Saturday, 13 November 2010

on in the company of wolves - the show

I still can't beleive it's over. Weeks of planning and sleepless nights and ITCOW part the second is over. The Sub Club has returned to normal and I'm pretty sure my sleeping pattern is sorted (past few days I have been no good to anyone) and all the props have been picked up. I'd like to thank everyone who helps make ITCOW possible. Our theme of Dreamscapes and Nightmares seemed to go across pretty well as we tranformed the Subby into a Lynchian nightmare (see the Black Lodge.) The clothes looked brilliant and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, which is what it's all about yeah?

Mark Conlin

We had 13 designers all in all...a small army of volunteers, over 200 goody bags with L'oreal treats and some Twin Peaks themed personal favourite was the Wrapped In Plastic. I've hopefully got a few more projects in the pipe line, though nothing quite as big as ITCOW. Till next year though....

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Brian Shannow (he did the flyer photo) and one cheeky one from Loraine Ross.

For more ITCOW-y type goodness deek out Style Scanner, Baroque Boudoir and Lux Exterior.


  1. Aww girlie, this looks amazing! Well done for pulling off such a huge night, bet you are in dire need of a few voddys and coke now haha :p tagged you for a wee something in my last post, go look! xx

  2. It was a blinder! Well done missus and it was great to finally meet!

  3. Amazing! Had a great time pal, the sunny looked out of this world! Xx

  4. wow this looks amazing! all the best things seem to be up your way! Jealous x


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