Sunday, 21 November 2010

on an outfit post

So today was spent down at Make It Glasgow drinking lots of tea and helping out the lovely Evita on a shoot for an upcoming wee fashion event in Glasgow in December. It's all in the planning stages just now, and I'm very flattered Evita's asked me to come on board and lend a hand - it's really nice to see how other people work and the creative process behind different events. So anyway today was just a bit of styling some pieces from some different independent designers - some shots for a magazine as well as for the flyer. Among all the tea drinking and playing with clothes I put this guy together (I fell in love with the velvety tapered trousers) and ended up kicking about in it for a while....mostly feeding models marshmallows, sorting clothes out and making notes out for next time. The trousers are possibly the comfiest thinks I've ever had on in my life....cropped top, maybe not for Glasgow Winter though eh?
Another day of photos to go though and really excited to see the finished product.

PS: The wedge boots are Primark, £18...and they go with everything. Seriously.


  1. Gorgeous :)))


  2. awesome coat! may have to shop me some of those wedges! x

  3. Such a cute look which look good on ya!

    Sounds like a fun eventful day :)x

  4. Like the look of those wedge's, got to love primark. You are rocking the headscarf :)

    Yeah I think the H&M collection is the same for all over England and scotland, Tuesday it goes live online at 7 am. Just to let you know from what I read and I'm sure your mate has said will get the wristband and the time slot :/ sooo finger's crossed for you. I may get a bag or tee, still not sure. If I don't get any I don't mind, it's still a shame about the Ebay stupid price hike. Anyway kitten have a good week and tweet me a pic of what you get xxxx

    LAW1SFAB xxxx


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