvia Pellegrino - featuring local designers ChouChou Couture, Oui Designs and Jennie Loof. There was punch, mulled wine and all sorts of good chat.

What I loved about the night is how accessible it all is. There is just this incredibly warm atmosphere, and it's great to see more of these intimate gathering cropping up over Glasgow. I think my favourite part is the whole getting to see the garment up close and building a relationship with the designer. ChouChou's Holly Hood proved popular as always, as well as Jennie's quirky dresses (I favoured the lace skirt myself), but the real stand out for me is Oui designs. I've waxed lyrical about Oui before (I believe it was a wish list Wednesday), and I'm pretty sure she's the only designer that makes me want to start wearing silver. I spent an unhealthy amount of time fondling the most gorgeous fabric and silver cuffs, and even longer dropping hints to the boyfriend via text. Yeah they are fancy, and a little bit romantic - a touch victorian gothic, but that's why I like them.


Oui Designs

Jennie Loof

Jennie Loof, Anna of Oui Designs and Silvia of ChouChou Couture

What I love about these events is the opportunity to buy straight from the designer. These girls are all sorts of talented and I'm always excited to see what they come up with next. If you're still stuck for Christmas presents, something from any of these girls is bound to equal extremely happy faces Christmas day.
You can usually catch these ladies at Bold Souls (Glasgow's monthly pop-up styling event), so if you ever get the chance to go to one of these guys I suggest coming with cash in hand. ChouChou and Jennie Loof are both stocked in La La Land, and you can find Anna's designs in my favourite jewellery boutique Brazen.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

on topshop nail polish review - future (and a thank you)

Once more I invite you to marvel at my marvelous mani skills. Again I apologise for the riot that my nails are this time....but for once, I feel that the polish is about 50% o blame.

I've reviewed other Topshop Polishes here before, grunge and lead from the heavy metal collection, so it only seemed natural that I should give future a bash. £6 and hell yes I was excited. The other two had been pretty fantastic- in application, in finish, in non-chippishness...which is why I was so surprised with Future.
I don't know why, but for some reason this just didn't seem to apply as easily as the other two polishes. It went on a bit thick. I also didn't find it as hard wearing as the other two. Honestly this colour chipped and peeled at everything. I'd look down to my hand and smudge city was all over the shop.....which is a shame because it is a pretty colour.
And it is that, a pretty colour. A TARDIS blue (my geek showing,sorry) if you will. It seems to have a light shimmer through and the colour itself I can see making the transition from this season to next fairly easily. The unusual bright blue is gorgeous but for £6 I think I expected something a little more spectacular that a light shimmer. At the end of the day Barry M and Stargazer both do very similar colours, a lot better and a lot cheaper. I like the colour enough to wear it again, and work through the kinks with future, but if you want my advice - stick with a cheaper polish. There is nothing overly special about this guy and you can get 2 for the price of one of these guys over at the Barry M counter.

ALSO I hate to shove this in with such a negative review but it really has to be said. This morning (and I mean 8 o clockish) the postman came a knocking to my door with a package from Edinburgh (how exotic.) In all seriousness was quite exciting.
The gorgeous Steph from over at Walk The Sand sent me some of her fashion illustration work for my home. I'd noted some amaze pics adorning her home over at her blog and made a wee comment on them, turned was her own handiwork, and she offered to send me a piece through. Obviously I said yes. I'm actually 11 types of thankful for this, it's one of the sweetest things I've ever got through the post and it will be going straight up in the living room. I'd like to thank Steph again for being so lovely and sharing some of her work with me.
You should check out her blog by the's pretty fantastic.

EDIT: If you want a better look at the colour head over to Best of Beaute - she's got some great shots of Future compared to my messy flash mess.

Friday, 10 December 2010

on Tatty Bon's Christmas Event (and an update)

I've been a bit absent from the internet as of late but should be returning to our normal services shortly. I've recently started an Events Internship at Glasgow Film Theatre working with the FashionArtFilm side of things so it's pretty amazing. Two days in and once more I can confirm I cannot possibly imagine working in anything other than events. It's just.....brilliant. Spent today looking at possible sponsors (I'm sure one number I was given was a fax machine...) but it's been pretty glorious.

Anyway...first order of business, Thursday was Tatty Bon's Christmas Present. Despite the horrible weather a whole of Tatty Bonners crawled out the wood work at the promise of mince pies, mulled wine and a 15% discount.
Lynne - owner of Tatty Bon and Santa "Claws" aka Tatty the cat
The evening was brilliant and while I probarly had more bucks fizz than is recommended and gorged myself on white chocolate coins I also managed to score myself a few treats from the event (a white cable knit jumper, a chandeleir necklace and a 50's dress since you asked) and a good time was had by all. The in-store events are always growing and it's nice to bring extra bits of Tatty magic to each one. Hopefully the new year will bring more of these style of events as it's so lovely to have a wee drink and nom with fellow Tatty Bonners.
A Merry Christmas to you crazy cats from us at Tatty Bon. We're open till the 23rd of December before shutting for the holidays, so if you missed out on our Christmas Present there is still time for stocking fillers and maybe a few mince pies.

