Friday, 26 November 2010

on chiho aoshima

I first came across Chiho Aoshima in Drop Dead Cute, a book that showcased the work of ten cutting edge female Japanese artists. Aoshima is a part of the Kaikai Kiki co, an artists collective funded by Takashi Murakami. Her work is characterised by her use of demons,ghosts and zombies and bright colours. They're delightfully dark and the characters in her work endearing. It's the details that really get me, like skulls in the roots of a tree bunnies hopping out a girls mouth. Whenever I see her stuff I'm always heavily cheered up.


  1. Wow! Her work is detailed and impressive! xoxo

  2. God i dont know which one is my favourite, theyre all amazing! Thanks for introducing :) .x

  3. Have you seen her piece for the London Underground?

  4. wow these are insane!!!

  5. Amazing, I particularly like the second image.

  6. awesome!! the last one is scary yet so cute!

  7. Wow! Almost a mash up of studio ghibli and audrey kawasaki! I love it. Painted around those rooms looks absolutely epic. HELLO REDECORATION OF MY FLAT :D xx

  8. This work is amazing and you are right it is very uplifting. Gotta love that last work. :)SArahD

  9. katie: yeah she's mega talented

    aofie: no bother =) a few artists i think i'd like to write about here

    madame g: i've seen the pieces but didn't know they were on the london underground! why doesn't anything like this come to gtown? boo

    tasha b: fully.

    cherry pullinger: one of my favourites i didn't post here as couldnt find a decent pic but it's these girls tied to a tree and its just lovely.

    mellisaphie: alot of her stuff is like that..its perfect.

    ayden: i know...but chiho has yet to make me cry...ghibli make me tear up at pretty much everything. you need to watch the thief and the cobbler recobbled edition would love it

    my republic of fashion: i know...her stuff is astounding x


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