Tuesday, 9 November 2010

on what the eff is ITCOW?

Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. In the past few months....mostly the past 3 weeks - you've heard me mention something mystical thing called In the Company of Wolves (or ITCOW) a few times on here.....sometimes it's shameless flogging (buyticketsplz) and sometimes I'm just chatting about the work I've been doing on it. Anyway...I thought it's about time I told you what ITCOW is, and what it means to me.

It all started in March. Our practical events module came up in Events Management, and I wanted to do a fashion show. An extravaganza si? We wanted independent designers.....and we got them. With pieces from Che Camille, Rebbecca Torres, Rachael Albert and Obscure Couture,we managed to pull of the first ITCOW with its dark fairytale theme. The volunteers were exhausted, and I'm pretty sure I nearly went insane at least twice on the run up...but GOD...it was also one of the most exciting projects I'd ever worked on. Everyone was just so talented and passionate. We all wanted to promote independent design and the pay off just was fantastic. We donated the profits to Glasgow Women's Aid, and managed to score a nomination for the Scottish Event Awards for Best Student Event - only to go on and win it in September. Ally and I had flirted with the idea of doing another ITCOW, but the win definitely gave us that extra boost of confidence to push through with another one.One of the big things with ITCOW was transforming spaces. The Sub Club is known more for being about the music,no frills...so we took the venue and turned it in to a fairytale forest. This time we wanted to go a little bit darker. This time we want to make the place look like something out of Twin Peaks. We've taking influence from 1930's German expressionist films and all things Lynchian and got a whole mess of new designers on board; Mark Conlin, Hilary Laing and Ten30 to name a few - and we're back again, teaming music, art, film with fashion to produce In The Company of Wolves. Yeah, I've nearly gone crazy at least once and my sleeping is fucked, but really that is all part of the fun, and to be honest? I feed of it. So yeah...I'll spend my evenings hulking donations from L'oreal and spend an afternoon in a lock up with a tin of spray paint and a roll of masking tape, cause that's all part of the fun. I get to design an event that I'd like to go to...and the fact that other people are in to it? Well that's just fantastic.

ITCOW has been brilliant to work on. I've got to work with some very talented and lovely people as well as learn about how I work. I've been able to help create the Young Entrepreneurship Fund for events students at GCU as well as help promote independent design. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped to promote ITCOW. I'll hope to see some of you guys tomorrow, and thanks for putting up with my temporary insanity ;)

Tickets are available at Ticket Scotland for 10 of your British - for which you get a goody bag, canapes, 14 independent designers under one roof and the chance to see The Sub Club looking insane for one night only. Here be the event page for those of you who enjoy your ITCOW without my sentimental sap.


  1. sad I cant be there, sounds AMAZING,cant wait to see photos. GOod luck mrs xx

  2. I'll be there, can't wait! x

  3. Wow, that sounds absolutely brilliant, I wish I didn't live the other end of the country! It's such an amazing feeling to be working on something you're so passionate about it's worth losing sleep over; love that feeling when you're working on something and you realise hours have gone by and you haven't even noticed. If you promise to create more 1930's Lynchian dark dreamscapes I may have to consider moving to Glasgow - I am a little bit Twin Peaks obsessed!

  4. This sounds really exciting, I love that it has the potential to put fairly new designers on the map with the locals. Power to the independents and smaller fashion houses I say jazzy ♥

  5. I am so gutted I missed it :( Been working until 8.30pm every night that week - and that walk back from the gorbals into town in the rain is DEPRESSING let me tell you. I really hope the night went well, you can see how much hard work you put into it to pull off a fab night like that and I really hope you felt epic after it :) mentally drained, but the buzz of achievement is always worth it! have a great weekend gal xx


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