Monday, 8 November 2010

on crystal spikes: also see love of my life

There are few things I enjoy more in life than something studded or spiked. I enjoy it more when somehow it slinks into your wardrobe...and I full blown love it if said piece looks like it could double as an offensive weapon. Just saying. So it should come as no surprise to you what so ever that I have fallen head over heels with these harnesses from (In)decorous Taste. Made from nude and black harness leather and chandelier crystals these bad boys are the kind of things that haunt my dreams. These are the guys that I'd like to wear every fucking day. It helps that the spikes are fastened on with rivets then.
They come in various lengths...and I suppose what excited me the most is that you can layer the harnesses up...enhance the badass ETC and come in 6 different styles. It's safe to say I want them all. I think they look far more impractical than they actually are. You can wear then with heels, flats, While they may be a bit out my budget at the moment (2 harnesses ring in at about $475...say just short of £300) but I do feel my heart quicken a little bit when I look at these bad boys. I think the only thing that excites me more? The crystal spine harness she's got on her blog. SWOON.
pics via (in)decorous taste.


  1. i'm totally with you on this blondie. everything is better with studs on it. one day i will own those studded louboutins. ailsa x

  2. I love these, and I love that blog! I reckon the harnesses could be worn in a million and one different ways, with everything, for every occasion! Well, maybe not, but at that price I'[d be wearing them every day until I'm a pensioner to get my money's worth.

  3. I blogged last week about the Barbara i Gongini rubber spiked shoes:
    But I was worried that I'd never wear them cos I'm rubbish in heels - especially pumps with no ankle strap, so I think a pair of in decorous taste harnesses would solve this problem! Transferrable fashion!!

  4. these are pretty fab, imagine the damage you could do if anyone got too close in a club! x

  5. ah those are truly fierce! love your blog :) x


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