Sunday, 28 November 2010

on the perfect mascara

I believe my search for the perfect mascara may finally be over. It's been a long and arduous journey but you know what? I think I've got there. The first time I tried this mascara I knew it was love, but I held off. Gave it a few weeks and I have to say this bad boy did not disappoint.
Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara is the perfect mascara.
The mascara itself nourishes and extends the lashes (see: makes them look big as) without clumping together. The brush is a nice size making application easy. It's just...a very very good mascara that makes my lashes look thicker and longer....far superior to Benifit's Bad Gal and clocking in at roughly the same price range. 18 of your British. I've found that it stays on really well (no flaking, no smudging) and is pretty easy to take off at the end of the night...even when I'm using face wipes (boohiss.) I've long championed cheaper mascaras as being able to give you some sweet lashes, but really this is the best mascara I've tried to date and suspect it will be becoming a staple of the make up box. I've nearly finished my wee sample sized guy, so it will be off to Boots with me, advantage card in hand to get this bad boy.
Being the mascara slut that I am though...I'm always open to trying new uh-mazing mascaras...recommendations?


  1. sounds amazing, i would never think to try their range as well, my boor bank balance weeps at your review :0


  2. BeautyH2T: Christmas list then? That's my plan. I just noticed I have a make up BOX not a make up bag. oh dear. xx

  3. I've forever been searching for my perfect mascara too and the closest I've come is believe it or not, a fairly cheap one...Collection 2000s Big Fake False Lash has a huge wand, which I usually hate but it's actually great!

  4. I am pretty obsessed with mascara (and all eye makeup come to think of it)!! although I have to admit I usually go for the cheap ones... think I might have to try this!!

  5. I'm sure that's a great mascara, but all I can think after reading this post is omg, I love Boots! I'll definitely miss it when I go back to America.

  6. oooh! I'd like to try this, I always think I'v found "the one" and then I find a better one haha!

  7. you've just made part of my mums xmas present. Thankyou! haha xx

  8. Oooh I might just have to try this out as am currently running out and I too, am on the hunt for the perfect Mr Mascara

    R x

  9. I am also a mascara slut and have never yet found 'the one'. Never tried anything from elizabeth arden, and the boy is asking for christmas suggestions so I may need to point him in THAT direction :) xx


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