All photos thanks to the wonderful Brian Shannow

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

on topshop nail polish review - lead

Okay - yes, my nails are a bit of a riot, so please forgive my manimess - instead, enjoy the glorious oil spill effect that is Topshop's Lead Nailpolish.

The Heavy Metal make-up range from Topshop was always going to get me hot under the collar, and it's really the limited edition polishes that are the stand out pieces for me. I've already used grunge but lead.....well I had to try it. It's got a greeny purple "shimmer" that changes in the light and as I mentioned above, reminds me a little bit of oil on water. It's almost got a black base....and I have to use the word "shimmer" lightly- it just seems to have a lot of colour in it in different light. As with all Topshop polishes I find the formula brilliant and its application is easy as pie. It has chipped, but this has more to do with the fact I'm ridiculously hard on my nails than anything else.

At £6 it's a litttttttttle pricey, but the packaging is lovely and it's a very unusual colour. It's pretty while maintaining just enough galaxygoth edge for me to roll with it. I've got a bottle of future I'll be taking for a trial run soon, so safe to say I'm pretty obsessed with the Heavy Metal polishes. Maybe a possible stocking filler for you ladies?

PS: Giveaway. Enter here yea?

Monday, 6 December 2010

on tatty bon's christmas present

Over the past few months us lot at Tatty Bon (see me and the Anderson) have hosted a few shopping events - our Student Lock In (which wasn't just for students) and our Halloween Trick or Treat. Now we love a good wee knees up and what better excuse to crack out the bucks fizz and the nibblets than Christmas?

So this Thursday we will be having a wee soiree to celebrate the holiday season. From 5:30 till 9 we'll be opening the doors to Tatty Bon with a host of Christmas treats. Mulled wine, bucks fizz and a host of Christmas niblets will be scattered throughout the shop for you to enjoy as well as Shannow's fabulous Vintage Photo Booth. You'll even be able to get your picture taken with Santa Claws....*snigger* If that isn't enough for you cheeky blighters we're also offering 15% off on purchases over £15. That's pretty awesome.....just saying.
Lynne's been all sorts of busy so we've got Russian doll cushions, tea cup necklaces, a whole mess of party dress, Christmas jumpers and loads of other we trinkets - perfect for stockings and secret santas.

Tatty Bon's located on Parnie Street (if you're heading down to Mr Ben's you cannot miss it, there will be a wee sign out anyway) so hopefully see you Thursday night!

Tatty Bon's Christmas Present- more info HERE

Saturday, 4 December 2010

on forget me not

It's no secret round these parts that the lady likes a nice scarf. I've also expressed a certain fondness for illustration and animation and all sorts, so I guess it's pretty much a no brainer that I would go crazy for these bad boys from fashion illustrator extraordinaire, Coco. Her illustrations are delicate, detailed and very feminine, translate to a silk scarf my friend and we have swoon city.
Forget Me Not is a collection of digital prints on scarfs and turbans....though truth be told, I'd be torn between wearing these guys and hanging them on my wall. Framed. Surrounded by candles and incense. Well okay...maybe not the candles but the frame, totally plausible. Described as an extension of her work as an artist, for me their is no doubt that these on their on are art. It's strangely reminiscent of James Jean's collaboration with Prada. Like Jean, her work is dreamlike and detailed. Throughout her designs we see delicate female figures and a helluva lot of nature - birds, beetles and the stars. It's wonderful.
So yeah....Coco's amazing. Her designs are amazing, the scarfs are amazing, and when not travelling between Paris and London, in her spare time she writes trend reports for the likes of Vogue,Nylon and Elle. WOWS.
Anyway you can find out more about Coco here. Her scarfs are available in 10 countries, mostly in luxury brand stores (see Harvey Nicks and Barneys) as well as on her online store here.
Can I end on another swoon?


Friday, 3 December 2010

on an update of sorts

These pictures are from a couple of days ago as I've been housebound after a wee trip to the doctors. Long story short, I've got shingles and currently am a danger to the pregnant, the old and those who've never had chickenpox. hurts quite a bit, so it's quite nice to be curled up with a duvet and a box set when you're out for the count.
Everywhere else in the U.K seems to be covered with lovely snow, but that's me in the city centre, so there is bits and pieces but mostly slush. However it's still all kinds of horribly cold so been fighting it off with extra pairs of socks and mulled wine up at George Square. Wasn't as warm as I would like truth be told but they also sell hot favourite cider ever.
I'm hoping I'll be well enough for my Christmas Night out tomorrow (us Parnie Street lot are off to see Flo White and rock out at All Tore Up) but playing it by ear for now. I'll be back up and running for Tatty Bon's Christmas Present at least as well as Start Pronto's Launch Party and the next Bold Souls so at least I've got those guys to look forward to.

Got a few things lined up for posting the next few days, so while you wait for me to bring you exciting things like reviews and events news and the sort you should enter my giveaway. Just saying.
Anyway, telly calls and that jazz. Allons-y.
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